IRC log for #gsoc on 20140214

00:03.28ignacio|hereanyone want to help? (Google Code In Bot)
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00:25.56mcaninicarols: in the organization registration form, what is the tags field for? are they keywords?
00:26.34carolsmcanini: you see the tags listed here?
00:26.39carolsit will go there if you're accepted
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00:29.57hello_worldthanks gevaerts .. for that day's lines and argument
00:30.17hello_worldi just feel like home to be here !
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00:33.09mcaninicarols: once I submit the application, can it still be edited until the deadline?
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00:53.51carolsoh, have a nice night everyone
00:53.57carolsgood luck with those apps
00:53.57carolssee you tomorrow
00:54.11carolsnight meflin
00:54.18meflingoes to TWAP the no shows
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01:24.07SlurpeeQuiet in here now ;)
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01:32.32stqismVery quiet
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01:40.42SlurpeeHow many years has the Mentor Summit taken place? All 10 years?
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01:43.58olly_Slurpee: I believe so
01:44.28olly_(well, all 9 so far)
01:45.23SlurpeeThanks again :)
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02:06.02danshearerhello all!
02:06.36danshearerJust signing up as an organisation, and the last step (Questionnaire) is going around in circles, won't allow me to submit although doesn't give me an error.
02:06.59danshearerAnd I put some detail in the answers as well :-) Any ideas?
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02:13.38olly_danshearer: that's just how it works
02:13.47olly_check in your dashboard if you want to make sure it's submitted
02:15.21danshearerah, I geddit - web design by the Gnome school of dialogue boxes :-) :-)
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02:15.55danshearerThanks! It's all there. Good 'ol idempotent submit button. Goodnight all....
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02:49.36DaSpiritDoes the organization applying email, does it have to be the personal email of the owner?
02:49.58DaSpirit(the organization I am helping has an
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02:51.12olly_DaSpirit: you aren't asked to give an email address for the org
02:51.26DaSpiritWell, I mean for filling out the form.
02:51.37olly_the admin signs up (and gives their email)
02:52.00olly_then they fill in an org application (and there isn't a question asking for an email for the org)
02:52.30DaSpiritThe admin should sign up for a gmail?
02:52.39DaSpiritEh Google Account?
02:52.48DaSpiritSo it should be personal of the admin?
02:53.00olly_you need a google account (which isn't exactly the same as a gmail account)
02:53.10olly_i think it should be
02:53.29MatthewWilkesIt should, as the backup admin will need an account, too. As do all the mentors.
02:53.55MatthewWilkesYou can make the org account a backup admin, but you should have personal accounts for the main ones, imho.
02:54.19olly_it just seems to be asking for nobody to take ownership of an issue, if nothing else
02:54.49MatthewWilkesYou need to sign an agreement as part of the signup, too, which probably makes assumptions about you being a natural person
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03:03.15REDACTEDmy username is not valid?
03:03.17REDACTED"REDACTED" is not a properly-formed username.O
03:03.29olly_REDACTED: needs to be all lower case
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03:07.32REDACTEDok ive finally submitted the form but its not doing anything
03:07.40olly_yeah, it does that
03:07.40REDACTEDi hit submit and its just not going anywhere
03:07.48olly_it has submitted though
03:08.40olly_if you look closely, you're now in "edit profile"
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03:08.48REDACTEDok good
03:08.53REDACTEDthank you
03:09.00DaSpiritolly_, you work at Google?
03:10.29DaSpiritWhere do you submit the actual org app?
03:10.41olly_create a profile, then see the front page
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03:14.40DaSpiritolly_, for mailing list, if we don't have one, can we put forums?
03:15.16olly_i can't give a definitive answer, but that seems reasonable to me
03:15.40olly_personally, i think being able to add labelled contact methods would be better than a growing list of specific ones
03:17.07DaSpiritWhat do we put for IRC channel?
03:17.13DaSpiritWe have to list the server?
03:17.26DaSpiritIn what type of format?
03:17.34olly_created a short page on our wiki with details
03:17.35DaSpiritWhat if the channel is on freenode, for example?
03:17.36olly_and linked to that
03:18.03meflinurl standards are .. standard
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03:18.44DaSpiritCan members change their email in the future?
03:18.45olly_then you can give human readable details, an irc: url and a link to the webchat interface
03:19.07stqismFor example, we used: "#{channel}, on Freenode"
03:19.20REDACTEDi put down #enigma
03:19.24REDACTEDthat ok?
03:20.03stqismREDACTED: That's fine. Just so they get the idea
03:20.07olly_the standard irc url would be irc://
03:20.31REDACTEDill put the url, not sure if all of them will be familiar with irc
03:20.43REDACTEDheh i still only use the same server a year after starting IRC
03:20.49stqismAt least most of them are
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03:21.42stqismJust a friendly reminder that you only have 15 hours to finish your application.
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03:22.15stqismAlso, we start out with 336 hours.
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03:28.56shaohuanliShall we submit the organization applications to carols via email?
03:29.16olly_shaohuanli: no, use
03:29.25olly_if you email it, it won't be valid
03:29.26shaohuanliOh, thanks!
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03:44.20DaSpiritDo we put the proposal on the org description?
03:45.11olly_what proposal?
03:45.32DaSpiritThe proposal that the org needs that it talks about on the FAQs.
03:46.00DaSpiritThis one.
03:46.08DaSpiritIs that what I put into description?
03:46.29olly_no, that's just giving an idea of the questions you need to answer
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03:46.49DaSpiritOh, does that go after the initial submission?
03:47.10REDACTEDwhy did josh think it was to be written like an esssay?
03:47.13REDACTEDI did.
03:47.15olly_first you fill in the "Profile" for the org
03:47.28DaSpiritrobbyoconnor, maybe copy from website?
03:47.33DaSpiritREDACTED, *
03:47.35olly_then there's a "Questionnaire" in a second tab
03:47.43REDACTEDI did.
03:48.00REDACTEDbut josh said it didn't cover everything
03:48.00olly_answer the questions those ask
03:48.09DaSpiritREDACTED, what are you on about?
03:48.18olly_the FAQ entry just gives an idea of what those are (in advance of orgs being able to apply)
03:48.47olly_REDACTED: the place to put anything like that would seem to be "Is there anything else we should know or you'd like to tell us that doesn't fit anywhere else on the application?"
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03:50.07REDACTEDDaSpirit, :(
03:50.23REDACTEDluckily i kept tab open
03:51.15olly_you can get back to it from the dashboard anyway
03:51.28REDACTEDDaSpirit, go
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04:25.51REDACTEDWhat steps will you take to encourage students to interact with your project's community before and during the program?*
04:25.59REDACTEDwhat exactly are you guys looking for as an answer to this?
04:26.15Cervatorexactly what it sounds like? :-)
04:26.24REDACTEDi focused my answer on basically, find out what the students interests are and see if we can incorporate that into our goals
04:26.28Cervatorhow will you reach out to them? keep in touch? keep them engaged? etc
04:26.52REDACTEDCervator, alright sounds like i got a good answer right?
04:27.28Cervatorthat's one thing, yeah - another suggestion, for instance, have a community event online - find a game everybody enjoys and set up a multiplayer session or something like that
04:27.48REDACTEDoh i didn't know we could go into that
04:27.52Cervatormaybe there's a weekend game hackathon somewhere you can participate in separately as a team
04:27.56DaSpiritOh, we have events in our community.
04:27.57REDACTEDyes definitely we can do those sort of things if people want
04:28.05DaSpiritREDACTED, like that new event, where you can win a prize.
04:28.21REDACTEDCervator, we also (we're a game engine) we have a competition of our own that users can participate and win prizes
04:28.30REDACTEDcash too
04:28.38Cervatorexcellent - mention that kind of stuff :-)
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04:38.35REDACTEDwhen you submit the org. form is it supposed to redirect anywhere or no?
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04:41.34DaSpiritAfter we fill out the questionaire is there anything left?
04:41.36DaSpiritOr is it done?
04:42.30DaSpiritNow just hope to get accepted.
04:42.32umcculloughmake sure your ideas page is there
04:42.41DaSpiritREDACTED, is it there?
04:42.50REDACTEDshould be
04:42.55DaSpiritDouble check.
04:43.00REDACTEDi just did
04:43.05REDACTEDoh ideas!
04:43.08*** join/#gsoc kiddorails (~ankur@
04:43.09REDACTEDwait idk
04:43.45DaSpiritIt's there.
04:44.00DaSpiritI wish I'd knew about the deadline sooner.
04:44.01REDACTEDDaSpirit, its there
04:44.19umcculloughwhy didn't you know?
04:44.58DaSpiritCan we add more ideas tomorrow?
04:45.03DaSpiritI mean after the deadline?
04:45.10stqismYou can try!
04:45.12umcculloughi asked carol about that
04:45.13DaSpiritDo they get checked immediately?
04:45.15olly_yes, but they start reviewing right away
04:45.31olly_so they'll likely see the page as it is at the dealine
04:45.32umcculloughi would try to get it all in place before the deadline just in case
04:45.40stqismYou could always hope they haven't checked yet, but I wouldn't risk it.
04:45.59umcculloughimagines them using google cache to freeze each ideas page in time
04:46.17stqismThat would be kinda funny
04:46.37DaSpiritHow many ideas is generally recommended?
04:46.46umcculloughas many as possible?
04:46.55umcculloughyou want to give students a lot of options
04:46.58DaSpiritWe started with 10, but then reduced to 5 because some were too easy.
04:47.07umcculloughyeah that's tough
04:47.08olly_it doesn't make sense to have hundreds of ideas if you've only 3 mentors
04:47.20olly_it'll just be too daunting to students
04:47.22umccullougholly_, true, but it gives students a wider variety to choose from
04:47.33umcculloughif they're too easy, then it won't be very useful
04:47.56umccullough5 isn't bad, how many mentors?
04:48.03olly_if you are that size org, I doubt you can come up with 100s of ideas which are actually very different to each other
04:48.16DaSpiritumccullough, 2 confirmed.
04:48.31umcculloughwell, it's also common that a student will propose a completely different idea that is good
04:48.48umcculloughwell... maybe not "common", but not uncommon either
04:49.10olly_the FAQ says some of the best ideas come from students, which is true
04:49.21olly_but some of the very worst do too
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04:50.17olly_mostly those are students who have an idea and then try to find an org to "sell" it to
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04:55.49umcculloughis curious what the current app submission count is again
04:56.41stqismSmall, we still have more then an hour to go :P
04:57.37REDACTEDolly_, so we can potentially expand these ideas later on?
04:57.47stqismREDACTED: Bad idea!
04:57.50REDACTEDi tried to isolate them to make it easier for them to learn git revision software
04:58.08stqismYou don't really  want to wait this far on
04:58.09olly_yes, but if the ideas list isn't good, you are unlikely to get selected
04:58.30REDACTEDwould you guys like to take a look at what we have?
04:59.01Cervatoryep :-)
04:59.35olly_i really need to go and wash up, but i'll take a look in a few minutes
04:59.54Cervator1) Do an introduction about your organization and what you do
05:00.22Cervator2) Moar links!
05:01.20Cervator3) More mentors
05:01.24*** join/#gsoc yar (~yar@gateway/tor-sasl/yar)
05:02.07REDACTEDCervator, the only problem is more mentors :P
05:02.15Cervatora few more ideas would be good too, but yeah can be tricky :-)
05:02.25REDACTEDour 3rd potential one is MIA
05:02.51Cervatornot that i'm any sort of gsoc official but i can imagine only having 1-2 mentors is a red flag - if just one if you go MIA the whole project might be in jeopardy
05:03.13Cervatorone of* you
05:03.59REDACTEDthere's plenty of people around, just not sure if anyone is qualified enough
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05:04.33Cervatorif they're willing to toss their name into the pool that might be a help - even  if they aren't experts :-)
05:04.49umcculloughstqism, we have more than an hour, for sure
05:05.09umccullough19:00 UTC on 2014-02-14
05:05.38umcculloughoh, you mean we'll see them all at the last hour :)
05:05.48umcculloughis tired
05:06.00stqismumccullough: Bit under 13 hours?  we'll see the 99% in 12 hours :P
05:06.21umcculloughsilly procrastinators
05:07.33umcculloughas for mentors, if you can drum up a couple "backup" mentors, that's always good
05:07.50umcculloughthese would be people who pick up the slack when the official mentors are unavailable
05:08.03umcculloughis usually a backup mentor
05:08.56umcculloughwhile our org has ~13 mentors, we usually only request 5 or 6 slots
05:09.31umcculloughthat way there's plenty of help to go around, and no student should be left idle
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05:26.29olly_REDACTED: looks pretty good to me
05:26.45olly_you could perhaps add a link to the forums in the top bit
05:26.51olly_though perhaps that's an initiative test
05:28.00olly_i wouldn't worry too much about more mentors - 3 seems enough to have redundancy
05:29.05olly_you want to be careful not to have people volunteering to mentor who aren't really up for it but feel they ought to for the good of the project or similar - it just leads to pain later
05:29.06*** join/#gsoc bear (
05:29.27olly_as a new org, you're likely to get 1 or 2 slots anyway
05:30.08Slurpeeolly_, how long will you be around reviewing idea pages?
05:31.27olly_probably not for long, but I'm sure there are other people here who can give you feedback
05:32.48Slurpeeolly_, our task list is too long and we're trying to condense it into a list with onl solid proposals.
05:35.57*** join/#gsoc atriou (
05:38.31olly_sounds good
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05:48.05nurupoquick question: are multiple students perproject/proposal allowed and what about multiple mentors?
05:48.15stqismnurupo: carols isn't here :)
05:48.47nurupostqism: it still doesn't hurt to ask
05:49.20*** join/#gsoc mcanini (~Adium@
05:49.38stqismDon't think any ospo people are online atm either.
05:49.39olly_the FAQ explcitly covers the first part
05:49.46olly_multiple mentors per student are encouraged
05:54.36REDACTEDolasd, hi again, the forums are linked directly to the left, as well as a web link to our IRC
05:55.00REDACTEDolly_, my apologies, see the dropdown links to the left?
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05:55.34olly_ah, i missed that
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06:00.07REDACTEDolly_, hey thanks for all your help, very appreciated
06:01.09olly_and FAQ 11
06:01.30REDACTEDi must say of all the IRC channels i've ever been on this has been the most helpful
06:01.33REDACTEDthank you all!
06:01.34*** part/#gsoc REDACTED (
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06:02.15stqismDid anyone notice that?
06:02.17stqismPart: REDACTED [] ["fuck you too bitch"]
06:02.31stqismPardon my copied language.
06:03.10olly_rather jars with the last thing he said too
06:03.51stqismPretty funny how it worked out
06:04.01Cervatori've occasionally wondered if people ever think about their quit messages after maybe once - if they set up something custom
06:04.12nurupoolly_: thanks, RTFM'ed :)
06:04.18*** join/#gsoc souradeep (~sde@
06:07.18umcculloughit sounds like he joins all the wrong IRC channels
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06:20.40Aetherspawnhaha I know robert
06:20.53Aetherspawnand I visit some of the channels he does, and his quit message is pretty appropraite there ;)
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07:53.53fcarbognHi, while doing the org submission I tried to reuse the same org id o last year (ims) but I got en error message, so  I choose a difrent one (marsoc), would this create any problem?
07:54.12*** join/#gsoc devang (~devang@
07:54.44Slurpeefcarbogn, did you try no capital characters?
07:56.01fcarbognI thing I was using indeed all capital letters, is that the problem?
07:56.13stqismCapitals are not allowed
07:58.53fcarbognOK, but I don not see now how to change the org id without redoing another submission so I guess I live it as it is
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08:15.52*** join/#gsoc josevalim (
08:26.19*** join/#gsoc joshwambua (~quassel@
08:34.35*** join/#gsoc hornig (55b408a9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
08:34.36SlurpeeHow many mentors can be on one project?
08:35.11stqismSlurpee: It isn't set in stone.
08:35.24Slurpee3 people really want to mentor it. If 2 is the limit...guess I can leave one of the names out?
08:35.40hornigahoi, I just filled out the application form (profile and questionaire) for our org, including naming the and admin. is there anything else? I ask just in case I would forget something important :)
08:35.43Slurpeestudent is encouraged to seek support for the entire community, right?
08:36.16*** join/#gsoc k-joseph (~k-joseph@
08:37.06*** join/#gsoc larryxiao (~larryxiao@
08:38.41*** join/#gsoc archana (~archana@
08:38.55SlurpeeAre gci alumni students that are still students allowed to mentor a gsoc project?
08:41.16*** join/#gsoc burcin_ (
08:43.05*** join/#gsoc madrazr (~madhu@unaffiliated/madrazr)
08:43.30horniganyone? :)
08:43.43madrazrhornig: 278 :)
08:43.54madrazrwell 277 :P
08:44.01*** join/#gsoc mayanktg (~maya@
08:44.13madrazrhornig: what's your question?
08:44.24madrazrhow can we help you
08:44.34hornigas posted before "ahoi, I just filled out the application form (profile and questionaire) for our org, including naming the and admin. is there anything else? I ask just in case I would forget something important :)"
08:46.31*** join/#gsoc summatusmentis (~summatusm@
08:48.48*** join/#gsoc k-joseph (~k-joseph@
08:53.32*** join/#gsoc tenmilestereo (~tms@
08:56.08*** join/#gsoc spectre (
08:57.11*** join/#gsoc sha_ga (0e60c5a0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
08:57.42hornigno answer again?
09:01.14*** join/#gsoc Gentlecat_ (~Roman@
09:05.50VarunAgwhornig, Is your idea page created?
09:07.27VarunAgwhornig, Then, I guess everything is done. You can confirm it from program administrators which are generally active on IRC after 12 hours from now
09:07.36SlurpeeAre any other orgs still getting last minute idea submissions? Drupal's idea submission deadline was Wednesday and they're still coming in...
09:08.08VarunAgwYou can also get feedback on your idea pages if you like then
09:09.02hornigkay, I just submitted the profile and questionaire and both are saved, the ideas page is on, we have a and admin, and I also did a small general news about gsoc on our page :)
09:09.17hornigso if that's it, I will be relaxed
09:11.24VarunAgwhornig, we have a and admin?
09:11.59hornigsecond, it should have been! :D
09:13.36*** join/#gsoc rvraghav93 (~quassel@
09:14.20*** join/#gsoc yar (~yar@gateway/tor-sasl/yar)
09:15.20*** join/#gsoc mayanktg (~maya@
09:16.00*** join/#gsoc idlecode (
09:18.18stq1smstqiesm: :P
09:18.40stq1smSorry bout that, someone on #bitcoin-otc tried to fake my name to scam people
09:19.54*** join/#gsoc Ankit-ks (0e8bee62@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
09:20.46*** join/#gsoc VictorJ (
09:22.28*** join/#gsoc derhasi (
09:22.33VictorJGood morning, if I see my orgs application under 'my dashboard -> managed organizations' does it mean I've succesfully sent in the application?
09:25.24*** join/#gsoc koda (
09:27.30*** join/#gsoc LauraJ (
09:33.00*** join/#gsoc IonelPopescu (~ionel@
09:33.25*** join/#gsoc rabisg (~rabisg@unaffiliated/rabisg)
09:35.20*** join/#gsoc denis_boyun (
09:37.19*** part/#gsoc Niharika_away (~Niharika@
09:38.55*** join/#gsoc neXyon (
09:44.05*** join/#gsoc ashepelev (~kvirc@
09:44.47*** join/#gsoc k-joseph_ (~k-joseph@
09:48.34*** join/#gsoc rnat (~chatzilla@
09:49.31*** join/#gsoc skaldarnar (
09:52.15hornigVictorJ, asfar as I know yes, as long as you also linked to your ideas page
09:53.23*** join/#gsoc tomreyn (~tomreyn@megaglest/team/tomreyn)
09:53.58*** join/#gsoc SeriousWorm (
09:55.31VictorJhornig, good, thanks. Ya, filled in everything, including a link to the ideas page. Wish I had gotten a message like 'you're all set'!
09:56.01*** join/#gsoc josevalim_ (
09:56.49*** join/#gsoc denisboyun (
09:57.19hornigyep, m too
09:57.30*** join/#gsoc Slurpee (
10:00.34*** join/#gsoc denis_boyun (
10:02.12*** join/#gsoc yar (~yar@gateway/tor-sasl/yar)
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10:39.35*** join/#gsoc Levex (levex@unaffiliated/levex)
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10:55.38*** join/#gsoc billybob (~billybob@2001:da8:201:1036:3e97:eff:fed5:73eb)
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11:17.56*** join/#gsoc spectie (~fran@unaffiliated/spectie)
11:18.02*** join/#gsoc vkmc (~vkmc@unaffiliated/vkmc)
11:18.24vultrazOoover, the misty mountains cold, through dungeons deep, and conference rooms cold. The wind was blowing in the heights, deadline approaches, soon tonight
11:19.16vultrazWe yearn to see, on break of day, which orgs accepted, which have nottt
11:20.16*** part/#gsoc dnivra (~dnivra@unaffiliated/dnivra)
11:21.33*** join/#gsoc Exio4 (~nax@gateway/tor-sasl/exio4)
11:22.57*** join/#gsoc k-joseph (~k-joseph@
11:24.00*** join/#gsoc leroy (
11:28.12VaticanCameosvultraz: On what criteria does an org fail?
11:29.03vultrazNo expert, but I would assume if their proposed tasks do not meet expectations
11:29.11vultraz(among other reasons)
11:29.17*** join/#gsoc denisboyun (
11:29.23ignacio|hereGood morning guys
11:30.40brlcadgood morgen
11:35.44*** join/#gsoc Dragooon (~shitiz@
11:40.09*** join/#gsoc d4rkr4i (~d4rkr4i@
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13:09.44*** join/#gsoc Funkys (~Kostas@unaffiliated/funkys)
13:14.42gsocbotedsiper: "next" is February 14th: Mentor organization application deadline
13:18.35*** join/#gsoc billybob (~billybob@2001:da8:201:1036:3e97:eff:fed5:73eb)
13:18.44*** join/#gsoc kamdjou (29cac6c5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:21.04*** join/#gsoc Bhash90 (~bhathiya@
13:21.33Funkyswhat are 'thank you gifts'?
13:22.56Funkysit is mentioned if you translate a gsoc flyer
13:23.18*** join/#gsoc ximion (
13:23.28kamdjouPlease I whish to know the version controls that many organizations use
13:24.13kblinFunkys: in an itemisation or a full sentence? :)
13:24.38kblinkamdjou: how long is a piece of string?
13:25.04Funkysit can be found here!msg/pulug/bckP149C7JA/T6RMch2KOTgJ :)
13:25.12*** join/#gsoc billybob (~billybob@2001:da8:201:1036:3e97:eff:fed5:73eb)
13:26.37*** join/#gsoc dims_ (
13:27.31*** join/#gsoc astroduck (~astroduck@
13:28.15kblinah, I assume some GSoC branded stickers, pens and the like
13:28.31kblinthough I got a GSoC banner at some point
13:28.54kblinwonder where I put that, that totally needs to be hung up at my new office
13:29.17Funkysah! thank you kblin
13:29.27kblinnot for translating a flyer, though. :
13:30.02kblinbasically, I'd assume the thank you gifts would be something gsoc-related that is small enough to easily mail all across the world
13:35.47*** join/#gsoc ilv (~ilv@unaffiliated/ilv)
13:38.42*** join/#gsoc TanviM (~tanvimalh@
13:42.53*** join/#gsoc tdfischer (~tdfischer@kde/tdfischer)
13:45.25*** join/#gsoc giusef (~Giuseppe@
13:51.40*** join/#gsoc burcin (
13:57.01*** join/#gsoc andre__ (~andre__@wikimedia/aklapper)
14:01.20SlurpeeCan an alumni GCI student still in high school co-mentor a GSoC project?
14:02.38SlurpeeGCI student by far exceeded even their own expectations on how skilled they are.  Student would apply to be GSoC student and could easily accomplish project, but is still in high school.
14:03.44*** join/#gsoc Funkys (~Kostas@unaffiliated/funkys)
14:04.50*** join/#gsoc pancake (
14:04.55*** join/#gsoc _xvilka (59afa7fb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:05.30gevaertsSlurpee: should answer that
14:05.33*** join/#gsoc skier_ (
14:05.42*** join/#gsoc dx (~dx@unaffiliated/dxdx)
14:05.49Slurpeegevaerts, thanks
14:05.53gevaertsWell, not entirely of course :)
14:06.02Slurpeegevaerts, good looking out ;)
14:06.07gevaertsYou did say "co-mentor"
14:06.11cpghi, on the Dashboard > Questionnaire tab, we filled the details and clicked on Submit
14:06.14*** join/#gsoc jvoisin (
14:06.35cpgit seems to have taken it, however, not much else seems to happen
14:06.46gevaertsSlurpee: I'd say yes, but depending on age, they may not be able to be registered on melange as a mentor
14:07.04*** join/#gsoc DaSpirit (~DaSpirit@unaffiliated/daspirit)
14:07.09cpgis that normal?
14:07.22cpgno email, no confirmation ...
14:07.30gevaertscpg: I *think* it
14:07.34gevaerts's normal
14:07.55Slurpeegevaerts, that is a shame. WE thought it would be fun for a gci student to mentor. Student is elite and disappointed.
14:08.02*** join/#gsoc Rafael (c13ec2fc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:08.22gevaertsSlurpee: the 18 requirement there is fairly new, so go back a few years and try again :)
14:08.56cpggevaerts: thanks. there is nothing i Important Documents
14:09.08cpgi was thinking perhaps the application might show up there
14:09.39gevaertscpg: no idea, really. I'm not an org admin, so I haven't actually seen this. Maybe someone else can provide hints on how to be sure
14:10.10gevaertsThe lack of clear confirmation seems to be one of the more common complaints this year though
14:10.11*** join/#gsoc manny (959bde22@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
14:20.48*** join/#gsoc bitgeeky (~bitgeeky@
14:22.22*** join/#gsoc renards (
14:29.45*** join/#gsoc VarunAgw (~VarunAgw@
14:34.07*** join/#gsoc a9393j__ (~Android@
14:43.39*** join/#gsoc greenbe14 (~farbfluss@
14:44.49*** join/#gsoc bePolite (~sprinf@unaffiliated/sprinf)
14:46.24*** join/#gsoc manny (~quassel@
14:48.06*** join/#gsoc Talad|ZzZ (~myself@planeshift/director/Talad)
14:48.30*** join/#gsoc boubakr92 (~boubakr92@unaffiliated/boubakr92)
14:50.37*** join/#gsoc Talad (~myself@planeshift/director/Talad)
14:50.38*** join/#gsoc bkuhn (~bkuhn@fsf/director/conservancy.president.bkuhn)
14:54.03*** join/#gsoc neXyon (
14:57.08*** join/#gsoc slashrsm (
14:59.08*** join/#gsoc harsz89 (~harsz89@
15:00.21*** join/#gsoc sayan (~sayan@fedora/sayan)
15:00.43*** join/#gsoc rahulch (~rahul@
15:00.57*** join/#gsoc resurrectorx (671b082a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:02.36*** join/#gsoc Cervator (
15:03.01*** join/#gsoc akshithg (6704de42@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:03.50*** join/#gsoc lispmob (2e1b1472@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:04.31*** join/#gsoc ravenlock (~ravenlock@enlightenment/developer/ravenlock)
15:05.07lispmobI´ve submitted the profile as well as the questionnaire (Questionnaire submitted on XXX), I am done?
15:05.49Cervatorlispmob: yep, so long as your ideas page is in good shape :-)
15:06.10lispmobso I should not expect a confirmation email, right?
15:06.30lispmobCervator: thanks!
15:06.38Cervatornp :-)
15:09.14*** join/#gsoc ishan1604 (~ishan1604@
15:09.17*** join/#gsoc mrsud (~mrsud@
15:09.46*** part/#gsoc akshithg (6704de42@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:10.40*** join/#gsoc renards (
15:15.06*** join/#gsoc lfzawacki (
15:15.09*** join/#gsoc akshithg (~akshithg@
15:15.46dims_Cervator, "Questionnaire Submitted On" field still has old timestamp. is that ok? (i updated both profile and questionnaire)
15:17.00Cervatori would think so, since "submitted on" sounds like it would only refer to the first time you submitted it :-)
15:17.24dims_Cervator, don't want leave anything to chance :)
15:17.43Cervatori'm not official staff or anything though, so you might want to re-edit to see if your changes are there if you're nervous :-)
15:17.50pancakeim stuck in the subscribe form
15:18.00pancakeBackup administrator* thing doesnt works
15:18.08Cervatorpancake: try all lower case
15:18.43pancakeyep. its all lowercase, i tried with 2 different guys
15:18.58pancakeit says "No profile exists for username xxx"
15:19.42pancakei tried with username and mail address, but thats not working
15:20.37VictorJpancake, I saw the same when the user did not great a profile specifically for the 2014 edition
15:20.53Cervatoryeah it should just be plain lowercase username, nothing else - maybe they didn't fully create their profile ? i think you can log in (step 1) without necessarily noticing the profile setup (step 2)
15:21.04Cervatorand that too, if they have an account from prior years that's not good enough
15:22.44pancakeok worked now
15:23.14Cervatoryay, magic :)
15:24.21*** join/#gsoc tlsa (W9TjXW5Ei4@gateway/shell/pepperfish/x-ddnbfljkfirvoujt)
15:25.12tlsahi, I'm doing the NetSurf project organization application.  I'm not sure where to add the mentors usernames
15:25.36Cervatornowhere just yet, you just need a single backup administrator so far
15:25.42tlsaah, OK thanks
15:26.23tlsashould I mention their names in the mentor questionnaire question?
15:26.46Cervatori just put in the rough number we have
15:26.53Cervatori don't think names would matter yet
15:27.29tlsaand the application is complete once the questionnaire is filled in?  There's no final submission?
15:29.00*** join/#gsoc Bhash90 (~bhathiya@
15:31.21Cervatorcorrect :-)
15:31.31tlsaok, cool, thanks.  :)
15:38.37*** join/#gsoc infobot (
15:38.37*** topic/#gsoc is Google Summer of Code 2014 mentoring organization applications are now open. The deadline is 14 February at 19:00 UTC. Please check out our timeline for more info:
15:40.53*** join/#gsoc drcc (~drcc@
15:41.57cosenalCervator: the date there is the one of the first submission, not the last, right?
15:42.55Cervatori believe so, yes
15:44.45dberkholzCalchan: our org app's submitted
15:48.25*** join/#gsoc souradeep (~sde@
15:49.26*** join/#gsoc aj91 (~ajay@
15:49.33*** join/#gsoc svineet (~svineet@
15:50.53*** join/#gsoc abhgangwar (~abhinav@gateway/tor-sasl/abhgangwar)
15:53.03*** join/#gsoc narendraj9 (~narendra@gateway/tor-sasl/narendraj9)
15:53.16*** part/#gsoc svineet (~svineet@
15:53.42pancakeafter filing profile and questionary form, is the registration done?
15:53.59Cervatoryep, as long as your idea page is also in good shape
15:54.28pancakeit's almost done
15:58.18*** join/#gsoc maedhros777 (
16:00.15*** join/#gsoc thiago (~thiago@kde/thiago)
16:02.02*** join/#gsoc Levex (levex@unaffiliated/levex)
16:02.05*** join/#gsoc spectie (
16:02.06*** join/#gsoc spectie (~fran@unaffiliated/spectie)
16:04.52*** join/#gsoc fruittie (~greensky@
16:05.21*** join/#gsoc Avishek (~quassel@
16:05.24maedhros777Hey everyone, I was just wondering what we should be doing now (before the list of accepted organizations is released) for GSOC -- I'm interested in a couple orgs from last year, would it be good to just look at their code and work on developing a little?
16:05.44Cervatoryep :-)
16:06.55maedhros777Cool, thanks. They have ideas lists as well, would it make sense to start working on a proposal with potential mentors now or should I wait until the orgs list is released?
16:07.40Cervatornot sure there, certainly start working with them on something if you like though
16:07.59maedhros777Ok thanks :D
16:08.01Cervatormight want to just fix smaller bugs to be able to commit some code :-)
16:08.10maedhros777Yeah that sounds good
16:09.06*** join/#gsoc linyu (~linyu@
16:10.11stqism2 hours and 50 minutes left....
16:10.43*** join/#gsoc Niharika_away (~Niharika@
16:12.52*** join/#gsoc dhruvj (~Dhruv@
16:13.09*** join/#gsoc archana (~archana@
16:14.01NiharikaHello everyone!
16:14.12gsocbotedsiper: "next" is February 14th: Mentor organization application deadline
16:15.33*** join/#gsoc aj91 (~ajay@
16:15.55*** join/#gsoc greenbe34 (
16:19.28*** join/#gsoc Cervator1 (
16:21.35*** join/#gsoc skaldarnar_afk (
16:24.52*** join/#gsoc bytee (byte@fedora/byte)
16:25.04jvoisinHow can I check that I did everything necessary to get my organization registered ?
16:25.22*** join/#gsoc greenberry (
16:25.37byteeHi, after you submit the organisation questionnaire, and click Submit, you just see the questionnaire reloading with the information filled out. does that mean things are ok and submitted ?
16:26.59stqismIt was submit, but double check in another ran.
16:27.07*** join/#gsoc akshithg (~akshithg@
16:27.19*** join/#gsoc mayanktg (~maya@
16:27.31umcculloughah yes, the last 30 mins?
16:27.45byteestqism: heh, ok
16:27.47umcculloughexpects this place to light on fire
16:29.18stqism2 and a half hours
16:29.20umcculloughmm... no i think i'm still a couple hours off
16:29.42stqismGive it 2 hours.
16:30.06*** join/#gsoc dhruvj (~Dhruv@
16:30.53*** join/#gsoc greenbe12 (
16:31.23*** join/#gsoc ahf (ahf@irssi/staff/ahf)
16:31.51*** join/#gsoc carols (carols@nat/google/x-dprvoaqunnzwznjd)
16:31.51*** mode/#gsoc [+o carols] by ChanServ
16:32.59MatthewWilkesmore importantly, 10 days of crossing our fingers
16:33.54umcculloughheh, still have some mentors adding ideas to our page :P
16:34.08carolsMatthewWilkes: well, at least you can rest easy knowing your ideas page is publicly accessible.
16:34.20umcculloughi guess it doesn't matter how early you tell them...they all procrastinate ;)
16:34.33meflinhe still has time to change that :D
16:34.38Cervator1heya carols :-) ready for the onslaught of last minute review requests? ;-)
16:34.44carolsCervator1: sure
16:34.48umcculloughtime for DDoS attacks against idea pages?
16:34.57*** join/#gsoc burcin (
16:35.00MatthewWilkescarols: Yep, I just double checked it
16:35.05stqismumccullough: You need a backup :P
16:35.09carolsMatthewWilkes: so at least you know that's settled.
16:35.12MatthewWilkesumccullough: cloudflare.
16:35.13Cervator1hehe "My ideas page isn't ready because it got DDOSed can we has extension plz" :D
16:35.27stqism:P nice one
16:35.44umccullough"the NSA ate our ideas page..."
16:35.53stqismcarols: Ready for the influx of signups 2 hours from now?
16:35.57MatthewWilkescarols: I hope the number of applications is looking a bit more healthy!
16:36.02carolsstqism: sure, it's not my software :-)
16:36.08carolsi don't really care
16:36.14stqismHey, good point
16:36.25carolsMatthewWilkes: you know how we were at 219 this time yesterday?
16:36.31umcculloughready for the: "I clicked submit and it didn't do anything!!!1" complaints?
16:36.32carolswe're at 333 right now
16:36.35carolsisn't that crazy?
16:36.35MatthewWilkesheh :)
16:36.48Cervator1haha, nice
16:36.52carolsall those people were waiting in the wings until the last 24 hours to submit
16:36.55stqismumccullough: We've had like 5 so far in the hour.
16:37.07meflinsome ppl just cant put off procrastination
16:37.22MatthewWilkescarols: I guess a lot of people got bitten by the fact you need two admin profiles before you can submit
16:37.23stqismBetter cutting it close than late.
16:37.31carolsMatthewWilkes: really? that's absurd
16:37.32MatthewWilkesI know that delayed us by a couple of days know...
16:37.37carolsits required!
16:37.46stqismThe 2 admin thing really isn't a proble
16:37.57stqismProblem with you signed up 2 weeks earlier.
16:38.14MatthewWilkescarols: Sure, but it means you need to get your backup admin to go on and set up a profile. With timezones that's easily a fair delay.
16:38.58carolsMatthewWilkes: right, and 2 weeks surely isn't enough time to do that.
16:39.02carolsyou surely need more than that :-P
16:39.37umcculloughcarols, maybe people were afraid to submit it early because they didn't know they could edit it?
16:39.48umcculloughand wanted to keep updating it until the last minute offline
16:39.51carolsumccullough: even though it says it on the first page you visit of the application?
16:39.56MatthewWilkescarols: hah, no, I'm just saying it's probably a contributing factor. Especially for new orgs that don't already have people lined up.
16:39.58umcculloughpeople never read ;)
16:40.15Cervator1why can't we make it read! /southpark
16:40.16carolsumccullough: that would be...their problem, not mine :-)
16:40.25carolsyou both are too nice to slackers
16:40.28carolstoughen up :-)
16:40.37jvoisinHow can I check that I did everything necessary to get my organization registered ?
16:40.41umcculloughi'm a slacker!
16:40.51carolsjvoisin: what do you need to check?
16:41.10jvoisinIf I did everything right :)
16:41.13umcculloughjvoisin, submit app, make sure ideas page is online and browsable
16:41.20umcculloughdone :)
16:41.21jvoisinThat's it ?
16:41.25carolswhat umccullough said
16:41.29jvoisinI was expecting some kind of confirmation
16:41.31MatthewWilkesIt's harder than it sounds
16:41.35stqismNone at all
16:41.39jvoisinlike a friendly popup "Well done!"
16:41.50carolsjvoisin: you're more than welcome to talk to the #melange folks about that
16:42.00*** join/#gsoc dhruvj (~Dhruv@
16:42.06jvoisinjoin #melange
16:42.13jvoisincarols: ok
16:42.23carolscheers :-)
16:42.50jvoisinThank you :)
16:44.53*** join/#gsoc TanviM (~tanvimalh@
16:45.45Cervator1carols: you saw this page yesterday, polish is all done now - can you think of anything it still lacks?
16:47.11Cervator1i still wish GitHub wiki had a TOC macro, but alas :-) is missing that a big drawback?
16:47.59carolsCervator1: nope, looks good to me, no further comments :-)
16:48.11Cervator1excellent, thanks :-)
16:50.15d3r1ckhello carols
16:50.19carolshi d3r1ck
16:50.27d3r1cksoem few hours left right?
16:50.32carolsjust about 2
16:50.39d3r1ckyes that is it
16:50.55d3r1ckso carols, which organisation will you work with?
16:51.05carolsd3r1ck: i don't understand what you mean?
16:51.10carolswe work with about 190 orgs...
16:51.34d3r1cki mean will you participate for an open source organisation in gsoc 2014?
16:51.38Niharikad3r1ck: She's the program organizer.
16:51.56d3r1ckwow, i am sorry carols and thanks Niharika
16:52.05carolsno need to apologize.
16:52.22d3r1ckheh wait a minute, is this the carol that makes some videos about GSOC?
16:52.43d3r1ckteaching people about it?
16:52.47carolsd3r1ck: one and the same.
16:52.59*** join/#gsoc Luke (
16:53.00carolsand yet. people still don't understand how the program works.
16:53.03carolsand it saddens me.
16:53.09d3r1ckwow Greetings Mam carols
16:53.18carolshi :-)
16:53.23carolsstill the same person over here :-)
16:53.27d3r1ckplease i am sorry for the last minute
16:53.34stqismWait, Mam? You mean ma'am?
16:53.36carolslast minute what?
16:53.54d3r1cki never knew i was talking to you
16:54.03*** join/#gsoc d4rkr4i (~d4rkr4i@
16:54.06d3r1ckit is just now that it came accross my mind
16:54.10carolsit doesn't matter, i'm still the same person, this is still just an IRC channel.
16:54.17carolslet's move on
16:54.34carolsserves some tea and coffee
16:54.35d3r1ckok so like how many organisations have submitted this year?
16:54.40carolsso far?
16:54.44carolswe're at 339 right now.
16:55.23downeycarols: last minute rush!
16:55.32carolsdowney: over 100 in less than 24 hours!
16:55.32gsocbotdowney: "next" is February 14th: Mentor organization application deadline
16:55.32olasdcarols: "the same person", right, as if you didn't have a few clones here and there to do all the work you do ;-)
16:55.40d3r1ckis GNU GCC there?
16:55.41carolsolasd: right :-)
16:55.48carolsd3r1ck: we don't release that information.
16:55.56carolsd3r1ck: have you asked them if they applied?
16:56.00d3r1ckohhhhh, please i am sorry
16:56.01downeyd3r1ck: you'll have to wait until the announcements come out :)
16:56.10d3r1ckthat is true downey
16:56.12umcculloughor, just ask them ;)
16:56.17d3r1cki understand
16:56.18carolswhat umccullough said
16:56.29stqismd3r1ck: You meant the FSF, right?
16:56.29*** join/#gsoc _echelon_ (~root@
16:56.43umcculloughi assume FSF participates as an umbrella for many projects
16:56.48d3r1ckwhat is the FSF stqism ?
16:56.56umcculloughfree software foundation
16:57.06stqismd3r1ck: They make gcc
16:57.07downeyd3r1ck: If a project has submitted an application, they most likely have a GSoC ideas page in progress that you may be able to find by using your favourite search engine :)
16:57.32umcculloughunless they forgot to publish it :D
16:57.47d3r1ckso is downey a GSOC executive like carols ?
16:57.56downeyd3r1ck: no
16:58.08d3r1ckand stqism ?
16:58.21downeyalthough i may count as an "old timer" by now
16:59.09d3r1ckwow is cool downey .
16:59.22d3r1ckso carols, any advice for me?
16:59.30*** join/#gsoc mang0 (
16:59.31*** join/#gsoc mang0 (~Matrix@unaffiliated/mang0)
16:59.37stqismI don't think GSoC has any executives, rather carols is part of Googles open source programs office, along with some others.
16:59.52d3r1ckok stqism
17:00.05stqismd3r1ck: Also, nope.
17:00.17summatusmentisd3r1ck: if you want advice about how to get accepted/be successful, talk to the org you want to work with
17:00.20d3r1ckso carols is member of the Googles open source program office
17:00.22umcculloughshe also serves tea and coffee
17:00.25summatusmentisthey'll be the most effective people to help
17:00.39stqismSomething like that, she's also in charge of gsoc
17:00.42d3r1ckyes i know summatusmentis
17:00.43summatusmentis(which isn't to say carols won't, but she's not the one who decides if you get in)
17:00.48summatusmentisjust making sure
17:01.24d3r1cksummatusmentis: i mean like any orientation on how this gsoc works
17:01.33d3r1cki have read the articles and FAQs
17:01.46*** join/#gsoc Andre_H (
17:01.48d3r1ckbut i just need another advice. carols what do you think
17:01.59*** join/#gsoc Niharika_away (~Niharika@
17:02.00*** join/#gsoc mrsud (~mrsud@
17:02.14umcculloughyou want to be a student? have you found an org you'd like to work with?
17:02.17stqismSo you're a student? Wait till the projects are published, find so
17:02.25stqismSomething you like, and reach out.
17:03.39d3r1ckyes umccullough
17:03.52d3r1cki will like to work with gcc and tux4kids as well
17:04.26d3r1ckbecause i am a C programmer and i will like to help them in their open source projects(problems)
17:05.25umcculloughi would recommend contacting both of the orgs, verifying whether they have applied for GSoC, and then start getting involved now :)
17:05.40stqismYeah, make sure they are planning on participating first
17:05.42umcculloughonce the list of orgs that is accepted is announced, you'll know whether they are participating this year
17:05.50umcculloughbut you can always ask them
17:06.30d3r1ckcan i do that on their maling list?
17:06.36d3r1ckor what ?
17:06.36umcculloughkeep in mind, GSoC is largely about students working with orgs - Google doesn't directly facilitate the communication for you :)
17:06.40*** join/#gsoc thiago (~thiago@kde/thiago)
17:06.48umcculloughor their IRC channels, etc.
17:07.20d3r1ckok umccullough
17:07.34d3r1cki guest carols has a lot of work to do?
17:07.51*** join/#gsoc Niharika_away (~Niharika@
17:07.58umcculloughi'm sure she will shortly, if she doesn't already :D
17:08.01*** join/#gsoc O01eg (~o01eg@
17:08.05carolsd3r1ck: was there a question?
17:08.21*** part/#gsoc lfzawacki (
17:09.02d3r1ckwell just saying that there is alot to do now carols
17:09.26d3r1cktake it easy carols
17:09.32carolssure thanks
17:09.36d3r1ckby the way carols, are you a programmer?
17:10.04d3r1ckbut i know you are good in Technology right?
17:10.16carolsd3r1ck: nope, i'm pretty poor at it
17:11.11d3r1ckdon't tell me that.
17:11.16carolsokay sure
17:11.21carolsserves some tea and coffee
17:11.26meflinmm tea
17:11.34meflindont underestimate the tea
17:11.46d3r1ckwow, can't wait to get a drink of you tea.
17:12.00d3r1ckso where are you now. Is it in USA?
17:12.23carolsd3r1ck: i would really prefer this channel got back on the topic of gsoc
17:12.52d3r1ckyes carols, sorry about the diversion.
17:13.04gsocbotNiharika_away: "numapps" is In 2013, 177 of 417 mentoring orgs were accepted; 4144 students submitted 5999 proposals, of which 1192 were accepted. In 2012, 180 of 406 orgs and 1212 of 6685 proposals (by 4258 students) were accepted. In 2011, 175 of 417 orgs and 1116 of 5474 proposals (by 3731 students) were accepted. In 2010, 151 of 367 orgs and 1026 of 5539 propsals (by 3464 students) were (1 more message)
17:13.13*** join/#gsoc fgregg_ (
17:13.18d3r1ckso student application will begin on the 10th of March right?
17:13.42Niharika_awayd3r1ck: Yes.
17:13.52*** join/#gsoc dhruvj (~Dhruv@
17:14.00d3r1ckso carols a proposal is like an algorithm to the organisation?
17:14.11carolsd3r1ck: have you read the student manual?
17:14.22d3r1cksorry that is not the question
17:14.33carolsgreat, then you should know everything you need to know about proposals
17:14.49d3r1ckyes i know
17:15.12d3r1cki wanted to ask something else
17:15.20*** join/#gsoc derekeder (
17:16.18fgregg_hi all, I can't seem to add derekeder as the backup administrator in the "create oganization profile"
17:16.30carolsfgregg_: excellent topic for #melange
17:16.31umcculloughfgregg_, probably best to ask in #melange
17:16.33d3r1ckso carols gsoc is really about helping young developers into open source right?
17:16.43carolsd3r1ck: this is answered on the FAQs.
17:16.46fgregg_carols: thanks, will do
17:17.04d3r1ckso what is the essence of the travelling to the Google HQ?
17:17.16carolsd3r1ck: that's answered on the FAQs as well.
17:17.28d3r1ckwow, but i didn't see it
17:17.38d3r1ckor are my not reading hard enough?
17:19.56*** join/#gsoc abhgangwar (~abhinav@gateway/tor-sasl/abhgangwar)
17:20.03d3r1ckcarols: which means traveling is at the level of the organisation.
17:20.14carolsd3r1ck: i don't know anything about travel.
17:20.21carolsyou talk to the org about that.
17:20.24d3r1ckthat is true carols.
17:20.32d3r1cki beleive you.
17:21.23d3r1ckso carols is it possible for me to know the criterion that Google uses to choose mentoring organisations
17:21.39*** join/#gsoc fqueze (
17:22.47stqismd3r1ck: it's based on the application
17:22.48carolsd3r1ck: it's based on a lot of things, as all decisions like this are.
17:23.43*** join/#gsoc ced117 (~ced117@opensuse/member/ced117)
17:23.48*** join/#gsoc d4rkr4i (~d4rkr4i@
17:23.59*** join/#gsoc hiddenpearls (
17:24.31umcculloughit's also based on a limit of how many orgs can be accepted :(
17:24.39meflinnow if someone could just code that there would be more time for tea
17:24.39*** join/#gsoc akki2222 (~androirc@
17:24.43*** join/#gsoc ahsanalishahid (~Thunderbi@
17:24.52hiddenpearlscarols: can we edit our ideas page before 17th feb ?
17:25.17hiddenpearlsI think thats the day when our applications will be reviewed ?
17:25.25carolshiddenpearls: sure. just be aware that the committee's decision on accepting or rejecting you is based on your ideas page as it stands today.
17:26.08*** join/#gsoc DaSpirit (~DaSpirit@unaffiliated/daspirit)
17:26.08carolswe start review in less 2.5 hours
17:26.12carols*less than
17:26.17hiddenpearlsoh really
17:26.21carolsyes really
17:26.26hiddenpearlsOk :)
17:26.27gsocbotnarendraj9: "next" is February 14th: Mentor organization application deadline
17:26.33carolsyou've have since october to make your ideas page
17:26.37stqismMore like an hour and a half.....
17:26.51carolswhat stqism said
17:26.51stqismThat deadline is pretty close.
17:27.15meflinwell a tea break is required after the post close whining and starting to review
17:27.27carolsi completely agree, meflin
17:27.48stqismBut who else is going to tell people that they missed the deadline?
17:27.50meflinwe should start a pool on how many ask for extensions today
17:27.54umcculloughit does say the review starts on the 17th in the timeline, so maybe next year clarify that the review starts immediately on the deadline ;)
17:27.56meflinI go with 12
17:28.13carolsumccullough: sure, ill make a note of it for next yer
17:28.22carolsmeflin: i'm pessimistic. i say 20.
17:28.30DaSpiritIs the 24th still the announcement date?
17:28.36DaSpiritFor accepted projects?
17:28.39meflinmy betting strategy is to go low :)
17:28.44carolsDaSpirit: what's listed on the timeline?
17:28.51DaSpiritThe 24th.
17:28.53carolsdo you think we've changed it?
17:28.55stqismmeflin: Put me down for 10, I'll throw you a Tox sticker if you beat me
17:29.04DaSpiritYou guys seemed to have changed the review date.
17:29.29carolsDaSpirit: right.
17:30.55gevaertsThe review date shouldn't be important
17:31.07edsiperjust do a little smile
17:31.23DaSpiritReview date is important to me :/
17:31.42DaSpiritMy org founder is traveling.
17:31.50gevaertsIf you pretend that the review starts on the 17th, based on applications as they stand at the application deadline, there's no conflict at all
17:32.02stqismNext year we should throw in a Markov chain to answer questions.
17:32.02carolsyou've had since october to put together your ideas page and application...
17:32.05meflinalways assume your app/ideas are frozen in time at the submission deadline and you will be fine
17:32.15*** join/#gsoc Avishek (~quassel@
17:32.17DaSpiritI found out about this 2 days ago.
17:32.19gevaertsAnd that's *exactly* equivalent with the reviews starting in a few hours
17:32.30DaSpiritI didn't have until October :p
17:32.47*** join/#gsoc ilv (
17:32.52meflinmultiple public announcements
17:33.35carolsmeflin: i'm upping my guess. now i'm thinking 30.
17:33.50gevaertsWill there be gsocks for guessing this right too?
17:33.57stqismDaSpirit: I finished mine on the 2nd day it opened :P I heard about it from a student contributor that very day.
17:34.00carolsgevaerts: sure :-)
17:34.34gevaertsisn't sure why he wants gsocks, really :)
17:34.44DaSpiritstqism: I'm mostly finished, it's just the org founder hasn't reviewed the ideas page that me and the rest of the team put together.
17:34.45carolsgevaerts: they're warm!
17:35.00umcculloughshoots for 31 price-is-right style
17:35.35stqismDaSpirit: People have different situations, it happens
17:35.46meflingevaerts: because the are Gsocks :D
17:36.33umcculloughDaSpirit, at least you still have time to modify it before students review it
17:38.35*** join/#gsoc spectie (~fran@unaffiliated/spectie)
17:38.35*** join/#gsoc mayanktg (~maya@
17:38.46d3r1ckheh meflin, greeting.
17:39.41d3r1ckplease can you tell me the organisation you are with?
17:40.09*** join/#gsoc dhruvj (~Dhruv@
17:40.35meflinPython and syncdifferent
17:41.34d3r1ckwow, but that is the programming language i am just begginning with
17:41.47d3r1ckso i meflin i will work with you next year.
17:41.50*** part/#gsoc fgregg_ (
17:42.18stqismd3r1ck: Actually, his org has to choose you from its limited student pool :P
17:42.33stqismd3r1ck: So you might want to get to know them earlier :)
17:42.57d3r1ckthat is true stqism
17:43.20*** part/#gsoc derekeder (
17:43.31*** join/#gsoc bePolite (~sprinf@
17:43.31*** join/#gsoc bePolite (~sprinf@unaffiliated/sprinf)
17:43.34d3r1ckbut if by the 10th of march i am in a level in python, then i will work with meflin
17:44.00d3r1ckif especially i see a problem that i can solve. Not so meflin ?
17:44.04*** join/#gsoc denisboyun (
17:44.07stqismWell, meflin will have to choose you.
17:44.21gevaertsThere's more than pure technical ability, of course
17:44.26d3r1ckyes meflin will do that.
17:44.39meflinthe sub-orgs do the bulk of the choosing
17:47.11d3r1ckok meflin. but do you choose as well?
17:47.43meflinmostly I fill out paperwork
17:48.07gevaertsmeflin: you're forgetting the drinking tea and eating chocolate bits
17:48.37stqismgevaerts: I reckon we'd have a lot of dishes
17:48.58*** join/#gsoc dhruvj (~Dhruv@
17:49.17d3r1ckwow, that means you deal with alot of papers.
17:49.51stqismd3r1ck: That's the job of administration. someone has to do it, fun or not.
17:49.58meflinstqism: that is what mentors/minions are for ;)
17:50.23stqismmeflin: I'm not asking for a student to fill out a w9 ;)
17:50.41d3r1ckwell that is the truth stqism ?
17:50.41*** join/#gsoc Dr3amc0d3r (~St1ng@unaffiliated/dr3amc0d3r)
17:50.49d3r1ckwell i think it is a good one too.
17:51.05*** join/#gsoc pablohof1 (
17:51.46*** join/#gsoc d4rkr4i (~d4rkr4i@
17:52.18*** join/#gsoc saurabhsood91 (~quassel@
17:52.18*** join/#gsoc saurabhsood91 (~quassel@opensuse/member/saurabhsood91)
17:52.47*** join/#gsoc _echelon_ (~root@
17:53.50*** join/#gsoc jgabriel (8b526402@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:54.27carolsserves some more tea and coffee
17:54.45jgabrielhey guys, I want to submit an organization to gsoc 2014, IRC channel is mandatory, or only the meiling lilst is fine?
17:54.58anth_xcarols: i'm out over here. there are beans in the grinder, but only about 1/3 of what i'd need for a cup. taunting me.
17:55.02bePolitecarols: Please for  a cup or a seep
17:55.03carolsjgabriel: whatever your org uses to communicate with its community.
17:55.05*** join/#gsoc ptremberth (6d478b11@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:55.14carolsanth_x: that's a sad story :-(
17:55.21carolsbePolite: help yourself :-)
17:55.24d3r1ckbePolite: how can you drink tea on the internet?
17:55.34jgabrielok. thank you very much!
17:55.40carolsjgabriel: yw
17:55.41stqismd3r1ck: Magic
17:55.42Slurpee1 hour left?
17:55.45d3r1ckbePolite: are you talking about e-tea?
17:55.56meflinyou isp suports that right?
17:55.57stqismd3r1ck: Just magic.
17:56.02carolsSlurpee: more like 1 hour until this irc channel lights up with requests for deadline extensions.
17:56.10stqismOh god
17:56.15d3r1ckstqism: maybe bePolite has written a program to do that. one never knows.
17:56.45stqismd3r1ck: No, no, gsoc invented magical tea
17:57.00d3r1ckhahaha stqism,
17:57.14*** join/#gsoc filipesaraiva (
17:57.20d3r1ckbePolite: do gsoc and then you can drink carols tea. that is the best i can tell you.
17:57.59stqismd3r1ck: I'll show you, give me a second
17:58.02*** join/#gsoc mailson (mailson@gateway/shell/bnc4free/x-evxrrvgmapfetuwq)
17:58.05carolsmeflin's tea is pretty darn good too.
17:58.18meflinits not magic tho
17:58.31carolsneither is mine
17:58.33carolsit's just peppermint
17:58.36stqismMy coffee is.
17:58.51stqismI'm currently fetching it from the Internet as we speak.
17:58.57ptremberthcarols: meflin in #python-gsoc suggested we get our Scrapy ideas page reviewed by you. . Would you be so kind to give us your thoughts?
17:59.09carolsptremberth: i won't, but i'll tell you why
17:59.15carolsit's because it's the last hour before the deadline
17:59.25meflinah to late oops lost track
17:59.26carolsand i can't focus on that right now, i've got about 400 other things i'm doing now
17:59.34carolsbut i wish you luck!
17:59.38*** join/#gsoc gg7 (~gg7@unaffiliated/gg7)
18:00.02ptremberthI understand carols :)
18:00.06carolsthank you :-)
18:00.48gevaertsActually, I think you set right now as a deadline for that yesterday :)
18:00.56carolsgevaerts: indeed i did.
18:01.09carolsi've been in this channel talking to myself for 3 months though :-)
18:01.15meflinI lost track of time
18:01.28carolsmeflin: i didn't.
18:01.29stqismd3r1ck: See? Magic
18:01.37gevaertscarols: at least you have someone interesting to talk to :)
18:01.44carolsgevaerts: lol
18:02.10carolsptremberth: the community can still let you know if they see anything that other people have changed
18:02.20carolsbut i just have to....actually do my job right now
18:02.36bePolitecarols: I've been brainstorming but it seems I can't help myself
18:02.41stqismcarols: I'm rather curious as to what you do outside of gsoc and gci
18:02.44*** join/#gsoc greenberry (~farbfluss@2001:4ca0:0:f240:5012:552e:4e7b:34fd)
18:02.48ptremberthcarols: sure. meflin has already been very helpful
18:02.59carolsptremberth: wonderful
18:03.03carolsthe beauty of a community
18:03.33d3r1ckstqism: that is cripy.
18:03.40d3r1ckwell not bad.
18:03.54carolsstqism: attend conferences, speak at conferences, hold events at google for FOSS developers, work on s/r for our programs, work on the project plan and direction for melange, plan our mentor summit, the list goes on.
18:03.59stqismOh right, judge me on my photography skills :P
18:04.05d3r1ckbePolite: what have you been brainstorming on?
18:04.16d3r1ckstqism: well it is.
18:04.17*** join/#gsoc greenbe77 (
18:04.56stqismcarols: You're getting paid to do things I end up having to pay for :( conventions are costly.
18:05.13carolsstqism: indeed.
18:05.27*** join/#gsoc lfzawacki (
18:06.17umcculloughwhat's the count up to now out of curiosity?
18:06.27umcculloughwith one hour to go :)
18:06.29*** join/#gsoc unitraxx (~Thunderbi@unaffiliated/unitraxx)
18:06.37carolsumccullough: 357
18:06.37umcculloughor, is it 2 hours to go...
18:06.37*** part/#gsoc lfzawacki (
18:06.44carolsit's 54 minutes
18:06.55carolscan you believe that?
18:07.01carols~140 apps in 24 hours
18:07.02umcculloughi think my 546 (or whatever it was) estimate is gonna be a tad high :D
18:07.03*** join/#gsoc sttaylor (
18:07.16stqismI forgot mine, but it was lower
18:07.23stqism470 I think.
18:07.32bePolitecontinues fighting with rails
18:07.34umcculloughsomeone estimated 417 i think
18:07.46carolsstqism: i have yours as 470. umccullough: i have you as 546 :-)
18:07.52carolsmeflin estimated 416
18:08.08unitraxxonly the admin of the org has access to the application, right?
18:08.10stqismcarols: My guess of myself was perfect :P
18:08.18carolsunitraxx: yes
18:08.23carolsstqism: :-)
18:08.25stqismunitraxx: Admin and the backup
18:09.08*** part/#gsoc bePolite (~sprinf@unaffiliated/sprinf)
18:09.34umcculloughassuming that melange bug was fixed?
18:09.36meflinstill in the lead :D
18:09.48edsiperinteresting, so despite when the organization deadline is, you will get a few hundred applications on last day anyways
18:09.59gevaerts496 forever!
18:10.24meflinnot looking good for me tho
18:10.34gevaertsquickly impersonates 100 orgs
18:10.45stqismedsiper: Of course!
18:10.56*** join/#gsoc greenberry (
18:11.10meflinI'll write that down in my gsoc notes never underestimate the powers of procrastination
18:11.29carolsmeflin: i wrote that in my notes the first year i ran this program
18:11.36carolsit was overwhelming the procrastination.
18:11.39meflinI'm a slow learner :)
18:11.44carolsi'd never seen anything like it.
18:11.46DaSpiritIs the review order the submission order?
18:12.03carolsDaSpirit: review order?
18:12.14umcculloughhe means, do you review them in the order they were submitted
18:12.24carolsno, we don't
18:12.29gevaertsI bet that's undefine
18:12.29umcculloughi had wondered about that too, but didn't ask :)
18:12.30carolswow, i've never been asked that question before
18:12.31DaSpiritIs it random?
18:12.33carolshow refreshing
18:12.39carolsDaSpirit: actually, it's alphabetical
18:13.00carolshow nice to get a question i've never been asked before
18:13.00meflinI'll rename my org Z!
18:13.06DaSpiritI asked the question to know if there is an advantage.
18:13.11stqismSo I SHOULD change my id to aaaaaaatox?
18:13.25gevaertsstqism: depends. Is your ideas list ready? :)
18:13.27umcculloughis it an advantage to get reviewed sooner than later though?
18:13.35carolsstqism: that doesn't mean we accept starting at "A" and then stop accepting down the list...
18:13.35unitraxxis there an exact number set of how many organizations will be accepted?
18:13.38DaSpiritThe last org has a disadvantage, because there would most likely be no more.
18:13.41stqismgevaerts: It was ready a long time ago :p
18:13.41DaSpiritNo more room.
18:13.48unitraxxSo you will just rank them and select the top x?
18:14.04stqismcarols: I know, people become compliant under heavy work
18:14.25gevaertsDaSpirit: you're assuming a single round of reviews
18:14.30carolsstqism: well, i should think the fact that we have orgs that have names starting with "x" and "z" should put that to rest.
18:15.00DaSpiritAre orgs notified on acceptance/rejection as soon as the decision is made?
18:15.04stqismDaSpirit: ;_;
18:15.04carolsDaSpirit: no
18:15.16stqismDaSpirit: Wait till the 27th
18:15.30DaSpiritstqism: ninja'd.
18:15.30DaSpiritThat's so long >.<
18:15.44carolsDaSpirit: it's shorter than the students have to wait.
18:15.47carolsso there's that.
18:15.58unitraxxyes as student it's quite stressy
18:16.06stqismumccullough: +1
18:16.10DaSpiritI'm a student.
18:16.25DaSpiritSo I have to wait for student announcement and org announcement.
18:16.38DaSpiritbtw, I'm not doing this, but are you allowed to be both a student and a mentor?
18:16.45DaSpiritIn separate projects?
18:16.51unitraxxDaSpirit: unfortunately no
18:16.54gevaertsFor the record, my list of organisations that took part in every gsoc so far has *more* organisations from the second hald of the alphabet :)
18:17.27*** join/#gsoc Marshalrusty (~Yuriy@phpbb/manager/pdpc.21for7.marshalrusty)
18:17.36umcculloughgevaerts, which doesn't say much depending on the number of submissions from each half of the alphabet :)
18:18.12gevaertsHmmm, true :)
18:18.48DaSpiritMeh, got an answer here quicker.
18:19.08unitraxxDaSpirit: You shouldn't reason like that ;)
18:19.19umcculloughwell, at least the FAQ provides some reason why
18:19.24DaSpiritI'm also not on a computer at the moment.
18:19.33DaSpiritIt's not easy for me to check the FAQs.
18:19.36DaSpiritOn a mobile device.
18:19.45umcculloughIRC via phone?
18:19.48unitraxxPhones are computers. ;)
18:19.50DaSpiritTablet actually.
18:19.54SlurpeeIt's the Final Countdown...
18:20.00DaSpiritVery tiny tablet.
18:20.17*** join/#gsoc greenbe15 (
18:20.40stqism40 minutes left... Dun dun dun
18:22.00sttaylorunitraxx: Google is accepting 10 orbs more than we ever have before this year which means we will accept 190
18:22.11DaSpiritI thought it was 10%.
18:22.17*** join/#gsoc Nilabhra (~nilabhra@
18:22.20umccullough10% more students
18:22.30*** join/#gsoc greenbe54 (~farbfluss@2001:4ca0:0:f240:8d4d:8220:5ffd:77d9)
18:23.15DaSpiritAre you google guys able to check how many orgs registered so far?
18:23.40umcculloughDaSpirit, carols mentioned it above 357 at least count
18:23.48umccullough*at last count
18:23.57DaSpiritWhen was the last count?
18:24.09umccullough15 mins ago?
18:24.35DaSpiritlol oh.
18:25.01DaSpiritThat's a low acceptance rate.
18:25.10umcculloughthose aren't accepted yet :)
18:25.20*** part/#gsoc Nilabhra (~nilabhra@
18:25.30stqismOur accepted rate is far under :P
18:25.41umcculloughi guess he means: 190 out of 357 is low
18:25.45unitraxxDaSpirit: a 50% acceptance rate seems pretty high
18:25.46umcculloughbut it's been far worse in the past
18:25.51DaSpiritThat's what I meant, yes.
18:25.52gsocbotumccullough: "numapps" is In 2013, 177 of 417 mentoring orgs were accepted; 4144 students submitted 5999 proposals, of which 1192 were accepted. In 2012, 180 of 406 orgs and 1212 of 6685 proposals (by 4258 students) were accepted. In 2011, 175 of 417 orgs and 1116 of 5474 proposals (by 3731 students) were accepted. In 2010, 151 of 367 orgs and 1026 of 5539 propsals (by 3464 students) were (1 more message)
18:25.55meflinway way worse :)
18:26.38bkuhnCervator, stqism: I read your conversation earlier about the "Questionnaire being the application" and that the confirmation page just being "Questionnaire submitted on"
18:26.45bkuhnThat confused me too.
18:27.01carolshi bkuhn!
18:27.01stqismIt confused TONS of people :P
18:27.03bkuhnI was thinking of submitting a bug ticket to Melange about that, so it's a bit clearer that you're "done"
18:27.04umcculloughthe general opinion seems to be that it's confusing and non-intuitive
18:27.07carolsit's nice to see you in here
18:27.13Cervatora confirmation would be nice, yes :-)
18:27.29unitraxxDid the time schedule change again because of 2013 having less student applications than 2012?
18:27.30umcculloughbkuhn, i think they're well aware of it, but you can always tell them again in #melange
18:27.30stqismWe all agree but no one is submitting a bug :(
18:27.34bkuhncarols: It's nice to be here. :)
18:27.57carolsunitraxx: no, the time schedule changed because people told me last year was too late.
18:28.04carolsbut now people are telling me this year is too early.
18:28.10bkuhnumccullough: well, I don't want to annoy them.  I was basically asking if someone had opened a ticket.  stqism: I admit I don't actually *know* what the preferred way is to report a bug in Melange, that's what I'm asking, basically.
18:28.16unitraxxcarols: well you'll only hear the complainers :)
18:28.34carolsunitraxx: it's true. but i do try to change the program so people are satisfied with it.
18:28.53stqismcarols: Can't satisfy everyone.
18:28.59unitraxxFor Europe students it's too early this year, but if you're really motivated it shouldn't be an issue.
18:29.18carolsunitraxx: and the student in australia still think the program timeline is all wrong.
18:29.26carolsso i'll never make everyone happy.
18:29.27bkuhnWell, from my point of view, Google can set the calendar whenever they want.  It's their money :)
18:29.33carolsbkuhn: i agree!
18:29.46carolsserves some tea
18:29.48meflinbesides we will complain no mater what
18:29.49carolsi'll drink to that.
18:29.53stqismbkuhn: Issues exist
18:30.20bkuhnI mean, I was annoyed too that the deadline was so early; I nearly missed it!  But, Carol's emails reminded me, and I'm in time with my application.  So I had to stay up late last night and write our application while watching curling.  Big deal!
18:30.35carolsthank you bkuhn.
18:30.57carolsapparently, announcing the program in october of the previous year actually makes no difference to the amount of people who complain.
18:30.57meflinwee fresh off the email new sub-org ( geeze )
18:31.09carolsso lesson learned.
18:31.25*** join/#gsoc AndChat|62481 (~AndChat62@
18:31.27stqismcarols: I take it you've never worked in guest service?
18:31.33stqismThis is the norm
18:31.35meflinwell I have been disappointed in the level and quality of the complaining , it used to be better :D
18:31.40carolsstqism: actually. i have.
18:31.47carolsi was a movie theatre concessionist for two years
18:32.00stqismcarols: So you know how people are :P
18:32.06carolsstqism: and then i worked in a public school district, so that was a whole separate thing.
18:32.22*** join/#gsoc hiddenpearls (~Adium@
18:32.45stqismcarols: Doesn't sound fun, I worked in security, every half hour was another guest yelling about something they did wrong.
18:33.00stqismLoved every minute of it :P
18:33.11carolsstqism: that job is the reason i swore i'd never do customer service again. and now here i am :-)
18:33.49*** join/#gsoc saurabhsood91 (~quassel@
18:33.49*** join/#gsoc saurabhsood91 (~quassel@opensuse/member/saurabhsood91)
18:33.54stqismcarols: I really don't blame you :P q
18:34.04stqismUhhhhhhh ignore that q.
18:34.05*** join/#gsoc filipesaraiva (
18:34.50bkuhncarols: is a movie theater concessionist the person who admits professionally that movies aren't as good as they used to be (makes concessions :).
18:35.01carolsbkuhn: i did that too :-)
18:35.10carolsin fact
18:35.11*** join/#gsoc Niharika_away (~Niharika@
18:35.12carolsi still do that
18:35.21bkuhnbut not as part of you job. :)
18:35.26carolsthat's true.
18:35.31carolsjust to make conversation on irc
18:36.52DaSpiritThe FAQs timeline says that there is a day where rejected orgs join the IRC. Do they get a chance to redeem themselves?
18:37.05umcculloughno, they get a chance to hear why they weren't accepted ;)
18:37.27umcculloughso they can do better next time
18:37.49carolsand carols can spend 4 hours wondering why they didn't ask for feedback before the deadline.
18:38.18*** join/#gsoc josevalim (
18:38.20bkuhnSo am I correct in that no one has opened a ticket in Melange about this "how do you know your application is complete" status on the Dashboard?
18:38.25*** join/#gsoc thiago (thiago@kde/thiago)
18:38.26bkuhnI searched an found none.
18:38.31umcculloughbkuhn, i searched too, didn't see it
18:38.42umcculloughbut they have mentioned in #melange that it's a known usability issue
18:38.54umcculloughmaybe they're just waiting for someone to officially report it?
18:39.23umcculloughstars it on behalf of everyone who complained
18:39.47bkuhncarols: thanks, I will add a comment to that too, as it's just about profile, and the problem exists for Questionnaire too, but the problem is roughly the same.
18:39.56carolsgo for it.
18:40.03bkuhnugh, I need to use my Google account for that.
18:40.11bkuhnhates Google accounts.
18:40.16bkuhnBut again: Google sponsors this program!
18:40.25bkuhnIt's reasonable for them to make me use that, even though I hate it. :)
18:40.33nathanielmanistabkuhn: hold your nose and think of freedom?
18:40.40bkuhnnathanielmanista: yup.
18:40.44*** join/#gsoc VarunAgw (~VarunAgw@
18:40.56bkuhnAmusingly, my iceweasel config is so locked down of not accepting cookies, javascript, etc....
18:40.58*** join/#gsoc ahsanalishahid (~Thunderbi@
18:41.12bkuhn... I couldn't get it to work with Melange, so I used Chromimum do my application.  :)
18:41.39bkuhnsuspects he'll do the whole GSoC 2014 in Chromium in the end. :)
18:41.41carolsbkuhn: i'm sure the chromium team would be happy to hear that
18:41.47bkuhncarols: lol...
18:41.54bkuhn... I mean, I could have unlocked my iceweasel enough.
18:41.58bkuhnBut I was time constrained, as mentioned.
18:42.17carolsbkuhn: why were you time constrained?? we talked about this program at the summit *last year*!
18:42.24carolsi am disappoint.
18:42.40bkuhnMy poor planning and being overworked. :)_
18:42.43bkuhnnot your fault!
18:42.50gevaertscarols: a good application takes time, and a year isn't *that* much... ;)
18:42.50SlurpeeAwesome. melange 500
18:42.51carolshas some more tea
18:43.03d3r1ckgive me some carols
18:43.06carolsSlurpee: reason #12097534 we tell people to submit their apps early
18:43.12carolsd3r1ck: help yourself.
18:43.20d3r1ckthanks carols
18:43.47d3r1ckder1ck thanking carols
18:44.15d3r1ckcarols: take a look at this:
18:44.24carolsd3r1ck: no thanks
18:44.29carolsi've got other stuff to do
18:45.10stqismAnd so it was down to 15
18:45.25d3r1ckok carols
18:45.42d3r1ckmaybe you could just book mark it and then take a look at it latter.
18:45.57d3r1ckcarols: maybe you could just book mark it and then take a look at it latter.
18:45.57bkuhncarols: Have you seen my posts lately:   I mean, GSoC app is not the only thing that I'm only going be able to schedule time to work on when it's absolutely urgent.
18:46.38*** join/#gsoc leroy_ (
18:47.19d3r1ckcool bkuhn
18:47.21*** join/#gsoc SeriousWorm (
18:47.30*** join/#gsoc perepujal (
18:47.47leroy_hi, after 15 minutes students will see a list of organizations with the projects they offer, right?
18:48.07unitraxxleroy_: I don't think so
18:48.09umcculloughnot until feb 24th
18:48.10d3r1cki don't think so leroy_.
18:48.10carolsleroy_: nope
18:48.21d3r1ckit has to be processed by Google
18:48.22meflinnot untill the Gtardis is finished
18:48.29d3r1cktalk to car leroy_
18:48.43d3r1cktalk to carols
18:48.53carolsplease don't talk to carols
18:48.58umcculloughor, don't talk to carols - she's busy
18:48.59carolsshe has 400 other things going on right now
18:49.14meflin417 :D
18:49.16d3r1ckthat is true, sorry carols .
18:49.18nathanielmanistameflin: We have no comment on unreleased products and services.
18:49.25d3r1ckwhat is the Gtardis meflin ?
18:49.35meflina tardis .... time machine
18:49.47d3r1ckok meflin
18:50.12sttaylorleroy_h: Orgs will be listed on February 24 at 19:00 UTC on the program site
18:50.38Slurpeecarols, any ideas why I can't questionnaire? * fields required - I have all fields filled out...
18:50.55d3r1ckthat is true sttaylor
18:50.56unitraxxThe population in our IRC channel will double on 24 February then
18:51.11carolsSlurpee: have you asked nathanielmanista?
18:51.12unitraxxand after the accepted students are announced it goes back to normal
18:51.32d3r1ckwow, unitraxx is that true?
18:51.38*** join/#gsoc akki2200 (~androirc@
18:51.50Slurpeenathanielmanista, can you help me? any ideas why I can't questionnaire? * fields required - I have all fields filled out...
18:51.54unitraxxd3r1ck: what's so odd about that?
18:51.59SlurpeeThis is crazy...everything is filled out.
18:52.10leroy_oh, thanks. I was confused by another timeline, which says, that in 15 minutes student application starts.
18:52.35*** join/#gsoc MegaAlex (~MegaAlex@
18:52.50carolsleroy_: can you tell me where it says that because i'd like to fix it
18:52.52carolsthat's wrong
18:53.14d3r1ckunitraxx: no i am just suprised.
18:53.20DaSpirit7 minutes
18:53.24DaSpiritUntil deadline.
18:53.36umcculloughis starting to wonder if d3r1ck is a very subtle bot
18:53.50leroy_ program timeline.
18:54.11unitraxxd3r1ck: Minutes before the accepted students were announced last year, it was total chaos in our channel. Quite fun though ;)
18:54.20leroy_carols: Student applications soon(14 feb .. 10 march)
18:54.30gevaertsleroy_: *soon*
18:54.51carolsthanks gevaerts
18:56.02SlurpeeLOL. There was no error. Simply text that always says "* fields required"
18:56.07Slurpeecarols, I think we're all good.
18:56.13nathanielmanistaSummer always arrives sooner than I expect. :-\
18:56.13carolsSlurpee: great
18:56.51hiddenpearlsso carols is going to start reviewing applications after 4 mins :)
18:57.11meflinmandatory whining and tea break
18:57.21*** join/#gsoc Benaiah (c318dc86@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:57.27gsocbotedsiper: "next" is February 14th: Mentor organization application deadline
18:58.17DaSpiritWell, gotta get to cass.
18:58.21DaSpiritGood luck to all orgs!
18:58.23stqismWe could count down the minute.
18:58.37gevaertsstqism: but then, we could not do that
18:59.15umcculloughmy clock shows 1 minute left
18:59.20umcculloughwell, less
18:59.26stqismAnd less
19:00.07stqismIt's time.
19:00.09meflinbrace for extension requestions
19:00.11carolsthat's it folks
19:00.22gsocbotidlecode: "next" is February 14th: Mentor organization application deadline
19:00.26stqismcarols: I forgot something, extension pls
19:00.27*** join/#gsoc Niharika_away (~Niharika@
19:00.35carolsstqism: no. happy valentine's day.
19:00.36*** join/#gsoc asmeurer (
19:00.36nathanielmanistaWow. The clock on my oven is really far off.
19:01.03meflinstqism: fake ones dont count :P
19:01.04stqismcarols: :P I'm not late
19:01.04anth_xthis is my second-favorite minute of the program every year. i can stop re-reading our application over and over hunting for typos. big stress off.
19:01.17stqismanth_x: +1
19:01.18carolswe officially got 371 apps this year.
19:01.21carolsfor anyone who's counting
19:01.32umcculloughwow, that's low
19:01.44nathanielmanistaI look forward to the "Internet Of Things" future in which there are basically no inaccurate displays of time ever.
19:02.00unitraxxso the chance of getting accepted is even higher than 50%
19:02.06unitraxxthe odds are in our favor!
19:02.15gsocbotanth_x: "odds" is Odds, chances or probability really do not come into play for GSoC. Rambling off numbers or asking What are the odds of getting accepted... is really quite useless as one's acceptance is not dictated by luck or numbers, but by the quality of your proposal and your skills instead.
19:02.23stqismnathanielmanista: Okay, CEO is Cisco.
19:02.27umcculloughyeah, didn't want to sound crass, but... 371 is a good thing for some of us :)
19:02.42blast007nathanielmanista: then someone will hack them to just flash 12:00 ;)
19:02.57*** join/#gsoc TanviM (~tanvimalh@
19:02.59unitraxxanth_x: well I'm sure a typo wouldn't matter ;)
19:03.01*** join/#gsoc andre__ (~andre__@wikimedia/aklapper)
19:06.28*** join/#gsoc Exio4 (~nax@gateway/tor-sasl/exio4)
19:07.38*** join/#gsoc abhinavsv3 (~abhinavsv@
19:10.16*** join/#gsoc ahsanalishahid (~Thunderbi@
19:10.20*** join/#gsoc archana (~archana@
19:12.03umcculloughanth_x, the odds statement doesn't help when we were rejected last year for reasons that seemed to indicate there were simply too many applicants :/
19:12.25stqismumccullough: The odds are forever in your favor
19:12.58umcculloughtends not to gamble
19:14.01*** join/#gsoc madrazr (madhusudan@unaffiliated/madrazr)
19:14.01*** mode/#gsoc [+o madrazr] by ChanServ
19:15.09*** join/#gsoc andre__ (~andre__@wikimedia/aklapper)
19:15.30*** join/#gsoc libhanjian (~lhj@
19:18.48SlurpeeWell that was fun.
19:19.29SlurpeeAny other orgs have mentors contacting them at last minute?
19:19.56meflinheh mentors? try whole sub-orgs :P
19:20.28livingstorehey carols hows our page looking now?
19:20.33SlurpeeIt was a bit stressful trying to accommodate and review everyone's ideas.  Ironically majority of the last minute ideas were note approved due to lack of details.
19:20.36carolslivingstore: not doing that anymore :-)
19:20.41carolsi've got bigger fish to fry now
19:21.05livingstorejust check once :)
19:22.46stqismlivingstore: Checking deadline was a day ago :P
19:24.34*** join/#gsoc Pancake_ (71c1a2de@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:24.46*** join/#gsoc neferty (
19:25.01*** join/#gsoc Muna (~chick@
19:25.43*** join/#gsoc terri (~terri@
19:27.00Pancake_application period starts??
19:27.09meflinfor students? not yet
19:27.10stqismFor students?
19:27.14umcculloughorg application period ended
19:27.17gsocbotidlecode: "next" is February 14th: Mentor organization application deadline
19:27.22Pancake_yes student.
19:27.29umcculloughsee the timeline :)
19:27.41idlecodegsocbot, is out of date :[
19:27.41gsocbotidlecode: Error: Missing "]".  You may want to quote your arguments with double quotes in order to prevent extra brackets from being evaluated as nested commands.
19:28.22stqismidlecode: He's fixing you for not finishing your smiley face.
19:28.34Pancake_and do you have demo praposal for student?
19:28.38idlecodeI know :]
19:28.53stqismPancake_: Mentor orgs provide this
19:28.57umcculloughPancake_, there are some details here:
19:30.05dxpancake: look, a clone of you
19:30.19nefertydx: look, a dx
19:30.32dxneferty: look, an dor
19:30.45nefertydamn, my cover is blown
19:31.06*** join/#gsoc monkegjinni (~monkegjin@
19:32.01Pancake_and when i need to send praposal to mentors??now or after selection of mentors for 2014
19:32.29meflinafter org selection you use the web page to submit your proposal to the org
19:32.53idlecoderead link above - there is everything
19:35.13dxthe students guide lists the t-shirt as one of the main reasons to participate, but i'm in one of the listed countries that don't receive t-shirts :(
19:35.54*** join/#gsoc renards (
19:36.04meflindx: start a reform movement that gets you off the list :D
19:36.13unitraxxlivingstore: I thought a pure documentation project wasn't allowed?
19:36.43livingstoreits not pure documentation
19:36.52livingstoreits tutorials that is more important
19:37.35*** join/#gsoc mrsud (~mrsud@
19:39.12*** join/#gsoc Shas_ga (0e62c9cb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:39.55*** join/#gsoc katyhuff (43a9279e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:40.45katyhuffHi there, I've been getting my organization mentoring application ready for the last few weeks, but it looks like I can no longer apply. Am I missing something, or does the deadline of today not include today?
19:40.59meflinit is past the deadline
19:41.12meflin19:00 utc
19:41.33katyhuffoh no!!!
19:41.38katyhuffWhere did it say that?
19:41.54meflinon the timeline ... I think its in the guide/faq as well
19:41.56katyhuffI assumed February 14th included today.  It's not even noon here in SF.
19:42.21katyhuffI see.
19:42.25blast007katyhuff: on the homepage, and the timeline, and the FAQ
19:42.38katyhuffThe FAQ doesn't give a time.
19:42.39*** join/#gsoc greenberry (~farbfluss@2001:4ca0:0:f240:a482:5df1:d21d:5a88)
19:42.46katyhuffbut yes, I see now the calendar does.
19:42.58sttaylorthe timeline does though
19:43.03*** join/#gsoc mordante (
19:43.03*** join/#gsoc mordante (~mordante@wesnoth/developer/mordante)
19:43.03meflinits even in the email
19:43.41blast007katyhuff: no, the time is on the FAQ under "2. What is the program timeline?"
19:43.43katyhuffI'm sorry? I didn't receive any emails. I didn't mean to upset anyone. I get it. My mistake.
19:43.48stqismThat makes 1.
19:43.59umcculloughdoes that count? he didn't actually ask for an extension
19:44.01stqismkatyhuff: The website has a timer with the hours/days left
19:44.12stqismumccullough: Close enough ;)
19:44.13meflinstqism: nope he didn't ask ;)
19:44.30katyhuffwho is he?
19:44.36katyhuffI'm a woman.
19:44.42gevaertsstqism: rules are rules. Missing the deadline is *not* the same as wanting an extension
19:44.44umcculloughi got that after i said "he" :D
19:44.46meflinmy bad
19:44.57gevaertsWe take side-bets seriously in here
19:44.59stqismkatyhuff: We're mentioning you in a gender neutral way.
19:45.19stqismgevaerts: Fine. I'm still winning here.
19:45.45*** join/#gsoc bePolite (~sprinf@unaffiliated/sprinf)
19:45.49bePoliteI'm surprised that I see most of my friends online on Facebook today instead. It seems the world is getting lonely
19:45.58gevaertsstqism: of course, we forgot to specify when "today" ends when discussing this "how many requests for extensions will there be today"
19:46.20umcculloughgevaerts, i didn't even realize it was limited to today
19:46.23katyhuffIs it possible to get an extension? I haven't been on the listhost.
19:46.29meflingevaerts: today is c arols $day :D ofcourse :D
19:46.32umcculloughthere we go, now it's 1
19:46.40meflinthat is 1
19:46.51katyhuffI'm only asking because it sounds like a possibility?
19:46.52meflinextensions are not possible
19:46.56gevaertsmeflin: well, I'll accept her decision as final, anyway :)
19:47.03umcculloughkatyhuff, you can try asking carols or sttaylor, but i suspect they will say no
19:47.05katyhuffYou made it sound like a possibility. Sorry.
19:47.05meflingevaerts: agreed
19:47.06stqismkatyhuff: It isn't, but people always ask.
19:47.13katyhuffI'm sorry.
19:47.16carolsdoes someone need something?
19:47.42katyhuffI didn't realize the deadline was before today was over here in SF.
19:47.58carolsyeah, it's 19:00 UTC, katyhuff, sorry
19:47.59katyhuffI went to apply a few minutes ago and I found that this was the case.
19:48.06katyhuffYes, my mistake.
19:48.07carolshope you have a nice valentine's day anyway
19:48.08meflincarols: count stands at 1
19:48.14carolsmeflin: thanks for tracking that
19:48.29katyhuffThe people in this room are indicating to me that it may be possible to ask for an extension, so I asked, but I guess I'm just part of a bet.
19:48.33katyhuffSorry to bother you @carols.
19:48.35umcculloughalso, sorry katyhuff for the gender mixup - happens a lot on IRC :(
19:48.37carolskatyhuff: unfortunately not.
19:48.39carolsbut no problem.
19:48.46gevaertscarols: it's just that we forgot to specify when exactly the count stops
19:48.48carolsserves some tea
19:48.50carolshave some tea :-)
19:49.04katyhuffI wasn't worried about the gender mixup. I've been on irc plenty before.
19:49.11carolskatyhuff: it happens to me a lot too.
19:49.14katyhuffThanks @carols
19:49.15derdontea is a good idea. thank you, carols
19:49.30meflinI'm usualy more carefull :)
19:53.51*** join/#gsoc manny (~pc@
19:54.29*** part/#gsoc bear (
19:54.40katyhuffIn case anyone is taking suggestions (@carols perhaps?) it might help to put that deadline in the FAQ where it just lists the dates . That is all I had previously read. It seemed very clear.
19:54.48katyhuffBut, it caused this other assumption.
19:54.55carolsok. thanks.
19:57.05*** join/#gsoc joshwambua__ (~quassel@
19:57.20gsocbotjoshwambua__: "next" is February 14th: Mentor organization application deadline
19:58.12umcculloughyeah, someone needs to fix that
20:02.40meflinhmm not the rush I expect stqism is looking good for the win
20:03.07stqismSurprisingly good. This timeline change seems to of changed things.
20:03.11gevaertssuspects he'll lose all of today's bets
20:03.44meflinI should have used the strategy I used on orgs wait and bet under :D
20:03.54*** part/#gsoc bePolite (~sprinf@unaffiliated/sprinf)
20:04.10gevaertsStill, the numbers have to be right. This isn't a matter of getting closest
20:04.26meflinbut but Tox sticker!
20:04.44umcculloughheh, i read that as stock ticker
20:05.04meflinhmm but what if it ends up being 11?
20:05.24meflinrock paper sizors?
20:05.50katyhuffMaybe I could request an extension 11 times. :) I really only need half an hour. The application's ready, I just didn't know it would end at 11am in SF.
20:06.03meflinsadly you can only count once :)
20:06.33katyhuffIs there really nothing that can be done? I'm a first time applicant, we have a great project, many students already interested.
20:06.46meflinthere litterly is nothing that can be done
20:07.01meflinbut you could look for an umbrella org
20:07.36stqismkatyhuff: As in company that runs your project that got accepted
20:07.37meflinsome orgs kde and python for example host sub-projects
20:08.04meflinif you can find a such an org that is about the sort of things you do they might take you in
20:08.13meflinits a good way to get experience
20:08.31meflincheck the 2013 list
20:08.34katyhuff@stqism Do you mean a company that got accepted that would run my project? Or, were projects accepted separately.. Confused.
20:08.41umcculloughseparate projects
20:08.47umcculloughbut related perhaps
20:08.54stqismBut making your project a sub project
20:09.00katyhuff@meflin Sure
20:09.02umcculloughfor example, if your project was written in python you could maybe fall under the python umbrella
20:09.07katyhuff@mefiln Thanks, that's a good idea
20:09.25katyhuff@stqism it was just the order of your sentence...
20:09.34meflinthere are quite a few umbrella's I dont know them all :)
20:10.00stqismEh, than it's my fault with that :P on a phone here
20:10.28meflinstqism: I should have bet on how many ppl you splashed tea on :D
20:10.41stqismmeflin: :P
20:10.57olly_umccullough: anyone can teach gsocbot stuff
20:11.13umcculloughi guess !next is just a factoid then?
20:11.43olly_gsocbot: learn next as accepted orgs will be announced feb 24th 19:00 UTC
20:11.46gsocbotolly_: "next" is (#1) February 14th: Mentor organization application deadline, or (#2) accepted orgs will be announced feb 24th 19:00 UTC
20:11.54olly_gsocbot: forget next #1
20:11.55gsocbotolly_: Error: There is no such factoid.
20:11.59olly_gsocbot: forget next 1
20:12.00gsocbotolly_: "next" is accepted orgs will be announced feb 24th 19:00 UTC
20:12.09olly_umccullough: yes
20:12.44*** topic/#gsoc by carols -> Google Summer of Code 2014 mentoring organization applications are now closed. We announce accepted organizations on 24 February at 19:00 UTC. Please check out our timeline for more info:
20:15.40*** join/#gsoc Dragooon (~shitiz@
20:19.06*** join/#gsoc perepujal (
20:20.45*** join/#gsoc ThibG (
20:21.20*** join/#gsoc mossmann_ (
20:21.35*** part/#gsoc Funkys (~Kostas@unaffiliated/funkys)
20:30.39*** part/#gsoc perepujal (
20:31.01*** join/#gsoc perepujal (
20:31.02*** join/#gsoc ankur (~7h3rAm@
20:32.30*** join/#gsoc thiago_ (~thiago@kde/thiago)
20:34.09*** join/#gsoc lfzawacki (
20:36.45*** join/#gsoc harsz89 (~harsz89@
20:38.30carolshi Pancake_
20:39.41Pancake_how many praposal i send to org??maximum??
20:39.58umccullough5, should be in the FAQ
20:40.50*** part/#gsoc pablohof (
20:42.09Pancake_thanx, @ carols and stqism..!! and in current phase can i contact through IRC to the mentors of previous years ??
20:42.18carolsPancake_: sure, go for it
20:42.19olly_Pancake_: yes
20:42.24stqismPancake_: I would try an email.
20:42.45olly_what's best really depends on the org
20:43.12umcculloughirc is usually a reasonable starting point i would guess :)
20:43.13olly_certainly if you try irc and get no useful response, try email
20:45.56olly_interesting that there are fewer org apps - i was expecting an increase due for the "biggest gsoc ever"
20:46.14carolsolly_: i was hoping for that too :-(
20:46.18olly_the number of good ones matters more than the grand total though
20:48.23carolsi will say: the quality of ideas page overall is higher.
20:48.28carolsbut man, so many inaccessible pages.
20:48.29*** join/#gsoc pravnar (
20:48.35stqismOh boy
20:48.43umcculloughgoes to check his to be sure
20:49.08meflincarols: I'm seeing reports that is down
20:50.21olly_wonders what the biggest single point of failure for gsoc org apps is - probably github these days
20:50.25*** join/#gsoc mrsud (~mrsud@
20:50.32stqismmeflin: Parked domain
20:51.25umcculloughmaybe instead?
20:51.49stqism"non clustered database"
20:51.57*** part/#gsoc pravnar (
20:51.59terriyeah, he meant the latter.  point being, Atlassian (a fairly large host) is having some trouble.  may affect more than just mailman.
20:52.04meflinone of our ideas pages is down
20:52.35umcculloughask for an extension ;)
20:52.43meflinumccullough: it wont count ;)
20:53.04stqismmeflin: Backups! Our redirect for went down, suddenly I'm making support tickets at 6 am
20:53.20meflinI'm not in charge over there :D
20:53.56meflinbut any org using them is going to have an inaccessible ideas page ( until fixed )
20:54.13terriAnd they provide free wikis (with backups) to open source projects
20:54.22terriso mailman may not be the only GSoC hopeful affected.
20:54.40umcculloughsilly internet, always being uncooperative
20:54.51terrinormally they're really good about sending out warnings when something will be offline, but I didn't see one this time.
20:55.16meflingood day for a systems failure :D
20:55.16stqismAnd that's why we don't trust random web services.
20:55.31terriSo despite the message sounding like a planned outage, I'm not sure they haven't had a truck run into their colocation facility. :P
20:55.46*** join/#gsoc manny (~pc@
20:55.56umcculloughbackhoe fade
20:56.16*** join/#gsoc greenberry (
20:56.19meflinoh I've seen a bus crash into a electrical main ... took 4 days to restore power to to 20 office buildings and 3K homes
20:56.22meflinguess how I know?
20:56.59umcculloughyou were on the bus?
20:57.01*** part/#gsoc lfzawacki (
20:57.02stqismYour home.
20:57.14meflinmy servers went poof in one of those buildings
20:57.24*** join/#gsoc greenbe60 (
20:58.01stqismImagine the fun of a generator failure and power outage at somewhere like one wilshire.
20:58.07stqismSo much peering dying
20:58.23*** join/#gsoc greenberry (
20:58.23meflinfortunately it was a small part of my server but customers where not amused
20:58.39stqismStill not fun
20:58.56terriThe saddest thing for Mailman is that we're in the midst of moving our wiki to another host.  *sigh*
20:59.25stqismThat's almost funny timing
20:59.35meflinI did get 27 hours of ups run time :D
21:00.25terristqism: it'd be more surprising if the content migration hadn't been going on for months (keeping revision history is apparently annoying), but yeah. :)
21:01.12stqismI wish the few companies who host services for us would notify us when something happens.
21:01.31*** join/#gsoc josevalim (
21:01.51stqism99.9% of our infrastructure is ran by our umbrella, but it's the 0.01 that screws us
21:02.51*** part/#gsoc DarthNerdus (
21:04.02*** join/#gsoc ankur (~7h3rAm@
21:13.27*** join/#gsoc lite (~larry@
21:14.55*** join/#gsoc abhgangwar (~abhinav@gateway/tor-sasl/abhgangwar)
21:14.58litehello around here. Please can i get the list of mentoring organisations that applied ?
21:15.33Cervatorlite: not yet, you'll have to wait to the 24th
21:15.44Cervatorand those are those that get accepted, not all
21:16.56liteCervator: please i don't mean those selected but those who have applied be4 the deadline
21:17.13Cervatorthat's not public information i'm afraid
21:17.37*** join/#gsoc sarthakmeh (sarthakmeh@
21:17.44liteCervator: understood
21:17.58liteCervator: i think i will check out the old ones then
21:18.07Cervatoryep, good start :-)
21:20.08liteCervator: it may be my first time and am really excited
21:20.48Cervatorgood! :-)
21:21.04*** join/#gsoc tdfischer (~tdfischer@kde/tdfischer)
21:23.46perepujallite: then I suggest contact potential orgs sooner, get known to them, interact with them, things like that
21:24.32*** part/#gsoc sarthakmeh (sarthakmeh@
21:24.51ilvlite: search for orgs here: , go to 'Ideas page' and change 2013 by 2014
21:25.01ilvworks for me (most cases) :-)
21:25.22liteperepujal: Yeah sure. am on it
21:25.32liteilv: Thanks
21:26.46*** join/#gsoc bitgeeky (~bitgeeky@
21:26.50unitraxxthat shouldn't be public yet?
21:27.02*** join/#gsoc Slurpee (
21:27.17unitraxxbut it's nice to see that our idea page links correctly ;)
21:27.34gevaertsunitraxx: what shouldn't be public?
21:28.07olly_you can also just try a web search for things like: gsoc 2014 ideas
21:28.46unitraxxworks for any org
21:29.47gevaertsasks in #melange
21:29.57gevaertsdoesn't, olly_ was first :)
21:29.57olly_gevaerts: i just did
21:30.21olly_not as bad as any org admin being able to see and edit any other org's application...
21:30.43gevaertsThere is that
21:31.04*** part/#gsoc skier_ (
21:32.12stqismWe had html? ;-;
21:32.54gevaertsstqism: don't worry. I believe carols said she preferred plain text
21:33.11stqismI recall that, but it's for students.
21:33.27gevaertsYou'll still be able to tweak student-facing content I believe
21:33.34unitraxxsome students just attached pdf's last year
21:33.51stqismPerfect, gevaerts
21:37.00SlurpeeOpen source for the win :)
21:38.19stqism>not submitting a closed source program with an NDA
21:38.22unitraxxdrupal definitely did their best this year ;)
21:39.07stqismThat was massive
21:39.18stqismGosh, drupal
21:39.35Slurpeeunitraxx, thanks !
21:40.03*** join/#gsoc devel301 (c131a206@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:40.19unitraxxSlurpee: oh you seem to be the org admin, cool
21:40.43Slurpeeunitraxx, nice to meet you.
21:41.22unitraxxyeah drupal was one of the projects I was interested applying for last year :)
21:41.33unitraxxit was a bit unexpected not seeing you guys getting accepted
21:41.40dom96looks like the 'irc' button is a link, melange should force it to start with 'irc://'
21:42.10gevaertsdom96: of course, those links are far from universally recognised :)
21:42.53Slurpeeunitraxx, sorry to hear about that.  Our entire community was a bit bummed out about it too.
21:43.00Slurpeeunitraxx, we
21:43.09Slurpeeunitraxx, we're back trying again :)
21:43.17unitraxxSlurpee: definitely no problem, I ended up with a great organization anyway :)
21:43.27Slurpeeunitraxx, cool. Which org?
21:44.08SlurpeeLooks fun.
21:45.09Slurpeeunitraxx, what type of code is  SuperTuxKart?
21:45.28unitraxxthe client is just C++
21:45.33unitraxxnothing to special actually
21:45.39unitraxxgraphics is a fork of irrlicht
21:45.44unitraxxphysics, bullet
21:45.57unitraxxthe multiplayer features I implemented contact a server running PHP
21:46.04unitraxx(was my gsoc project)
21:46.27Slurpeeunitraxx, what was php's purpose?
21:46.36unitraxxaccount registration etc
21:47.03unitraxxwe have a web client as well for addons (new tracks, karts)
21:47.05olly_dom96: i don't think it should - we link IRC to here, which is more helpful than just an irc: URL which may not work for everyone -
21:47.11unitraxxso the account system is integrated with that
21:47.34olly_perhaps it should check it's actually a URL though
21:47.42dom96olly_: I see. That's a good point, although melange should at least say that they are expecting a URL though.
21:48.02dom96ah, we agree heh.
21:48.09unitraxxSlurpee: I'm not sure if I would have picked PHP myself, if I had to start from scratch
21:48.52gevaertsI know I have *no* idea how an IRC URL would be expected to get from my web browser to my irc client :)
21:49.31unitraxxgevaerts: your browser should normally let you select a program the first time you try to open it
21:49.39dom96gevaerts: It works for xchat on Windows for me.
21:49.42unitraxxand you could let it default then to the selected program
21:49.47gevaertsunitraxx: you're making a few assumtions there that may not be valid :)
21:50.03gevaertsSuch as that my irc client *handles* urls, and that it's running on the same system
21:50.04*** join/#gsoc anth_x (
21:50.11unitraxxgevaerts: valid points
21:50.48Slurpeeunitraxx, php is perfect for user registration/authentication. Did you connect/authenticate with any 3rd parties such as fb/tw?
21:52.07unitraxxSlurpee: no. And at the time of writing my proposal and doing my actual project I wasn't a fan myself of using fb or so for authentication
21:52.35unitraxxbut being a few months wiser now, I think I'd prefer 3rd party authentication
21:52.45unitraxxjust for the sake of not having to deal with passwords
21:52.58*** part/#gsoc ahsanalishahid (~Thunderbi@
21:53.10gevaertsunitraxx: thanks. I tend to get shunned for my software choices, so being told they are valid points is a great achievement for me :)
21:53.15*** part/#gsoc ilv (
21:54.17unitraxxSlurpee: I do think a reasonably large amount of users would be mad if they _had_ to use fb to be able to use online multiplayer features
21:54.47umcculloughas in facebook? do people use that?
21:55.00stqismYeah, I hated lyft. Had to reactivate my Facebook to get a driver.
21:55.35Slurpeeunitraxx, majority of websites with authenticated users utilize "social logins" these days. The funny part is that companies pay big money for Janrain to provide a "simple turn key solution" - yet all of these authentication systems provide basic APIs.
21:56.16umcculloughi've missed out on quite a few things in the recent years that require a facebook account
21:56.29umcculloughoh well
21:56.34SlurpeeI've helped several projects "ditch janrain" by writing custom authentication code for whatever services client can dream of.
21:56.55stqism>not designing decentralized uncertainties
21:57.09stqismGosh, autocorrect
21:57.09unitraxxI think I would prefer something like Mozilla's persona
21:57.20*** join/#gsoc DJWillis (
21:57.21unitraxxhaven't used it yet, but it seems pretty neat
21:57.48olly_the day a site requires an FB login is the day I stop using it
21:58.09unitraxxolly_: what if they require a google account?
21:58.29olly_probably the same, though I do at least have a google account
22:00.28Slurpeeolly_, unitraxx, umccullough - interesting topic about forcing social login/registration (normal email registration disabled).  On of my projects requested it, I advised against it, but client insisted on it based on some report. Long story worked out well. No one really complained and it helped with spam.
22:01.09olly_yeah, because not just anyone can sign up for facebook
22:01.15unitraxxSlurpee: what kind of project was it?
22:01.27Slurpeewell they have a variety of social logins...fb/tw/li/g+/etc
22:02.06*** part/#gsoc tomreyn (~tomreyn@megaglest/team/tomreyn)
22:02.23olly_"No one really complained" is telling really
22:02.43Slurpeeunitraxx, - click "create an account" in top right corner and you will see.
22:02.56olly_unless it's a site I'd really miss, I'll just go for a rival site which does allow me to sign up sanely
22:03.19unitraxxhmm startup community, that's actually the exact audience I'd expect to complain about it
22:04.23unitraxxSlurpee: I only have the option to use linkedin?
22:05.07unitraxxSlurpee: nvm adblock filtered out the other options
22:05.08Slurpeeat the moment, client is using fb/tw/li. they change it time to time.
22:06.55Slurpeeunitraxx, interesting Drupal fact, you're not really supposed to have a user account with no email address. Email addresses are totally unique and can't be duplicated across users. However, you can code it to work if needed. It was a fairly "radical" task request.
22:08.32Slurpeeunitraxx, I believe the real value of forcing social login/registration is pulling in profile fields with avatar for users from the 3rd party. Diff 3rd parties provide more info than others.
22:09.13unitraxxI definitely see the advantages
22:09.49umcculloughSlurpee, even though I have a g+ account, I *hate* having to use it for anything besides google services
22:10.19umcculloughi disagree with the concept of "network everyone!"
22:10.26umcculloughat least as far as privacy concerns go
22:10.46umcculloughas such, i've been unable to access services that I otherwise might have wanted to access :/
22:10.58umcculloughit's my choice of cours
22:11.35umcculloughas for complaints, I have emailed companies in the past to tell them how I feel, but have never received a response, so i gave up
22:12.06unitraxxumccullough: what would you think about mozilla persona?
22:12.07Slurpeeumccullough, same here. I personally rarely utilize social authentication. Our dev team setup "real fake personas" for client social networks.  My fake person is on all the social networks and authenticates everywhere for testing :)
22:12.14meflinI dont use any social media account for any login never will
22:12.17unitraxx"The privacy goal is motivated by the fact that the identity provider does not know which website the user is identifying."
22:12.33umcculloughunitraxx, i dunno, i haven't looked at it
22:12.39umcculloughsounds interesting
22:12.49unitraxxit lets you use your Google account
22:12.55unitraxxwithout google knowing that you visited the site
22:12.56umcculloughalso, i always hoped openid would get more popular
22:13.21meflinthe only time I've ever crossed uses is having to get gmail to do gsoc
22:13.48Slurpeefeels social authenticate is always trying to sneak up on him
22:14.17umcculloughin the grand scheme of things, I suspect the use of facebook or g+ logins to authenticate is largely about tracking people
22:14.26umcculloughand i fundamentally disagree with it :)
22:14.37meflinI dont actually care
22:14.53meflinthis thing is this that thing is that
22:14.57meflinno co-mingling
22:15.24umcculloughi'm probably also one of the few people who absolutely never "saves passwords" for services or websites
22:15.34umcculloughin fact, that's one thing about my android tablet that drives me bonkers
22:15.35meflinI also hate my sauce running into my veggies so ... :D
22:15.50umcculloughi hate that the gmail app saves the password
22:16.07unitraxxumccullough: I use my browsers password feature
22:16.13unitraxxnot the option services provide
22:16.18*** join/#gsoc DaSpirit-Mobile (~DaSpirit@unaffiliated/daspirit)
22:16.22umcculloughyeah, i still avoid that
22:16.41meflincount is still one isn't it?
22:16.46umcculloughi think so
22:16.52meflinkinda ... sad
22:16.53umcculloughdisappointing actually
22:17.04*** join/#gsoc denisboyun (
22:17.16meflinwhere is our angry mob with pitchforks
22:17.18umcculloughi guess a lot of people just gave up on gsoc this year... or they'll realize their mistake a week from now
22:17.40meflinoh wait they are right here talking about social media ;)
22:17.41stqismmeflin: It's odd
22:18.00meflinstqism: actualy it is odd
22:18.09umcculloughyes, still odd
22:18.10unitraxxto be honest I didn't expect the deadline to be during the day
22:18.11SlurpeeOr lots of people appear at 19:00 Mountain View time
22:18.17DaSpirit-MobileMob will come on 27th
22:18.27meflinunitraxx: its always during the day
22:19.08olly_pretty much all gsoc deadlines are 19:00 UTC
22:19.15olly_at least these days
22:19.27meflinand any hour of utc is during the day somewhere
22:19.49*** join/#gsoc joshwambua (~quassel@
22:20.00umcculloughyes, nobody should be surprised at a 19:00 UTC deadline
22:20.09IvanovicIIRC the time is 12:00 mountain view time
22:20.11umcculloughat least, not if they've done GSoC before
22:20.19Ivanovicwhich translates into 19:00 UTC
22:20.32umcculloughwith daylight savings, same with PDT
22:20.37Ivanovicthat is: the timeline lists two things in detail:
22:20.40meflinwell the faq will be improved so that fixes that
22:20.46Ivanovic1) the timezone for the deadline
22:21.04Ivanovic2) that you can submit "work in progress" applications earlier and refine them until the deadline
22:21.16Ivanovicso there is no reason at all not to get something done before the deadline
22:21.30meflinIvanovic: not true since october is so short!
22:22.18Ivanovicyeah, people were so shocked by there being a gsoc 2014 when suddenly the time for "submit proposals" started...
22:22.41Ivanovicokay, at wesnoth we have taken our time since we wanted to discuss first if we want to go for it
22:22.49Ivanovicand for us the best time to do this is during fosdem
22:23.09Ivanovicbut our "generic" information only needs slight adjustments and the rest are the ideas
22:23.18Ivanovictight fit but works out...
22:23.29unitraxxI started our organization's idea list already in November
22:23.31meflinwell that is a veteran perspective to be fair
22:23.43unitraxxbecause I gave a talk about GSoC at our university
22:23.45meflinnewbs are in a storm of well newb
22:24.11Ivanovicmeflin: sure, it is very much the veteran view
22:24.25Ivanovicstill when we did this the first time we also discussed "do we want this?" during fosdem
22:24.39Ivanovicwhich was then about 4 weeks before the org submission deadline
22:24.49meflinalso can you stop talking about fosdem at MS? ;)
22:24.53Ivanovicyet we managed it in time by having some coordination
22:25.10unitraxxI was at fosdem and I was disappointed.
22:25.34meflinheh game topic the last few I was at was all about fosdem
22:25.47meflinmentor sumit
22:25.48olly_started our ideas list in about 2008 or 2009
22:25.52*** join/#gsoc bePolite (~sprinf@unaffiliated/sprinf)
22:26.00bePoliteIt seems the Gsoc timeline has changed
22:26.00Ivanovicmeflin: hehe, yeah
22:26.06bePoliteIt now favours me
22:26.08bePolitethank God
22:26.22Ivanovicmeflin: that is: there was a lot of other stuff last summit during the game chats
22:26.35meflinI did not make the last one :(....
22:26.53Ivanovicunitraxx: hmm, if you are disappointed or not in fosdem depends on what you expect
22:27.08Ivanovicunitraxx: for us it is a common place to meet and discuss stuff for our project
22:27.18unitraxxIvanovic: I came to the conclusion that I went the wrong day
22:27.21Ivanovicthat there are other things going on is barely noticable for us
22:27.53unitraxxthe game dev talks really weren't as interesting as I expected
22:28.09meflindepends on what you find intersting
22:28.30meflinmy first MS the games talk's where facinating yet had nothing to do with my game
22:28.40meflinmostly cuz like me my game is old and cranky ;)
22:28.48*** join/#gsoc carols (carols@nat/google/x-ywmoxtvxzntkjucd)
22:28.50*** mode/#gsoc [+o carols] by ChanServ
22:29.03meflinhands over some tea
22:29.09Ivanovicmeflin: talking about games during the summit is not the same as during fosdem
22:29.09*** join/#gsoc Gentlecat (~Roman@
22:29.28Ivanovicat fosdem it is somehow more organized and split into real topics not just "we take an hour or two for game stuff"
22:29.30meflinIvanovic: heh well perhaps that is my complaint ;)
22:29.35Ivanovichi carols
22:29.40carolshi Ivanovic
22:29.45meflinnever been and probably never will fosdem
22:29.57Ivanovichands carols some extra caffeine
22:30.03carolsthanks Ivanovic
22:30.04carolsi can use it
22:30.08Ivanovicdo you prefer pills or do you directly take it into your veins?
22:30.19carolsIvanovic: i prefer tea.
22:30.35DaSpirit-MobileCarols what letter you up to?
22:30.36Ivanovicmeflin: this years topics:
22:30.43unitraxxIvanovic: so you were in the hack rooms most of the time?
22:30.45meflincarols: the tea has been given :D
22:31.04Ivanovicunitraxx: on saturday i organized the games room including giving a talk
22:31.10meflinIvanovic: nice list to bad its a bit to expensive for me to go
22:31.21Ivanovicon sunday we just were in the hacking room preparing e.g. for gsoc
22:31.37stqismYou have a hacking room?
22:31.43Ivanovicthis year there are video recordings!
22:31.47stqismWait, YOU HAVE AN OFFICE?
22:31.54Ivanovicstqism: at fosdem there are some "hacking rooms"
22:31.59*** join/#gsoc neocet1 (~achuth@
22:32.00umcculloughcarols, have there been any private requests for extensions that count toward the total?
22:32.03Ivanovicwhich can be used by anybody who is there
22:32.19meflinIvanovic: thanks!
22:32.19stqismIvanovic: Haha, my mistake.
22:32.52meflinumccullough: hmm is that cheeting?
22:32.53Ivanovicmeflin: and the talks were even in a livestream!
22:33.03umcculloughmeflin, hm?
22:33.08Ivanovicumccullough: i thought the deadline was a *real* deadline
22:33.20meflinIvanovic: dang .. so I can be a total shut in introvert and get my gaming fix?
22:33.21umcculloughIvanovic, it is :)
22:33.21Ivanoviclike "there is no good enough reason for an extension, whatever you come up with!"
22:33.30Ivanovicmeflin: absolutely
22:33.36meflinI like :D
22:33.49Ivanovicthat is: during the openpandora talk i received some questions from folks from irc which I asked ED
22:34.00Ivanovicthose folks were watching the live stream
22:34.09meflinumccullough: do private's count? this is back to the $ day questing I think
22:34.34meflinnot that it maters since the count is 1
22:34.44umcculloughi don't know - it started with carol proposing that she expected a certain number of extension requests, but she didn't mention whether they would be public or not i think
22:35.01unitraxxSlurpee: how did you become the admin for drupal actually? Is that something you just proposed and everyone was fine with that?
22:35.09gevaertsThe most impressive thing about fosdem is that it's so well run, given the constraints
22:35.27Ivanovicgevaerts: absolutely
22:35.31meflinI'll have to pay more atention to fosdem
22:35.43Ivanovicit was astounishing how they managed the video recording of the 22 devrooms
22:35.46*** join/#gsoc Soliton (~Soliton@wesnoth/developer/soliton)
22:35.53unitraxxgevaerts: yeah I heard they had too much money
22:35.55gevaertsI mean, there are at least 452 visitors!
22:35.56Ivanovicthat is: live streams for all rooms? wtf?
22:36.01unitraxxthat they didn't know what to do with it
22:36.40Slurpeeunitraxx, I was a gsoc mentor for Drupal, then Drupal was not accepted the following gsoc year. This year I picked up the slack getting us into GCI and now hopefully GSoC.
22:36.48*** join/#gsoc drcc (~drcc@
22:37.09umcculloughoh, drupal was in gci this last year?
22:37.17meflinSlurpee: your idea's page is public right? ;)
22:37.21umcculloughdoes that mean another org dropped out? I thought gci was only 10 orgs
22:37.24*** part/#gsoc bePolite (~sprinf@unaffiliated/sprinf)
22:37.39gevaertsunitraxx: I didn't hear that, but there ars such things as reserves for rainy days
22:37.49gevaertsAnd rainy days are not uncommon at fosdem :)
22:37.56Slurpeemeflin, yes -
22:38.01Ivanovicgevaerts: weather was pretty fine this year
22:38.06Slurpeemeflin, you can't see it?
22:38.11Ivanovica little rain on saturday morning but that was about it
22:38.38meflinnice page and yes I can
22:39.07gevaertsIvanovic: you went *outside*? ;)
22:39.16unitraxxI think Drupal might win the price of longest idea page
22:39.18Ivanovicgevaerts: i had to go out of the hotel to travel to fosdem
22:39.26unitraxxMozilla comes pretty close though
22:39.31gevaertsAh, yes
22:39.33Ivanovicso yeah, there was a period of time where i was outside of the AW building
22:39.43Slurpeemeflin, scared me for a second. Thanks for the feed back :_
22:39.46Ivanovicand i once left the AW building in the middle of the day to get some food
22:39.55meflinIvanovic: and like was outside scrarry?
22:39.58Ivanovicthen in the evening to get to a place where i would find food and drink
22:40.06Ivanovicvery scary
22:40.16unitraxxgsoc was handig out these cards for free beers
22:40.32gevaertsIt had stopped raining by the time we got there on Saturday. Friday night was a bit too heavy to get up early :)
22:40.34unitraxxbut it was only valid for that evening
22:40.39unitraxxand I was gone by then
22:40.52*** join/#gsoc IonelPopescu (~ionel@
22:41.01Slurpeeunitraxx, we had almost 50 project ideas submitted, but many were poorly organized.
22:41.34unitraxxIf you talk with everybody at every single stand, you might end up with free food and free beers for the whole weekend
22:41.41*** part/#gsoc tlsa (W9TjXW5Ei4@gateway/shell/pepperfish/x-ddnbfljkfirvoujt)
22:41.47unitraxxRedhat gave away food coupons
22:42.09gevaertswas too busy talking to people he knows to talk much at stands
22:42.10Ivanovicgevaerts: since i was organizing a devroom and one of the wesnoth folks was the first speaker i somehow had to be at fosdem early...
22:42.18unitraxxSlurpee: at STK we just sit together with the few devs and discuss what might be nice ideas
22:42.29gevaertsIvanovic: an easy mistake to make :)
22:43.10Ivanovicgevaerts: i think if i did not make the mistake of organizing the games devroom there would be no games devroom besides the obvious WESDEM event in one of the hacking rooms...
22:43.24unitraxxSo I guess that's the main difference between small and large organizations
22:43.36gevaertsIvanovic: there is that
22:43.50meflinunitraxx: not all that much
22:44.07meflinculture is actually more important then size
22:44.09gevaertsThe network was also more stable than usual this year
22:44.28Ivanovicyes, fosdem worked exceptionally well this year
22:45.35*** join/#gsoc carum (
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