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03:24.51Ressysomeone recreated an article that was deleted a few hrs ago..
03:25.31Ressymaybe not.  Still shouldn't exist.
03:25.57charitwohmm, does that qualify as vandalism
03:25.59charitwoor just crap
03:26.48Ressymeh. I moved it to User:Felixleiter77/In Soviet Russia, Zuluhed
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16:06.48Aikarfyi this page is messed up, i dont know 'wiki language' to fix it myself
16:09.30charitwohey aikar
16:10.26Aikarwtf your a wow traitor too?!
16:11.06charitwono i've never played, i've justed helped out on the wiki with non-content related projects :p
16:12.53Aikaryou've really never played wow?
16:13.23charitwonope, i've seen my sister play it before though...thats the closest i've got, lol
16:17.16g0urra"Fine. I don't want to join you and your Forsaken. Maybe I'll start my own Forsaken! Maybe I'll invent Forsaken with elbows!" - Marshal Redpath
16:17.34g0urraAikar: why is it messed up? it looks fine to me
16:17.44Aikarlook at the info box on the right
16:17.52Aikarit has template code showing
16:18.07g0urrahm, looks fine to me
16:18.10g0urratry a cache refresh
16:18.16Aikar# Reagents:
16:18.16Aikar[Lesser Eternal Essence] (3), [Dream Dust] (10)
16:18.16Aikar# Enchant effect::Permanently enchant bracers to add +9 Spirit. Requires a level 35 or higher item.
16:18.17g0urractrl f5
16:18.19Aikar# Tools: {{:Runed Truesilver Rod{{#set:Rod=Runed Truesilver Rod}}|mode=imlink|arg=|tpl=Item/iconlink}}
16:18.23Aikar# Requires Enchanting Enchanting level::270
16:18.25Aikaris what i see
16:18.26Aikarstill shows it
16:18.45g0urraodd, it looks fine to me
16:18.55g0urracharitwo, is it broken for you too?
16:19.01charitwono, but what you're seeing is DPL not parsing
16:19.08charitwofor some reason
16:19.15Aikarwhats the query string for cache rebuild?
16:19.20Aikarim not logged in bt
16:19.23Aikartry logging out
16:19.41charitwosame logged out
16:19.43Aikaryeah its fine logged in
16:19.59Aikarand now its fine logged out, odd
16:20.16charitwoblame our server ops guy crucially, its probably his fault
16:20.21Aikartry clearing all your cookies, cause ive never logged into the wowwiki
16:20.45charitwoits likely a momentary glitch, those happen from time to time
16:21.03Aikarlets just blame charitwo
16:21.09Aikarits always his fault
16:21.14g0urraI blame crucially
16:21.15g0urraand charitwo
16:21.59Aikaryou guys should team up with one of the data collection sites like wowhead and get the maps on wiki for like npc's :o
16:22.51Ressyno need for that when you have kd3. lol
16:23.19kd3all of the maps are up. I've been extracting and posting them every build
16:23.27Aikari mean on npc pages
16:23.40kd3oh, meh, not much I can do about that without scraping some DB site
16:23.43Aikarlike how it shows where that npc is
16:23.54Aikaryeah thats what i meant bout teaming up with a site so theyll let you put those maps onto the wiki
16:24.42kd3no need for the map, all we need is the coordinates. see {{coords}} and {{Zone Map}}. I've been doing that for nearly every post-cataclysm quest article already ;)
16:25.43Ressykd3: the popup for coords doesn't work with Oasis.
16:25.55kd3because common.js isn't getting included
16:26.03pcjactually common.js is getting included
16:26.05RessyI thought they would have fixed that.
16:26.10pcjit's just written for wowwiki/monaco
16:26.15pcjoasis doesn't have #bodyContent
16:26.29kd3oh, blah
16:26.29Ressyso.. does that mean you can't get it working again?
16:26.32pcji can
16:26.35pcjit's just a bitch
16:26.40pcji would rather them fix it properly
16:27.15pcjif they don't i have to handle 2 different layouts
16:27.25Ressythat'd suck.
16:28.00pcjalso most of the tooltip styling is in common.css which isn't getting included
16:28.02Aikaris common.js a file you use on wikipedia or you talking about the CommonJS system for server side JS dev?lol
16:28.29pcjdotted is slacking
16:29.18Aikarctrl F5 works on firefox too
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17:04.30Aikaris icelord broken?
17:05.19RessyYou mean Ahune?
17:06.03kd3people actually try to summon the icelord still?
17:06.19Aikarwwe tried but it wouldnt come out
17:06.25Aikarhad like 15 ppl there
17:09.03RessyI've seen it summoned only once
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22:15.16PoloDudegot a little question, if you want to submit a link to a patch-file, you just add it to the discussion part right?
22:16.40Nibelungenxsame here
22:16.57Nibelungenxi have it uploaded to a rapidshare prem link
22:18.06PoloDudeah well, i've posted it there now, they can use it if they want :)
22:18.47Nibelungenxlol ill post mine in a sec
22:18.55Nibelungenxthis place seems pretty dead xD
22:19.49PoloDudenot sure how late it is in america, guess most will be from there and probably affects the life inhere hehe
22:23.13Nibelungenxits only 623 pm on the east coast
22:37.40PoloDudepast midnight here so :) 0.37 am or however you guys write it ;)
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