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11:17.07g0urraso wikia somehow screwed over the skins so they all look like monaco
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13:22.20DrazisilAny admins awake?
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13:32.44DrazisilI posted an issue on Pcj's page. He'll probably kill me because it's wiki-beta-related, but it's a strange one and I wasn't sure how to explain it.
13:34.20DrazisilAnd lies, you aren't really awake, that's a bot talking ;)
13:38.25g0urrapcj archive your talk page
13:38.51g0urraalso talk about wikia-beta stuff is no-no
13:38.55g0urraNDA etc
13:39.24Drazisiland blah
13:47.43Drazisilso, that thing that cn not be named by they who can not be named has broken the wiki that can be named. :D
13:49.43DrazisilEither I always come in at the wrong time, or this chan should be running an idle bot game.
13:49.56Drazisillurks cooly with the rest
13:50.50Ressylol.. most are busy with other things.
13:54.34g0urrais at work
13:56.11Drazisilis envious of works that enable irc access (allowed or otherwise)
13:56.22Ressymibbit bypasses them all mostly.
13:56.34RessyBlizz blocks irc @ work, mibbit bypasses. >.>
13:56.46RessyI had a blizz emp in my TS irc channel a few times
13:57.39RessyEasier for us TS regs to point out problem threads to be closed/deleted that way.
13:58.13g0urrafacebook is blocked at work
13:58.19g0urradon't know about other things
13:58.28Ressynice. fb is evil anyways
13:58.56Drazisilyah, it is.
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13:59.23Drazisil<- is still asleep) TS?
13:59.28RessyTech Support
14:00.00Drazisilwow, was overthinking that. TS for what, who uses IRC?
14:00.19Ressyits essentially an irc channel for the wow ts regs
14:00.26Ressyi set it up over a yr ago..
14:00.29Drazisilah, that explains it :)
14:00.47Ressyit helps when trying to figure out user issues.
14:00.54Ressyor making fun of users.. >.>
14:00.58DrazisilI bet.
14:01.07Ressyoh, and we also did alpha talk in there. :)
14:01.12Ressywe were all in alpha.
14:01.40DrazisilI'm in the support field as well...users fully deserve fun of at times
14:02.18Ressymost of the guys are in the ts field..
14:02.32RessyMe, I'm a lil ol accountant, who does ts for her small company.
14:02.41DrazisilIt's a natural for geeks :)
14:03.02Drazisilif we don't understand, there's problems
14:03.29RessyEU or US?
14:03.54Ressyyou post on the US TS forums?
14:04.05DrazisilVERY rarly
14:04.22DrazisilIt would be under drazisil or mavang
14:04.37DrazisilI'm a good lurker
14:04.56RessyI'm forced to lurk now - keep forgetting my auth at home.
14:05.12Ressyactually, its more like I link a thread to the guys, and tell them what to post for me.
14:06.21g0urraI'm prone to edit the wiki at work than posting on the forums..
14:06.46g0urralooks at his edits
14:07.02RessyI loved when I was pregnant.. Playing the alpha at work.. :)
14:07.48Ressykinda sucky graphics tho, everything on low but terrain distance cuz this has a G31
14:07.52g0urraalso goddamn retards at work, registering an e-mail adress as a website
14:08.29g0urraon the other hand, if all my co-workers didn't make shitty mistakes like these, it'd cut out 10% of my workload
14:08.42Ressyis that a bad thing?
14:09.17RessyI had to go into the partner's office yesterday to help him..  He saved a draft in Outlook, and couldn't figure out how to open it to edit it.
14:09.30g0urranah not really, I do get to slack more
14:09.34g0urraI think I have worked..
14:09.35g0urra3 hours
14:09.40g0urraon an 8 hour work day
14:09.59Ressysounds like yesterday to me.
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14:11.09g0urraI did also get praised by my boss today, saying I'm a life-saver for the office
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14:11.47g0urraeven better, he told it to the person who's in charge of all the companies in the nordic that are in this branch
14:11.54Drazisilpraise is always good :)
14:12.19Ressynice :)
14:12.43g0urrabtw in case you haven't seen, this is how wikia propose that wowwiki would look like with the new skin:
14:13.13DrazisilI saw that...didn't Kd3 scream?
14:13.23RessyI still think the bar's too big.
14:13.36g0urraI'd love to see that with ambox and infobox
14:13.48RessyThey need to expand the article area, because the bar being 1/3 of the article space is fucking stupid.
14:14.08Ressylooks lopsided..
14:14.18DrazisilNDA says I can't tell you how it looks with infoboxes ;)
14:14.29RessyI can imagine.
14:14.42Drazisilhint: it's exactly as you image it.
14:14.44RessyI'm waiting on my invite still.
14:15.16Ressysigned NDA the beginning of the month.. I really wanna see how my wikis are, and if I can fix'em. :(
14:15.45Ressywith infoboxes, the article space is prolly tiny..
14:16.31pcj_2you could technically use one of the fb connect testing accounts which are beta
14:16.37pcj_2since they never changed the passwords
14:16.54RessyI'll wait til I have my official invite, thx. :P
14:17.25g0urranow time for 20 minutes of more slacking
14:17.49RessyI got someone globally blocked from wikia last night.. Guy's been vandalizing like mad the last while..  His entire IP block. GG
14:18.26pcj_2his entire IP block? the last byte or what?
14:19.52Ressyloved the porno links on our user pages, and all the foul language & vandalism.
14:19.59pcj_2i'm sure you did
14:20.07Ressybite me pcj. :P
14:20.14g0urra<Ressy> loved the porno links
14:20.16g0urragotta quote that
14:20.32*** topic/#wowwiki by pcj_2 -> Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | Countervandalism: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | <Ressy> loved the porno links
14:20.49infobot<Ressy> loved the porno links
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16:07.05Ressyseriously, can someone change the topic pls? >.<
16:08.17*** topic/#wowwiki by pcj_2 -> Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | Countervandalism: #cvn-wikia-wowwiki
16:09.36infobot<Ressy> loved the porno links
16:10.16Ressyty pcj.
16:10.20RessyThat was sarcasm gourra
16:11.05RessySeirously.. Some ppl shouldn't be bookkeepers.. We have a client, who hired a retarded bookkeeper, and is backdating everything.
16:11.27Ressyso now I get to attempt to fix their fuckups.
16:11.36RessyHaven't been doign our entries we give them for the past 3 yrs.
16:15.53Drazisilwhy would you backdate entries???
16:16.09Drazisilisn't that begging for an audit
16:17.16Ressywhich is why they've had one, and why I'm having to do an interim report for them now.
16:17.26Ressyof course..
16:17.45Ressywhen adding in entries to adjust for previous years missed remittances.
16:17.48Ressythey backdated those too.
16:18.09Ressyinstead of being say, Jan 1 2010 "To adjust for our total fuckup."
16:19.08Drazisil*shakes head* awesome
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21:23.10g0urrawell this is certinaly interesting..
21:23.26g0urrathat wow database I mentioned earlier, they also have info about the equipment of npc
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21:23.49g0urrafind npc, see what models of the items they have are, find items that look like them
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