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06:04.09charitwohey g0urra
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06:11.01Fiskerfuck you
06:11.08charitwoyou cant stop me fisker
06:11.20Fiskeri can fuck you
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16:29.43RessyQuestion: Is there a page for current Cata crashes & temporary fixes?
16:30.02RessyIf not, would it worth it to add one?
16:32.57g0urrawhat do you mean? people can crash at the slightest
16:33.12RessyThere are several well-known crashes right now...
16:33.27Ressywhich are probably 99% of the crashes currently.
16:42.52RessyAny thoughts?  Or should I just add it to [[Diagnosing_ERROR_132_in_Windows]]?
16:42.53DottedRessy meant:
16:44.13Ressyoh, and Datth's hinting at Operation:Gnomer may start today.
16:56.01g0urrago ahead
16:59.58RessyNew page, or add to my previous page?
17:00.50g0urranew page, it might differ from live
17:01.10RessyYeah..  Its very different from live. :\
17:01.16RessyThe dump part of the error log is 100% diff
17:09.00g0urrasigh, and now I got a error 132 when flying into orgrimmar
17:09.04g0urraalways valley of honor
17:10.42g0urraso, US servers areup
17:10.44g0urraO.G. or not
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17:15.56g0urradamn you Ressy for getting my hopes up
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17:33.42Ressyhopes up for what g0urra?
17:34.26Ressyservers are up, and its not activated?
17:34.33Alramit is
17:34.40Alramgnome and troll events are up
17:34.51Alram(for US)
17:35.00RessyI thought so.. Datth usually is cryptic in what he says, but he doesn't misguide us. :)
17:35.48g0urrathey are us
17:35.58g0urraalso the chain start at mekkatorque
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17:45.29g0urramaybe it's just me
17:45.40g0urraor Mekkatorque and Putricide has the same voice actor
17:47.34Alrammaybe chris metzen does all voices
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20:37.29foxlit"Once your wiki is upgraded, blog commenting will function as normal."
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20:55.11g0urrawe don't even have blogs right
21:02.31pcj_2they should still be disabled
21:02.40pcj_2ackis, any word from curse on buying wowwiki
21:02.58Xtekpcj_2, wikia would never let go even if we offered
21:03.13pcj_2well the only problem is the domain name
21:03.20pcj_2the data is all supposedly freely available
21:03.48Xtekwell then we could just copy it
21:04.03pcj_2the problem is not the ease of copying it, it's the ease of getting someone to host it
21:04.20pcj_2and getting people to go there rather than wikia
21:04.56XtekI can't speak on behalf of the company but I would probably go with "don't hold your breath" or get ahold of someone who might be able tod o something about it
21:05.29pcj_2ackis knows some big guy at curse i think
21:11.28Ressypcj, is this because curse is buying everything lately? :P
21:13.08pcj_2well tbh it's either curse or zam
21:13.13pcj_2and we've mroe history with curse
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21:21.38Ressywhy are you thinking of selling?
21:22.33g0urrabecause wikia's concept of a wiki is straying further away from how ours is
21:22.43g0urrawith social networking, blogs and whatnot
21:39.24Ressyah.. understandable.  Too much unnecessary crap
21:47.33Ackispcj_2, Xtek: I gave Hubert a heads up and he was contacting the wiki peeps
21:48.09AckisI haven't followed up with him
21:48.44XtekAckis, yeah I hooked pcj_2 up with contact details also.
21:50.20pcj_2ok cool
21:51.50Ackishe was interested, but the big issue was that mediawiki wouldn't sell
21:52.02Ackiswants a finders fee
21:52.06Ackisfree curse premium
21:52.08Ackisoh wait :(
21:55.28Dottedcant you just kick kirkburn in the nuts and ask wtf he is doing?
21:56.31Ackis~seen kirkburn
21:56.40infobotkirkburn <d9a888a4@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 48d 4h 20m 7s ago, saying: 'I'm off guys, taraa'.
21:56.54Dotted~seen dutempete
21:56.55infobotdutempete <~Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 48d 5h 1m 18s ago, saying: 'hey g0urra, guess what I'm doing right now'.
21:57.23AckisI'm sensing a correlation
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22:02.16XtekAckis, realy?
22:02.27XtekSome sort of Canadian intuition?
22:02.28Ackisyeah imma smrt
22:04.12Ackisnight folks
22:07.32Xtek'night Ackis
22:07.39Xtekwait, what time is it there?
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22:22.25kd3...the hell?
22:26.35kd3looks at the talk page notice he got
22:28.07g0urra*shrugs* wikia wide I guess
22:28.48foxlitI wish they'd stop spamming
22:31.51pcj_2we'll show them
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22:52.06LibertineLushi dunno how to edit wikis, so if anyone here can, i believe this ability should be added to the Assasination talent abilites on the rogue abilities list:
22:54.06*** part/#wowwiki pcj_2 (~User@wowwiki/Pcj)
22:57.25LibertineLushadded here:
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23:58.48LibertineLushhey guys.  in orgrimmar, localdefense said "orgrmimmar is under attack."  so i followed a rush of ppl to where a huge fight took place. i died in 5 secs against what seemed to be a bunch of generically named enemies, not actual players
23:58.56LibertineLushwhat just happened?  this is on a pve server

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