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00:14.48kd3g0urra, I was reacting to his completion text there
00:14.55kd3I'm surprised it's stayed that way as long as it has
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15:18.47g0urrayou there?
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15:46.48g0urrakd3: the maelstrom quest chain seem to have been changed
15:46.59g0urrathe dwarf is replaced by an orc that was on echo isles
15:47.05g0urralost isles
15:47.07kd3ya, the devs said they were going to tweak it
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15:51.52g0urradid they disable inspecting this build?
15:52.25kd3not afaik
15:53.13g0urramust be something with my addons then
15:53.16g0urratrying to troubleshoot
15:53.53g0urrawhere's the closest mailbox to temple of earth?
15:54.09g0urrameh nvm
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16:45.06Sky2042That's a win guild icon.
16:45.20Sky2042delta p = int F.dt.
16:45.33Sky2042For "Momentum"
16:47.19Sky2042i hate the edit filter.
16:47.51ZealSky2042 i used to have you msn, but haven't seen you on it in probably years. you don't like me anymore? :(
16:48.23Sky2042I'm on on occasion.
16:48.34Zeali'm thinking you changed email tbh
16:48.38Sky2042or that.
16:48.47Sky2042and that, even.
16:48.57Sky2042You have aim or skype?
16:50.06g0urraSky2042, did you request as RealID friend through facebook some time ago?
16:50.17g0urraI have the name but I'm not sure who it is
16:50.32Sky2042"SR" are my initials.
16:50.40Sky2042Not that you couldn't find those just googling "sky2042" >.>
16:51.06g0urraI saw that you had added me on RealID that's why
16:51.24Sky2042even though I'm never on because I don't have any games with RID enabled. :D
16:51.34Sky2042Yay for sc2 beta?!
16:54.46Sky2042Oh, okaya.
17:01.18Sky2042swears at pcj.
17:02.30Zealthink it's just fun to do :P
17:02.36pcji see
17:03.34Sky2042you even got t:elink.
17:03.38Sky2042sighs at pcj.
17:05.22Sky2042You make me feel useless pcj, that's what.
17:05.54pcjwell you got
17:05.57pcjso there you are
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17:12.11Sky2042In other news, Duke Nukem Forever.
17:18.20pcjduke nukem forever isn't new news
17:18.51pcjbesides it doesn't count until its released
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19:20.12Sky2042g0urra: Get AWB drp.
19:20.30g0urraI'm busy sorting other shit out
19:24.29pcjsorting shit must be fun
19:25.07Sky2042Does it float? Is it chunky?
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19:30.01Sky2042pokes kd3 about all those wrong categories on [[special:wantedcategories]]
19:31.26Sky2042g0urra: Get AWB was related to your comment, btw. Drp.
19:31.52g0urraI know
19:38.43Sky2042awb is plowin' through those.
19:41.46Eraclito <- i've never heard about this stuff at all
19:43.45Sky2042It basically looks like a twink without heirlooms... which still makes it a twink.
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23:19.29Sky2042wonders if kd3 is in atm.
23:19.50pcjcan't imagine kd3 in an atm
23:20.08Sky2042asks pcj, "What about two?"
23:23.34canadianI wish I was in an atm :(
23:23.52Sky2042You probably are in one, then.
23:24.05Sky2042It's hard to wish if you aren't in an atm.
23:24.59Eraclitoi wish the mail i get every day weren't nigerian princess or japanese bank spam and were beta key instead
23:25.50pcjhang on let me submit your e-mail to a gold selling website then
23:32.54Eraclitothey already spam me in game :<
23:33.35Eraclitoalso i prefer the "you has won a rarr mountz" spamming
23:34.45foxlitoh noes, it's a gnome!
23:34.50foxliton a hyena
23:35.38foxlit... I was captured by a gnome riding a hyena?
23:36.05Sky2042Would it kill anyone for me to propose removing the video pseudonamespace by asking to have the extension turned off?
23:36.24pcji think the <youtube> extension works fine for me
23:36.29pcji really think "uploading" videos is dumb
23:39.03foxlitI think we should be able to *upload* videos
23:39.31pcjoh yeah a genuine video upload would be ok
23:39.36pcjbut the video namespace is dumb
23:39.44pcj"lol ur uploading videos from youtube"
23:40.00pcjand its badly implemented
23:40.35foxlitIt can be nice to have a persistent reference -- if you wanted to change a movie embedded in multiple pages, the namespace kind of makes sense
23:40.57pcjexcept it's never used like that
23:41.04pcjhow often do you have the same video in multiple pages?
23:41.31pcjand how many times are the same video uploaded to different names
23:41.50foxlit^ You should file a feature request about that
23:41.53Sky2042People can upload videos. It's just that no-one does, because videos are not easily made.
23:42.04pcjwell they have to be in Theora too
23:42.06foxlitIt should be trivial to pop a "hey, we already have that at [[foo]]" message.
23:42.06Dottedfoxlit meant:
23:42.21Sky2042I don't think so, pcj. That just happens to be one of the free codecs.
23:42.37Sky2042goes to look up the video support in mediawiki.
23:42.38pcjwell the supported formats include OGG
23:42.46pcjand it does have a OGG media player
23:42.56Sky2042I am aware.
23:43.11pcjthere's no other video types atm
23:43.15pcjand flash is right out
23:48.28Sky2042huh, not seeing anything in the docs
23:49.40Sky2042ogg is supported, of course, but no-one outside the free community uses it atm.
23:51.40pcjif wikia were smart they would implement video uploads like facebook does
23:51.56pcjallow users to upload in a variety of formats and transcode it
23:52.12Sky2042I severely doubt that Wikia has the resources to go about implementing that.
23:52.48pcjit would be the best way, though
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