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01:06.22kd3grrs at the interface maps
01:15.55Cooobranot working still?
01:23.14kd3my tools aren't coping with the new mpqs all that well
01:23.31kd3neither is blizz's, but that's not a surprise. >.>
01:24.21pcjdoes the interface customization kit work at all?
01:24.39kd3it does, but it pulled 12635 (the day-0 streaming build)
01:24.45kd3the email I sent out for 12694 is bogus
01:25.05kd3it's still only pulling build 12635's data now
01:26.48kd3I've poked the tools guys, but they know already, I'm sure
01:28.27g0urraalso lol @ the worldmap WorldMap not working
01:45.02kd3instance maps
01:45.19kd3blackrock spire has 7 floors
01:46.13Cooobrafun fun
01:46.21Cooobrayou see how many SFK has?
01:46.29kd3sec, I'm in the Ds atm
01:46.40pcjyeah coding them is going to be fun
01:47.15CooobraHmm.. looks like warriors no longer have Heroic Strike.. was changed to just plain Strike
01:47.31pcjwarriors never were heroes
01:48.42Cooobrathough.. would be nice if every time I logged on my warrior I didn't have to retrain the talents to get their spec's special ability..
01:50.53Cooobraactually.. it would be nice if the talents were just reset, rather than having to unlearn and re-talent point them to just get the special ability
01:51.38Cooobraok kay.. who'd you kill
01:51.48kd3mulgore: Layer71.blp, Layer7copy*.blp
01:51.54kd3among others
01:53.47kd3cripes... sfk has 7 floors
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01:55.30kd3only one floor for ST?
01:56.19CooobraST doesn't have all those inner rooms like SFK i guess
01:56.57kd3my internal map of ST is a bit more complicated than that...
01:57.03kd3still hasn't look at the stitched-together image yet
01:57.26Cooobraoh... I see.. warriors start with Strike now, and get Heroic Strike at level 12
01:59.34kd3oh-hoh... smart. I like the ubrs/lbrs map
01:59.37kd3will be uploading in a few
02:00.44CooobraI think g0urra beat you to it, for most of them
02:01.21Cooobraare they labeled as WorldMap or InstanceMap?
02:01.33kd3I'll be putting them up as InstanceMap-<foo>
02:01.59Cooobrasounds good
02:02.16pcji thought they were in the files as worldmap?
02:02.34kd3they are, but look at convention for what got uploaded for the wrath maps
02:03.03pcjthe convention for all coord-safe maps is to keep them the way they are in-game regardless of how accurate or convention-following they are
02:03.27kd3WorldMap-<in game name>.jpg / InstanceMap-<in game name>.jpg
02:03.32kd3is the convention at present
02:03.59pcjyes, even when there is a misspelling in the in-game name or if it's like Expansion01 etc
02:04.19kd3oh, darnassus is fixed, finally
02:04.28kd3now azshara's the only major misspelling left
02:04.47Cooobrathey misspelled the map for gnomer
02:05.03pcjchanging hillsbrad + alterac coords to hillsterac coords is going to be fun
02:05.32kd3ok good... they didn't mess with my head. there's more maps to ST, they just didn't ship them all this build
02:05.39Cooobracan't wait to see the map for it... probably Hillsbrad1 Hillsbrad2 LOL
02:05.53pcjwhy did they do it anyway
02:06.29Cooobraseems like they were going to do the same with duskwood and deadwind pass
02:06.58pcjthat makes more sense
02:07.06pcjthere is basically just kara in deadwind pass
02:07.11pcjalterac has quests and stuff
02:07.34kd3oh wtf, they did misspell gnomer
02:07.35Cooobraprobably because every quest you get for alterace comes from hillsbrad
02:08.35pcjnot every quest
02:09.10Cooobraalmost all quests
02:09.54pcjthere's also all the syndicate stuff
02:09.59CooobraSeems silly to add the mountain area in a zone named foothills
02:10.15kd3it's probably just getting renamed 'hillsbrad'
02:10.21Cooobrathats what I was thinking
02:10.48Cooobraleast it will make their map name
02:12.11Cooobrathough.. that's misspelled too
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02:19.59CooobraBliz sure loves the poo... theres a coffin near an outhouse in Brill... apparently someone decided they couldn't wait for the outhouse to be available
02:21.21Cooobraand... worse yet.. its a new model of poop, its not the old ogre one they continually use ... this one has flies
02:22.16pcjthe coffin is poop?
02:22.40Cooobrathe coffin has poop
02:23.06AmarandeCooobra: given that it's Brill, there's probably plenty of disgustingly stinky stuff around already anyway. :)
02:23.54pcjwhy does [[Worgen (playable)]] say the racial capital is darnassus
02:23.54Dottedpcj meant:
02:24.26Cooobrashould be blank.. cause they technically have none
02:24.36pcjstormwind if any i should say
02:24.41pcjjust like goblins and orgrimmar
02:24.50kd3genn's in stormwind, but the worgen district is in darnassus
02:25.01Cooobrathats confusing
02:25.14pcjbut if someone wants to kill the racial leader they go to SW
02:25.31pcji suppose the real question is what is that supposed to denote
02:25.44kd3we could say 'gilneas city (in exile)'
02:30.17pcjerm kd3 bilgewater harbor is in azshara
02:31.25CooobraI think it should be blank or 'None' with their base of operations in the places they now call home
02:34.06pcjtemplate doc says it is only in-game, not lore
02:34.18pcjthank you for sharing Cooobra
02:34.45Cooobrawhich I find strange... since undead don't have to do that
02:35.21pcjmaybe its a sign from deathwing
02:35.30pcjwe know arthas dug up invincible shortly before wotlk
02:35.36pcjmaybe deathwing pooped in their coffins
02:35.48Cooobralol... I'm sure his poo would cover a building
02:36.23pcjmaybe its the scarlet crusade then
02:36.57pcjare they called the scarlet onslaught in the new SM?
02:37.25Cooobradid they update SM?
02:37.49Cooobraduring the new tirisfal glades quests they're still refered to as the crusade
02:38.01kd3they're referred to as the crusade during the new quests
02:38.13kd3the onslaught is only the faction that moved to northrend iirc
02:38.28Cooobraaye.. the rest of the faction was left behind
02:38.37kd3it's not like the argent dawn/crusade thing. the dawn doesn't exist any more, it's all crusade now iirc
02:38.52pcjso you can't get AD rep from light's hope?
02:39.14Cooobraoddly enough.. there's still Argent Dawn people around.. even among the Argent Crusade
02:39.25Cooobralike at the Bulwark
02:39.27Amarandeso is argent champion becoming a FoS?
02:39.36pcjdun dun DUN
02:40.05Amarande(and will it still be attainable even in cata, as long as you got exalted with the Dawn beforehand?)
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02:40.38pcjdoes anyone else have to enter their authenticator twice to get into beta
02:41.28Cooobrafun new bug
02:41.51Cooobraright now, my level 12 warrior has 200/3000 rep with Argent Dawn
02:42.02pcjAD rep is still not a FOS
02:43.35CooobraI dislike actually getting the WotLK reps in the old world... in place of the Main faction... like it seems all quests at the border of Ashenvale and the Barrens gives Warsong Offensive rep rather than Org
02:47.39Cooobracan't wait to see Lillian Voss make another appearance
02:47.44pcjugh light's hope is so confused if it is argent dawn or argent crusade
02:51.28Cooobrahmm.. SM seems the same to me so far... some of the bosses have voice acting now though
02:51.44kd3a few of the sm cath pulls are different
02:51.58kd3the quests are all in--{{Scarlet Monastery storyline}}
02:51.58Dottedkd3 meant:
02:52.52CooobraYou missed Vorrel's Revenge in the graveyard =P
02:53.03kd3so fix it
02:57.08Cooobralooks like the statue in the graveyard was changed.. though it's been awhile... so i'm not sure
02:59.53Cooobrahawt tracking dogs actual dogs and not hyenas
03:01.09pcjcool you can mount in stratholme now
03:04.14kd3wait, wait, vorrel's revenge is still in?
03:04.36Amarandestratholme still level 60?
03:05.02kd3it's mid 40s
03:05.16Amarandewtf, you mean the plaguelands are 35-45 or so now?
03:05.51kd3up-to-date as of today's blue posts and some poking of mine
03:05.58Amarandelemme guess
03:06.02Cooobrayep... he's still be tortured after all these years
03:06.11Amarandethey decided to pare down on 50-60 areas because they gave in to people going to outland at 58 instead of 60
03:06.27Amarandewonder if this means I'm going to have trouble getting new characters to 60-62 before outland now like I'm used to
03:07.15Amarandeok, this is weird with all these low level areas too
03:07.23Amarandeare they going to increase the xp needed at low levels again?
03:07.28Amarandesince there's so many areas made low level now?
03:07.39kd3the lowbie zones (outside of azshara) haven't changed
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03:08.36Amarandekd3: I'm thinking more the huge amount of stuff that's been added to the 20-40 band
03:08.45Amarandewhile 50-60 has been virtually gutted
03:09.11kd3because the end-game isn't 60 any more
03:10.00Amarandeor are they actively trying to *push* people into hellfire at 58, as opposed to it simply being a de facto player standard?
03:10.17kd3depends on how blasted lands + silithus end
03:10.20Amarandelike I said ... during wotlk, I could get to 62 or so easily without touching outland
03:10.27Amarandenow I'm wondering if I'll be lucky to make 60
03:10.35kd3...why? the xp's better in outland
03:10.45Amarandekd3: the aggro radius is a pain in the ass if you're not 60+
03:11.23squisint it better to do 5 mans for xp?
03:11.33pcjsome people prefer questing
03:11.34AmarandeI remember going there at 58 on my first character, a priest, after a guildie advised me to
03:11.35kd3if you can tolerate the queue
03:11.36AmarandeI did a little bit there
03:11.42Amarandeand I was like AAAAAAAAGETMEOUTOFHERE
03:11.54kd3that was your first toon. you know how aggro radii work now
03:11.57squipriests on their own?
03:21.31Cooobrabear form's swipe has a cd now =(
03:24.24Fiskerslaps Cooobra around a bit with a large trout
03:25.27Cooobrabites large trout from Fisker's hands
03:26.33Cooobraso ... [[Quest:Right Under Their Noses]] ... they don't know Fairbanks is there?
03:26.33DottedCooobra meant:
03:26.52AmarandeCooobra: how are bears going to tank now then?
03:27.17Cooobrawith a fish
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03:41.27CooobraI love that a gnome crashed one of those planes in the lake west of trisifal glades
03:42.04kd3the hell? an ogre mage with one head?
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03:43.23squican they still cast runes and flying eye at least?
03:43.29kd3camp kosh, badlands
03:43.58kd3I was of the impression that warrior-type ogres couldn't cast magic
03:44.09kd3yet here are ogre magi (two-headed ones...) training them
03:44.49Cooobragrabs the rulebook
03:45.06Cooobraoh .. someone spilled jelly on that rule
03:47.00CooobraDalaran crater is now surrounded by arcane elementals
03:47.21Cooobraoh, it's covered with them
03:48.13Cooobrahmm... no more earth elementals though
03:49.44kd3ah, goblin engineering at its finest: "A young lady came by [[Fuselight|our town]] not long ago, looking for compressed blasting powder, a tempered mithril bomb casing, and some safety goggles. Naturally, we had plenty of blasting powder and bomb casings to sell her, but the safety goggles were a little harder to find."
03:49.44Dottedkd3 meant:|our_town
03:50.00Amarandeheh, goblins
03:50.07Amarandeplenty of boom for everyone, but no PPE :)
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03:50.42CooobraHillsbrad Fields is no more =(
03:51.20Cooobraits now a forsaken prison camp... search lights, towers, and .. a cow
03:53.50PrimalZedevery good prison camp needs a cow
03:54.41AmarandeIn Hillsbrad Fields, the poppies grow ...
03:54.50Cooobra... the nearby bears are infested... at first I thought they had cotton tails... but good lord...
03:54.57AmarandeShort days ago, we farmed this land, then the Horde came, and now we lie in Hillsbrad Fields
03:55.44PrimalZedHillsbrad has probably had the Forsaken at their most sinister, aside from Putress' coup
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03:56.01PrimalZedkilling the people of Hillsbrad Fields more or less for the hell of it
03:56.13Cooobraonly bad thing about destroying most of Hillsbrad... the jokes in old hillsbrad won't make sense now.. and new players won't get it at all
03:56.41PrimalZedwell there's stilt he ashbringer, and the SM kids
03:57.12PrimalZedI can't really bring myself to feel bad for new players not being able to experience old Azeroth as it is right now, though
03:57.54PrimalZedI'm sure the new stuff they put in would still be interesting, and obviously the quest design will be much improved
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03:59.45kd3oh, this is going to end badly. a goblin curious about how black dragons procreate
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04:00.48MasterOfDisguiseApparently I was banned. :P
04:01.00PrimalZedyes, everyone hates you
04:02.20Cooobraoh silly Tog'thar and Drull.. at a horde outpost now.. but still chained to a ball
04:08.46Ressysweet.  8 guild bank tabs
04:10.38Amarandehow insanely much do tabs 7 and 8 cost?
04:16.32Ressyno clue.  only mention of it is in a guild achievement.
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04:41.06Cooobra... nasty and funny at the same time
04:41.31CooobraEttin make big piles of shit... looking at one right now.. has a skeleton of a gnome in it
04:47.40CooobraNice to see bliz thought ahead... theres many different paths to get back on the land in Gilneas from the water
04:59.38CooobraNow thats an entrance... Bliz is finally doing something right with spiders
04:59.59kd3purging them from the game?
05:00.43Cooobrano.. thats bugs
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20:19.11Fiskerslaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
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20:34.27Fiskernot strange at all
20:34.32Fiskerjust book the parents for child abuse
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