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01:53.35kd3hey crucially
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03:13.52charitwokd3: i don't think he's coming right back
03:14.00kd3I expect not
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03:23.06pcjhe could be
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04:33.02kd3hey, he's back
04:33.26kd3looks at the job queue and cringes some more
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12:29.56Adyspcj: on a more serious note, datamined information is classified as such if it is not accessible by any other means than parsing the game files. having more items or anything is not against the tos
12:30.22Adyspcj: datamined info is things such as spell radius and so on
12:30.30pcjaccording to WoWWiki policy the data must be encounterable in-game
12:30.35Adysand it is
12:30.38Adyswant a screenshot?
12:30.46pcjlevel 85 items are not encounterable in-game
12:30.59Alramyou can link them ingame
12:31.02AdysYeah they are. just because you can't have them doesn't mean you can't encounter them
12:31.05Alram== encounterable in-game
12:31.05pcjthat doesn't count for WW:DNP
12:31.34pcjanyway what datamined info does Wowhead have that Sigrie does not?
12:31.34Alramok, so why is there an article on
12:31.48Adysi dont see anything about what you said
12:31.52Adysor any "that doesn't count"
12:32.03pcjit appeared on GM characters alram
12:32.25Alramwhat makes you so sure gm characters / qa testers havent done the same with the items on sigrie
12:32.46pcjthere are screenshots of martin thunder equipped
12:32.54pcjthere is no proof of the rest
12:33.02Adysthis never appeared on a gm
12:33.30pcjyou're right, i'll delete it
12:33.48AdysYou should delete this too then
12:34.02AdysAs well as's_Pole
12:34.12pcjcrafty's pole was on the armory
12:34.22AdysOh, the armory counts?
12:34.28Adysbecause all these items were on the armory too
12:34.36Adysbetween 3.3 and beta release
12:35.47Adyseither way i know those dnp rules very well (blizzard's especially) and unreleased items is the last thing against the tos on the db
12:36.23pcjwell every time it's come up unreleased data is specifically decided against
12:36.38AdysThen don't create a page for it
12:36.41Adysthat way you don't link it
12:36.55Adysit's exactly the same for wowhead except they're slower with updates
12:37.04Adysreally doesn't hold any water
12:38.02AlramThottbot has a shitload of Private Server stuff, but they're being linked on every page
12:38.07AlramI don't see the issue, really
12:38.11g0urra GM item! must delete!
12:38.22g0urra GM item! must delete!
12:38.32Alramno g0urra it was equipped by a GM so its allowed
12:38.56g0urraand the ring wasn't?
12:39.04Adysthe ring wasnt :p
12:39.07Alramask pcj
12:39.21pcjalram: fuck off, just because i disagree with you doesn't mean i'm mocking you
12:39.22g0urra[citation needed]
12:39.28Alrampcj, im not mocking you either
12:39.45pcj<Alram> no g0urra it was equipped by a GM so its allowed
12:39.51pcj<Alram> ask pcj
12:40.01Alramyeah, you said that earlier
12:40.17Alram<pcj> there are screenshots of martin thunder equipped
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15:30.03Zealin light of things, i think EL needs some direct linkage love like DNP :p
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23:30.31Zeal_Vurtesomeone broke skins?
23:33.46Cooobrause a bandaid
23:36.46pcjzeal what did you mean by <Zeal> in light of things, i think EL needs some direct linkage love like DNP :p
23:37.29Zealjust meant i use [[DNP]] cos i'm lazy, so i wanted to be even more lazy and use [[EL]] too :p
23:37.29DottedZeal meant:,
23:37.57pcjit's not really used as much
23:41.17Zealbut yeah, about skins. known issue?
23:41.48pcjseems to be sucking in general for me too
23:42.57pcjhumorously logged out i get a white monaco skin

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