IRC log for #wowwiki on 20100730

00:00.26Zeal ?
00:00.53Zeal probably better :x
00:00.57Zealwhat i use
00:01.04Zealand most people afaik.
00:01.48Zealwow, my version is so old :o
00:02.05Zealand yet it works fine
00:03.11g0urrawhy does it extract in blp shit
00:04.11Zealcos that's what they are. use a converter, typically blp -> png/tga
00:04.42g0urraMpqViewer always extracted into png.
00:05.00Zealthen you were spoilt :p
00:05.30Adyszezula's mpqedit is awesome
00:05.50Adysand having mpq editors auto convert blp is bad
00:06.01*** join/#wowwiki Ressy (
00:06.17Adysit's like an unzip tool automatically converting your .avi into .mov
00:06.24pcjzeal why didn't you create those pages in the user namespace
00:06.33Zealread up pcj
00:06.46pcjare you done with them
00:06.46Zealit's not enabled in userspace, kd3 told me to.
00:07.06Zealwell i was wondering if someone fould find fault in what i wrote
00:07.17Sky2042Zeal: Why don't you make a new section on [[test]] and use that?
00:07.22pcjwhat are you testing zeal
00:07.52Zealbecause i had no idea [[test]] existed, and i needed multiple pages, and i already had the pages in my userspace.
00:08.32pcjzeal i could tell you if you didn't have unclearly named parameters that looped into each other
00:08.36Zealwas trying to see if SMW could remove the need for mode/arg type usage, by having a nested template define a property, and the parent template display it.
00:09.08Sky2042Zeal: See {{item/dev}}
00:09.11Sky2042It can do exactly that.
00:09.19Zealnot the same thing sky
00:09.25Sky2042How not?
00:09.26pcjjust use the variables extension
00:09.51pcjhave fun
00:11.20Sky2042Wait, okay, still not seeing how that's not the same thing. item/dev removes mode/arg exactly.
00:11.34Zealsky, where are you defining the arguments you're using?
00:11.47Sky2042defining which arguments?
00:12.10pcjit doesn't remove all uses of mode/arg
00:12.17pcjit just removes the main use
00:12.23Zealactually, nevermind, i see what you're doing. you're simply getting the properties from the page itself, and that's why it's different to what i was trying to do.
00:12.36Sky2042pcj: Where else is mode/arg used?
00:12.46Sky2042is ready with the pitchfork and power of SMW.
00:13.13g0urraraises an eyebrow at "INV_Helmet_Robe_Common_C_01.png"
00:13.37Zealwhich is have a nested template define them, but template/page use them. atm it seems #show isn't happy doing that, as despite them being present, they don't seem to be considered to exist during the template inclusion or w/e
00:14.31Sky2042pcj: Itembox won't be hard to remove, seeing as cost isn't passed to the template.
00:14.44g0urraitembox ;-;
00:15.02Sky2042g0urra: Let me rephrase: Refactor to use SMW rather than transclusion.
00:15.28Sky2042So remove the icon.
00:15.36Sky2042And do what I was talking about earlier.
00:15.57Sky2042Defining CoH to be a unit.
00:16.04Sky2042Or others.
00:16.42g0urrait will be fun seeing item qualities be automatically shown if {{item}} isn't going to use transclusions
00:16.50g0urraor w/e you have in mind
00:16.50Zealpcj, from a quick read of that extension, it doesn't really seem relevent. it defines and checks variables within pages, where as this is about setting conditions based on arguments to a template. wouldn't be enough to achieve the effect, especially with actually having a property set being desriable other a variable.
00:17.05Sky2042You can also think about injecting the image with Javascript, or even CSS.
00:17.06Zeal*setting properties
00:17.11Sky2042Probably JavaScript.
00:18.16pcjjust use wiki code
00:18.33Zealanyway, the test cases where there to see if SMW could solve a proposed type of usage, and it seems it can't. unless someone thinks they can solve that, then i'm done and you can delete it.
00:19.00pcji have no idea what you're proposing because you used badly named parameters
00:19.03Zealthough a little less jumping on me as if i needed to defend my actions please :p
00:19.12Sky2042Because we shouldn't a) have that crap on the item pages and b) because it's honestly not something we need to have.
00:19.35pcjwell i'm not writing that javascript sorry
00:19.42Sky2042Then we're not using javascript.
00:19.53pcjit's far easier to refer to images using wikicode than javascript
00:20.10pcjespecially with the way wikia stores images
00:21.42Zealthe names don't mean anything pcj, as it's not a real world example. see if you can get wtf or other properties that are set in {{Zeal-SMW-WTF}} to display on the page via {{Zeal-SMW}}
00:21.42DottedZeal meant:,
00:22.09Zealif you can't, delete the page. if you can, hurray, then delete the page.
00:22.20pcjoh ok let me look at that then
00:26.48Zealthat made no sense
00:26.55pcjappears to be working
00:27.02Sky2042Zeal: You're talking to pcj, if you'll recall.
00:27.03Zealwhy is Moo linked on the final page, but not linked in the template?
00:27.37pcjmoo isn't linked on the final page
00:27.51Zealcaching fails
00:28.26Zealin that case, did what i write originally work fine and just the cache failed?
00:28.53Zealconsidering the output of #show was simple text, and why i had [[ ]] around it. :/
00:28.53DottedZeal meant:
00:29.00pcjno dotted
00:29.01pcjjust no
00:29.19pcjok to delete now?
00:29.26Zealyeah, it works, yay. delete
00:41.19Sky2042Oh, oh wow.
00:41.50pcjthats what she said
00:42.21Sky2042Wait, so, what was your problem with cost item?
00:43.03pcjit used mode
00:43.11pcjor whatever
00:43.58Sky2042Ok, I'm just seeing it use arg=icon again... which can be gotten from [[Property:Icon]]
00:43.58DottedSky2042 meant:
00:44.42pcji was just pointing out another template for you to change
00:44.52pcjyou said changing item removed mode
00:44.57Sky2042Oh, ok.
00:44.57pcjand i was pointing out that other templates used it
00:45.32Sky2042I thought you were trying to bring templates up which wouldn't be able to use smw in some way, rather than simply "other templates".
00:46.31Sky2042Need to tweak Item/dev. Not quite up to scratch with live atm.
00:46.41Sky2042And then we can get rid of {{loot}}
00:46.41DottedSky2042 meant:
00:47.15Sky2042Why not?
00:47.33pcjhaving loot links with correct colors is useful for pages that don't exist
00:48.08Sky2042Yeah. I guess.
00:48.44Sky2042We can still keep it on the perma-deprecated list though.
00:49.10pcjalso the JS external links don't get generated from {{item}}
00:49.11Dottedpcj meant:
00:49.20pcjbecause it's just a red link
00:49.27pcjnot a formatted loot link
00:49.59Sky2042You don't use the js to grab the name input?
00:50.16pcjonly for links that are properly formatted
00:50.21pcji don't do it for all links
00:50.25pcjthat would be a cpu killer
00:50.27Sky2042What is "properly formatted"?
00:50.56pcjin class ajaxttlink
00:51.03pcjor whatever it has when the page exists
00:52.35kd3all right... any other tooltip params to smwize? think I've got nearly all of them at this point
00:57.24g0urraglares at mashed up quests
00:59.31pcjkd3 how would we implement using your template
00:59.45pcji don't see item class miscellaneous
01:00.38g0urraMartin Thunder is a lie
01:00.39g0urrait's Martin's Broken Staff
01:01.03pcjalso kd3 you didn't smw-itize bonus armor
01:01.16kd3not that such a thing exists... but [[allows value::Miscellaneous]] is now on prop:item type
01:01.16Dottedkd3 meant:
01:01.53pcjno dotted
01:02.42*** join/#wowwiki deek| (
01:03.51pcjkd3 don't forget to note block rating doesn't exist in cata
01:04.09Sky2042A few ratings don't.
01:04.35pcjor is it block value? i just confused myself
01:04.37Sky2042That's not a big concern though, tbh.
01:04.46pcjyeah block value
01:05.03pcjhe noted every other removal though
01:05.48pcji'm not sure what <li class="ttslot-{{{slot|None}}}"> is used for...
01:05.48Dottedpcj meant:{slot|None
01:05.51pcjno dotted
01:05.58pcji don't think it's for JS...
01:06.20g0urrasometime I wish I had a bot to do all these items
01:06.20pcjwell no i know it's not for JS
01:06.33pcji just use JS and
01:06.37pcjbut that's just me
01:10.05Sky2042yank it if there's no reason for it to be there.
01:10.10Sky2042might as well.
01:10.33Sky2042Are you not using it for the profiler that pulls from armory?
01:11.06pcjwhat profiler
01:11.53Sky2042yank it.
01:12.46pcjkd3: feral ap?
01:12.49pcjis that still even in cata
01:12.56kd3don't think so
01:13.04kd3I'll do it just to be safe
01:15.23pcjkd3 what about gem colors
01:15.29pcjseparate those from flavor?
01:15.49kd3gems/races/classes I'm still trying to decide
01:16.02pcji think gem colors would be awesome for smw
01:16.11kd3at present, just catting them together isn't going to work
01:16.16kd3points at [[Test]]
01:17.12pcjhmm can a property be defined to two different things?
01:17.15pcjor multiple*
01:17.24Sky2042One the extensions allows that.
01:17.28Sky2042One of*
01:17.31kd3yes. [[races::dwarf]], [[races::gnome]] works fine
01:17.31Dottedkd3 meant:,
01:17.46pcjok just #explode then #set
01:17.50Sky2042Oh, it does doesn't.
01:17.54pcjor something
01:19.21Sky2042I've got motherfuckin' pasta, bitches, AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT.
01:19.39pcjput down the pasta and no one will get hurt
01:20.10Sky2042What, you think I'm holding it in my hands? IT'S ON THE STOVE! HOT MOTHAFUCKIN PASTA
01:20.44pcjwell thats why i said not to hold it so you wouldn't get hurt
01:22.05Sky2042Oh, ok. As long as you're looking out for my safety.
01:22.08Sky2042salutes pcj.
01:28.23Ressypcj:Not getting an answer on wikia, so wanna ask you.  What page do I edit to change which preloads show up when creating a new page?
01:29.47pcjressy: while i look it up the easiest way to find what system message you want to change is to search for the current text on Special:AllMessages
01:30.01Ressyoh. ty :)
01:30.09RessyI'll find it.  thx a lot :)
01:30.33pcjincidentally it is taking forever for me to lad
01:30.41pcjyeah thats it
01:30.54Ressyawesome. ty :)
01:34.24Sky2042ooo, cooldown and cast time.
01:34.43Sky2042goes to poke at infobox ability
01:35.57Sky2042Someone who hasn't played the game in 3 years has a key while so many who have so faithfully paid their dues do not.
01:36.18pcjisn't the cataclysm forum exclusive to beta members?
01:36.18Sky2042It's who you know, as always.
01:36.25pcjor is that just a normal cataclysm forum
01:36.29Sky2042That's the normal one.
01:36.36Sky2042The bg is wrath; cata has a cata bg.
01:36.43pcjoh ok
01:37.17Sky2042for example.
01:37.38Sky2042Blue, green, red... wonder what the next expansion's color's theme will be.
01:37.47Sky2042theme's color.
01:37.55*** join/#wowwiki Alram (
01:38.13Sky2042Into the Void is the next one, then.
01:38.22pcjhalion makes a return, we all sing "I Love You" and give him a great big hug
01:39.39Sky2042What's the GCD these days, ignoring haste?
01:40.10pcjit's too bad we don't have a site we can look questions like that up at
01:40.13pcjoh wait
01:41.58kd3ugh. explode looks to be painful
01:42.48pcjit's not that hard
01:43.38kd3oh I know. I'm just used to explode returning arrays. this is going to be like 6 calls
01:44.07pcjyeah that bit is annoying
01:44.28pcjnot like there's an array type though
01:44.31g0urranice quest name.
01:44.40Sky2042lols again.
01:44.42kd3you missed my bitching in here about that
01:44.49pcjno i didn't
01:44.59Sky2042I didn't either.
01:45.31Sky2042I love that they don't have the items for that quest yet.
01:45.53g0urralots of quests don't have items
01:46.03Sky2042We are superior to Wowhead! w00t.
01:46.57g0urraI really have to make a quest item boilerplate too.. my wrists are starting to hurt from typing so much
01:47.20pcjis that what they call it now
01:54.53pcjkd3 i don't think smw works in the user namespace
01:55.22kd3I know. but was just trying to get the output working
01:55.35kd3see T2 momentarily
01:59.23kd3now then... gems
02:15.11*** join/#wowwiki arod1 (
02:18.28g0urrashit, it's already 4am
02:18.39pcjthats what she said
02:19.09pcjmight as well wait until the sunrise
02:20.22g0urrawith how bright it is outside nowadays it feels like there's no night at all
02:20.33g0urraI love when it's pitch black in the winter
02:20.42pcjyou're not in the arctic circle are you
02:21.04g0urrano but not far off
02:23.30g0urrameh, might as well sleep
02:26.29pcjwell i meant what color each gem matches too kd3
02:26.40pcj"Matches a Red Socket"
02:26.59kd3oh-hoh. yah. that's doable
02:28.08pcjalso i don't think you should link the socket bonus effect
02:28.19pcjoh nvm
02:28.20pcjyou fixed it
02:29.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys (~Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
02:29.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
02:29.33pcjhuh it saves that property as +3_Intellect
02:30.21pcjnvm again :\
02:33.09kd3ok... any non-back compat changes? outside of sell and skill?
02:35.08pcjwell you could eliminate arg since it is replaced by semantics
02:35.34pcjunless you intend for this to go live immediately without replacing other templates
02:35.42kd3that can wait until the jobqueue goes through.
02:35.51kd3was considering pushing this live once everything's done
02:36.47pcjheroic link needs fixed
02:36.59pcjor something
02:38.47pcj{{#set:item duration={{{duration}}}}}<li>[[Duration (item)|Duration: {{{duration}}}]]}}
02:38.48Dottedpcj meant:{duration,|Duration:_{{{duration}}}
02:38.59pcjcould be reduced to just link the "Duration" bit and not the value
02:39.09pcjto be similar to other attributes
02:40.42pcjwell you could simplify that now that you're not linking the duration too
02:41.20pcj[[item duration::{{{duration}}}|Duration]]: etc
02:41.20kd3nah. look at what I did for cooldown/cast. it's necessary because displaying the time (since it's got multiple values) puts it in orange text
02:41.20Dottedpcj meant:{{{duration}}}|Duration
02:42.14pcjwhat exactly is a 16 slot staff
02:42.32kd3type is overloaded if bag= is called
02:42.51pcjyou removed bagtype?
02:42.56kd3not I, no
02:43.02pcjoh its still in tooltip doc
02:43.08pcjsomeone sucks at documentation
02:43.44pcjhi foxlit
02:44.14foxlithi pcj. Describe your medical emergency
02:44.27pcjyou failed to document bagtype change to tooltip
02:45.07foxlit"|bagtype= (avoid in favour of |type=)
02:45.08foxlitFull name of the bag type (i.e. "Soul Bag", "Enchanting Bag", ...)."
02:45.11pcjkd3 Requires Gnomish Engineering is giving an error
02:45.18pcjyeah well bagtype is completely removed in tooltip
02:45.21kd3yah, I just fixed that
02:45.32kd3forgot we're already using prof for the specialization
02:45.34pcjno it's not
02:45.36pcjsorry foxlit
02:45.58pcjkd3: Item Bag Slots -->{{#if:{{{bag|}}}|<li>{{{bag}}} Slot [[{{lc:{{{bagtype|{{{type|Bag}}}}}}}}|{{{bagtype|{{{type|Bag}}}}}}]]}}<!--
02:45.58Dottedpcj meant:{bag|,{bag,{{lc:{{{bagtype|{{{type|Bag}}}}}}}}|{{{bagtype|{{{type|Bag}}}}}}
02:46.02foxlitIt should be gone from articles, however.
02:46.14pcjbut kd3's on a backward-compat kick
02:46.19pcjso i just wanted to point it out
02:46.36foxlitSo you could drop it if you wanted to; on the other hand, it affords some flexibility if someone suddenly decides to make an unexpectedly new bag type
02:47.43kd3ok, rather, now the prof lines are fixed
02:51.02pcjso kd3 are you getting rid of vendor
02:51.08pcjerr sell
02:51.34kd3if we can come up with a better way, I'm all ears
02:52.53pcjkd3 do we need createq?  couldn't you retrieve that with #ask
02:54.57kd3once the jobqueue updates, it can go poof, most likely
02:55.31pcjexcept for recipes with items that don't yet exist on the wiki :S
02:57.29*** join/#wowwiki rcfreak0 (
02:58.30kd3speaking of...
02:58.38kd3it's (almost) over 3,000
03:04.28pcjwe can probably reduce {{DE}} too
03:04.28Dottedpcj meant:
03:07.50pcjkd3: would be nice to somehow flag mounts/companions
03:10.08pcjand other things not displayed in tooltip
03:10.12pcjlike where it drops etc
03:11.40pcjor prospectable/disenchantable/millable
03:13.34pcj"Equip: Inflicts the will of the Ashbringer upon the wielder."
03:17.14*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
03:17.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
03:17.22pcj<@pcj> kd3: would be nice to somehow flag mounts/companions
03:17.22pcj<@pcj> and other things not displayed in tooltip
03:17.22pcj<@pcj> like where it drops etc
03:17.22pcj<@pcj> hmm
03:17.22pcj<@pcj> or prospectable/disenchantable/millable
03:17.23pcj<@pcj> kd3:
03:17.23pcj<@pcj> "Equip: Inflicts the will of the Ashbringer upon the wielder."
03:17.26kd3stupid drops
03:17.44kd3the last one is why I left |equip= in
03:17.54pcjyeah but that's at the bottom
03:17.56pcjthis is at the top
03:17.59pcjor are you ignoring order?
03:18.14kd3oh, well then it can go to the top. I've got everything in order afaict
03:18.28pcjwell on that too chance on hit is on the bottom :S
03:18.45kd3looks for thunderfury again
03:19.07pcjthunderfury just had one effect
03:19.17pcjit was long but just one
03:22.39pcjthats annoying kd3
03:23.02pcjyay blizzard inconsistency
03:23.31kd3that'd have to be on the effects line. "chance on hit" is only melee swings iirc
03:24.00pcjwell if special effect is on top then what's it doing on the bottom
03:24.43pcjchance on hit on top :S
03:24.53pcji think the point to learn from this is blizzard is inconsistent
03:24.57pcjso it doesn't matter i guess
03:25.19kd3equip: chance on hit does foo != chance on hit: bar
03:25.45pcjnegative stat
03:26.20pcjblizzard loves you kd3
03:28.07AdysChance on Hit is something blizz is trying to get rid of
03:28.18Adysunnecessary mechanic when spells can handle it perfectly fine themselves
03:29.14pcjwell the point is more how they ignore effect order than anything with chance on hit
03:39.03kd3kk. negative attributes
03:41.27pcjkd3 what about meta gem effects
03:44.53Sky2042_afkNegative properties of type number are allowed... what was the /me grumbles for?
03:45.08kd3edge cases I hadn't thought about
03:45.19pcjedge cases are the best
03:46.36pcjkd3 you should probably call it something like gem effect instead because of nightmare tear et al
03:46.54Sky2042+10 all stats
03:47.06Sky2042Why can't Blizzard just pull a 2 ring and put all the stats on there?
03:47.28Sky2042rages about the idiocy.
03:47.45pcjkd3 also meta gem requirement text seems to look different than other requirement text
03:50.44Sky2042lol, korval.
03:50.50Sky2042"Better than the Sword of a Thousand Truths."
03:51.53pcjmmm 207mb beta patch
03:52.43*** join/#wowwiki Ose (~ose@wikia/vstf/Ose)
03:52.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Ose] by ChanServ
03:52.47Sky2042Can I give a property a property instead of a type?
03:53.26pcjpretty sure you can
03:53.32Oseyou got SMW?
03:53.36Sky2042Ose: Hrp.
03:53.41pcjwe get whatever we want
03:53.54Sky2042Because we're they're money maker.
03:54.18pcjexcept spelled correctly
03:54.19Osewhile i'm in the middle of nowhere typing on my ipod
03:55.06Sky2042Thank you infobot. Now gtfo.
03:57.20Sky2042kd3: Is there a reason why you're hooking into {{sell}} instead of just placing said code directly in tooltip?
03:57.20DottedSky2042 meant:
03:57.30pcjthat was my point too Sky2042
03:57.36pcjhe wanted to replace cost with sell
03:57.43Sky2042when and where?
03:57.48kd3I wanted to just use cost
03:58.34pcj<@kd3> need to store the sell price in copper, but we hand the template another template. can we pull the params out of {{cost}} to move them elsewhere?
03:58.34pcj<+Dotted> kd3 meant:
03:58.34pcj<@kd3> I've settled on the interim solution of using {{sell}} (an alias of {{costcopper}}) to save the value as a number, then passing that to coppercost to display in the tooltip
03:58.34Dottedpcj meant:
03:58.35Dottedpcj meant:,
03:58.39kd3but getting it to output copper instead of 1g2s3c means things break everywhere. Created sell so there's an easy way to put in the sell price
03:59.00pcjoh he's back
04:00.42*** join/#wowwiki Ose (0c6132a2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:00.50*** join/#wowwiki Ose (0c6132a2@wikia/vstf/Ose)
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04:01.28Sky2042Ose: Stop failing.
04:01.34Osedoesn't like macs
04:01.38pcjwelcome to the club
04:01.38Sky2042Or I'll kick you like #wikia would kick you.
04:01.40Osefailing how?
04:01.50pcjusing an apple product duh
04:02.08*** join/#wowwiki Sesshu (
04:02.15Osejust switched from iPod to MacBook :P
04:02.18Osenot mine though
04:02.23Osebut it will do
04:02.24pcjusing another apple product*
04:03.11Osehas also ordered an iPad
04:03.16pcjmore fial
04:04.16Oseback to SMW
04:04.26Osehow are you declaring the properties?
04:04.41Oseusing the declare parserfunction?
04:04.49pcjvery carefully
04:04.49Sky2042Ose: Declaring...?
04:05.20kd3go to property:foo. edit it [[has type::string]]. hit save. go somewhere else. edit [[foo::bar]]
04:05.21Dottedkd3 meant:,
04:05.46kd3somewhere else now has the foo property with value bar
04:05.55Osecan't find brackets on this thing
04:06.16Sky2042Stop failing, Ose. I already warned you once.
04:06.26Sky2042Also, why the fuck do we not close our <li>s?
04:06.51Osehas no other options right now
04:06.58OseiPod or MacBook
04:07.19Sky2042Stop looking for hard-to-find keys and substitute with ez-to-find keys.
04:08.13*** join/#wowwiki Ose (0c6132a2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:08.34Sky2042Oh, declare is nice.
04:08.54Sky2042Not great though, for a complicated template, imo.
04:09.15Sky2042But that seems to espouse it as a template win.
04:09.28Sky2042kd3 / pcj:
04:10.05*** join/#wowwiki deek|_ (
04:10.13Sky2042It doesn't look like it handles if cases well, at all.
04:11.03*** join/#wowwiki Ose (0c6132a2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
04:11.10*** join/#wowwiki Ose (0c6132a2@wikia/vstf/Ose)
04:11.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Ose] by ChanServ
04:11.34Ose[[has fail::epic]]
04:11.44Sky2042Ose: We already knew that.
04:11.54Sky2042Sky2042>Oh, declare is nice.
04:12.05Sky2042Sky2042>Not great though, for a complicated template, imo.
04:12.07Sky2042[00:09]But that seems to espouse it as a template win.
04:12.09Sky2042* Sky2042shrugs.
04:12.10Sky2042<Sky2042>kd3 / pcj:
04:12.12Sky2042Sky2042>It doesn't look like it handles if cases well, at all.
04:12.40Osesaw all that
04:12.52Oseas Guestsomethingsomething
04:16.31Sky2042senses that Ose failed again.
04:19.21Osebtw, i'll be in SF tomorrow, anyone from Wikia I need to beat up?
04:19.49Sky2042Jimmy Wales would be a good start.
04:20.11pcjtoo bad kirkburn's not there
04:20.14Sky2042You figure it out from there.
04:20.17Sky2042Yeah, too bad.
04:21.01pcjwell if you could find some of the people responsible for most of their "features" that would be nice too
04:21.32kd3kill whoever did <gallery> first
04:22.06Sky2042Followed by [[Video:]].
04:22.06DottedSky2042 meant:
04:22.10pcjthe coders are probalby mostly in poland
04:22.15pcjbut whoever decided to implement it
04:23.05Sky2042Would anyone on IRC object to me posting a forum about removing the Video extension, actually?
04:23.33pcjYes, explicitly, free speech will not be tolerated
04:23.52Sky2042Shit, didn't know this was England.
04:24.05pcjthis is the internet
04:24.15Sky2042Shit again.
04:24.21pcjyour opinions are not welcome here
04:25.43Sky2042Way to rile up #wikia there pcj.
04:26.03Sky2042OMG BOTS UGH
14:21.58*** join/#wowwiki infobot_ (
14:21.58*** topic/#wowwiki is Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | Cataclysm beta announced! |
14:21.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot_] by ChanServ
14:25.25g0urraDeathwing <Aspect of Death>
14:25.56Zealwas fun
14:26.13Zealin TH btw.
14:31.26g0urraZeal: mind if I replace yours with a cropped image?
14:34.21Zealnot at all, go for it.
14:35.38*** join/#wowwiki Ressolute (
14:35.55Zealjust two bits of TH to check out left, looking pretty cool tbh.
14:35.59Zealthough kills my fps
14:36.25kd3so uh... wow
14:36.25g0urratwilight highlands
14:36.58kd3logs in to check
14:42.20kd3Epicus Maximus <Paragon of Epicosity>, 90 elite shark...  on top, "And a Dinosaur", 60 rare elite, and on top... ?ROCK ON", 85 elite forsaken with The Ripper
14:48.16Zealdone with TH
14:48.23Zealsome interesting things going on
14:48.37Zealcan't stat the only two quests i saw due to being 83
14:48.42Zealnot that i'd want to tbh
14:53.57Zealzomg, portal didn't crash
14:56.32g0urraZeal: teach me how to hax :<
14:56.52Zealthere was 4 ways i've heard of it
14:57.35Zeal1 was removed, another has been changed to disallow it, another i don't really get how you're supposed to do it, and the last i was told has been fixed, but it the one i used.
14:58.09Zealhow to get into Uldum though, no idea.
14:58.17g0urraPM pl0x
15:00.34*** join/#wowwiki Nechckn (~N@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Admin/Nechckn)
15:00.46g0urragot some screenshots in the deathwing q
15:10.53kd3ahaha, there's a quest to kill hogger in the stormwind stockade now
15:19.55Eraclitostockade got changes?
15:19.58Eraclitoand maybe loot?
15:20.10*** join/#wowwiki Ressolute (
15:24.49Amarandehogger got arrested?
15:36.24Zealtanaris widlelife sure as hell got alot more interesting
15:37.29ZealNarian Soothfancy moved
15:37.39Zealgot his book with him
15:37.56Zealhis old book is now "Evil Soothsaying for Dummies"
15:38.09Zealstill in it's old location
15:38.22Eraclitowhere's narian now?
15:43.23g0urraapproaching the huge island with several goblin zeps anchored to it..
15:47.55g0urra"Tentacle of Isorath"
15:52.28kd3no loot yet
15:52.43kd3the quest's also broken. the completion text in-game belongs to another quest
15:54.43g0urrado I want to know what this is?
15:54.55kd3that's a flame ascendant
15:55.10kd3"ascended" twilight cultists in elemental form
15:55.21g0urraBound Fleshburner
15:56.02Zealhehe, mario and luigi reference chars in ungoro
15:56.10kd3they're still there? yay
15:57.08g0urrafirst The Sundering in STV
15:57.13g0urranow The Great Sundering in TH
15:57.18Zealit's a new type of elemental, specifically a bound one.
15:57.32Zealuse as ascendants is for PH purposes
15:57.53Zealthe fire ascendent model was only added this build and i've not seen it actually used yet.
15:58.06g0urraKurdran Wildhammer
16:02.20ZealGuess i can't see any of the alliance npcs
16:02.40Zealalliance base was empty, and saw no wildhammers around.
16:03.00g0urraVictory Point
16:03.03g0urraI'm horde
16:03.31Zealscartach that, alliance shamans were in the base chain lightninging a demonic style portal
16:03.40Zealoh that place, i must have skimmed. :x
16:03.53*** join/#wowwiki deek| (
16:04.02g0urraZeal it's a small outpost just south of verrall river
16:04.09Zealaye, i know.
16:04.15Zeali just forgot to look at the npcs :P
16:04.48g0urraI was kinda surprised though to see alliance gryphons affiliated with a Therazane faction
16:05.21Zealtherazane, huh?
16:05.32g0urrain an earthen circle group
16:05.34g0urraor earthen ring
16:06.20Zealtemporary alliance between earthern ring and therazane is all. :P
16:07.12Zealso what race are you? belf?
16:07.26Zealyou looked humanish, so assumed you were alliance, lol.
16:08.15g0urralots of named dragons
16:08.17g0urrayeah belf
16:09.12*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
16:09.49Zealyeah, never seen so many strasz
16:10.19Zeali saw that one of them, humaoid at the tree, is captured in the main twilight base in her dragon form.
16:10.31Zeallirastrasz or something
16:10.51Zealand damn AQ dismounting me... killed me
16:12.15g0urraBlindeye the Guardian
16:12.22Zealbe nice if they fix pets desummoning and not being resummonable until visiting a stable some time soon...
16:14.27g0urraInitiate Goldmind
16:16.35*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (~Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
16:17.20g0urraoh god they've got a friggin army here
16:17.40g0urraoh yeah Zeal
16:18.28Amarandeso are we going to have to kill Lira like we had to Keri?
16:18.58Amarandeand do we have any weird ass healing battles in raids this time around like we did in ICC?
16:19.13AmarandeI'm still not sure that was really that good an idea, even if it's a neat idea in another way
16:19.55Amarandebecause of the fact that it seems that that means a lot of ICC25 guilds are going to include one or two people doomed to only get one badge and one shot at loot a week from it
16:20.15Amarandesince they will be healers that are brought in JUST for that one battle and then kicked out again to bring sexy ... er, I mean DPS back
16:20.18g0urraLirastrasza says: <name>, is that you? Please free me from these chains.
16:21.03AmarandeBTW, does the new 10/25 lockout together thing only apply to Cata raids or will it be retroactively applied to LK raids as well?
16:25.02g0urra86 views on the deathwing humanoid thread, 0 replies :<
16:33.58Sky2042Okay. My official opinion: People who inhabit #wikia are morons. And now I will say no more of it.
16:34.16RessyI didn't know about /ignore. lawl
16:34.35Sky2042Ressy: Yeah, works just like in-game, but you can do more than just block a name.
16:46.50Sky2042Ugh, [[special:ask]] can't be styled.
16:46.50DottedSky2042 meant:
17:09.00*** join/#wowwiki Herodotus (
17:09.03*** join/#wowwiki Herodotus (pez@unaffiliated/recognizance)
17:12.53Sky2042g0urra: Whoa, where is that.
17:14.23Sky2042Ugh, question to ask ose
17:14.58g0urraokay found something nice
17:15.22Sky2042Are you just flying around Worldviewer?
17:15.36g0urrano, in-game
17:16.36g0urrawhoa. this architecture
17:16.47Sky2042g0urra: Bad g0urra.
17:16.53Sky2042Using onlyinclude in quest pages.
17:16.54g0urrai no rite
17:16.55Sky2042Bad g0urra.
17:17.08Sky2042I told you about this before.
17:17.36Sky2042You still have it in whatever boilerplate you're using, don't you?
17:17.58g0urrait's called "piss of Sky2042 quest boilerplate.txt"
17:18.27Sky2042The act of that is not directly pissing me off, it's just making my job longer and harder. Which that _does_.
17:19.17g0urrarelax, it's only 1 or 2 new ones
17:24.21Sky2042Ugh, can't decide where to put that page.
17:24.58Sky2042Hrp, one more.
17:28.39deek|ahh now i can type
17:28.56g0urrai can has camel
17:29.34deek|that's a happy lookin camel
20:10.29*** join/#wowwiki infobot (
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20:12.17*** join/#wowwiki stolenlegacy_ (~stolenleg@
20:18.12*** join/#wowwiki Marla (
20:46.45*** join/#wowwiki deek|_ (
20:55.16*** join/#wowwiki harl (
21:03.24*** join/#wowwiki Adys (~Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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21:12.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys (~Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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21:16.18*** join/#wowwiki jacobeiting (
21:16.26*** part/#wowwiki jacobeiting (
21:33.17Zealseriously, someone needs to bloody teach blizzard about EU taxation laws
21:35.12Zealnot until the final order confirmation, do they tell you the blizzcon virtual ticket price quoted is excluding VAT. if you use different payment methods (namely paypal) they don't even tell you that. even support seem to not know that they charge VAT on top of the quoted price and i had to get a refund already because they claimed it was paypal fees and not what they charged me.
21:36.52*** join/#wowwiki Jamash (
21:41.55*** join/#wowwiki Gunrun (~not@
21:48.27*** join/#wowwiki Adys (~Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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21:51.29*** join/#wowwiki Adys (~Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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21:59.15AlramZeal, the virtual ticket crap is by RayV
21:59.49*** join/#wowwiki harl (
21:59.59HerodotusThat is pretty bad. I know they explicitly said (somewhere) the price doesn't include the VAT, but to have support simply not know is unacceptable.
22:01.59ZealAlarm, that's the tech, not the company behind it, but it seems common to both Blizzard and Blizzard licensed products
22:02.21Zeali'm still waiting to here from Blizzard why their store charged/charges 20% VAT to UK customers.
22:03.07Zealwhicvh is soemthing they don't declare until you get the paper invoice with your delivery.
22:03.12Zeal*which is something
22:03.47HerodotusThey did add a lot of value to those 0's and 1's by making them sparkle and transport you around.
22:04.19Zealthis was on my windrider plushie :p
22:05.14HerodotusI'm actually not familiar with how VAT works, only that it tends to be a lot higher than the 5-7% sales tax people complain about in the US.
22:06.41HerodotusOh, and that's only if you're in a state that /has/ one to begin with. :-)
22:08.25Zealthe relevent part is that EU law states that VAT applied (and reclaimed) is for the destination country, not the originating country. So, i should have been charged 17.5%. Technically, they made an extra profit.
22:08.58RessyYou guys aren't using the smw forms, right?
22:09.35Zealkeep reading smw as swm, for sandwhichman. :p
22:10.40RessyApparently smw forms is causing massive wiki instability.
22:12.41Zeali have no idea what powers the forums wikia has in place.
22:15.13g0urraderp, 81
22:15.34Zealthe funny thing about is they're not there in the current build. :p
22:15.54AlramHow is that a funny thing
22:16.14g0urrait's not, I got depressed when I got there and didn't see it :(
22:16.27AlramZeal, current build was built 4 days ago
22:16.35AlramThey couldve added those in the meantime
22:16.46Zealno doubt
22:17.09AlramWe'll see in next week's build
22:17.17Zealbut as i've seen requested a few times, it would be nice if we had beta screenshots submitted by beta testers instead.
22:17.30AlramYeah, like that's going to happen :(
22:18.36AlramThink I'll go to Uldum again tomorrow
22:18.51AlramMake some more wallpapers :>
22:20.21g0urra. . .
22:20.43Alraminb4 removed from beta
22:22.51Zeali had such a pear of pants on my belf pala, lowbie
22:23.04Zealhated them x_x
22:23.17*** join/#wowwiki deek| (
22:26.17g0urraZeal, you might want to change the other Tol'vir information too
22:26.22g0urrafaction etc
22:26.53g0urraalso it's quite ironic that there's a description for a faction that's not ready yet, however Guardians of Hyjal doesn't have one :p
22:27.05Alramneither do Theradane/the Earthen Ring
22:27.06AlramSp nad
22:27.10AlramSo bad. *
22:27.18AlramLike my late-night typing
22:30.49Zealg0urra, the in-game achievement still lists it as the Tol'vir faction you gain rep with
22:31.00g0urracareface, we saw it in person
22:31.24Zealthe Remkahen faction was added a few builds after that, but no achievement linkage, hence it's actually datamined info atm and not on the wiki at all
22:31.25g0urrabesides when was the achievement last updated
22:31.56g0urralol did you see the We are Legendary achievement
22:32.10Zealwhich is a shame, cos their existence and who are they is kinda important, espeically now they've released a screenshot of them :P
22:32.13Zealyeah, lol
22:32.39g0urra"Kill Garr 9650 times hoping for that binding to drop."
22:33.04Zealthat one was added in a few builds after the other criteria
22:34.13g0urraachievement called Ramkahen
22:34.27g0urra"Earn exalted status with the Ramkahen Tol'vir"
22:34.32Zealreally? slipped by me then
22:34.54g0urra"Earn exalted status with the Dragonmaw Clan"
22:35.04g0urralooks for some red dwagons
22:35.08Zealah, they renamed it
22:35.19Zealthat was the Tol'vir one in previous builds
22:35.24Zealthere we go then
22:36.07g0urra"Glory of the Cataclysm Raider (WIP): Complete every Cataclysm achievement and at least 4 protodrakes of various flavors."
22:36.18g0urraCataclysm Raid achievement*
22:36.21Zealtbh, was i right in undoing those changes? They're Tol'vir decendents, who have lost their heritage and stone skin. basically dwarvern version of earthern. we consider those seperate races.
22:36.44g0urra"Double Dragon (WIP): Defeat Valiona and Theralion within 1 second of each other while everyone in the raid is at 100% health."
22:37.08g0urra"Keeping it in the Family (WIP): Defeat the two dragons in a flamboyant manner."
22:42.28Zealquite an important distinction
22:42.50Zealso feel free to put you voice in people. butcher the Tol'vir page otherwise.
22:52.20Zealoh damn, they would make it hard
22:52.53ZealRamkahen (race), Ramkahen (city), Ramkahen (faction)
22:53.01Zealwhich would should i give priority?
22:53.06Zeal*which one
22:53.11Zeali need to sleep soon...
22:53.33Zealconsidering that the city can't be on the wiki yet cos it's DNP
23:00.41g0urrawell, we have Orgrimmar and Orgrimmar (faction)
23:00.50g0urrabut race..
23:05.31Zealanoob is right, though i don't agree (and i can see you didn't agree) with the merge
23:05.39g0urrawiee, trampoline
23:05.53Zeallost the fact that they're both factions and races in the merge
23:05.54Zealso meh
23:06.05Zealseems silly to me
23:06.07Zealoh well
23:06.22Zealthis is why i don't usually make major changes/new pages anymore
23:06.57Zealwould love to see how this ends up given the introduction of smw
23:07.15Zealcos it will come out oddly applying faction and race properties to a single page
23:12.27Zealg0urra upload the latest ssotd please :P
23:17.17g0urragrr, I want to level so I can do ramkahen quests ;<
23:18.11Zealnvm, done
23:21.36Zeal7 days to decide what i want for my bday... why couldn't there be decent slate style tablet pcs :/
23:23.22g0urraffs, an invisible wall in hyjal
23:23.52g0urraas usual, auto-unstuck hearths..
23:25.29Zealyeah, i miss the old one
23:25.40Zealbut too many exploits
23:28.04g0urrawell, it actually worked once
23:30.56Zealdamn french :P
23:53.13g0urrabtw Zeal, those eggs in the cave do seem to be twilight eggs
23:53.29Zealhad no doubt. :p
23:53.44g0urrar u thar
23:53.55g0urra scroll to the bottom
23:55.49Sky2042um, wut
23:59.12pcjis anyone in US beta able to play?
23:59.45Sky2042Lol, that's the only instance of <Ask on the entire wiki.

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