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00:19.41cruciallyi am switching to a new server on the west coast
00:19.43cruciallyplease report errors
00:22.20RessyKirk was looking for you before he left pcj
00:30.32pcjno he wasn't?
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09:29.22g0urraglares at his mailbox
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09:45.59charitwoare you in beta g0urra?
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12:03.20pcjslaps charitwo
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19:29.52kd3and with that, all of the new zones are at least half-documented
19:40.45Herodotushugs kd3.
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19:50.05g0urra"[Beta keys] may be a little slow due to other change that are currently being implemented in the system"
19:50.34Gnarfozbeta key redemption is broken anyway
19:57.41kd3gah. I hate quests in all-caps
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20:29.40Sky2042Um... why isn't the main body rendering...?
20:29.53Sky2042On wowwiki.css...
20:30.42Sky2042g0urra: poak.
20:31.07g0urraI dunno?
20:31.11Sky2042can you comment out [[User:Sky2042/wowwiki.css]] for me?
20:31.13DottedSky2042 meant:
20:31.55g0urrawas fine when I previewed it
20:32.29Sky2042Ok, wtf.
20:32.31g0urrawant me to delete it?
20:32.38g0urraand restore when you want it back
20:32.53Sky2042Nah, it's not a problem with the CSS.
20:33.50Sky2042Oh, fail comments g0urra
20:33.55Sky2042Doesn't work on the .css pages.
20:34.15Sky2042I'll deal with it using monaco.
20:35.42Sky2042ok. Page are borked. crucially? D:
20:35.54cruciallywhich page?
20:36.03Sky2042The entire skin. D:
20:36.05Sky2042For me.
20:36.12Sky2042Let me clear cache.
20:36.16cruciallyyou got custom?
20:36.21g0urracheck your skin settings
20:36.24Sky2042No, I'm using wowwiki.css
20:36.28Sky2042wowwiki skin*
20:36.40kd3maybe wikia's finally had enough of our special skin? >.>
20:36.50cruciallyi forced switched you to quartz
20:36.52cruciallyis that better?
20:37.02Sky2042kills crucially.
20:37.12cruciallyif you kill me there will be no servers
20:37.18Sky2042Yeah, yeah.
20:37.29g0urrayou can kill Fisker
20:37.32g0urraoh wait, he's not here
20:37.44Sky2042kd3 / g0urra: Go to any page and add ?useskin=wowwiki for me plx.
20:37.51kd3working here
20:38.00Sky2042Why are mine borked? D:
20:38.06g0urraworking here
20:38.25g0urrareload cache Sky2042
20:38.36Sky2042I cleared cache and then hard refreshed.
20:38.44g0urrajust now?
20:38.45kd3changed prefs to wowwiki skin. still working
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20:39.19g0urrahrm. even though I baleeted your wowwiki.css
20:39.45kd3wipe cache again. I just deleted your wowwiki.js too
20:40.28Sky2042still broken.
20:40.41Sky2042though i note the lack of wowwiki.js
20:40.55Sky2042Let me upload a screencap
20:41.14g0urracheck now
20:42.22g0urrapokes Sky2042
20:42.29Sky2042I did.
20:42.33Sky2042Still r bork.
20:42.51g0urradid you restart your browser?
20:43.13*** join/#wowwiki Jamash (
20:43.16Sky2042ooo, let me do that.
20:43.33Sky2042still are bork.
20:44.02g0urradelete your Cache, Interface and WTF folders
20:45.08g0urrawhere's the screenshot
20:45.08Sky2042there, has a picture.
20:45.43Sky2042Every page.
20:45.46kd3you have firebug?
20:45.53Sky2042Just DLed it the other day.
20:45.56kd3what's it saying?
20:46.10g0urraok check now Sky2042
20:47.35Sky2042kd3: Where would I find 'what it's saying'? :3\
20:47.42Sky2042I literally just dl'ed it the other day.
20:48.14kd3click on the firebug icon on your status bar. click the inspect button (top left corner of the pane that pops, middle icon)
20:48.28kd3inspect what would be the content area and look at the html/css
20:49.33Sky2042I'm not seeing anything wierd there.
20:49.56Sky2042Content is loading.
20:50.19Sky2042What does it mean for certain html to be grayed out?
20:50.35kd3it's tagged display:hidden in the css
20:50.48kd3the right side of the firebug pane shows the css affecting the element you've got selected
20:51.57Sky2042I'm not seeing that in the box for the related css
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20:54.01kd3turn off adblock for a sec. what happens?
20:54.50Sky2042That did it.
20:55.19kd3then abp's filters are shot. you've got something catching #content
20:55.24Sky2042Guess so.
20:57.47Sky2042I know what's triggering it, but I'm not sure why, because I'm not the one who added the rules. They came default with our laptops :/
20:57.57g0urrayou suck
20:59.05g0urrabut not as much as fisker
21:00.31Sky2042lol, why would you delete monobook.css?
21:00.42*** join/#wowwiki crucially_ (~sky@wikia/crucially)
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21:01.15g0urra'cause I can
21:02.05g0urrawant it back?
21:02.11Sky2042I just restored it.
21:02.35Sky2042crucially: Did you add any new classes to anything today...?
21:02.47Sky2042or IDs
21:03.03g0urrayeah, a real ID
21:03.07g0urraso he can see your name now
21:03.23Sky2042g0urra: You are so freaking creepy.
21:03.33g0urrathat's what she said
21:06.03*** join/#wowwiki Cooobra (~Cooobra@
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21:06.20CooobraOh kay, you are too nice... I was going to give a smart ass like comment
21:06.29Sky2042kd3: I love you.
21:06.38Sky2042kills the snake.
21:06.42Sky2042What brings you here Cooobra?
21:07.08g0urrathe blood elves fell upon him Cooobra
21:07.15Sky2042kd3: Why? Well, you just are.
21:07.23kd3"your welcoem"
21:07.27kd3I can't type today
21:07.33g0urrakd3, why so friendly
21:07.38kd3looks for another beer
21:07.51Cooobraah.. that explains it
21:08.09Cooobraoh beta... why do you tease us
21:08.47g0urrabtw, got new mail from neth
21:08.53g0urra"[The beta keys] has not processed through the system as of yet. It may be a little slow due to other change that are currently being implemented in the syste."
21:09.27g0urrawe'll get them [[Soon]]
21:09.28Dottedg0urra meant:
21:09.41Cooobrai prefer [[soonish]]
21:09.41DottedCooobra meant:
21:10.15g0urraI prefer [[User:Gourra/Deathwing]]
21:10.16Dottedg0urra meant:
21:10.26CooobraHmm... soonish doesn't have a redirect to soon
21:12.35Cooobrathey should those large snakes to the tamable lists and just have them share the serpent family
21:13.13g0urrayou can't tame my large snake
21:13.54Cooobraa small piece of cheese usually works
21:15.22*** join/#wowwiki deek| (
21:22.32Cooobrathe sky has fallen
21:57.51*** join/#wowwiki Eluna (~Eluna@
21:58.43ElunaHas anyone showed off the collectors edition of SC2?
21:58.47ElunaI have one. :P
21:59.12Dottedwrong channel
22:05.34*** join/#wowwiki Talyian (
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22:16.19g0urra"Stop deleting this okay? It's really starting to piss me off and shows your lack of maturity. I got sources being IRL books"
22:16.28g0urraIRL? in MY WoW?
22:16.39Elunag0urra! <3
22:16.45*** kick/#wowwiki [Eluna!~g0urra@wowwiki/g0urra] by g0urra (Eluna)
22:16.48*** join/#wowwiki Eluna (~Eluna@
22:16.52Eluna :(
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23:08.45pcjok i am bored already
23:08.47pcjsomeone entertain me
23:10.18charitwowhat do you make of the external sponsored link thing
23:10.24pcji don't see it
23:10.28pcjso it doesn't bother me
23:10.57charitwobut its presence as a whole for those who can
23:11.16pcjas long as it's flagged as a sponsored link i think it's better than the giant banner ads
23:12.00g0urra<Starnes2> Blacklist! [[User:Resa1983]]
23:12.01Dottedg0urra meant:
23:12.32g0urrait was 1 minute ago jackass
23:12.57RessyBlacklist me why? :P
23:13.18pcjyou were banned on a Wikia wiki
23:13.33pcjyes g0urra but it's been seen before
23:13.58Ressymust've gotten caught in a IP ban or something.  only even been on 2 wikis.  *shrug*
23:14.08pcji blame charitwo
23:14.12Ressythe other of which I'm an admin of. lawl
23:14.47g0urrafarmville wiki? >:|
23:15.00pcjbeware g0urra is a stalker
23:15.01Ressyyes. shush
23:15.11RessyBaby doesn't give me time to do stuff during the day
23:15.19g0urraI searched for "User:1983 block" on google blawl
23:15.24g0urraand farmville wiki was highest up
23:15.27charitwoWikiaRC>Resa1983 is on global Blacklist, added by DrBallMD until 20:23, 1 August 2010 ("Autoblacklist: Lox federico blocked "[[User:Resa1983]]": test on devbox")
23:15.27Dottedcharitwo meant:
23:15.44pcjtest lolol
23:16.04g0urrahey pcj this Resa1983 looks dangerous
23:16.07g0urrablacklisted and all
23:16.10g0urrashould I permaban?
23:16.58RessyIunno why I was banned by that person.. o.O
23:17.30MasterOfDisguiseOooh, ban time?
23:19.48pcjg0urra i got cataclysm
23:20.05charitwoare you in beta g0urra?
23:20.33g0urragood for you pcj
23:24.02pcjnow i just need an HTTP download because the stupid downloader never works
23:25.28pcjwhere is mxs
23:44.54*** join/#wowwiki mascondante (
23:46.53*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
23:53.30kd3options->disable p2p->restart downloader
23:53.35kd3usually tends to work
23:53.37pcjnot for me
23:53.48pcjtrying an external bittorrent client isn't working either :(
23:54.04pcjgot all the ports open and everything

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