IRC log for #wowwiki on 20100721

00:00.39DuTempeteI can tell everyone is so pleased to see me
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01:01.41kd3servers, wru?
01:04.45kd3so does curse own your unholy soul now too?
01:06.49CooobraI serve the Lich King in life and undeath
01:07.20Cooobrabut nooo.. Tirin messed that up...
01:07.56Cooobradoesn't even rez my pet,... so mean
01:09.08Cooobrahey kay.. please tell me the idle stand for the monkey is scratching its bum
01:09.36kd3I... think so? I'd check but the servers are still down
01:09.52Cooobraoh bummer
01:10.38Cooobraguess that explains why Frejya is doing crazy edit spams
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02:22.07g0urraoh great "The site is down for maintenance. We'll be back soon!"
02:35.49Cooobrabeen like that all day
02:36.18g0urranot for me
02:43.42charitwoare you in beta pcj?
02:51.39Ressykd3, you here?
02:51.45kd3what's up?
02:52.04kd3I'm 30% done downloading, don't look for new maps from me for a few hours, yet
02:52.24RessyI remember when you set yourself to bot to not bug people when importing all those quest files.  I'm wondering how you imported all those previously created pages.
02:52.44kd3I've got a private testwiki and some page generation scripts
02:53.35Ressygotcha.. Thanks . :)
02:53.42kd3 is my note-taking form of "the maelstrom"
02:53.51kd3for example
02:54.32kd3which becomes
02:55.43kd3the only parts I still have to manually are the quest chain pages... not worth the effort trying to parse that together when I can do it far quicker by hand
02:56.59RessyHm.  Figured it would be something.. Less involved than using a testwiki. :)
02:57.30kd3I resort to the testwiki when I'm bound by the nda. only using it now for a quick sanity check before uploading to wowwiki
02:58.02Ressyyeah.. Thats why I wanted to do something like that.  Was asked not to post stuff until its been released & seen. :\
02:59.04Ressy(for a different wiki I'm on)
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12:01.24g0urradid you get beta yet
12:02.26charitwoare you in beta g0urra?
12:07.01pcjeww they changed ardent defender
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12:35.29foxlitOn the up side, that'll cut down on paladin complacency.
12:37.10pcjyay caps
12:37.28pcjdon't know why they don't just call it improved last stand though
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13:24.05DuTempeteoh god this patch is slooooooow
13:47.09pcjthats what she said
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13:57.28g0urrawhat patch
13:57.41g0urraoh yeah, beta
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16:34.32KirkburnThat's better
16:34.41KirkburnI'm just on webchat atm
16:35.30KirkburnBut I wanted to prod admins who have yet to see my message about beta keys - if you need a beta key, email me :)
16:40.12radixkirkburn phishing imo
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16:47.49Sky2042kills kirkburn.
16:49.34Kirkburnoh, she's hiding herrrre :)
16:50.12DuTempetekind of a bad place ot hide from you, I know
16:50.39g0urraKirkburn: you're slow, I already mailed neth about it
16:50.59Kirkburng0urra, I'm sorting out everyone else's keys
16:51.04DuTempetewow, g0urra, if I ever emat you IRL, I'm going to kick your ass
16:51.36KirkburnHave you got yours yet, btw?
16:51.52g0urraask pcj
16:52.11KirkburnAlright, it took just over a day for me iirc
16:52.21Kirkburn(So, sounds about the same for you)
16:52.39g0urraDuTempete, why do you want to kick my ass
16:53.22Sky2042DuTempete: meet*
16:54.00Sky2042kills Kirkburn again.
16:54.01KirkburnI'm fairly sure she doesn't want to meet his ass
16:54.07g0urraemat looked like a misspelling of meat
16:54.24g0urraKirkburn: "if I ever meet you IRL"
16:54.25DuTempetekills Sky2042
16:54.27g0urrafail read
16:54.33Sky2042Shit. Revenge of the GF.
16:54.37Kirkburng0urra: fail sarcasm
16:54.55g0urrait's that time of the month Sky2042
16:54.59Kirkburnisn't this fun :)
16:55.05Sky2042#wikia sure isn't.
16:55.37DuTempetehey g0urra, guess what I'm doing right now
16:55.39g0urramm, bacon.
16:55.41g0urradunno DuTempete
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16:55.57Sky2042DuTempete: trololololling?
16:58.38g0urraquiet Sky2042, she's hunting wabbits
16:58.47Sky2042kills g0urra.
16:59.02Kirkburn is disturbing :)
16:59.10Sky2042Kirkburn: :D :D :D
16:59.15g0urrayour mom is disturbing
17:09.07KirkburnTheFaithfulOfYogg-Saron seems like an interesting chap
17:09.14KirkburnSurprised he's not done a userpage yet
17:13.18Sky2042wants to rage at the lack of argument that he's been getting except "oh, oh, we need these templates because we need these templates" at [[forum:removal of T:RPG and T:Cat]].
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17:36.33KirkburnI'm off guys, taraa
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22:13.08g0urrapcj, did you get your beta key yet?
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22:18.45Dottedno i didnt g0urra
22:19.21g0urrayou're not important
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22:29.31Cooobrahe probably didn't.. cause I haven't either
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23:08.23pcjno g0urra
23:17.40Cooobrajust got an email from kirkburn too saying he just sent the info as well... hey.. maybe we'll get double invited
23:18.42pcjconsidering now it's supposedly an account flag not a code
23:18.44pcji doubt it
23:19.12nmswtb beta acct flag
23:19.27pcj~seen mxs
23:19.28infobotmxs <> was last seen on IRC in channel #debian, 29d 14h 19m 58s ago, saying: 'hi, is there a way to known with which configure options was build a .deb package?'.
23:23.02Cooobrakirkburn never joins us anymore...
23:23.07Cooobra~seen Kirkburn
23:23.08infobotkirkburn <d9a888a4@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 5h 46m 35s ago, saying: 'I'm off guys, taraa'.
23:48.58Cooobrasilly josh for acting like an individual

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