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00:31.45pcjkd3 what are the new maps that need to be supported by {{coords}}
00:31.45Dottedpcj meant:
00:31.56pcjand how do you think i should implement the changed maps vs the old ones for now
00:32.37kd3the replacement maps I intend to ignore (the ones I suffixed -cata to) until they go live. I'll put up a quick list of the new ones in a sec
00:32.48pcjok ty
00:33.08pcji was just thinking people might want to use coords to link to the new maps in quests and stuff
00:35.13kd3maybe we could overload the "section" param for that?
00:35.25Dottedkd3 meant:|30|60|Elwynn|Cataclysm
00:35.39foxlit{{cco| imo
00:36.01kd3would probably be the better solution, that
00:37.57kd3[[User:Kaydeethree/Cata maps]]
00:37.58Dottedkd3 meant:
00:38.22pcj{{coco}} imo
00:38.23Dottedpcj meant:
00:40.23KarlKFI|workisn't it illegal to upload those?
00:40.41kd3no. the blizzard interface addon kit extracts them
00:40.42RessyNDA's lifted.  closed beta
00:40.56KarlKFI|workthat has nothing to do with it ressy
00:40.57kd3if blizz tools pull them out of the mpqs they're fair game
00:41.11KarlKFI|workfair game for unlimitted distribution? i doubt it
00:42.01KarlKFI|workgranted, they havent sued anyone over it before...
00:42.04kd3distribution per the fansite license, sure. I can't use them to make a 'world of kd3craft' with them
00:43.46KarlKFI|workfansite license covers stuff fromt he kit extractions?
00:45.43kd3"Blizzard Entertainment® hereby grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non- assignable license to use and display, for home, noncommercial and personal use only, one copy of any material and/or software that you may download from this site, including, but not limited to, any files, codes, audio or images incorporated in or generated by the software (collectively the "Downloaded Content") provided, however, that you must include or mainta
00:45.43kd3in all copyright and other notices contained or associated with such Downloaded Content"
00:45.58kd3key bit there is "including, but not limited to, any files, codes, audio or images incorporated in or generated by the software (collectively the "Downloaded Content")"
00:46.14kd3's sent some emails to legal before about this >.>
00:46.49foxlit"one copy", kd3
00:46.56foxlitYou've produced millions!
00:47.07kd3whistles idly
00:47.39KarlKFI|workdoes the extracter come with the fansight download?
00:47.58KarlKFI|worki thought it was separate
00:48.13kd3no, it's at
00:49.36KarlKFI|workwhat if someone hotlinks a wiki image?
00:49.47KarlKFI|workfroma  commercial website
00:50.04kd3they can go after the commercial website?
00:50.43KarlKFI|workbut it's a non-transferable license....
00:51.30KarlKFI|workweb laws suck
00:51.36kd3yes, yes they do
00:52.24KarlKFI|worki'd be surprised if the fansite license covered the extracted content froma  download on a different page
00:52.35KarlKFI|workunless that license also comes with the kit
00:53.52KarlKFI|work"incorporated in or generated by" the "Downloaded Content" doesn't refer to all content on wow's site
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00:55.38KarlKFI|workand does "for home, noncommercial and personal use only" mean it has to be all of those or any?
00:55.55KarlKFI|workand implies all
00:56.24KarlKFI|workwhich is obviously not what they meant, since webiste's are not 'home use'
00:57.21KarlKFI|workont he otherhand you could probably blow up one of the images and hang it on your wall legally...
00:58.47pcjnot restricted to the fansite kit
01:05.01kd3image overload:
01:07.14KarlKFI|workmmm an errupting volcano
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01:07.37Sky2042_afkCooobra: What were you planning to do with the objects categories?
01:08.23CooobraWe could probably leave them as is
01:09.07Sky2042_afkOk, that's what I was thinking.
01:10.09Sky2042_afkCooobra: Also, go download AWB, mon.
01:10.49kd3a very useful tool for making mass edits
01:11.22Cooobraah.. I guess I could .. make it easier for myself
01:11.22Sky2042_afkIt's a semi-automated tool with a GUI.
01:11.29Sky2042_afkYou can also run it in bot mode.
01:11.30Sky2042_afkTakes 30 minutes to set up, tops.
01:11.35Sky2042_afkFresh out of the box.
01:12.40Cooobrapicks packaging peanuts off self.
01:13.12pcjwow it takes you 30 minutes?
01:13.32Sky2042_afkFresh out of the box.
01:13.35Sky2042_afkchides pcj.
01:13.49pcjyou plug in the project, login data, boom
01:13.51pcj5 minutes tops
01:13.52Sky2042_afkOk, so it wasn't just me. They touched up all the old school maps.
01:14.05Sky2042_afkpcj: There are other preferences to poke away at. :P
01:14.32pcjnot 30 minutes worth of prefs
01:14.43Sky2042_afkOh, fine. 10 minutes.
01:14.58Sky2042_afksighs at pcj for pushing his point of view when it didn't really matter in this case.
01:15.42Ressyit takes longer for approval to use the bot, than to set it up.
01:16.01Sky2042_afkkicks Ressy.
01:16.10pcjyou're the one trying to make it sound simple then turn around and say it's longer to set up than most modern OS's
01:16.13Sky2042_afkNot with our glorious leader, kd3 here!
01:16.53Sky2042_afkkd3: Lack of Burning Steppes classic map, btw.
01:17.06kd3blame the caches
01:20.25pcjkd3 what about instance maps
01:20.31kd3none as of yet
01:21.25kd3tanaris/un'goro/silithus/winterspring are also not yet done, as are the other new zones
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01:24.52CooobraLooks like the north pass in Dun Morgh is destroyed
01:26.52Sky2042_afkThey moved RFD to 1KN
01:27.06kd3I've been waiting for the nda to get lifted so I could fix that
01:27.12kd3tabs open the cata article
01:29.44Sky2042_afkloch modan is missing.
01:29.58Sky2042_afkIs the dam still standing?
01:30.08kd3it went ka'boom
01:30.15kd3quests aren't in yet for LM, so we dunno why
01:30.21kd3probably cultists
01:30.33Sky2042_afkYou can see the rubble in the Wetlands map.
01:31.12Sky2042_afkDoes Grim Batol have its own map? It's not on the Wetlands map.
01:31.24kd3it's going to be on the twilight highlands map
01:31.37kd3which I hope gets split like vashj'ir did. it's a freaking gigantic zone
01:32.49Sky2042_afkWait, can we get to the Dun Morogh airfield?
01:33.01kd3yes. there's quests up there now
01:33.13kd3and a free puddlejumper from the quarry
01:33.41Sky2042_afkFrom the quarry? o.o
01:33.59kd3gol'bar? there's a flight path out there too now
01:34.04kd3ooh, need to post the updated flight path list
01:34.11kd3there's 484048 new flight paths everywhere now
01:37.07pcjanyone gotten a beta invite yet
01:37.29Ressythe FP for the airfield is already in live.
01:37.48kd3there's a roost, but no flight master
01:37.59kd3still does expeditions up there on occasion
01:39.28Gnarfozfor that matter, Karazhan has both a roost and a third instance portal, neither of them functional, of course
01:39.57pcjdid they finally get rid of the extra portals in SW?
01:41.03Gnarfozthe old "here be player housing some day" one?
01:41.08Sky2042_afkFrom the map, it looks like it pcj.
01:41.09pcjand the stormwind vault
01:41.18Gnarfozthat doesn't have a portal
01:41.27pcjthe one behind the gate with the guards
01:41.32Gnarfozor rather, you couldn't see it if it has one
01:42.00kd3pcj; the player housing bit is gone, the other dungeon is still there and still locked off
01:42.16kd3stormwind's been pretty well completely redone. the new keep's neat
01:42.32Gnarfozthe new park, too, lakes and all
01:43.04GnarfozI just hope they don't let that "chewed off" corner of SW be like that for the NEXT 5 years.
01:43.34pcjmaybe they'll hire some stonemasons or something
01:43.36Gnarfozperhaps they'll use the terrain phasing stuff to make the passage of time a BIT more visible
01:43.48kd3laughs hard at the lakeshire bridge
01:44.06Gnarfozyeah, finally done, lol
01:44.14Gnarfozonly took, what, 7 years?
01:45.11Sky2042_afkHey, remember what they're building with!
01:54.30kd3ok. the graphical maps comparison should have every zone
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01:55.00LucidFoxdoes nobody post at the forum anymore?
01:56.38pcjwhat about isle of quel'danas kd3
01:57.08kd3it's on the outland map. none of the five (seven) zones have changed yet
01:58.15Eraclitowell, kd3
01:58.21Eraclitoactually tor'watha is gone
01:58.27Eraclitoand there's an outdoor zul'aman zone
01:58.29pcjwhy are there two NYI for stranglethorn vale
01:58.46kd3it's two zones now. northern stranglethorn and the cape of stranglethorn
01:58.53kd3it got split like the barrens did
01:59.01Eraclitoand there's a brand new east coast in quel'thalas :> it isn't here, in live
02:00.03kd3oh, huh. I haven't flown up there in a few builds
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02:05.53Sky2042_afkCooobra: Here's a thought: For all quest givers who also end the quest, swap "Quest givers" and "Quest enders" for "Quest givers and enders"
02:06.38LucidFoxMy question on the forum was
02:06.49LucidFoxShould the article "Cataclysm" be about the in-universe Cataclysm event?
02:06.56LucidFoxWe do need an article about it, after all
02:07.10pcjCataclysm (event)
02:07.11Sky2042_afkI'm thinking yes.
02:07.18Sky2042_afkOr that.
02:07.20kd3er, ^ at pcj
02:07.45LucidFoxOkay, I'll create Cataclysm (event) then
02:09.09LucidFoxSecond question: since 3.9.0 has been confirmed, should it be inserted between 3.3.5a and 4.0.0?
02:09.36Cooobrawe'll wait, till it happens
02:09.39Sky2042_afkughs at 3.9.0
02:09.46kd3if they actually call it that. we had it for a while, then we deleted it because stuff changed
02:09.55kd3right now it's on 3.3.5 (undoc)
02:10.52LucidFoxthe latest lore answers bluepost referred to "content patches 3.3.5 and 3.9.0", not that anything is known about the latter
02:11.20Sky2042_afkWe know.
02:11.31Sky2042_afkThis was actually brought up on [[talk:patch 3.9.0]]
02:11.31DottedSky2042_afk meant:
02:12.09LucidFoxWhat about articles about locations that were renamed in Cataclysm? Such as X -> Ruins of X
02:12.44kd3create the new article now... make a pointer in the old article saying something to the effect of 'big changes in cataclsym, see [[foo]]'
02:12.44Dottedkd3 meant:
02:12.48Sky2042_afkRedirect "Ruins" to the other, I would think, until Cataclysm is out.
02:13.33kd3oh, who was asking about northgate in dun morogh?
02:13.36kd3it's still there right now
02:17.48Cooobraoh the new map makes it look like an avalanche hit it
02:17.55Cooobraor something
02:20.04Cooobraoh I see what they did...
02:20.49pcjof course blizzard changes the naming scheme for multiple maps
02:21.04Sky2042_afkchuckles at pcj.
02:21.10Sky2042_afkI saw that as an issue.
02:21.25pcjwell we'll see how instance maps are handled
02:22.04LucidFoxAnd for a particularly odd example, I created [[Feathermoon Stronghold (new)]], which is now set to be merged, even though it's a different one.
02:22.05DottedLucidFox meant:
02:25.29Bibipeople talking in my wiki? wtf?
02:25.56Bibidid they release a new ad technology or something???
02:26.01Bibiok now seriously.
02:26.10Bibinot sure if that's you, but just a head's up
02:26.18kd3fires off another email to support
02:26.24kd3s/support/the ad guys/
02:26.38kd3someone on the wow forums was complaining about a bad ad too
02:28.57pcjbibi i found the problem
02:29.01pcjyou're using internet explorer
02:29.08BibiI'm not
02:29.09pcjlike IE5.5 or something
02:29.13Bibiit's someone's else report
02:29.17Bibiand I'm trying to be helpful.
02:29.27Sky2042_afkTell him to upgrade. -.-
02:29.28BibiI don't expect you to understand that last part, don't worry!
02:29.37Sky2042_afkThat would be more helpful in the end.
02:29.39BibiSky2042_afk: he knows what he's doing, he just likes IE
02:29.46pcjhe likes old IE
02:29.53Bibihe knows that.
02:30.02pcjhe's all like "I LOVE BEING INSECURE"
02:30.10Bibihe's one of my best developer, I wouldn't call him an idiot either
02:30.12Sky2042_afk5.5 isn't even supported by M$ anymore, I don't think.
02:30.16pcjit's not 5.5
02:30.20pcji was using hyperbole
02:30.23pcjit's like 7
02:30.23Bibihe runs his own WoW database :p
02:30.28Sky2042_afkkicks pcj.
02:30.32Bibihe just likes IE, really
02:30.35Bibiand I think that's IE7 yeah
02:30.52Sky2042_afkIt is.
02:31.14pcjglad we settled that
02:32.24pcji just don't know how anyone can be a developer and use IE
02:32.29pcjit's like...
02:34.01Bibioh, the guy is batshit crazy
02:34.14Bibihe has a complete, multi language, wow database
02:34.15Bibicoded in C.
02:34.22pcji bet it's fast
02:34.29Bibiit's ridiculously fast
02:34.44Bibiand it's what I've been using for most of my patch tools for the past 3 years
02:34.47*** join/#wowwiki MasterOfDisguise (
02:35.36Bibikd3: need more info on that? or did you have anything you need in the forum post you mentioned?
02:36.18kd3if he's got more info--the url of the bad js, it'd help. wikia buys their ads through a network. there's only so much tracking the ad guys can do
02:36.46pcjtell him if he logs in he won't get ads
02:38.37kd3hm. just lost satellite. wonder how long til the dsl goes?
02:40.07pcjwell where did you last see the satellite
02:40.11pcjtry retracing your steps
02:44.28pcjwhy is the cleft of shadow suddenly not WorldMap-Orgrimmar terrain1.jpg
02:44.30pcjstupid blizzard
02:48.21kd3because the terrain thing is a result of phasing. you don't get to choose which _terrain map displays
02:50.46pcjits a good point but it makes coding {{coords}} damn tricky
02:50.46Dottedpcj meant:
02:51.43kd3if there's a _terrain map I'd suggest having the default be the highest-numbered one, as that's where most people will eventually be
02:52.05pcjgood point
02:54.37Sky2042_afkWhat if an NPC only shows up in a certain phase?
02:55.09pcji suppose i'll have to add a 5th parameter
02:55.22pcjerr 4th
02:56.01pcjyeah probably
03:01.10CooobraBlizzard does this, just to make it more annoying for wowwiki and database sites =P
03:14.10kd3hm... uberfuzzy's suggesting we post 'update your flash to stop the infections kthx' somewhere
03:14.14kd3I'm inclined to agree with him
03:17.20Cooobraplace it on the sitenotice thingy
03:28.53Sky2042_afkOk, that's retarded.
03:28.59Sky2042_afkWe have a fan fiction policy and a fan fiction guideline.
03:29.53*** join/#wowwiki Zerim (
03:30.17Cooobrawe have image policy and image guideline
03:30.51Sky2042_afkThat's different though. That affects the entire wiki.
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04:11.52Cooobrai have a pally in my guild whom is eternally afk too
04:14.15pcjthat's way too exciting
04:23.28*** join/#wowwiki vulture- (
04:23.42vulture- hey nice website guys
04:24.30pcjupdate flash
04:24.33*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
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04:24.51vulture-I dont have flash installed
04:24.58pcjkd3 he says he doesn't have flash installed
04:25.02pcjtell uberfuzzy to shove it
04:25.21vulture-its an ad containing an iframe linking to a javascript
04:25.29Eraclitoalso, get a real browser
04:25.30pcjvulture if you log in you don't get ads
04:25.46vulture-pff, extra work, little gain
04:26.11kd3meh. but what's the js /doing/?
04:26.19vulture-its encrypted
04:26.25vulture-who knows
04:26.41pcjdo you have the URL of the ad
04:26.46vulture-I did notice one thing it tries to do tho is exploit sun java vulnerability from a couple months ago
04:26.50kd3anyway, my 90 minutes of sleep last night (yay nda getting lifted) has caught up with me. I'm about to crash. we've blacklisted the domain, and hopefully the ad network
04:26.59kd3ya. I already passed it on to uber
04:27.18Cooobraholds hand out towards kd3, waiting for key.
04:27.24vulture-yeah I was gonna zzz a couple hours ago till I got that and kaspersky made me reboot
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04:35.17LucidFoxOkay, created Cataclysm (event)
04:35.29Sky2042_afkthumbs up.
04:35.36Sky2042_afkGet back to work, peon.
04:36.18Sky2042_afkWhat exactly qualifies someone as a "dark apothecary"?
04:37.06Fiskerso kd3
04:37.07Cooobrabad gas
04:37.21Cooobrawent to bed
04:37.32Fiskeri hear that Cooobra
04:37.46Fiskeri'm passing some quite nasty gas right now
04:37.47Sky2042_afkUh oh.
04:37.48Cooobrayou mean you see that
04:37.51Fiskerand i can't sleep
04:38.04pcjhow do you see gas
04:38.18Fiskerhow do i fart you in the face pcj ?
04:38.19Sky2042_afksighs at the misinterpretations of Fisker's statement.
04:38.56Cooobrafisker PMed me, so i was responding to that =P
04:39.16LucidFoxWhere does the boat from Azuremyst go in the current beta?
04:39.21LucidFoxif there is one
04:39.27pcjit gets lost at sea
04:39.30pcjsame thing
04:39.40Fiskeri've done no such thing Cooobra
04:39.49Cooobrathe big tree
04:39.58LucidFoxbut wasn't Rut'theran destroyed?
04:40.10Cooobraauberdine was
04:40.25pcjso basically blizzard connected two capital cities that no one visits
04:40.35LucidFoxRoleplayers do :)
04:40.39pcjno one
04:40.50Cooobraand made it even MORE annoying for horde members to get to them for holiday event things
04:41.07pcjso what connects them with the main land
04:41.28Cooobrathe boat from Ruth to the new NE town
04:41.48Fiskerdamn i feel like Cooobra
04:41.54LucidFoxLor'danel isn't a port, though, is it?
04:41.57Fiskermaybe you can fix beta access so i can get better?
04:42.00Cooobrasure it is
04:42.00LucidFoxit's seaside, but it doesn't have a dock
04:42.08LucidFoxat least, none that I saw
04:42.17Cooobrait's dock is small
04:42.38Sky2042_afkI'm in ur wikiz, stealin' Cooobra's edits.
04:42.42Cooobrainforms Lor'danel, size doesn't matter.
04:43.11Cooobraomg my edits
04:43.27Sky2042_afkWhy, the hell, would we keep documentation for Ace on our wiki?...
04:43.38Cooobrawho what now
04:43.59Sky2042_afkThere's a handful of Ace 2 documentation here.
04:44.06Sky2042_afkFor no reason at all.
04:44.38Cooobralick it goodbye
04:44.53Sky2042_afkDoing so.
04:45.23CooobraHallowseve15 is making a lot of cataclysm updates... he better not have beta accessssss before us
04:46.19Sky2042_afkkills the absent foxlit.
04:47.26Sky2042_afkHe might have had alpha access.
04:47.30Sky2042_afkMight have*
04:48.15Cooobrais saddened
04:49.29Sky2042_afkOh, chill. Kirk will likely get an email in the near future about keys for beta. They send 4 or 5 keys for every fansite
04:49.40Sky2042_afkAt least, that's what I remember with Wrath.
04:49.46Sky2042_afkThe admins horde them.
04:50.38CooobraNo.. I'm saddened about this
04:50.40LucidFoxAnd I won't get one, obviously
04:50.45Fiskeryou cannot stop me Cooobra
04:50.57Sky2042_afkSorry, LucidFox.
04:51.12Sky2042_afkThough, I do think Blizz does end up giving keys in competition like.
04:51.18Sky2042_afkIIRC from last year.
04:51.24Sky2042_afkOr last beta*
04:51.32CooobraThe only horde base in dustwallow... and it becomes a twilight base
04:51.40LucidFoxMeh, competitions
04:52.53CooobraWonder if the Shady Rest Inn was rebuilt
04:57.16CooobraGnomish alchemist is interesting... he'll type whole sentences in articles in all lowercase... but when he uses templates, he caps the parameter (thus making it not work)
04:57.48Cooobraeven when words should be capped (forgot to add that part)
04:59.03Sky2042_afkThat was implied.
04:59.25Fiskeri feel like shit Cooobra
04:59.29Cooobraok, just making sure lol
04:59.34Cooobrawhy fisker
05:00.06Fiskeri'm like a leaking gas balloon
05:00.51LucidFoxOh, and maybe old news, but the old pre-flying Stormwind still exists in the beta files.
05:01.02LucidFoxAnd even it has received the texture update.
05:03.33CooobraStormwind flies?
05:03.48Cooobraoh... nvm, misread that
05:04.03Fiskeri can do this all day Cooobra
05:04.23Cooobranot if you use a cork
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06:06.12Sky2042_afkIf you were to rename , what would you rename it?
06:09.12*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (~g0urra@wowwiki/g0urra)
06:09.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+o g0urra] by ChanServ
06:10.38Sky2042_afkg0urra: If you were to rename , what would you rename it?
06:13.41g0urraI would merge it into Community, but maybe that's just me
06:13.47Sky2042_afkOh, hrrrr.
06:13.51Sky2042_afk"User created content"
06:17.08Sky2042_afkMaybe original content might have been better, but meh.
06:18.56g0urra"Category:Orgrimmar Horde quest NPCs"
06:19.39g0urra>implying quest givers in orgrimmar can be other than horde
06:21.22CooobraYea...its why I didn't make Alliance, Horde, or neutral versions for the few alliance city categories I made for that
06:22.05Sky2042_afkI'm just keeping it consistent.
06:22.48CooobraI thought as much
06:37.09LucidFoxWhat do we do with subzone templates?
06:37.17LucidFoxDo we add the new Cataclysm subzones?
06:38.02CooobraI would make a new cata version of it... it can then be merged when it goes live
06:38.47Sky2042_afkI'd use {{cata-inline}} to demarcate the ones for Cataclysm.
06:38.47DottedSky2042_afk meant:
06:38.53Sky2042_afkAnd use the original zones.
06:39.13CooobraBut what if Cata removes subzones or changes the name of it
06:39.38LucidFoxRemoved ones can stay until the patch goes live, I think
06:39.55LucidFoxAs for a rename, here's an example: Auberdine -> Ruins of Auberdine
06:39.59LucidFoxthe latter is a redlink right now
06:40.00CooobraLike, Auberdine becomes Ruins of Auberdine... do you want them to change the current template..... yea that
06:40.10Cooobraget out of my head
06:40.27LucidFoxI think renamed ones can stay at their old names for now
06:40.28Sky2042_afkHave 'em both, and leave an inline note that the pages will likely be merged.
06:40.35Sky2042_afkRather than the template.
06:40.43LucidFoxand new ones can be marked with the [Cataclysm] logo
06:40.46Sky2042_afkSince that seems to be what we're planning to do.
06:40.47LucidFoxalthough honestly
06:40.54LucidFoxI would just prefer the circled (C)
06:40.56Sky2042_afkkicks MasterOfDisguise.
06:41.22Sky2042_afkLucidFox: Might be a good idea to drop a note on [[template talk:Cata-inline]]. I'm with you on that one.
06:41.22DottedSky2042_afk meant:
06:42.46LucidFox"Icon_Cataclysm_38x35.gif"? Ew, gif
06:42.50LucidFoxthat's so 1996
06:43.38Sky2042_afkSo upload a png.
06:44.37LucidFoxOkay, there we go:
06:45.38LucidFoxDo we have an article for old Hyjal? The "No Man's Land" one?
06:45.51Sky2042_afkDon't see why we need one of those, tbh.
06:46.09CooobraThere ya go. {{C-inline}}
06:46.10DottedCooobra meant:
06:46.21Sky2042_afkCooobra: Ewwww, different template.
06:46.50LucidFoxWell, we can always redirect later
06:47.23Sky2042_afkI personally hate redirect templates, but w/e.
06:48.11CooobraI'd prefer to use the old image... that read Cata for the cata-inline... but thats me
06:48.21Sky2042_afkrofls at Cooobra.
06:48.43Sky2042_afkNot to knock you checking quest NPCs, but Shattrath City has an Alliance quest NPCs.
06:49.03Sky2042_afkAlliance quest NPC*
06:49.07LucidFoxOr alternatively, maybe we could add the old name in brackets?
06:49.11LucidFoxer, the new name
06:49.24Sky2042_afkKeep them separate for now.
06:50.32Cooobradid i forget that city?
06:50.34LucidFox <-- Proof of concept
06:50.54*** join/#wowwiki Jamash (
06:51.27Sky2042_afkCooobra: You made [[Category:Shattrath City neutral quest NPCs]] and then didn't make [[Category:Shattrath City quest NPCs]]
06:51.27DottedSky2042_afk meant:,
06:51.36Sky2042_afkBut fixord!
06:51.48g0urraI'm late for the subzone template discussion
06:52.03CooobraOH... HA... um... I blame Ashbear
06:52.23g0urraupdate them with how they are in cataclysm, without marking anything as {{cata-inline}}. there's version history you know
06:52.24Dottedg0urra meant:
06:52.57*** join/#wowwiki Fab|Kernel (~quassel@
06:52.58Sky2042_afkg0urra: Then you break navigation for those affect articles until release.
06:53.04LucidFoxShould Ruins of Auberdine redirect to Auberdine, or be a Cataclysm-only stub?
06:53.08Sky2042_afkAnd I clearly need to go to sleep.
06:53.39CooobraI would think Auberdine would be kept for historical purposes, and just make a new article for the ruins
06:53.51g0urrathen let them be "broken". make a new template for how they will look in cataclysm and move them to the main one once 4.0 is live
06:53.56g0urrayeah exactly Cooobra
06:54.03g0urrafor example
06:54.11g0urraAuberdine will have {{Darkshore}}
06:54.11Dottedg0urra meant:
06:54.21g0urraRuins of Auberdine has {{Darkshore-cata}}, until 4.0
06:54.22Dottedg0urra meant:
06:54.29g0urraor something like that
06:54.31Sky2042_afkCooobra just suggested that. We don't need to have two templates.
06:54.43*** join/#wowwiki Vilkku (
06:54.46Cooobrathankyou sky, yes i did lol
06:54.51Sky2042_afkThat just creates more work down the road.
06:55.03Sky2042_afkAn edit, versus 2 or 3 page moves.
06:55.10Sky2042_afkI'll take the edit.
06:55.19Sky2042_afkTimes however many other templates.
06:55.21g0urraand.. you want the current {{Darkshore}} to have both the old ones and new ones with cataclysm?
06:55.21Dottedg0urra meant:
06:55.42Sky2042_afkAt cataclysm, remove {{c-inline}} _and_ the removed zones.
06:55.42DottedSky2042_afk meant:
06:56.33CooobraI guess... they could share... going to have users changing all those templates anyway, not making new ones
06:57.00g0urrawell, I guess you have a point. the current ones would have both {{Darkshore}} and {{Darkshore-cata}}
06:57.01Dottedg0urra meant:,
06:57.03g0urranot good
06:57.15g0urrathe ones that will still exist in cata, that is
06:58.21Sky2042_afkI would think we'll tag the zones which are removed/transformed with {{removedfromgame}}
06:58.21DottedSky2042_afk meant:
06:58.35Sky2042_afkBut that's just tossing it out there.
06:58.43Sky2042_afkNot sure if I'd rather see that or redirects, where appropriate.
06:58.47LucidFox<g0urra> and.. you want the current {{Darkshore}} to have both the old ones and new ones with cataclysm? <-- I, for one, think this would be bette
06:58.48DottedLucidFox meant:
06:59.02g0urrakeep them for historical purposes Sky2042_afk
06:59.10LucidFoxSo, my proposal is:
06:59.35LucidFox- Subzones retaining the same names get a Cataclysm section describing the changes
06:59.41g0urraLucidFox: no.. the template still has version history, and the removed subzones can be noted in the template talk section
07:00.31LucidFox- Renamed subzones get Cataclysm-specific stub articles, and the old names get {{removedfromgame}} when 4.0.x goes live
07:00.31DottedLucidFox meant:
07:00.47Sky2042_afkwhat is this I dont even
07:01.46DottedCooobra meant:
07:02.08LucidFoxSo, while Cataclysm is in beta, there will be both Auberdine (with a Cataclysm section pointing to the new article) and Ruins of Auberdine. Separate articles. When Cataclysm goes live, Auberdine will be tagged with a removed template, and Ruins of Auberdine will have its Cataclysm template removed.
07:02.18Dottedg0urra meant:|patch=4.0.0
07:02.34Sky2042_afkI'm inclined to go with g0urra's there, myself.
07:02.35Dottedg0urra meant:|patch=cataclysm
07:02.39LucidFoxYes, g0urra's proposal sounds good
07:03.04Sky2042_afkLucidFox: Yes, that last bit is what I've been poking away at.
07:03.20g0urrait's been like that with, for example, Naxxramas
07:03.44LucidFoxalthough the live patch probably will be 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 or something, we'll see :)
07:03.57LucidFoxin any case it's months away from now
07:03.59Cooobraso the world change is going to be 4.0.0, not 3.9? and the Xpak be 4.0.0
07:04.02g0urra(old) naxxramas stayed where it was until wotlk was launched, when it was moved to Naxxramas (original) and got Removedfromgame
07:04.12g0urraCooobra: it's not even sure there will be a 3.9
07:04.14LucidFoxCooobra> The beta Cataclysm patch is 4.0.0
07:04.16g0urramy guess is 3.3.9
07:04.31g0urrawell wasn't wotlk beta patch 3.0.0?
07:04.33g0urrathen it was
07:04.38g0urraat launch
07:04.40LucidFoxyep, and the live one was 3.0.2
07:05.34LucidFoxI think that for now, {{Removedwithcataclysm}} should be future tense
07:05.34DottedLucidFox meant:
07:05.40LucidFox"will be removed with Cataclysm"
07:06.05g0urrawhy not
07:06.13g0urra"Category:Removed in Cataclysm"
07:06.27g0urrato be consistent with "Category:Removed in patch x"
07:06.31g0urrano u!
07:06.36CooobraI believe I wasn't thinking when I made them
07:06.40LucidFoxhey, I didn't make that template
07:07.10Sky2042_afkLame icon is lame.
07:07.47Cooobrawhat icon
07:07.59Sky2042_afkon removedincataclysm
07:08.09Sky2042_afkEr, with*
07:08.42CooobraYea... I was going to make the template more... unique, but never got back to it
07:09.01CooobraWhats there now, was just a placeholder
07:09.57LucidFoxOkay, <-- changed the wording and icon, how does this look?
07:10.44g0urranaw, make it a deathwing face with joker makeup
07:10.47g0urraand "Why so serious?"
07:11.09g0urraor boxxy with "You's trollin!"
07:11.22Sky2042_afkOh jesus, we don't need the 4channers coming after us.
07:12.14g0urrawell Deathwing with joker makeup then
07:12.19Sky2042_afkAlso, I feel the need to trollface.jpg for the edit I just made to {{Stub/Cataclysm}}
07:12.19DottedSky2042_afk meant:
07:13.08g0urraI had to google that
07:14.45g0urrafires up PhotoShop
07:15.18Cooobralooks around for Fisker
07:15.29CooobraOh well, guess he doesn't want a beta key
07:15.46g0urraoh you got 2 keys too?
07:16.26Cooobraguess, I just give the other one to Roland
07:16.48g0urraand Baggins
07:16.59Sky2042_afkWait, how do you guys have keys?...
07:17.15Sky2042_afkOr do you not?
07:17.20CooobraKirkburn just emailed us
07:17.26g0urraIM NOT TROLLING
07:17.32g0urraIM G0URROXXY YOU SEE
07:17.37Fiskerhey g0urra
07:17.41LucidFox <-- Okay, how does this look?
07:17.42FiskerYOU SEE?
07:17.43Sky2042_afkYup, g0urra's trolling.
07:17.53FiskerCooobra you can't troll me
07:17.59FiskerBeta keys do not exist
07:18.00Cooobradang it Fisker, you just missed it
07:18.06Fiskerno i didn't
07:18.07Sky2042_afkLikelihood of Cooobra trolling is high as well.
07:18.12g0urraoh wait, just checked my mail
07:18.15FiskerThe UI does not support adding cataclysm keys
07:18.21Fiskerbecause there are no beta keys
07:18.23*** join/#wowwiki Vilkku (
07:18.41Cooobrayou're right... I got a beta keycard
07:18.59Fiskeryou've already been proven wrong
07:19.05Fiskerno reason to change the story
07:19.10Fiskeralready know you're trolling me
07:19.31Cooobraoh yea... I'll put [[category:Cataclysm beta testers]] on my page
07:19.31DottedCooobra meant:
07:19.52CooobraNow you'll never know
07:19.59FiskerQQ Cooobra
07:21.10CooobraHey hey hey.... hey... is that night elf ghost still hanging about the single house
07:21.14Fiskerjerkburn isn't even online either
07:21.16Fiskerso fooled again
07:21.38Cooobratimestamp on email is one hour ago
07:21.57LucidFoxSky2042_afk> So what about the removal of {{cata-section}}?
07:21.57DottedLucidFox meant:
07:22.17Cooobraremoval from what
07:22.19Sky2042_afkLucidFox: English please.
07:22.25Fiskerif it even was true, kirkburn must've left very clear instructions to not give it to me Cooobra
07:22.39LucidFoxWell, I saw you removing Cata-section from some articles' Cataclysm sections
07:22.45Sky2042_afkJust one.
07:23.25Sky2042_afkLucidFox: That said,
07:23.47CooobraWhy is Western TG removed in cata.... when it never existed
07:24.00Sky2042_afkCooobra: :3
07:24.11LucidFoxWell, it was a patch of unimplemented land
07:24.34LucidFoxflattened terrain and unfinished textures
07:24.48LucidFoxas of, it still is if you fly over it, but is replaced by mountains on the world map
07:25.22LucidFoxwhereas before that it was an inaccessible valley on the world map
07:26.02CooobraSounds like it could be noted in the main article of Tirisfal Glades, if anything
07:26.43Cooobrahey hey hey... hey ehey, is that dwaren farm in the highlands have a named subzone yet?
07:26.51LucidFoxHaven't checked yet
07:26.54LucidFoxI will today :)
07:27.05LucidFox[[Ironforge Airfield]] *is* a named subzone now
07:27.06DottedLucidFox meant:
07:27.15LucidFoxNewman's Landing still isn't
07:27.16Cooobraaye I saw that
07:27.18g0urraso Sky2042_afk
07:27.20g0urrawhy so srs
07:27.59g0urradeathwing is supr srs
07:28.28LucidFoxmaybe we could also have a crossed C icon for subzones removed in Cata?
07:28.45Cooobraomg gourra
07:29.02Sky2042_afkLucidFox: Too much, imo.
07:29.14Cooobrathe joker deathwing
07:29.16g0urraI guess I could write
07:29.21g0urra"why so serious" too
07:29.56Cooobracould just simply do (removed) next to the subzone
07:30.26LucidFoxWas Shatterspear Village ever actually named? It's called Shatterspear Vale now, so we could just move it there like the airfield
07:30.26Cooobraor TBR
07:30.35LucidFoxBloody TLAs :)
07:30.58Cooobraor RIC
07:31.02Cooobraor RWC
07:31.15Cooobraor GS
07:31.38LucidFox(Given that it's a closed zone pre-Cataclysm, you wouldn't be able to read the old name by official in-game means anyway... hmm...)
07:33.14LucidFoxCoobra> GS?
07:33.23Cooobragone soon =P
07:34.45g0urra"Category:Pwn'd by Deathwing"
07:34.47g0urra 2.0
07:35.06LucidFoxHow do we handle Darkwhisper Gorge moving from Winterspring to Hyjal?
07:35.34g0urrasection that says it was moved from Winterspring to Hyjal in cataclysm
07:35.51CooobraI think he means template wise
07:36.06g0urraholy shit
07:36.20g0urrathe amount of females who actually talk here has increased by like
07:36.22LucidFoxSo, do we slap both templates onto it for now?
07:36.58g0urrawell, I guess you could, but make it doc= on Hyjal
07:37.23LucidFox200%? It was half a person before? :)
07:37.39g0urrawell there was this Ressy person too
07:37.50CooobraRessy is a she too?
07:38.14Sky2042_afk[[WC3 icons/Library]] is choking AWB D:
07:38.14DottedSky2042_afk meant:
07:38.51g0urrawhy so serious Sky2042_afk
07:39.00LucidFoxSo, applying the changes to {{Darkshore}} to other templates in a similar way: yay or nay?
07:39.00DottedLucidFox meant:
07:39.33Sky2042_afkLucidFox: Do it.
07:39.48Sky2042_afkLucidFox: Though you're going to hit a snag with the Barrens and STV.
07:40.03LucidFoxBarrens I can understand, but why STV?
07:40.10Sky2042_afkThat is apparently also split?
07:40.12Cooobrasomeone already made a {{Southern Barrens}}
07:40.12DottedCooobra meant:
07:40.24Sky2042_afkwoo \o/
07:40.49Cooobrathey found STV too big, went from 30 to 50
07:41.09Fiskerlet me show something that's too big too
07:41.21Fiskertoo late Sky2042_afk
07:41.21LucidFoxOkay, for the special case of the Barrens, my proposal is to make also {{Northern Barrens}}, have them both without any Cata icons, and slap one of them onto articles alongside the current {{Barrens}}
07:41.22DottedLucidFox meant:,
07:41.25CooobraI expect to find the tel abim island
07:41.48Sky2042_afkLucidFox: Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
07:41.55Cooobrais the barrens now named Northern barrens?
07:41.58Fiskerwhat do you think Blizzard will do with BE/Draenei starting zones btw?
07:42.05Sky2042_afkMaybe {{cata-inline}} or {{c-inline}} in the title of the templates.
07:42.06DottedSky2042_afk meant:,
07:42.13Cooobrathey won't touch them
07:42.19Fiskeri disagree Cooobra
07:42.20Sky2042_afkToo new.
07:42.28Cooobraand already flight capable
07:42.38FiskerDraenei may be
07:42.57Cooobrafor the most part
07:42.57FiskerBut silvermoon makes use of the same fake 3D effects because they knew people wouldn't be flying there either
07:43.18Fiskerand IQD is just fucked up a lot with the whole outdoors SWP thing
07:43.37FiskerBut i think they should integrate both areas into the standard area
07:43.51Fiskerwould feel kind of a downer to have a zone change portal
07:43.52Cooobrathey might finish the stuff... but I doubt we'll see Cataclysmic changes
07:43.54Fiskerand possibly even no flying
07:44.28Fiskerit's a major boner killer to be flying north of EPL and then hitting an invisible wall
07:44.34Cooobrawell.. least BEs can still fly to their places.. even if through a portal... alliance still have to take a ship
07:44.56Fiskerblame Zul'Aman
07:45.05Fiskeryou're not deathwing at all g0urra
07:45.14Fiskerbut that's another great thing
07:45.33Fiskerthey could just put some FP's from Exodar to Darkshore and teldrassil
07:45.55Cooobraweren't they getting a teleporting device
07:45.59g0urrawell, it's a product of me being terribly bored at work
07:46.06Fiskerinfact given that they're going totally bananas on FP's it's kinda silly to see that both Silvermoon and Exodar be "sub-par" in that regard :P
07:46.17*** topic/#wowwiki by ChanServ -> Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | Cataclysm beta announced! |
07:46.39CooobraI'll just be hanging out at Gallyxia pleasure palace
07:47.40Fiskerthe entrance fee is getting me into the beta Cooobra
07:47.45Fiskersucks to be you
07:48.18g0urradeathwing wants a word with you
07:48.27Fiskerold g0urra
07:48.46CooobraIf we could just turn the bridge.. we could visit the rest of Undermine... [[File:WorldMap-Kezan.jpg]]
07:48.46DottedCooobra meant:
07:49.18*** join/#wowwiki Ward (
07:49.18Fiskeri don't get it
07:49.29Cooobrathe highway
07:49.31g0urraand you never will Fisker
07:49.42Fiskeroh but i will g0urra
07:49.55g0urrano you won't
07:50.01Cooobraand deathwing will give it to him
07:50.04g0urrayou were pwn'd by deathwing
07:50.12g0urrahe's super serious
07:50.13Fiskeryou mean the mushroom thingy with a road under it Cooobra ?
07:50.23Fiskerwe pwnt halion last night
07:50.34Fiskerjust get a flying mount Cooobra
07:50.44Cooobranot at level 5
07:50.55Fiskervisit it with a level 85
07:51.27Cooobrabut but but.... flight over water is not allowed
07:51.36Cooobrawe'll magically get tired
07:51.44Fiskerundermine doesn't exist
07:51.49Fiskerwhat's your point?
07:51.53Wardfisker, my guild got realm first 10 man :D
07:51.53Cooobrayou don't exist
07:52.21Fiskerwell our servers were crashing for like 4 hours straight
07:52.26Wardso were ours
07:52.27Fiskerso we got him with 15 minutes to spare
07:52.34Wardwe got it 1 hour after the server became stable
07:52.45Fiskerwe got it while the server was unstable :D
07:52.54Fiskersomeone got disconnected in melee
07:53.01Fiskershadow debuff thingy
07:53.07Fiskeralmost wipe
07:53.08Wardwell we couldn't get enough people logged in before the server became stable
07:53.13g0urrawhy so deathwing Sky2042_afk?
07:53.15Wardwe spent longer on trash than we did on Halion
07:53.18Ward3 tries and it was down
07:53.20Fiskerwell i was having sex with a goat
07:53.22Sky2042_afkg0urra: Go fix [[File:Avatar.jpg]]
07:53.22DottedSky2042_afk meant:
07:53.25Fiskerwhile we were killing him
07:53.27Wardand the first try we didn't grasp the tactics at all
07:53.28Sky2042_afkMake yourself useful.
07:53.43Fiskerwe didn't even know what the tactics were
07:53.51Fiskeralso we are all handicapped without hands
07:53.54Fiskerso we used our nose
07:54.17Fiskerturns this into a huge pissing contest
07:54.21Wardwe don't have noses, we have to tell our pet chimpasees what buttons to press
07:54.24Fiskeralso this was 25 man
07:54.34Wardwe did 40 man
07:54.46Fiskerin a 10-man raid
07:54.51Fiskerwe did it 10 man in a 25-man raid
07:54.55g0urraSky2042_afk: why so Dalronn?
07:55.02CooobraNubs... screw killing Halion.. I tamed him, now i has awesome mount
07:55.09Sky2042_afklol Cooobra
07:55.31Fiskerdon't you think this pissing contest is worthy
07:55.39FiskerOF BETA ACCESS
07:56.09Sky2042_afklol, Fisker's being a troll.
07:56.12Sky2042_afkOh wait, that's normal.
07:56.28CooobraWonder how they explain why the Magram tribe moved in Desolace...
07:56.38Fiskerindeed Sky2042_afk
07:56.46FiskerCooobra i would've moved from that dump in a heartbeat
07:56.48WardCooobra, well the entire zone changed
07:56.55Wardthey probably saw a nicer bit of land
07:56.56Fiskerthe only thing hard to explain would be why it took them 5 years
07:56.57Wardand took it
07:57.14Wardtechnically it didn't
07:57.18Cooobrabut there was another tribe where they're moving
07:57.26Wardthe current magram are a "moment in time" in vanilla
07:57.28Ward5 years ago
07:57.41WardBlizzard could say then moved 3 years ago
07:57.49Fiskerread up
07:57.52Wardcause time doesn't move forward without content
07:57.55FiskerSky2042_afk offers some excellent advice
07:58.10CooobraWell... 5years sure... but draenei just arrived 3months ago still =P
07:58.23Sky2042_afkwonders how I have advised anyone here...
07:58.46Fisker[09:56:14] <Sky2042_afk> lol, Fisker's being a troll.
08:03.09CooobraNeutral port is neutral
08:05.06CooobraLeast Camo is better than when they first gave the idea of it....
08:09.11LucidFoxI like the irony of a subzone named "The Secret Lab"
08:09.29Cooobrashush... its a secret
08:09.30LucidFox"Now known as the Not-So-Secret-Anymore Lab"
08:09.55*** join/#wowwiki harl (
08:10.13Cooobraany new neutral goblin towns... like Z4
08:10.45Sky2042_afkhello harl! Welcome to the madness of WoWWiki IRC!
08:11.15Cooobramadness? THIS IS WOWWIKI
08:12.57Cooobrawell thats my cue to go to sleep
08:13.15LucidFoxSo, the goblin PCs are slaveowners?
08:13.56CooobraI prefer the word, non-volunterers
08:14.23LucidFoxYou know what I don't like with the goblin and worgen starting quests, at least from what I know so far?
08:14.32LucidFoxthat they rigidly decide your PC's backstory
08:14.42Cooobra*****SPOILER ALERT******
08:14.46LucidFoxI can't see how this is going to seat well with roleplayers
08:14.57LucidFoxI'm not posting spoilers :)
08:15.03Cooobradid the same with DKs
08:15.21LucidFoxWith DKs there is a lot of leeway
08:15.39Cooobralies, you tell you know that person
08:15.49LucidFoxah that
08:15.53g0urraslaps Sky2042_afk
08:16.02Sky2042_afkwonders why he's being slapped.
08:16.02LucidFoxwell, it's just one quest and people generally ignore it
08:16.06g0urraslaps Sky2042_afk
08:16.10g0urraslaps Sky2042_afk
08:16.16g0urra<Starnes2> User [[User:WoWWiki-Skyfire]] Possible gibberish? [[Talk:Blood knight/Analysis]] (+2402) Diff: "clean up, replaced: {{User:Zeal/Sig}} → {{subst:User:Zeal/Sig}} (3), Added missing comments section header"
08:16.16Dottedg0urra meant:,,,
08:16.20g0urra<Starnes2> User [[User:WoWWiki-Skyfire]] Possible gibberish? [[Talk:C'Thun]] (+3184) Diff: "clean up, replaced: {{User:Zeal/Sig}} → {{subst:User:Zeal/Sig}} (4)"
08:16.20Dottedg0urra meant:,'Thun,,
08:16.26LucidFoxbut other than that, you're free to choose what you did before death and Acherus.
08:16.34Sky2042_afkg0urra: THE POWER OF MAI BAWT!
08:16.42Fiskerslaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
08:16.58LucidFoxThe goblin and worgen quests are... very specific about who your character is and who their friends among lore characters are
08:17.37Cooobraoh that reminds me.... like WTF... I can fish in lava in OS, but theres no fish in the lake within RS ><
08:17.44g0urraoh ffs
08:17.52g0urrabot edits gets in #cvn-wikia-wowwiki
08:18.06Sky2042_afkNot my fault.
08:18.10g0urrayes it is
08:18.18g0urrawhy do you subst anyway
08:18.18Sky2042_afkTell Starnes not to care about bot edits.
08:18.31Sky2042_afkI'm substing them so I don't have to delete the template with Zeal coming and crying to me.
08:18.47g0urrawhy delete it anyway
08:19.19Sky2042_afkWell, I'm not. I'm moving it around in his userspace, and the only conceivable reason I can see that he still has them is because they're linked in so many places.
08:19.33Sky2042_afkOoh, speaking of which, time to go subst T:Welcome as well.
08:19.45Sky2042_afkhas them at those locations*
08:21.44Fiskerslaps g0urra around a bit with a large trout
08:21.52Sky2042_afkOnly 7 pages left.
08:24.08LucidFoxI wonder
08:24.19LucidFoxShould Ironforge Airfield be prefixed with (C) on the subzone template?
08:24.57LucidFoxIt was always there, just unnamed and (officially) inaccessible before Cataclysm
08:27.20Sky2042_afkoh, lol, way to go me!
08:27.31Sky2042_afkI just substed all those <imagelink>s :D
08:31.48Sky2042_afkwell, crap.
08:33.06Sky2042_afkkills Fisker.
08:46.21LucidFoxIn the goblin starting experience, you have an NPC girlfriend, right?
08:49.31g0urrasuddenly, thousand of nerds cried in joy at the thought of having a girlfriend
08:49.39g0urrathen were silenced as it was a goblin
08:49.46LucidFoxUgh, g0urra
08:50.02LucidFoxNow you're making me rethink my decision to stay here
08:50.09LucidFoxSo I was wondering, what if your character is female?
08:50.45g0urraI guess you have an NPC boyfriend then?
08:51.01Sky2042_afkGOBLIN LESBIANISM!
08:51.21LucidFoxSky2042_afk> Sadly, I doubt Blizzard would go that far
08:52.08LucidFoxMind you, I *would* like to see openly homosexual characters in Warcraft, but while boldly striving in some directions, Blizzard is too afraid to rock the boat in others
08:54.19Sky2042_afk[[Special:Categories]] is a little cleaner]]
08:54.20DottedSky2042_afk meant:
08:54.55LucidFoxWrath gave us hints (Asric/Jadaar and the more explicit Sweetspring/Amberline), TBC and vanilla gave us... nothing.
08:58.35Sky2042_afkYou know, I don't click the 'new tab' button, the 'back' button, _or_ the 'refresh' button in Firefox.
08:58.40Sky2042_afkI use all hotkeys for those 3. :|
08:59.04Sky2042_afkProbably the consequence of a laptop?
09:00.05g0urra..probably not
09:00.15g0urraI've been using hotkeys for ages
09:00.30g0urrasaves me having to move around my hands
09:03.35*** join/#wowwiki airtonix (~airtonix@unaffiliated/airtonix)
09:17.48*** join/#wowwiki airtonix (~airtonix@unaffiliated/airtonix)
09:31.49g0urrasigh, my bot isn't marked as a bot
09:38.29Fiskeri'm very sick
09:38.35g0urrano beta for you
09:38.43Fiskervery very sick
09:39.44g0urrano beta for you
09:40.14Fiskerextraordinarily very very sick
09:40.17g0urrano beta for you
09:41.00Fiskerexceptionally extraordinarily very very sick
09:41.29g0urrano beta for you
09:42.03Fiskervery exceptionally extraordinarily very very sick
09:42.26g0urrano beta for you
09:42.50*** join/#wowwiki Alram (
09:43.59Fiskeri'm dying
09:44.02g0urrano beta for you
09:46.22g0urrasorry can't talk, busy with beta
09:47.19Fiskeri hate you
09:48.41Wardanyone have a good tip on how to get into the beta?
09:48.58WardI even sent in some stuff for that guild beta contest thing but no luck
09:53.16g0urrabe pro
09:53.17g0urralike me
09:55.55Fiskerman i fart a lot g0urra
09:56.04Fiskerwould be a shame if i installed a tube in my ass going to your house
09:58.04Fiskerold g0urra
09:58.23Fiskeralso don't use wowwiki for your personal webhost
09:59.49g0urraalso beta
10:01.14Wardg0urra, you know what would piss Fisker off greatly
10:01.21Wardif you'd hook me up with beta
10:32.44Fiskeri'm a very sick individual
10:35.06*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
10:35.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
10:35.12Fiskeri'm sic
10:40.43Eraclitohere's a giant suppository for you, Fisker
10:41.34foxlitI'm injured, Fisker/
10:42.50foxlitwhich is making it surprisingly inconvenient to type things.
10:43.11Fiskerso you can't play the cataclysm beta?
10:43.12Fiskerwhat a shame
10:43.16Fiskermaybe i can take it off your hands
10:45.09foxlitIt's bind on pickup, I'm afraid.
10:45.12Fiskeri should've updated my system specs to include my GTX480
10:45.21Fiskeryeah foxlit
10:45.26Fiskerand you haven't picked it up yet of course
10:45.33Fiskerbecause doing so would be very selfish
10:45.52Fiskerwhen there are able-bodied people elsewhere more than capable of performing the tasks of a beta
10:47.42Fiskerisn't that right foxlit ?
10:48.08foxlitI rationalize it by thinking of the beta forums.
10:48.27Fiskerhow very selfish of you :(
10:48.31foxlitThe longer they remain Fisker-free, the longer beta testing might actually go on.
10:49.08*** join/#wowwiki Kazie (Kazie@
10:49.27Fiskerwell you would of course know, if you had attended the other betas, that the beta forums are infact useless
10:50.15Fiskerwe all know that whatever is posted on the EU beta forums never actually reaches the US developement, design or even QA team
10:56.02Fiskerso foxlit
10:56.08Fiskerdid you change your mind?
10:57.57Fiskeroh my god
10:58.10Fiskeromg foxlit
10:58.32Fiskerthey actually gave a shit this time around and they let us use the US forums
10:58.49Fiskerthough i'm afraid that's probably more due to technical reasons than anything else
10:58.55Fiskerbut whatever, this is awesome
11:26.49Fiskeryou've made yourself a powerful enemy today, foxlit
11:29.01foxlita powerful enemy without beta access, Fisker?
11:33.41foxlitHm, we have a pre {overflow: scroll} somewhere
11:34.02foxlitCan't find where, though :/
11:36.23Fiskeri will get it soon enough foxlit
11:50.09*** join/#wowwiki Gunrun (~gunrun247@
11:53.23*** join/#wowwiki Dragoon_Jett (
12:56.36*** join/#wowwiki Eraclito (
13:23.03*** join/#wowwiki Kraps (
13:28.18*** join/#wowwiki eith (
13:38.04*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (~g0urra@wowwiki/g0urra)
13:38.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+o g0urra] by ChanServ
13:52.57*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
13:52.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
14:02.12*** join/#wowwiki jacobeiting (
14:22.02*** join/#wowwiki Ressy (
14:23.25*** join/#wowwiki jacobeiting (
14:59.55*** join/#wowwiki mystadio (
15:14.15*** join/#wowwiki VCH (
15:16.58*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
15:16.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
15:28.57Dottedi see beta Fisker
15:36.06*** join/#wowwiki jacobeiting_ (
15:49.58*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
16:00.21fbxxklThats very odd.  I am getting insufficiant processor speed errors when I try to install WoW on ubuntu..
16:09.27*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
16:09.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
16:11.33*** join/#wowwiki Ressolute (
16:31.40*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
16:31.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
16:52.59*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
16:52.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
17:12.17*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
17:12.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
17:36.01*** join/#wowwiki jacobeiting (
17:42.15*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (~Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
17:46.21*** join/#wowwiki sannse (~sannse@wikia/pdpc.professional.sannse)
17:46.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v sannse] by ChanServ
17:58.46Ressylawl.  LostIsles crashed
18:02.35kd3ya, saw that. 15->5->0:05->splat
18:02.45Sky2042_afktehehehe, splat
18:05.29*** join/#wowwiki Eraclito (
18:05.38*** join/#wowwiki Kaesemuffin (
18:07.33*** join/#wowwiki Drazisil (
18:17.07g0urrawhy so deathwing Sky2042_afk?
18:19.51Sky2042_afkg0urra: SPLAT
18:35.51*** join/#wowwiki tekkub (~tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
18:35.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o tekkub] by ChanServ
18:43.44*** part/#wowwiki sannse (~sannse@wikia/pdpc.professional.sannse)
18:44.28*** join/#wowwiki Srosh_ (
18:58.29*** join/#wowwiki MrAnger_ (
19:02.55*** join/#wowwiki MrAnger (
19:17.27*** join/#wowwiki Bry-Dog (
19:22.22*** join/#wowwiki Kivnel (
19:24.18foxlit"we recommend you to continue viewing Wikia at its best!"
19:24.45foxlitI want an option to block all messages from @wikia people
19:36.51Sky2042_afkfoxlit: :D
19:43.01*** join/#wowwiki Cooobra (~Cooobra@
19:43.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cooobra] by ChanServ
19:48.35*** join/#wowwiki crucially (~sky@wikia/crucially)
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19:54.45*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
19:54.45*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
20:16.38CooobraWith Garrosh getting that ugly new self model.... wonder if all the orcs in Nagrand will look ... similar
20:35.01*** join/#wowwiki Eluna (~Eluna@
20:43.08*** join/#wowwiki Ose (~chatzilla@wikia/vstf/Ose)
20:43.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Ose] by ChanServ
20:46.11g0urrafacepalms at google
20:46.18g0urrasearched for "why does africans have dark skin?"
20:46.32g0urragoogle asks: "did you mean: why does americans have dark skin?"
20:47.42Sky2042_afkmelatonin, fool.
20:48.42g0urrawell duh I know that now
20:55.59Fiskerso Cooobra
20:56.15Cooobrano key for joo Fisker
20:56.22Fiskerno key for anybody infact
20:56.57XSlicerI got, oho
20:58.03g0urraI got, hoho
20:58.49Sky2042_afkI'm tempted to kick you people if you don't knock it off. Gloat when you have a key, kthx.
20:58.53Fiskerno g0urra
20:58.56Fiskerno Sky2042_afk
20:59.28g0urraaw Sky2042_afk :<
20:59.41g0urrabtw Sky2042_afk
20:59.45g0urrawhy aren't you in the category
21:00.06Sky2042_afkBecause I don't have a key. Hrrr. I'm || this close to kicking you.
21:01.29CooobraI has a Wotlk key
21:01.38g0urraaw I thought you had one Sky2042_afk
21:01.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
21:02.05*** kick/#wowwiki [g0urra!~Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno] by Sky2042_afk (Knock it off.)
21:02.06*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (~g0urra@wowwiki/g0urra)
21:02.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o g0urra] by ChanServ
21:02.19Fiskerno Cooobra
21:02.25*** mode/#wowwiki [-o Sky2042_afk] by Sky2042_afk
21:02.52Fiskerno Sky2042_afk
21:03.00Sky2042_afkI'll kick you too.
21:07.39Fiskerno Sky2042_afk
21:07.41Fiskeryou will not
21:07.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
21:07.56*** kick/#wowwiki [Fisker!~Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno] by Sky2042_afk (Yes, I will.)
21:07.59*** join/#wowwiki Fisker (
21:08.06Fiskerunfortunately you can't
21:09.21airtonixfisker is like a shadow...
21:09.36airtonixonly way you can get rid of him is turn out the lights
21:09.46airtonixthen the gremlins get you
21:11.13Fisker <-great
21:11.16*** join/#wowwiki Kaesemuffin (
21:11.19Fiskerso there's 2 penises in wrath so far
21:18.58ElunaAnyone else having problems downloading the beta client from Blizzard..
21:19.03ElunaCan't seem to start the thing..
21:22.29Fiskerif you give me your login i can verify the issue
21:23.45FiskerWHY DIDN'T IT WORK?!
21:41.59XSlicerHow many patches are there so far?
21:43.34XSlicerIm currently at the 4th,
21:44.17Sky2042_afkpcj: What would be a correct regex fragment to catch "[URL="
21:52.11Ose\[URL= I would think
21:52.21Ose[ is a special character but = is not
21:52.30Sky2042_afkI'll try again then.
21:55.52Sky2042_afkpokes g0urra or Cooobra.
21:56.27Sky2042_afkor Ose. you available for about 2 seconds?
21:56.48Sky2042_afkpcj: Trying to remove a link from [[User:Mikk/Scripts]]
21:56.48DottedSky2042_afk meant:
21:57.57Sky2042_afkpings a few more in the channel.
22:03.17Sky2042_afkis feeling helpless.
22:03.25OseSky2042_afk: I know only very basic regex. you could try #regex (or possibly ##regex)
22:04.17Sky2042_afkOse: Can you try editing the above link and removing [[WoWWiki:RC]] and [[WoWWiki:RC/Skip]]? I haven't been able to.
22:04.17DottedSky2042_afk meant:,
22:04.53Osecan try
22:05.29Sky2042_afkThat's all I need atm.
22:08.34Osewon't that break a lot of stuff?
22:08.43OseI mean, it will leave a lot of holes
22:09.31Sky2042_afkOse: ?
22:09.40Sky2042_afkIt's only linked once a piece.
22:13.21OseSky2042_afk: do you just mean like this ?
22:13.46Osewhy couldn't you do that?
22:14.42Sky2042_afkI don't know. :|
22:14.42Sky2042_afkThis is the second time I've had the problem.
22:14.43Sky2042_afkCaching or something, on my end, likely.
22:17.22*** join/#wowwiki jeavis (~Joey@wikia/vstf/countervandalism.user.Joeyaa)
22:17.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v jeavis] by ChanServ
22:22.53*** join/#wowwiki jeavis (~Joey@wikia/vstf/countervandalism.user.Joeyaa)
22:22.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+v jeavis] by ChanServ
22:28.02Sky2042_afkCooobra: Ok, so part of the confusion I'm having right now is the wording on the categories.
22:28.39Sky2042_afkC:QGivers and enders seems to indicate that it is for all NPCs which have both quests to end and to begin, even if they aren't the same quest.
22:29.23*** join/#wowwiki Del (
22:29.37Osebah, when will you guys start using SMW
22:30.24Sky2042_afkOse: When they turn it on. It's been sitting on [[WW:SR]] for about 2 years now. -.-
22:30.24DottedSky2042_afk meant:
22:30.51Oseyou're supposed to use [[Special:Contact]]
22:30.51DottedOse meant:
22:30.57Oseor nag kb
22:31.15Sky2042_afkOse: That's always where we've put our requests. :|
22:31.20Sky2042_afkBut I'll go nag.
22:31.24Sky2042_afkIn the near future.
22:31.45OseSky2042_afk: but apparently wikia forgot the page existed
22:32.04Sky2042_afkOse: Or didn't care for it to begin with. -_-
22:34.02*** join/#wowwiki jacobeiting (
22:38.19*** join/#wowwiki Ose (~chatzilla@wikia/vstf/Ose)
22:38.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Ose] by ChanServ
22:39.17Sky2042_afkNETSPLIT! WHEE
22:39.34*** join/#wowwiki jeavis (~Joey@wikia/vstf/countervandalism.user.Joeyaa)
22:39.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v jeavis] by ChanServ
22:41.33*** join/#wowwiki sikk (
22:41.34*** join/#wowwiki Gnarfoz (smallbrain@WoWUIDev/WowAce/Gnarfoz)
22:41.34*** join/#wowwiki nms (
22:41.34*** join/#wowwiki Bry-Dog (
22:41.34*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (~Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
22:41.34*** join/#wowwiki Gunrun (~gunrun247@
22:41.34*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
22:41.34*** join/#wowwiki radix (
22:41.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+oo Sky2042_afk foxlit] by
22:42.00*** mode/#wowwiki [-o Sky2042_afk] by Sky2042_afk
22:50.51pcjactually yeah i just asked them to turn variablesextension on and they did
22:52.24Sky2042I noticed you make that change.
22:52.42pcjits always good to be noticed
22:53.03Sky2042I would think on a wiki, it's a bad thing to be noticed.
22:53.24pcjwhy would you think that
22:54.00Sky2042Eh, you do good work, you don't get noticed.
22:54.11Sky2042mehs again.
22:54.29pcj*cough* barnstar *cough*
22:55.01Sky2042I'm not a barnstar kind of person.
22:55.24pcjThat doesn't mean good contributors don't get noticed
22:55.41pcji will say it's easier to recognize bad contributors
22:56.49jeavisHuman nature
23:01.14Sky2042someone explain why
23:01.30Sky2042And it seems to be missing edits.
23:01.51CooobraExplain not I can
23:01.57Sky2042moves back to user's archive.
23:02.35pcjdeletion logs probably got erased
23:03.17pcjjumps from 106k to 18k though lol
23:03.25pcjin a day :S
23:03.26Sky2042it's an exact copy of [[usertalk:ClydeJr]]
23:03.27DottedSky2042 meant:
23:03.41Sky2042AWB fucked up it looks like.
23:04.01Sky2042Meh, I'll fix it.
23:05.01Osepcj: were you discussing SMW during the netsplit?
23:05.36pcjyou missed my brilliant discussion points?
23:05.43pcjdang it
23:06.45Sky2042Not sure if serious.
23:10.31pcjhow do i do a hard space in a template
23:10.43pcj{{#if:{{{1|}}}| asdf}}
23:10.43Dottedpcj meant:{1|
23:10.51pcjwhere the space before asdf doesn't disappear
23:11.01Sky2042See {{Ref game}}
23:11.01DottedSky2042 meant:
23:11.11Sky2042There's a hard whitespace character or two in there.
23:11.21Sky2042Or harder, anyway.
23:13.01pcji need something that will work in a file name
23:13.41Sky2042Use an underscore then.
23:13.52Sky2042I live to serve.
23:14.17pcjok phasing works now
23:14.35pcjnow i get to document it!
23:25.45Ose[00:32]<Sky2042_afk>Ose: Or didn't care for it to begin with. -_-
23:25.47Ose[00:38]<Sky2042_afk>NETSPLIT! WHEE
23:25.50Ose[00:50]<pcj>actually yeah i just asked them to turn variablesextension on and they did
23:26.05pcjnice quoting
23:26.10Ose(minus join/quit/rights log, that was all I saw)
23:26.19Osein that period
23:26.52Sky2042That is nice quoting, actually.
23:27.08Sky2042Chatzilla! \o/
23:33.54Osedid you guys hide the monao userpage followed pages sidebar thing and not make the rest of the page 100% width again?
23:35.06Sky2042Wasn't me.
23:35.10Sky2042I use wowwiki.css!
23:35.11Sky2042Go me!
23:35.20pcji use wowwiki too but it showed up on wowwiki so i just hid it
23:35.25pcjit looks fine though
23:35.52Ose[[User:Kirkburn]] has a big ugly margin for me
23:35.53DottedOse meant:
23:36.24pcjnot me
23:36.31Ose[01:10]<pcj>{{#if:{{{1|}}}| asdf}}
23:36.32DottedOse meant:{1|
23:36.34Ose[01:10]<Dotted>pcj meant:{1|
23:37.03*** join/#wowwiki Dragoon_Jett (
23:37.03Osethe bot guy in #sporewiki made his version of the linkbot not do ^long ago
23:37.12Osedotted update your scripts
23:39.22Sky2042You know what I find hilarious.
23:39.34Cooobraare there not any new motes for cata? just the volatiles?
23:39.45Sky2042Almost every extension that Wikia has made doesn't have a link to the documentation on [[Special:Version]]
23:39.46DottedSky2042 meant:
23:39.53Sky2042Such crap at transparency.
23:40.05OseSky2042: what documentation? :P
23:40.15Sky2042That too.
23:40.52Sky2042"IE6PhaseOut "
23:40.59Sky2042"Shows message for Internet Explorer 6 users"
23:41.06Sky2042l2upgrade, nubs
23:41.27pcjbecause it's all basically implemented through RTE options or otherwise not configurable sky
23:41.49pcjthey figure dumb users don't want to read the manual
23:41.57pcjall of wikia's extensions
23:42.08Sky2042That's still stupid.
23:42.13pcjduh its wikia
23:42.17Sky2042There will be users that want to work on the extensions.
23:43.12Cooobrammm chicken
23:43.33pcjthats what she said
23:45.21Cooobrai just got myself thinking about that southpark ep with the chicken... fuuniest ep ever

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