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00:30.40g0urragotta love articles made from RPG examples..
00:40.03Sandwichman2448So, retcon or no?
00:44.23Sky2042Just on the introduction of the bomb.
00:44.32Sky2042Obviously, the rest of the story fits, aside from that.
00:45.06Sandwichman2448Where should I note the discrepancy?
00:45.16Sky2042Question: In BC, are the naga actually attempting to create a second Well of Eternity?
00:45.46Sky2042I would probably note it in the history of the gnomes.
00:49.59Sandwichman2448Nothing ever said that. Not that I found. The official site says they were doing it to control water supplies.
00:52.30Sky2042i'm yanking that speculation then.
00:52.44Sandwichman2448Whoever controls the water controls Outland!
00:53.45Sky2042Nothing about a Well.
00:54.22Sandwichman2448The quest about the vials just says to take them.
01:02.06Sandwichman2448Ashbear certainly is persistent.
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01:19.32Sandwichman2448 <-- Can anyone reconcile this one?
01:20.10pcji think it's left open on purpose
01:20.22Amarandeman, 22 is one of the best dings one will ever experience.
01:20.24Amarandeif not the best.
01:20.26pcjobviously bolvar's got some story left in him
01:20.27Amarandeat least, in the age of LFD.
01:22.26Sandwichman2448Bolvar + Lich King will go on, but who is the Lich King? Why will Arthas' good side never stay down?
01:23.08pcjfind out next time
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01:30.07Sandwichman2448I mean, they keep killing it, and it still stays around. Then this "The Lich King" guy come out of nowhere. Yogg-Saron fits in there somewhere, but that part was cut due to time, but Blizzard will not just say what we missed.
01:31.39pcjyogg-saron and mal'ganis
01:33.11Sky2042I can't believe Mal'Ganis got shoehorned into such a small role.
01:34.08pcjit's like this whole build-up and mal'ganis got shafted
01:34.21pcjI cringe everytime i see his idea of what the race template should look like
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01:35.59Sandwichman2448So many icons...
01:37.31Sandwichman2448That the pygmies are not just gnomes is alpha info. They were gnomes in the demos.
01:38.59Sandwichman2448I dunno. Zeal and Kirkburn think that info that is disproved by the alpha should be removed, as long as no info is added...
01:44.18Amarandethinks game companies should grow a spine and tell their legal departments to stop being such strangling roots
01:44.34Amarandeinstead they practically let Legal run the company
01:45.29Sandwichman2448That about the NDA?
01:47.59AmarandeSandwich: yeah, that is a comment bashing the institution of NDA :)
01:48.41Amarandealthough there's other things that legal departments keep pushing on the developers that have deleterious effect as well
01:48.42Amarandelike DRM
01:48.49Amarandeand yet, the dev division is made subservient to the legal division
01:49.17Amarande'course, I suppose when you get insufficiently managed devs you get ten years of talk and no walk
01:49.34Amarandeas Duke Nukem Forever slipped into something else that is also abbreviated DNF :P
01:50.34Sandwichman2448I am a firm believer in 'do not disrupt WoWWiki to illustrate a point' (not a policy), but the Volcanoth thing is borderline, so I forced the issue a bit.
01:51.29Sandwichman2448Amarande: Well, what Blizzard says goes.
01:56.24Sandwichman2448Even if we could talk about the info under the NDA, the game is not done yet, so we might have to change things back when the game goes retail.
01:57.20pcjtoo bad it's not like anyone can edit it at any time
01:58.06Sandwichman2448Wait... what?
01:58.26Sandwichman2448Did you just dis my lame support of the NDA?
01:59.04AmarandeSandwich: I'm more thinking that the only part of Blizzard who actually supports the NDA is probably the stodgy suits in Legal :P
01:59.19Amarande(also, yays for getting to use the word 'stodgy' properly.)
02:02.00Sky2042I think we should be thankful at least for legal allowing permission for fansites' use of images from the games...
02:03.40Sandwichman2448venerates Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.’s legal for this beneficence.
02:04.31Sky2042chuckles at Sandwichman2448
02:07.08Sandwichman2448Wikia keeps loggin meh orf.
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02:10.25pcjoh bibi's back on let's stop making fun of his server
02:11.14Sky2042is making fun of Bibi.
02:11.25Bibiis making fun of WoWWiki's ads
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02:12.02Bibialso makes fun of the fact that you were too lazy to go to the press tour, most likely forcing me to link people I don't like.
02:12.10Bibilazy lazy lazy wowwikers.
02:12.19Sky2042Bibi: Lazy, or people with not enough money?
02:12.40Bibilazy people don't work = no money.
02:12.56Sky2042$400 for a round trip ticket two weeks out from Portland OR. I'm sure others would have had higher prices.
02:13.01Sky2042Lol, work.
02:13.20pcjbibi they gave us like two weeks notice
02:13.32pcjit's like oh hey you guys don't have lives right?
02:13.32BibiI'll pay for your next trips in exchange for informations and recording of the guide's lame jokes about MMO-Champion.
02:14.05BibiI sincerely doubt they knew about it before they warned you pcj
02:14.18Sky2042And that would be part of the problem.
02:14.27pcja tour of their offices wouldn't be something they could plan in advance?
02:15.56Bibiof course they could
02:16.09Bibibut I don't think they planned the insane postponing of the beta
02:16.21Bibiand it forced them to ... well, look alive
02:17.26Sky2042Oh, Sandwich.
02:17.38BibiI make awesome sandwiches.
02:17.53Sky2042So does your girlfriend.
02:18.07charitwooh hey its Sky2042
02:18.17Sky2042OHAI ITS CHAIR
02:18.22Bibigirlfriend? I run a WoW website.
02:18.30Sky2042Bibi: Gotta' count for something!
02:18.36pcjwhat is adys then
02:18.46Sky2042high-fives pcj.
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02:50.11Sandwichman2448What? Was that Sandwich directed at me?
02:52.52Amarandegah, what is with the inability of fire mages to solo group quests
02:53.01Amarandeevery other class I've played except priest hasn't had this much trouble
02:54.38Eraclitothe only way a mage can solo group quests in a efficient way, is using mirror image
03:08.56AmarandeErac: mostly I seem to get squished, which doesn't normally happen on my other classes except after a long and protracted battle
03:15.50Eraclitoyeah, mages just cannot tank at all
03:16.16Eraclitomirror image is useful because when the images are out, you don't have any threat on the mobs
03:16.42Eraclitoyou should be able to burn the mob while he kills the images
03:18.19Amarandehow long till I get this piece of lovely?
03:19.33Eraclitoa looong way :> it's the lv80 spell
03:20.06Eraclitoit should be learned way before lv80
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04:03.50Sky2042_afkAmarande: Yeah, that's pretty normal. Even frost mages will have issues.
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14:48.28Fiskeryou made yourself a powerful enemy today
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15:28.15DrazisilAre they any special tricks for using AWB on wowwiki? It returns a list that doesn't seem to match the page.
15:29.02DrazisilI thought I'd try it on Pages that link to "Template:Cite", but the pages it return in the list don't have cites.
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20:23.21Fiskerhvilken kaffe byder du uventede gæster?
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21:33.08charitwostop it Fisker
21:33.27Fiskerhvilken kaffe byder du uventede gæster?
21:33.52Dottedjeg byder ikke kaffe
21:34.27Fiskerdo it
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