IRC log for #wowwiki on 20100612

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00:00.47pcjthat's weird, it works on IE and chrome but not Firefox :\
00:01.03pcjstupid mozilla
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00:06.18kd3it's working ok here?
00:06.28kd3getting called from corejs and all
00:06.37pcjyes i fixed it
00:06.49pcjapparently firefox doesn't like window.onerror being assigned before the DOM is loaded
00:07.36pcjthere fully functional now
01:10.51pcjSky2042: i fixed that quest reward "bug" since if it was happening there it was probably happening worse elsewhere
01:11.41Sky2042pcj: mmhmm
01:11.41pcjfor more info see
01:25.32pcjthere should be a way to tell if a page is in a category
01:31.10Sky2042{{PAGESINCATEGORY:}} I think?
01:31.11DottedSky2042 meant:
01:31.48pcjthat returns the number
01:32.18pcji'm talking like {{#if:{{PAGEISINCATEGORY:{{PAGENAME}}}}|true|false}}
01:32.19Dottedpcj meant:{{PAGENAME
01:33.02Sky2042So you want to get the name of the article?
01:33.27pcjno that was an example
01:33.38pcjtesting if the current page is in a category
01:33.47pcji suppose you would have to reference the category as well
01:33.55pcjmaybe you could just do it for the current page
01:34.04pcjso {{PAGEISINCATEGORY:Guild stubs}}
01:34.05Dottedpcj meant:
01:37.10Sky2042Wait, so give me a hypothetical for what you're looking to do.
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01:38.53pcjwell with guild stubs
01:39.03pcjsay i have the {{Stub/Guild}} template put it in a category
01:39.04Dottedpcj meant:
01:39.21pcjbut i want to put another template elsewhere on the page to detect if the page is in the guild stubs category
01:39.54Sky2042Why do you need a template to detect whether the original template is doing its job...?
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01:40.51pcjwell say stub/guild were rolled into the guild template and it was basically the result of an #if so I don't know for sure that category is on that page
01:41.10pcj(which is not my intent but this is becoming an increasingly hypothetical example)
01:41.24Sky2042Well, what is your exact intent:
01:42.24pcji want to add guild tooltips using {{guildbox}} and just using that have something about it being a guild stub
01:42.25Dottedpcj meant:
01:44.27Sky2042You could probably get the category from javascript, but otherwise, there's nothing in MediaWiki that will do that.
01:44.36Sky2042As in mediawiki magic words.
01:44.56pcjyeah that's what i thought
01:45.43pcjVariablesFunctions would work but meh
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01:46.31Sky2042DPL could probably do it too.
01:47.07pcjhmm i would think variables would be less convoluted
01:47.16Sky2042Oh, certainly.
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02:20.15Amarandedid I ever mention how much I <3 mobs that use rain of fire? :)
02:20.21Amarandeespecially as ranged? :)
02:21.19pcjnot really no
02:21.29Amarandebecause they are *dumb*
02:21.34Amarandeand will stand there casting the entire thing
02:21.40Amarandewhile you run back and pelt them with whatever meanwhile :)
02:21.56Amarandeartificial stupidity ftw :)
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03:44.52pcjcrucially i got the tooltips js to under 4k and put it in common.js
03:44.59pcjso let me know if you see a performance improvement
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12:05.33g0urralol @ mmo-champion
12:05.37g0urra502 bad gateway
12:06.20Bibiok g0urra
12:09.46foxlitIn general, the front page is slower even when it loads.
12:14.05BibiI know ...
12:14.11BibiI'm not in charge of that and can't do anything
12:17.23pcjwell you could move it to phpbb
12:17.30pcjthen you could have a different error
12:18.05foxlitSeems weird to have the forums integrated so tightly into a popular front-page.
12:18.26foxlitBut hey, I'm sure someone will fix caching eventually.
12:19.37Gnarfozpcj: because phpbb is a webserver! :D
12:20.57GnarfozI'm convinced someone who hasn't got any clue about the word "bloat" might actually include a webserver in phpbb
12:24.00Bibiit's NOT a software error
12:24.03Bibithat's the only thing I have to say
12:24.31foxlitYou can say that when it stops responding to ping
12:24.39BibiI mean
12:24.44Bibilet me explain it the other way
12:24.54Bibiyesterday we were down for 10 hours because the hard drive of the SQL server was full
12:24.56Bibiand nobody reacted.
12:25.16pcjoh that's an admin error
12:25.23pcjway to go bibi
12:25.30Bibii'm not the admin
12:25.34BibiI don't have access to the servers
12:25.41Bibiif I had access to them we would never be down more than an hour
12:25.53foxlitStill, the cron job doing rm -fr / should've fixed it.
12:34.17pcjso is the hard drive still full bibi
12:36.34Bibi[14:25:21] <Bibi> I don't have access to the servers
12:37.03pcjwell whats up with the server now though
12:42.37Bibihow am I supposed to know if I can't access them?
12:43.03pcjlucky guess
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14:04.51Fiskeralways bet on duke pcj
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14:39.37DottedBibi my guess would be the vbulletin cms dragging the whole site down
15:15.57Fiskeralways bet on duke
15:17.10Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:17.51Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:18.16Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:18.54Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:19.48Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:19.52Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:19.55Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:20.41Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:20.50Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:20.55Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:21.02Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:21.11Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:21.21Fiskeryou suck
15:22.06Dottedand just as i finish my dry coded auto responder
15:22.18Dottedyou duck Fisker
15:23.17Dotted~say did you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:23.42Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
15:24.11Dottedmy msl skills havent completely rusted yet go me
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18:36.29Fiskerdid you bet on duke Dotted ?
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18:46.59Fiskeryour script sucks
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19:36.40MasterOfDisguiseohai der
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19:46.07g0urra65 left now Sky2042_USA
19:46.34Sky2042_USAg0urra: \o/
19:46.57Sky2042_USASo I'm going to be pushing for something slightly nuts here in the near future on the forum.
19:48.23g0urrahm well, this "temporary" category has been around for over a year
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23:37.55Sandwichman2448grumbles about getting around to things.
23:38.18Sky2042wonders what Sandwichman2448 means.
23:39.33Sandwichman2448does too.
23:42.12Sandwichman2448 <-- Can anyone reconcile that?
23:43.07Sandwichman2448"Retcon" comes to mind.
23:44.54Sky2042Looks like a retcon to me.
23:47.55Sky2042Or maybe not.
23:48.16Sky2042Add the exact passages you're citing there.
23:49.09Sandwichman2448I quoted them. The whole sections?
23:49.42Sky2042Yeah, beneath that set. Or above.
23:51.53Sky2042The bomb is a retcon.
23:51.59Sky2042The rest of it is an elaboration.
23:52.10Sky2042The bomb in MG and APG
23:52.29Sky2042Alternatively, it may just be the rumor that Brann heard.
23:52.38Sky2042Which is why it would be nice to have context.
23:56.29Fiskerslaps Sky2042 around a bit with a large trout
23:56.31Fiskerslaps Sandwichman2448 around a bit with a large trout
23:56.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
23:56.53*** kick/#wowwiki [Fisker!~Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno] by Sky2042 (Here's a larger trout.)
23:56.57*** mode/#wowwiki [-o Sky2042] by Sky2042
23:58.15Sandwichman2448Unless you want more than that.
23:58.26Sandwichman2448Not sure if Brann is telling it.

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