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01:47.22Cooobranow I can see why they don't want us to visit Kezan....
01:47.31Cooobrawhat a dump lol
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04:20.54CooobraLooks like orcs to me
04:22.34pcjcool story
04:25.40pcjbut bibi what about deadwind psas
04:30.11Cooobraits dead
04:31.46pcjwhat about isle of quel'danas then
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04:50.43Eraclitoit's quel
04:53.21Amarandepcj: you're looking at adys's eastern kingdoms map?
04:53.39AmarandeIQD is on the Outland world server, it, Eversong and Ghostlands are not contiguous with the rest of EK
04:53.48Amarandewonders how they'll address that with flying mounts though :S
04:55.25Eraclitoi wonder it too
04:55.35Eraclitothey really should merge'em
04:56.02Eraclitogilneas isn't instanced, there's no reason to keep ghostland on the outland server
04:56.33Amarandewhat's with that big red blast looking thing over stratholme? strat going away in cata, or the non-instanced part NYI?
04:57.14Eraclitoi think is just the non instanced part with the usual flames
04:58.35Eraclitoi'm kinda curious about the dun morogh changes
04:59.19Eraclitonew roads, new mountains, a huge avalanche
04:59.30Amarandewhat's this verdant area in the southwest part of blasted lands?
04:59.41Amarandeand the smoky demony area seems to be gone
04:59.57AmarandeAdys: is Ritual of Doom being added to the trainer in Cata, btw?
05:00.09Amarandesince I seem to remember the tainted scar was a required part for that questline, and now it's going to be gone
05:00.27Adys.. i dont have a warlock :p
05:00.33Adysbut seriously
05:00.43Eraclitoi think they'll add to the trainer everything
05:00.58Eraclitoalso because old darkwhisper gorge is going away, and was important to that questline
05:01.06Eraclito(i helped a warlock friend back in tbc)
05:01.11Adysits not like they'll remove ritual of doom like that and not tell anyone..
05:01.20Eraclito(when two-manning these lv60 demons in two casters were a pain)
05:01.27Amarandedang, it's laggy scrolling through that map at zoomed in res
05:01.30AmarandeI need more RAM :|
05:01.56Amarandewhat's the tiny little island up in the NW of Kalimdor?
05:02.13Eraclitoi think the biggest revelation is that deathwing scar isn't a mountain zone
05:02.21EraclitoAmarande, gm island =P really
05:02.23kd3Amarande, that's gm island
05:03.41Amarandehmm darkwhisper gorge looks like it's still there
05:03.49Amarandeunless it's not changing as drastically as the Tainted Scar, and will have mostly the same geog
05:04.07kd3it's still there, just the twilights own it now, not demons
05:04.20Eraclitoand it's quite different
05:05.32Eraclito(i hope that the zul'gurub walls are just an alpha thing and are going to be straightened)
05:06.53Amarandehm, remind me to only ever make one goblin
05:07.00Amarandeazshara's geography looks just as irritating as ever
05:10.10Amarandewow thousand needles changed ... that dark brown stuff is all underwater now?
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05:10.48Amarandewhat's the lake with the island in the middle of it that's north of dire maul?
05:12.10Jamashis there a page / set of pages on wowwiki that shows where each class's spells come from (ie warcraft 1/2/3, D&D, other RPGs, etc.)?
05:13.53Amarandeuldum looks neat
05:14.01Amarandewill be able to fly over AQ I presume, that sounds fun
05:14.08Eraclito(omg in loch modan there're *roads*... real roads! to follow!)
05:14.19Amarandeespecially if we can get obsidian shards there, since it looks like obsidian shards are showing a resurgence in use according to what I read about ebonsteel
05:14.29AmarandeI still don't know what that lake and island north of dire maul are :S
05:14.48Eraclitostill in alpha i think, borders aren't so sharp
05:15.26Eraclitoalso deathwing draws a penis in badlands, it will be a new meme
05:15.43AmarandeI didn't notice that :S
05:17.34Jamashnoo kargath
05:17.48Eraclitowell kargath isn't fit to be a horde town anymore
05:18.08Eraclitoyou know, kargath actually betrayed the horde in burning crusade
05:18.21Eraclito(kargath bladefist or what was his name)
05:18.49Jamashtrue enough
05:20.07Amarandeso what, there's *no* towns in badlands now?
05:20.13Eraclitothere's a new one
05:20.20Amarandecrap, where are horde supposed to hearth when ...ah
05:20.41Eraclitothe new one looks a lot more badass
05:20.43Amarandewhy did I have to buy the one jar of Tostitos Southwestern Ranch dip that won't open
05:20.54Eraclitowith the metal, built in a mountain, etc
05:21.10Eraclitommh... i think tbc zones will not be flyable
05:21.19Amarandeany classic dungeons that won't be there anymore?
05:21.26Eraclitoghostlands lack like a whole coast
05:21.28AmarandeErac: that would be odd, since outland is flyable
05:21.43Eraclitoyes but eversong and ghostlands aren't fit to fly
05:21.57Eraclitohave you ever seen the east coast of ghostlands?
05:21.59Amarandenor IQD for that matter
05:22.16Eraclitoyou haven't... because it doesn't exist =P
05:22.20AmarandeErac: nope. I'd probably have to go off the east coast of eversong and swim south to see
05:22.41kd3invisible walls say no
05:23.01kd3the whole east coast of the peninsula never got implemented
05:23.07Eraclito <- this link explain better than the previous one
05:23.14Eraclitokd3, do you think it's because of zul'aman?
05:23.36kd3meh, I dunno what goes through the world designers' minds
05:23.52Amarandefor that matter, what's that huge structure on the southeastern side of eversong for?
05:24.17AmarandeI don't even *remember* that from questing there, and I have four BEs
05:24.18Eraclitoit's the same as on southeastern ghostlands... that one is zul'aman entrance
05:24.27Eraclitothe one in eversong is... nothing
05:24.35Eraclitosome quest near, no clear explanation about
05:24.40Eraclitoand there's a hidden raid portal
05:24.56Amarandesomething we'll see in a later cata patch maybe?
05:25.15Eraclitomore like in a later tbc patch in their minds
05:25.17Amarandeunless that's even something we won't see till 90
05:25.34Amarandesince it seems they have cata's path mapped out already
05:25.49Amarandethen again even wotlk has had unexpected things
05:25.57AmarandeI don't think the argent tournament was something anyone knew about before wotlk
05:25.59Eraclitotheir chance to fix the old world is now, i don't think they're going to do it again and again
05:26.13Eraclitoif they waste it we'll have to keep ghostlands as they're now
05:26.42Eraclitothey said only that argent tournament should have been in crystalsong forest
05:26.43Amarandebtw, what's this red something or other dungeon I'm hearing about for wotlk?
05:26.56kd3the ruby sanctum
05:27.01kd3new wing below wyrmrest
05:27.07kd3plays into the cata storyline
05:27.24Eraclitoanother raid i'll skip because i can't stfu in the guilds
05:27.27Amarandekd3: ilvl 280-299 I'm presuming?
05:27.41kd3no. mid-level icc stuff
05:27.43Amarandesince it sounds like cata gear starts at 300 based on the enchanting stuff I read
05:27.45kd3same way ony wasn't a new tear
05:27.57Amarandeso 285-299 don't and won't exist then.
05:28.03kd3leveling gear
05:28.17Amarandecata enchants not only only work on cata gear, but only on MAX LEVEL cata gear?
05:28.22Amarandeyou have to use wotlk enchants 81-84?
05:28.41Amarandeand maybe even pre-raid 85?
05:28.43kd3because you're levelling, it's not like 81-84 is a big deal. I don't think I chanted once 71-79
05:28.56Eraclitoi did while leveling enchanting
05:28.58kd3I expect ilvl300 will be baseline blues at 85
05:29.07kd3much like ilvl200 was baseline blues at 80
05:29.20Eraclitoalso i will no change gear until the first raid tier, and i hope the dungeon finder will accept my lazy ass in heroics
05:29.53AmarandeErac: wonder what will become of newer DKs with that, too
05:30.03Eraclitoi did naxxramas in t4-5 gear, i hope to raid with t10
05:30.14Amarandeas the baseline ilvl goes up, the possibility that that starter sigil might drag them down out of heroic-ability seems like it would ever increase
05:30.51Amarandemeaning they'd have to either manage to get into long abandoned 80 groups before they could get into 85 heroics just so they can get emblems for a sigil, or will have to hope the 74 grizzly hills sigils are high enough to keep their average up?
05:30.57Eraclitowell they'll said that relics aren't going to be class-unique anymore
05:31.17Amarandeand actually, relic classes in general, are they going to have trouble getting into heroics because of the ilvl average thing?
05:31.24Eraclitoso there'll be quest reward like a strength relic easy to get
05:31.27Amarandesince generally there are few or even no relics available in an expansion before max level
05:31.36Amarandeah, like that hellfire quest in BC
05:31.43Eraclitoactually no, but in cata they will no be anymore so hard to find
05:31.50Amarandeactually, wait a minute ... that was from that G3 quest, that can't be soloed wasn't it :|
05:31.52Eraclitobecause they'll be more like wands or guns
05:32.18Amarandethe one with the stupid colored rock giants, if I remember
05:32.46Amarandewhy were they so lazy about relics in earlier expansions anyway
05:33.05Amarande(and basically making DKs, a *new WotLK class* stick with the starter sigil till 74 at least and more commonly 80)
05:33.06kd3warrior gear with spirit?
05:33.45Eraclitowarrior gear wat
05:34.25kd3the devs didn't get itemization figured out until a good ways into the game
05:34.35kd3just roll with the punches
05:35.15Eraclitoduring my baron runs i remember i dropped a boe world epic
05:35.26Amarandekd3: besides, the fact that gear items so easily lend themselves to BiS itemization lists may not be such a great thing anyway :|
05:35.32Eraclitolike a mail shoulder with agi and spirit, i died a bit inside
05:35.35Amarandepeople should actually have to make decisions and tradeoffs in gearing
05:35.42Amarandeyou have to do it in every other RPG, why not WoW?
05:35.48kd3which is what the devs are planning on in cata
05:35.57kd3even more so than it has been in the past
05:36.10AmarandeEraclito: agi and spirit mail? meant for shamans I'm sure
05:36.12Eraclito!!!!/ <- ...really?
05:38.22Amarandewait a minute
05:38.26AmarandeI'm not finding this item at all, Eraclito
05:38.37Amarandethere are only three BoE epic shoulder pieces pre-BC
05:38.48Amarandetwo are crafted, and the other one is plate with stam, spirit, and defense rating
05:39.01Amarande(the latter, I guess, would be most useful for a tankadin, if tankadins had been viable back then that is ...)
05:39.06Eraclitommh i'm not sure they were shoulder... maybe they just used a shoulder icon
05:39.13kd3+35 spirit
05:39.15Eraclitoi still have'em in my bank character
05:39.15kd3warrior gear
05:39.28Eraclitotbc druid gear looked way worse
05:39.41Eraclitolet me check cenarion expedition rewards...
05:40.07Eraclito !
05:40.18Amarandeoh, will Cata finally reveal who Edward the Odd is, btw? :)
05:41.25Eraclitooh Amarande it was a head not shoulders
05:41.39Eraclito32 stamina! 18 spirit! 13 agi!
05:41.59Eraclito(who's edward the odd?)
05:42.21Amarandehis name appears on a number of epic items
05:42.43kd3[[Edward the Odd]]
05:42.51kd3...bah, the bot's not in here
05:43.09Amarandehmm, wonder what that helm would be good for
05:43.16Amarandeobviously a mana user who deals physical damage
05:43.23Amarandeso would have to be a hunter or shaman
05:44.04Eraclitoi think they didn't have a good idea of "hybrids"
05:44.07Eraclitountil late tbc
05:44.10Amarandehunters could desperately use better mana regen :) but 1) you need a ton of spirit to get reasonable mp5 and 2) hunters are in FSR almost all the time (they go into it every time they use something that uses mana, right?)
05:44.15Amarandeshamans, maybe
05:44.28Eraclito <- i mean, what's the reason behind this?
05:44.28Amarandeyeah, that looks like a shammy helm to me
05:44.29JamashI think they didn't know wtf they were doing with itemization sub-60
05:44.58AmarandeJamash: given that it's a shaman looking item with a ton of stam
05:45.13AmarandeI think at the point they made the item they may have thought that shamans were still going to possibly have a tanking role
05:45.32Eraclito <- this too, intellect and spellpower in a feral set
05:45.42Amarande(there seems to be some evidence they were originally slated for one, at any rate, given the Druid and Paladin being tri-specced and the fact that shamans can wear shields, which seems unusual if they weren't going to be able to tank)
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05:46.30Jamashshamans did have a tanking role
05:46.37Jamashthey were reasonable offtanks in classic
05:46.37Amarandeyeah, that looks like a tank-shaman item
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05:47.05Eraclitooh it's pretty late
05:47.11Eraclitoi need to work afternoon
05:47.57Eraclitohave a good... night? day? whatever you live :P
05:53.48JamashI remember when crafted hunter gear all had spirit on it
05:54.17AmarandeJamash: did hunters run out of mana noticeably less frequently back then? :)
05:54.59Jamashspirit is 100% useless to hunters
05:55.09Jamashback then we feigned death and drank :(
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06:29.02Arrowmasteri know a hunter that was dual wielding weapons with +22 int on them back in classic
06:29.22Arrowmasterthey were his pvp/AV weapons
06:29.49Arrowmasterthis hunter also had a ToEP but he didnt use it
06:37.34JamashI used to have a +healing set
06:37.43Jamashback when it affected mend pet
06:38.32Jamashbefore that one dwarf hunter soloed Azuregos and got it nerfed :(
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08:34.35g0urrakd3, which anime/manga is your avatar from
08:36.30Fiskeryour mom g0urra
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08:55.19Amarandeheh AMC just showed their "Story Matters Here" logo
08:55.24Amarande... in the middle of a grade Z horror movie
08:58.52AmarandeBTW, Vladoka has decided she really, really, really effing hates water elementals
09:00.46AmarandeI imagine Mornienya also will. :)
09:00.49AmarandeFor the same reason.
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12:01.17pcjhey bibi fix your bluetracker
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14:01.10Osehas blizz said anything about the beta yet? will there be opt-ins like with WotLK?
14:01.36WardBlizz has said nothing
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14:16.11KirkburnFrom what I know:
14:16.17KirkburnWe will get beta keys to hand out
14:16.33KirkburnThere will be opt-ins, and make sure you've opted in in
14:16.57KirkburnThere is no info on when the alpha will end/beta will start
14:19.42WardI don't want in the beta
14:19.49WardI want a fresh experience when the game goes live
14:24.19Fiskerhaha Kirkburn
14:24.31Fiskergot an answer to my complaint about a 7 day ban for a smiley
14:24.44Fisker"We don't typically discuss suspensions of that short duration"
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17:39.03Cooobra"we wanted to extend our thanks to everyone for sticking with us and being so supportive of not posting or leaking content. We know this isn’t easy and understand the frustrations some of you may be experiencing, but we have plans to help with this and will be getting back to you as soon as possible with more details on those plans."
17:39.11CooobraIt's beta keys right
17:39.20Cooobrafor everyone
17:39.36Cooobrafree touring rocket?
17:39.43CooobraA PONY!?
17:40.08Cooobraa pony helps with all issues
17:41.56KirkburnWhen I know, you'll know :)
17:42.05KirkburnPossibly even the other way around
17:43.30KirkburnBibi ... sooo, more screenies coming? I wonder what fun stuff you're creating a news post around now ...
17:45.08CooobraIt's nice they're putting Rockard into the game... I'm guessing as another Horde base... We need screenies of that Bibi
17:45.11KirkburnI was looking thru the Dustwallow pics, you managed to *just* entirely miss out showing the new bridge :P
17:45.30KirkburnRockard ... that's in SoS?
17:45.39Cooobrablasted lands
17:45.47Cooobrareplacing dreadmaul outpost
17:46.00KirkburnAh, well was close
17:46.08KirkburnRemembered seeing it near Stoneard on the old maps
17:46.26*** join/#wowwiki Kazie (~Kazie@
17:46.29KirkburnLocation makes sense, too
17:47.02Cooobraand its about time those silly humans made a bridge... not everyone had a shammy to cast water walking
17:48.22CooobraHmm... with the whole west side of feralas destroyed ... I cause the ship that traveled between was destroyed too
17:48.42KirkburnWell, I assume you travel back to the ruins somehow
17:49.02Cooobraswim... or water mount... they'll have to have soemthing for 1000needles too
17:49.23Cooobrarent a canoe from the tauren
17:49.44Kirkburnthose poor centaur...
17:49.57Cooobraseems like they survived though
17:50.28KirkburnI suppose yeah, they retreated to the high ground
17:51.26Cooobraand its interesting the .. well I guess Islands now.. between the grimtotem's Dark pinnacle and Freewind Post are connected by bridges... maybe they're friendly now...
17:52.31KirkburnThe grimtotem plot should be an interesting one
17:53.01KirkburnDidn't the Dustwallow Marsh update show them up basically as traitors, though?
17:53.09Cooobrayea... cause I'm still not sure if everything moved towards the future... or just certain things
17:53.30Cooobrait showed they were working with the forsaken on a plot
17:53.48Cooobraor rather... the Royal apothecarys rebel grp
17:53.58Kirkburnyeah, that side should be "okay" now
17:54.30KirkburnBy the way, my early beta-ing may consist of spending hours upon hours in Kezan.
17:54.40*** join/#wowwiki fbxxkl (
17:54.40KirkburnDays, perhaps
17:54.45KirkburnI'll never do the quest to leave.
17:55.01Cooobragambling there?
17:55.34Cooobrarunning of the hobgoblins
17:55.52Kirkburnsitting in the jacuzzi
17:55.56KirkburnRiding the rocketways
17:56.15KirkburnI like the idea that the fast travel system around Azshara will be the rocketway
17:56.28Cooobrapoor kobolds... or should I say Troggs 2.0 ... /sigh, blizzard took their candle
17:56.55Cooobrais that what that was
17:57.42Cooobrahope the shipwreck crew got out safely ... the water rose and their outpost is surely underwater
17:58.18Cooobra... or a bunch of boulders got them... either way
17:59.01CooobraThere's a little known area to revisit... the sunken ship far south of azshara
17:59.32Cooobrathe Horizon Scout
18:00.22KirkburnI suspect they are just troggs ... the current model for them is sooooo bad compared to pretty much everything
18:00.44KirkburnPlus ... gnomeregan. Good opportunity to update.
18:00.59Kirkburnhell, might be full of them too
18:01.34KirkburnShipwreck Cove, off Tanaris?
18:01.42Cooobrathat's what I was thinking.. cause if they changed the Kobolds... I didn't see any new northrend ones with ice stuck them and such
18:02.20Cooobramaybe those couple of islands south of tanaris will get used, more so
18:02.28Cooobra... or be gone
18:02.36KirkburnI just made up Shipwreck Cove
18:02.47KirkburnLost Rigger Cove is the pirate place in Tanaris
18:02.51KirkburnIt's still there
18:03.16Cooobradid they finally finish building that ship lol
18:03.47KirkburnThe far southern island seem to be gone
18:03.50Fiskerhey Kirkburn and Cooobra
18:04.10Fiskerremember Kirkburn
18:04.18Fiskeryou owe me one
18:04.41Cooobrahands Fisker a $1.
18:05.20KirkburnI remember Kirkburn
18:05.28Kirkburnremembers Kirkburn
18:05.29FiskerAnd it's beta Kirkburn
18:05.33Fiskeri remember you
18:05.35Fiskerin the mountains
18:05.47KirkburnNot, I'm gold, v1.0, release Kirkburn
18:06.24Fiskernot you
18:06.36KirkburnDifferent Kirkburn?
18:07.40CooobraI miss those fire giants doing that jumping fire debuff in Ulduar
18:08.04Fiskercataclysm of course Kirkburn
18:08.47CooobraCataclysm is a myth
18:09.37Cooobraa rumor?
18:09.47Fiskergive me that damn beta key or i'll cut you!
18:09.53*** join/#wowwiki Aeyan (
18:09.59Cooobraheres your beta key 1684357318567879
18:10.56Cooobradurator with its own dock... how... interesting, we needed ships
18:11.53Fiskerhey Cooobra
18:11.57Fiskerimma posting leaks
18:12.22CooobraI flush leaks
18:12.29*** join/#wowwiki fbxxkl (
18:13.05fbxxklCraptastic, i upgrade to 10.04 Ubuntu and WoW is crashing my system... dunno why I thought that was a good idea
18:13.24KirkburnFisker, they see me trollin'...
18:14.03Fiskeryou're trolling Kirkburn ?
18:14.19CooobraWonder if they'll use that new Horde ship design.. every image I see, they're docked in a way that shows they won't be used
18:14.22KirkburnI was, you, about five minutes ago, yes :)
18:15.16KirkburnWhoever had the idea of the goblins reshaping Azshara into the Horde emblem has my utmost respect - such a great idea
18:16.00KirkburnWhy yes, I have stated that before
18:16.14*** join/#wowwiki Aeyan| (
18:16.49CooobraYes... but where did those little islands come from to complete it
18:17.07*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
18:17.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
18:17.37Cooobraso now... Org will have 3 ways to sneak in... in all directions
18:18.22CooobraNotice the old BE outpost is now a NE outpost
18:18.24Fiskeryeah old
18:18.30Fiskeralso we can fly
18:19.30KirkburnCooobra, they levelled a mountain
18:19.53KirkburnThe one that was once to be used as a battleground, Azshara Crater (ironic name now, I guess)
18:21.01CooobraThe volcano in Ashenvale destoryed some dyrad shrine that played a role in getting the furbolg staff
18:22.00Cooobra  -- Whats so new about it?
18:23.21Cooobranope all OgreMageLord's have them
18:23.43Fiskerno they don't Cooobra
18:23.44Bibihigher res texture
18:23.45BibiI think.
18:23.50BibiI missed tons of new models anyway
18:24.06BibiI didn't even post the tauren paladin mount
18:24.09Fiskeri can say for certain that no ogremagelord i've ever seen has had a faceplate
18:24.11Fiskeryeah Bibi
18:24.14Fiskerthat sucks
18:24.27Cooobra... a white cow
18:24.28*** join/#wowwiki Aeyan (
18:24.38Fiskera holy cow
18:25.59Cooobraoh... how disappointing
18:26.14KirkburnDisco kodo
18:26.59Cooobrawell, I guess the looks make sense... they are Sunwalkers or something
18:27.07Kirkburn(Comparing the alpha minimap and is quite enlightening)
18:27.23Kirkburnyeah sunwalker
18:29.19Cooobrawhoa... what the heck
18:29.20KirkburnI believe that to be an Ettin
18:29.44KirkburnCertainly ettins are in the Gilneas hills, and have two heads
18:29.45CooobraI was going to say a starving Ogre ...
18:30.17Cooobrahe has goat
18:30.37KirkburnRoof on his arm matches Gilneas style
18:30.45KirkburnYup, I'm going with ettin
18:30.59KirkburnThey had gronn placeholders at BlizzCon
18:31.14Cooobrathank goodness he's wearing a horde tent...
18:32.32CooobraUndercity is going to be a nice place to hang out
18:33.37CooobraYES ... a road leading from Agmand Mills to the other side without having to go around that dang mtn
18:36.28*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (~Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
18:36.30CooobraLOL ... I knew Menethil harbor would be flooded
18:37.27CooobraLooks like only the keep survived
18:37.53Sky2042_afkIs that underwater as well?
18:37.59CooobraAww... the ship docked there for re-supplies sank
18:38.09CooobraNo seems the keep is higher up
18:38.23CooobraSo .. probably still used
18:38.57Sky2042_afkHow would you get into a keep like that...?
18:39.05Cooobrathe front door
18:39.31Cooobrathough I could be wrong... seems to be some alliance buildings in the middle of Wetlands now
18:39.39Cooobrathat could be the new alliance base
18:39.51Sky2042_afkThe relocated probably.
18:40.11Sky2042_afkAnd with that!
18:40.22Cooobra... No more loch modan lake =(
18:41.27Eraclitoit's a lot more little
18:43.46KirkburnCooobra, yeah, they're NE buildings
18:45.18CooobraHmm... sad... the bridge is still being fixed in Redridge mtns
18:45.29CooobraHumans are slow workers
18:47.41CooobraNow thats just mean.... destroying a mostly empty and unused park in Stormwind... so much for easy access to a moonwell
18:48.11KirkburnAn interesting suggestion I've heard involves phasing
18:48.30KirkburnSince we've heard the worgen get a SW district
18:49.18Cooobrawell, as many areas they've given Stormwind... they could let the park stay destroyed and have plenty of room for 3 new race districts
18:49.42KirkburnI suppose they could take old town, but that's kinda the rogue/warror quarter
18:49.56KirkburnMage, cathedral seems weird
18:50.04Kirkburndwarven is well .. dwarven :P
18:50.06Cooobrathey placed some building behind old town too...
18:50.21KirkburnOne :P
18:50.42KirkburnI am pleasantly surprised by the new keep. But then again, almost anything is better than the current one
18:50.47Cooobraprobably the new SI headquarters
18:52.18Kirkburn"Ever wondered how the tram goes underwater when there's giant mountains between the two cities? Well ... it's actually a massive lake! Hah! Gotcha!"
18:52.22CooobraHeh.. in an attempt to make the tram make sense.. that empty zone is replaced with an ocean
18:53.16Cooobrafine..but If I go searching those waters... I expect to find Nessy
18:55.23Cooobraoh... Sentinel Hill is now an official fort .. walls and and and... a working inn
18:57.52CooobraHmm... either the lost ones of swamp of sorrows were killed off.. or they were ... "saved"
18:58.56*** join/#wowwiki tekkub (
18:58.57*** join/#wowwiki tekkub (~tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
18:58.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o tekkub] by ChanServ
19:01.45CooobraDid they say they were splitting STV into two zones as well, like the Barrens?
19:06.52Fiskernothing i've heard about atleast
19:07.28KirkburnI think it was considered
19:07.36KirkburnCertainly they gave the impression a lot of changes were coming
19:07.47Fiskerwell the whole leveling experience is redesigned
19:07.50Fiskerso it might be that
19:07.53KirkburnJudging by the map, there's a good point for a split now
19:09.19Fiskeralways been like that
19:09.56CooobraI know a whirlpool never existed
19:10.31Fiskeri'm talking about the split
19:10.46Cooobrapoor Sin'Dall ...
19:11.27Eraclitodid you see the dun morogh changes?
19:11.29Eraclitoit's pretty different
19:11.53Cooobrayea... the ice... got more icey
19:13.33Cooobranot Sin'Dall...
19:13.35Cooobrapoor King Bangalash
19:14.07Cooobrahis little bluff was split in two
19:14.21Eraclito <- dun morogh in alpha
19:14.37Eraclitothe gnomeregan zone is totally different, new mountains, new roads, an avalanche
19:14.52Eraclitoand the ice... got more icey, kinda
19:15.24Eraclitoalso the lake in the ironforge airfield isn't totally frozen
19:15.44Cooobraoh... all the whiteness was mixing in and I really didn't see any difference lol
19:16.32Eraclitoyeah me too, it's too white to realize soon
19:16.36Eraclitoi had to check some times
19:18.10Eraclitothe road between swamp of sorrows and burning steppes seems too "fake"
19:18.20Eraclitothere're no roads like that in real life
19:18.28CooobraHmm... really looks like they prepared the place for two different starting areas... gnomes in the western part and dwarves in the southern
19:18.32Eraclito(in b4 we don't have giant dragons destroying the world)
19:18.52Cooobrameeting up at that bridge or gateway in the middle
19:19.40Cooobratot he west of that along the road is some sort of gate
19:20.38Eraclitothere's a giant ring
19:21.10Eraclitoi think there's a screenshot from mmo
19:21.44Cooobraah.. a cog
19:22.14Eraclito and this is the new road from kharanos
19:23.07*** join/#wowwiki Gryphon (
19:23.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphon] by ChanServ
19:24.04Cooobraseems they've retaken the quarry too
19:24.11Fiskerit's my annoying emote spam
19:24.43Eraclitoi hope they're going to connect ironforge with the airfield
19:24.57Eraclitoi don't have a sandbox, but someone told me the tunnel is still snow blocked
19:25.39Cooobrai'm sure they will
19:27.24Cooobrajduging by that alliance banner in Moonbrook.. I'm guessing the defias have been pushed back
19:27.38Eraclitoit's about the time :P they got it for years
19:27.58Eraclitooh there's a dwarven tunnel in arathi highlands
19:28.02Eraclitoleading to hinterlands
19:28.24Eraclitobut i think they still need to work in arathi, the east zone is still flat and untextured
19:29.00Eraclitoand there's no neutral port between hinterlands and plaguelands
19:29.07Eraclito...but there's one in swamp of sorrows
19:29.55CooobraSilly humans/dwarves ... tried using sandbags in menethil harbor to block the water
19:30.27Eraclitowell it's now a lot more wet
19:30.34Eraclitoit fits the zone better
19:31.14Cooobrathey need to build a dam and have gnomes take buckets and clean up the place
19:31.58Eraclitobut gnomes aren't tall enough to walk in the water, they'll drown
19:32.18Cooobra... whats your point?
19:33.44CooobraAww... thought they said Southshore was lost
19:34.30CooobraHopefully it will be on the list of things to destroy during beta
19:34.32Eraclitoi think southshore isn't implemented yet
19:34.48CooobraThat would have been first on my list
19:34.51Eraclitohillsbrad, hinterlands, arathi, eastern plaguelands
19:34.59Eraclitoare still with loads of zone untextured
19:35.05Eraclitowithout any edit at all
19:35.42Eraclitothe huge mountain in west eastern plaguelands is still like it's now, the east arathi zone, also the western tirisifal
19:36.02KirkburnYeah, at least one place in WotLK was destroyed during beta
19:36.48Cooobrapoor tuskarr... they really didn't get the justice they deserved
19:36.58Fiskeri blow you up Kirkburn
19:41.44CooobraLooks like the CC are working their magic in felwood
19:42.30Eraclitolooks like they started doing something... :P
19:42.42Cooobrayea.. finally
19:42.43Eraclitoit's cool how we did a ton of quests over years
19:42.50Eraclitoand they're still lazying around
19:43.04Cooobraeven the horde base has expanded
19:43.30CooobraI guess the NEs grew a dark tree
19:43.47Cooobraor worgen area now
19:44.53Eraclitoi think i saw some darnassus banners around felwood
19:47.06CooobraOrg looks nice... seems like there's a troll area
19:47.21Fiskeri really like how Orgrimmar turned out
19:47.27Fiskerexcept for the third backdoor of course
19:47.49Fiskerthough it may not be that big of an issue anymore :P
19:47.54Eraclitowell we can now fly to the cities
19:48.09Cooobradepending on how they handle flight in cities... could end up being like dalaran
19:48.24foxlitexpect to get AA'ed to the face
19:48.30Eraclitoi think they will be more like the owning faction can fly
19:48.35Eraclitothe opposite will be shot
19:49.33Fiskerit kinda looks like the trolls have been removed from orgrimmar
19:50.18Fiskerbasically the trolls are operation human shield
19:50.37Cooobratauren have their own area... I'm still going through the screeenies
19:51.02Cooobragoblins too
19:51.16Fiskeryeah goblins are part of operation human shield as well
19:51.21Cooobraand trolls
19:51.39Fiskerthe new bank looks awesome
19:51.48Fiskeryeah that's what i mean
19:51.56Fiskerthey're both outside "main orgrimmar"
19:52.02Eraclitothey really removed the zeppelin towers from outside orgrimmar?
19:52.24Cooobrawe've switched to boats... see dock
19:52.35Fiskerwhat dock? :o
19:52.57Fiskerfuck the architechture is sweet
19:53.10Cooobradock in durotar
19:53.12Fiskeri was kinda expecting warsong hold v2
19:53.16Fiskerbut it's much nicer
19:53.28Cooobralooks like a huge Juggernaut docked there
19:54.42Cooobrawith rockets
19:55.24Fiskeri sure hope it won't have this "half-finished" look throughout the expansion
19:55.34Fiskerdon't ha ve one :o
19:58.36Fisker <-lol
19:59.59CooobraHmm... I guess that gateway in Azshara to the timbermaw hold was replaced with a furbolg entrance ... to now Blackmaw hold
20:01.53Eraclitowell timbermaw hold should have been big enough to move under all the mount hyjal, if that entrance was true loreside
20:15.33*** join/#wowwiki Srosh_ (
20:16.35Cooobraand how is it not underwater... it's the same height as waterspring fields and moonshoud ruins... and steamwheedle port ><
20:22.03KasoCooobra, they only just finished it then cataclysm happened and wrecked it so they had to start again
20:25.08*** join/#wowwiki sannse (~sannse@wikia/pdpc.professional.sannse)
20:25.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v sannse] by ChanServ
20:27.16KirkburnI'm guessing there will be a rushing waterway about 1/3 of the way up EK, all the way across
20:27.32CooobraO.o ... an actual auction house designed to be one .. in stormwind... Niceee
20:27.34KirkburnEr, halfway up EK
20:27.50KirkburnCooobra, first thought I had on seeing that? Man, that fountain is going to be busy.
20:28.03Cooobrahope they do something with the unused area in Eastern.. eastern plaguelands
20:28.58KirkburnNW of it they have to do, but NE could be blocked by a portal wall
20:29.13Cooobraooo and the bank.. good riddance to those red velvet ropes
20:29.28KirkburnWell, they kept a few :P
20:29.40Cooobrabut not in the way lol
20:30.37Eraclitoi think they should add some kind of bolvar statue, because there're no npc who clicked on dalaran's fountain and saw what actually happened
20:30.45Cooobrabut they really must have disliked the park area...
20:30.50Fiskerhello Kirkburn
20:31.37Cooobrayea... built in the valley of heroes
20:31.41KirkburnEraclito, indeed :)
20:33.18*** join/#wowwiki [NaL] (
20:33.24Eraclitothere's also a tree in the middle of trade district in sw
20:33.35Cooobrathey could name the paladin training building the Fordragon Institute
20:33.36Eraclitothat's a good spot for a statue
20:33.53Eraclitothere's a paladin training building?
20:34.04Kirkburnhey, I just realised ... no wonder the loch has gone. It has no water source...
20:34.18Cooobraso... it just ran out
20:34.25Cooobradon't be silly
20:34.34Fiskerwhy won't you like me Kirkburn ?
20:35.09KirkburnFisker, there's only so many times I'll say hello to you in a day :)
20:35.55KirkburnCooobra, methinks someone should have added a stream from Dun Morogh in classic. But the gods were not so kind...
20:35.57Cooobra... well... ones things for sure... the lunar festival is actually going to receive an update for next year
20:36.16Eraclitomidsummer festivall too
20:36.34Eraclitoalso brewfest inns achievement
20:36.41Fiskerhow many times will you give me a cataclysm beta key then Kirkburn ?
20:36.52Cooobrabeta doesn't exist
20:37.07*** join/#wowwiki stolenlegacy (
20:37.18Eraclitothe beta is a lie
20:37.24Fiskerit does Cooobra
20:37.32Cooobrasings I will not move when flame wreath is cast or the raid blows up
20:37.39*** join/#wowwiki eith (
20:38.03Eraclitoi once moved when flame wreath was cast
20:38.12Eraclitoi just turned on myself
20:38.20Eraclitothe game thought i moved crossing the fire
20:38.46Fiskeri think we had one that overlapped once
20:38.47Fiskerinstant boom
20:39.04Cooobra -- worgen?
20:39.18Eraclitomore like twilight hammer
20:39.22Eraclitothey have hammers
20:40.12CooobraI'm thinking worgen cause of
20:42.19*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
20:42.19*** join/#wowwiki crucially (~sky@wikia/crucially)
20:42.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+v crucially] by ChanServ
20:43.45Eraclitoi'm in love with cataclysm stormwind castle. damn varian, he got a taste on buildings
20:43.47Cooobragotta to admit... when it comes to building new bases... Night elves are fast
20:44.51Cooobraeveryone else takes 4 or so years... Night elves get something built soon after its destroyed in the cataclysm
20:45.08Eraclitowestfall inn still needs a roof
20:45.12Eraclitohumans are slackers
20:46.05CooobraI'm going to laugh... if the entire fort is completed.. and you walk into the Inn and see roof damage with a peasant fixing it while mumbling "I just fixed this"
20:47.03CooobraOH i see the image ... /sigh
20:47.53Fiskertugs himself into Kirkburn's bed
20:48.47Cooobracause um...  the other way doesn't sound right
20:52.28CooobraHmm... looks like someone guessed right.. the zandalar trolls left that island they were on
20:52.28*** join/#wowwiki initializing1 (
20:52.36KirkburnCooobra, nah, pretty sure those are twilight's hammer stuff
20:52.55KirkburnThey're the same as the Silithus crystals, plus ... well ... dragon heads
20:54.28Cooobrathey're traitors in stormwind.... they've allowed the twilight hammer into their city
20:54.47Cooobra... I blame the gnomes
20:55.08Kirkburnwell, we know twilight cultists are involved in the launch event
20:55.18KirkburnPossibly that stuff would get phased out?
20:57.13Cooobrathey're really going to have fun designing goblins place...
20:58.41KirkburnLike I said, I bet I'll never want to leave Kezan :)
21:00.20Cooobra=( .. I liked Kargath
21:01.51*** join/#wowwiki Srosh_ (
21:03.29Cooobrahmm.. Deathwing must have accepted the quest to kill Boss Tho'grun .. and he doesn't mess around
21:04.39Eraclito"you're closing 79 tabs. are you sure?" maybe i opened too many screenshots
21:05.55CooobraWell... we already know the LHC will phase
21:06.36Cooobrawell, guess it doesn't have to... the DKs see the place in an "instance" like place
21:08.45CooobraHmm... so are the Argent Dawn going to be referred to as the Argent Crusade from now on? since everything is in the future from this point
21:12.10CooobraBlackrock stronghold looks like Nef's room...
21:13.59Eraclitoold school players will like the blackrock zones
21:16.11Cooobra<-- Old school player
21:16.52CooobraI tell ya... you don't break a range weapon more than once... unless lag does it for you
21:17.30Cooobracause spending a whole fight slapping the boss....
21:20.01CooobraWell now..... what is this... a huge lake with an island and building between Feralas, Mulgore, and Desolace
21:20.33Eraclitoi saw a ss with a strange sphere in that island
21:20.44Eraclitoalso the textures near the lake are still not good
21:20.51Eraclitoit's still an alpha zone
21:21.46Eraclitoi'm curious on how they're going to connect mulgore to northern barrens
21:21.55Eraclitoif southern one is lv30 like they said in past
21:22.07Eraclitohow are lv10 taurens going to level?
21:22.14Cooobrathe zep to org
21:23.36Kasothe gate to mulgore appears to be permanently shut in the screenshots
21:24.13Cooobralooks like it... and they seem to have lost their starting zone
21:24.43Cooobradamn Quilboar
21:27.06Eraclitoecho isles from above look really impressive
21:32.31Cooobrayea... an actual village, like it should be... not some burned down huts and randomly placed walls
21:33.45Cooobrayou know what the green area in desolace reminds me of... the zerg hive crap that spreads ...
21:49.29*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (~kd3@wikia/kaydeethree)
21:49.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
21:50.34kd3hm... so anything interesting happen while I was stuck at work? outside of bibi leaking more cata stuff?
21:51.11CooobraBlizzard gave us all a pony... for keeping wowwiki clean of leaked info
21:51.28kd3we didn't get ponies for doing that during wrath
21:51.48Eraclitohe leaked more cata stuff? :>
21:52.11CooobraWhen you take a leak, you can't just stop
21:52.28AlramCooobra, but alpha has ponies too
21:52.59Cooobradon't think i'll leave that goblin place
21:54.16*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
21:54.16*** join/#wowwiki crucially (~sky@wikia/crucially)
21:54.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+v crucially] by ChanServ
22:03.28*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (~g0urra@wowwiki/g0urra)
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22:06.20*** join/#wowwiki Ressy (
22:06.39*** part/#wowwiki Ressy (
22:07.00*** join/#wowwiki resa1983 (
22:07.20resa1983Hey guys.  Question for ya.. Is there a Cat & Userbox for Cata Alpha/Beta testers yet?
22:08.21*** join/#wowwiki nms (
22:08.49Wardwouldn't announcing this is on your page be a violation of the NDA?
22:09.20resa1983putting information onto the wiki is violating NDA.
22:09.32resa1983Stating you have access I don't believe does.
22:10.07Wardthe fact that you're in the alpha, is information too :p
22:10.47resa1983read the NDA policy.
22:12.16resa1983it says existance of alpha is under NDA - Its been broken by about a thousand people - most notably Boub from mmo-champ
22:13.44Wardthat doesn't void the NDA ;p
22:14.07resa1983The wiki itself says info from the alpha is under NDA.  Everyone knows the Alpha is underway.
22:14.31resa1983How is 1 person stating they have alpha access, violate NDA tho?
22:14.35Cooobrainformation from the alpha is NDA, not stating you're in the alpha
22:15.08Cooobrato answer your question... no user templates were made
22:15.13NechcknIf a person is not in the Alpha and has not signed a NDA, they are not covered by it.  So, MMO-C can post whatever they like, theoretically.
22:15.17resa1983okies. :)
22:15.34Wardwe weren't talking about MMO C
22:15.36Wardbut I agree
22:15.47Wardthe NDA only applies to people who signed it
22:16.08resa1983Ty Coobra. :)
22:16.46NechcknRight, but that was resa1983's comment.  But, yeah, fansites and such have other policies, much as wowwiki does.
22:24.01FiskerNechckn he's signed the NDA alright
22:24.06FiskerBlizzard just doesn't care
22:25.37NechcknIf so, then they could hammer him, but, as you note, they are highly unlikely to do so.  Not this site, so not really an issue, anyway.
22:26.25Nechcknpets Fisker.
22:29.06kd3oh resa, it's quite simple. I was in the wrath alpha last time around... yet there wasn't a mention of it anywhere on the site that I was participating.
22:29.23kd3we've got a "I beta-tested wrath" userbox, but there won't be an alpha one
22:30.22resa1983I found that one.  I'll use that one.  Don't wanna create a userbox for alpha which only a few will use.
22:31.26resa1983I didn't even get an email from Blizz.  Just logged into, and there it was. >.<
22:34.34fbxxklIf I have a trial in how do I get rid of it?
22:34.44kd3just let it expire
22:35.33fbxxklIt is expired
22:35.37fbxxklbut it won't go away
22:35.48fbxxklit just says trial expired
22:35.51resa1983I think you need to call Customer Service for that.
22:36.10fbxxklthere should be a delete option under manage
22:36.22fbxxklbecause calling customer support is way overkill
22:38.18fbxxklthe new zones look pretty cool
23:06.59*** part/#wowwiki sannse (~sannse@wikia/pdpc.professional.sannse)
23:27.35*** part/#wowwiki Nuveance (
23:27.41*** join/#wowwiki Nuveance (
23:34.58*** join/#wowwiki Nuveance (
23:44.06*** join/#wowwiki Dallas (

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