IRC log for #wowwiki on 20100504

00:01.07KirkburnI'd like to assure everyone that that comment was related to what pcj said.
00:01.18*** topic/#wowwiki by pcj -> Welcome to #wowwiki, please read | UI&Macros: #wowuidev | #cvn-wikia-wowwiki | <@Kirkburn> penispenispenispeniscataclysmpenispenispenis
00:04.55KirkburnNo beta key for you ;)
00:05.16KirkburnMy one trump card :P
00:05.45*** join/#wowwiki Primedeath (~nnscript@unaffiliated/primedeath)
00:06.44KirkburnBibi, you've really started a Garfield meme now...
00:07.14BibiMY FIRST MEME!
00:07.39AdysKirkburn: nice seeing you here
00:07.53Eraclito"first post to end in 00 became a new meme"
00:07.53Adysnot like i havent been looking for you for the past 5 months
00:08.10AdysKirkburn: ill be in bristol by july fyi
00:08.11Fiskerhey pcj
00:08.15Fiskerwhy did you kick me?
00:08.17KirkburnAdys, awesome
00:08.22Fiskeralso Bibi giev sauce
00:08.23*** kick/#wowwiki [Fisker!~pcjjenks@wowwiki/Pcj] by pcj (idk)
00:08.27*** join/#wowwiki Fisker (
00:08.35Kirkburn(Glad to see Fisker hasn't changed...)
00:08.36Fiskeri need a beta fix before i go to sleep
00:08.48EraclitoFisker, what time is now?
00:09.01KirkburnI believe I got indirectly quoted by PC Gamer UK this month
00:09.10Fiskersauce Kirkburn
00:09.16Eraclitohere too. ...i'll go to sleep at like 6am
00:09.47KirkburnRemember when I went to SXSW and said we were the second biggest wiki in the world (but was proved - technically - slightly wrong) ... yeah, they talked about wowwiki, and wrote that.
00:09.50FiskerThe problem is that i have like a window where i'm sleepy and can sleep
00:10.00Fiskerbut now i won't sleep for hours because i'm past that window now
00:10.21Fiskerwhy aren't you the second biggest wiki in the w0rld?
00:10.35KirkburnFisker, try smacking your head on the window, that might help.
00:10.46Fiskerthat hurts
00:10.54KirkburnWell, with the blood loss, you might not even notice
00:11.01Fiskeri can't be bothered following anything wowwiki anymore anyway
00:11.04Fiskersince you killed it
00:11.45EraclitoFisker, remember when wowwiki was good?
00:12.01Fiskeranyway Kirkburn still want to know :(
00:12.03Eraclitothe good ol' Rolandius...
00:12.18KirkburnFisker, still want to know what?
00:12.27Fiskerwhy you're not the second biggest wiki in the world
00:12.37KirkburnOh right, I was typing it, and you interrupted
00:12.51Fiskeri actually think you interrupted yourself :(
00:13.09Kirkburnno, wait, libel
00:13.37Fiskerwhy even bother having one for oral and one for written communication?
00:13.45KirkburnThere was/is a business wiki that basically autogenerates stuff, and from the sheer spread of names, gets (or got) more hits
00:13.48KirkburnSomething like that anyway
00:14.09Fiskeri.e. cancer
00:15.29Kirkburnanyway, hugs to ya'll
00:15.37kd3welcome back to irc
00:15.50Fiskerdoes cancer not grow at an uncontrollable rate Kirkburn? ;3
00:17.04Eraclitoguys, <- closed beta means "NDA" or "upload tons of pics on wowwiki"?
00:17.24KirkburnNo NDA for beta
00:17.30Fiskerdepends on what Blizzard decides
00:17.30Eraclitoeven if closed?
00:17.37KirkburnClosed means entry by invite
00:17.40FiskerHistorically they've removed the beta NDA at the first day of it
00:17.49Eraclitooh right, even wotlk beta was "closed"
00:17.55Fiskerbut the F&F beta will probably have a NDA
00:17.57Eraclitobecause i wasn't in it (sad times)
00:18.11AmarandeNDAs are lame, anyways :)
00:18.15KirkburnF&F Alpha has an NDA, yup
00:18.21AmarandeToo many secrets in the world. All knowledge is worth having
00:18.24Fiskerit's not alpha anymore Kirkburn ;3
00:18.28Fiskerget with the program
00:18.34KirkburnBeta will not have an NDA, and yes ... masses of screenshots will be incoming :)
00:18.59KirkburnNever has there been so much to screenshot
00:19.26KirkburnHmm, dual clients, synch my character movement? Hmm ...
00:19.46Fiskerwhat are you screenshotting?
00:20.20KirkburnI started a thread on it, sec
00:20.48Kirkburn^ basically, what people ask me to do there
00:21.01pcjgive me the key
00:21.06pcjoh i need to ask it there
00:21.30Kirkburnwe'll see
00:21.42Fiskerso you're actually in it right now?
00:21.55KirkburnIf I were in the F&F Alpha, I wouldn't be able to tell you
00:21.57pcjim in ur mom right now
00:22.14Fiskerbut it's not the F&F Alpha!
00:22.19KirkburnSince I'm NOT in the F&F alpha, no, I'm not in the F&F alpha
00:22.36pcjWHAT NDA
00:22.39pcjIDK WHAT YOU MEAN
00:23.12Kirkburnaaanyway, yes I will be in the beta. Yes, we should get beta keys to hand out.
00:23.25pcjno, fisker doesn't get one
00:23.33Eraclitoputs a monocle on
00:23.42Eraclitohello, i'm a foreign nobleman
00:23.45KirkburnTake it off, you look silly
00:23.53FiskerI'll get several keys anyway pcj
00:24.01pcjafter the game is released
00:24.04Eraclitomy name is... uhm... A. N. Onymous Guy
00:24.23Fiskerin total i've had like 10 sc2 keys or so
00:24.23KirkburnHell Ominous Guy
00:24.50KirkburnFisker, stop making account?
00:25.13Fiskerthey're just giving out so many keys
00:25.19FiskerJust got 2 more earlier today
00:25.23Fiskerwell yesterday
00:25.32EraclitoFisker, do you multibox 40men alterac valley?
00:26.08Eraclito...both sides, by controlling 80 players?
00:26.12Fiskersometimes i'm actually wondering if i got some kind of guardian angel inside Blizzard :P
00:26.24FiskerThere's some GM's that like me :P
00:27.09KirkburnAre you even playing the SC2 beta? :)
00:27.18Fiskernot so much anymore no
00:27.30Fiskerdoing some mapping but not really playing
00:31.25KirkburnI've only done about four AI fights
00:31.33KirkburnJust to try out the sides
00:33.39AmarandeFisker: sometimes I'm wondering if the Blizzard RNG personally hates me. :)
00:33.53Amarandelet's see ... arcanite dragonling never dropping ... managing to miss five times in a row against a green mob ...
00:34.49pcjhow high was your weapon skill
00:35.14Amarandepcj: maxed, far as I can recall
00:35.41Fiskerwhat do you mean Amarande ?
00:35.55Fiskeri just bought it from a vendor
00:36.05EraclitoArcanite Dragonling is sold by the "underground" vendor
00:36.29Amarandeyeah, for completist 80s only, basically
00:36.31Eraclitothe underground vendor is found by using the... teleport thing
00:36.37Amarandeif you want it to use when you're still around 60, you need to get a drop
00:36.49Amarandesince by the time you'll be able to use the wormhole, there's no point to it anymore
00:36.55Eraclitoit's not bop
00:37.07Eraclitobut i know what you mean
00:37.08AmarandeEraclito: yeah, but that's assuming you level a *second* engineer
00:37.24Eraclitoor you have an engineer friend
00:37.32AmarandeI've gotten spades of like every other pattern the mageweavers can drop, but not a one of the dragonling :|
00:38.10Eraclitomaybe there's a way to cheat your way to underground, like flying in sewers as a wasp
00:38.12Amarandelast night's haul comprised like ... six full stacks of rugged leather, a stack and a half of thick leather, thirty blue dragonscales, seven robe of winter night patterns, five greater arcane protection potion recipes, and a thorium leggings pattern ... and no dragonling
00:38.28AmarandeEraclito: that's been tried, and actually can be done, but the NPC will not talk to or sell to you if you do not use the wormhole
00:38.56AmarandeAdys also mentions that the "Underground" option is ridiculously rare. like he's used the wormhole tons of times and hasn't seen it. :)
00:39.53Eraclitoi used it every day for like a month
00:39.54Fiskeri heard about it and had it after a few day
00:39.58Eraclitobefore seeing the option
00:40.11Eraclitoi think it's like a 2% chance
00:40.17Eraclitomaybe 5%
00:46.19Eraclito>and has subsequently quit the game
00:46.20Eraclito>the game
00:47.47Eraclito(the edit is really from him?)
00:48.22KirkburnI find the Activision blaming incredible tiresome
00:48.29Eraclitoi know the page is... about him
00:48.56Eraclitobut... don't know, the Activision blaming seems inappropriate to an official page. would be different if it was in his personal page only
00:49.21KirkburnOf course, it's been removed already
00:49.39Kirkburn(I bet if they called the holding company Blizzard Activision, everyone who didn't like new Activision games would blame Blizzard instead)
00:50.13AmarandeKirk: you mean like how Square gets blamed by people who didn't like Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile? :)
00:51.05FiskerActivision needs to get F'd in the A
00:51.39AmarandeEh, at least they're not as bad as EA
00:51.50AmarandeEA is the destroyer of game companies everywhere :|
00:52.06Fiskerthey are worse than EA
00:52.16Fiskerbtw why would he sabotage his own page pcj ?
00:52.18KirkburnThis is not a discussion that is going to go anywhere :P
00:52.29AmarandeGame company gets good, Game company gets seduced by EA into selling, EA buys game company, EA proceeds to exploit game company's name for a few crappy products to funnel more money into paying for their EA Sports licenses, EA guts game company.
00:52.37AmarandeAs an Ultima Dragon, I do not forget.
00:53.11KirkburnFisker, it's not really sabotage
00:53.54Fiskeri wonder why he QQ's so much though
00:53.56KirkburnHell, I'd describe some of the website stuff I did at school self important bullshit :) i.e. it's not out of the question to call your own stuff that after time has passed
00:54.05Amarandewhat one wonders is why game companies are dumb enough to keep selling to EA when they know what happened to their predecessors
00:54.17KirkburnFisker, see end of his user page: account hacked a fwe months back, probably soured the game for him
00:54.22Amarandeor are game designers philistines who really care more about the paycheck than they do about making great games
00:54.51Amarandeor is it mostly studios who've lost their passion that sell out, which would explain why their last few games before getting gutted often suck
00:55.27Fiskerlol Kirkburn|sleep
00:55.36Fiskerand he posts on the IGCS forums
00:55.56Kirkburn|sleepWhy lol, I've always used |sleep
00:56.38Amarandelike ... do most people get into creative professions because they really want to create the next awesome shiny
00:56.41Fiskeri mean about getting hacked Kirkburn|sleep
00:56.52Amarandeor do they do it more often because that's what they have skill in and will get them the best Friday afternoons?
00:57.19Amarandeis the sort of creative mind who tends to insist on 'awesome shiny' over 'money' but I might be crazy
00:57.28Amarande(then again, some folks say all really creative minds are necessarily crazy heh)
00:57.44Kirkburn|sleepoh, heh (btw, Amarande, I'm not ignoring you, just don't have a response)
00:57.49Kirkburn|sleepG'night all!
00:59.23Eraclito'night Kirkburn|sleep
00:59.42AmarandeNight Kirk
00:59.56pcjis he gone
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11:26.12Fiskerhey Kirkburn
11:31.52*** join/#wowwiki robotusch (
11:37.53Kirkburnpcj, when you're around: do you have an example of the gallery File: issue?
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12:44.22KirkburnHello Fisker
12:44.40Oseo.O Kirburn on IRC?
12:44.48Kirkburnindeed :)
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12:48.03Fiskertoo little too late Kirkburn
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13:32.03pcjcan't find anything exhibiting that behavior atm and can't duplicate it
13:32.07pcjwill let you know if i see it again
13:35.42pcjfisker whats with all the press
13:37.03g0urrahey Kirkburn
13:37.14g0urrasup with the F&F alpha
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14:28.57Kirkburng0urra, slow response: I have not heard anything from Blizz
14:29.42Kirkburnpcj, thanks
14:31.27g0urrahey Bibi
14:31.30g0urrasup with mmo-champion
14:31.38*** part/#wowwiki glee (
14:38.52Fiskerput some damn index.php on it g0urra
14:39.25g0urraI shouldn't have to fgt
14:40.56Fiskeroh but you should
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20:05.11AdysKirkburn: ping
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20:36.06g0urraI want to know what frost bolts coobra is talking about
20:46.19*** join/#wowwiki Zelo (~Zelootti@
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21:43.57KirkburnAdys, pong
21:44.41AdysKirkburn: good isps in the UK, any advice?
21:44.59KirkburnNo particular opinion, unfortunately
21:45.04KirkburnI'm on Virgin (cable)
21:45.21KirkburnDoes the job :)
21:45.46Kirkburn20MB, something like £30 a month (inc TV, phone)
21:46.56AdysKirkburn: friend of mine told me to get Virgin too
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21:47.59CooobraHeh.. holidays never fail... could not see mageroyals on the AH for weeks.. now there's tons and at 80g a stack lol
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22:24.11g0urrahey Cooobra
22:24.18g0urrawhat are those frost bolts you talk about
22:24.46CooobraYou know... I think I was thinking about the other frost dragon...
22:25.17Cooobrabut still... aspect of the pack is stupid to use for any fight
22:26.13g0urraer.. I'm not sure what dragon you're thinking of
22:26.22g0urrasure isn't sindragosa
22:26.36g0urraand well, running from sindragosa with aspect of the pack might be a good idea
22:26.39g0urranever tried it thoug
22:27.36Cooobraoh.. did he mean during that aoe thing? thought he meant during that phase with the ice blocks
22:28.08Cooobraactually... having pack for that part would be good idea.... undo my edit if you would =P
22:28.41g0urrayeah done
22:32.01Eraclitogarfield meme needs his own wiki page
22:32.45CooobraI knew it... WoW is so addictive... even cartoon cats are playing it
22:34.20*** join/#wowwiki MasterOfDisguise (
22:40.42CooobraHmm... think we should add an "Other" topic for the forums... for all these surveys constantly placed on them
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