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00:31.26fbxxklHi, does anyone know where I could go for some support installing WoW on a Ubuntu 9.10 machine
00:31.43fbxxklI am having some difficulty troubleshooting
00:31.49kd3what's up?
00:32.00kd3there's a few of us (me included) running on linux
00:32.31fbxxklok well I installed 9.04>upgraded .10 installed newest version of wine downloaded WoW
00:32.34fbxxklall is good
00:32.52fbxxklI go to update from 3.0.1844 I believe it is
00:32.55fbxxkland it errors out
00:33.02kd3what error are you getting?
00:33.14kd3do you have the restricted graphics driver installed?
00:33.30fbxxklI have my nvidia drivers active
00:34.01fbxxklthats the way I want it correct?
00:34.11kd3ok, which version of wine do you have installed? 1.0.1 or 1.1.43?
00:34.34fbxxklI followed the directions to add the repository to my third party software
00:34.42fbxxkland then I did the apt-get command for wine
00:35.03kd3kk. that's all good. what kind of error do you get when you try to patch wow?
00:35.10fbxxklIn the cnfg it says 1.1.43
00:35.18fbxxklLet me run it again to confirm
00:36.27fbxxklcurrent version of wow is I am patching through the launcher and its filled with grey while patching to 3.2.0
00:36.38fbxxklno error messages or anything currently just locks up
00:36.49fbxxklnow it says updating failed
00:37.44kd3ok... launcher sounds like it's being stupid (as usual).
00:37.54fbxxklI assumed that was the case
00:37.55kd3go manually snag the 3.x->3.2.0 patch from a mirror
00:38.29fbxxklI assumed that was the issue I tried to use the command to go to the background downloader but that was coming up with another issue
00:38.52kd3the background download shouldn't be coming in to play right now (there's nothing to predownload)
00:46.10fbxxklOk I am downloading this file but its going to take a bit
00:46.25kd3it's ~1.2GB or so
00:46.27fbxxklSo just run this individual patcher
00:46.45fbxxklShould I continue to run the individual patch files or try to use launcher afterwards?
00:47.09kd3yea. that should get past the bogus launcher shipped in 3.0.1. try to use the launcher, but if it doesn't work we've got mirrors for all of the patches
00:50.32fbxxklOk cool
00:51.59fbxxklShould I check the permissions on the WoW folder
00:52.07fbxxklcause I know that had been a particular issue at one point
00:52.34kd3a few (1.1.38ish?) wine builds ago, but since you've got current it shouldn't be an issue
00:52.34kd3do double check, though
00:52.44kd3make sure it's read-write-execute enabled for you
00:56.24fbxxklout of curiosity pcj they still have that many registered CD Keys to ban? that seems pretty crazy
00:56.43pcjall those koreans
00:56.51fbxxklthat makes sense
00:58.09fbxxklare you guys official maintainers of WoWwiki?
00:58.15fbxxklsince you have green dots
00:58.33kd3ya, we're admins on the wiki
00:58.59fbxxklwell my compliments cause I have been playing since release and that thing is pretty intense
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01:24.35fbxxklstarcraft 2 is going to be exciting
01:27.11pcjkd3 is it just me or is the drak'tharon loading screen not in the loading screens folder when you do the UI extraction
01:29.10fbxxklOut of curiosity while I am patching this file the blizzard updater says Please enable JavaScript.
01:29.21fbxxklany idea how I can get it to load or should I Just live with it?
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01:30.36kd3don't worry about it. it's a problem on blizz's end
01:31.09fbxxklOh how I wish there was a native install..
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01:38.45fbxxklOh yay. Patch is done time to test the waters
01:48.01fbxxklProgram error. Launcher.exe has closed unexpectedly
01:48.03fbxxklLOVE IT!
01:49.39kd3try running WoW.exe directly
01:58.54fbxxklLooks like its downloading ok right now.  While your here.  When I launch wow two things happen.  One it doesn't go quite full screen
01:59.21fbxxklI have the top and bottom taskbar showing. also When I go to highlight objects I have to be like half inch lower than the actual button
02:00.06kd3hm... I'd suggest running wow using wine's virtual desktop mode. how big (resolution wise, like 1680x1050) is your display?
02:00.28fbxxklI think its like 1280x900 something
02:00.33fbxxklill check exact numbers
02:00.51fbxxklits an older 4:3 17inch so I don't get the nice widescreen res's
02:01.24fbxxklthats it
02:02.37kd3ok. I'm going to make you a shortcut that'll run wow in a window almost as big as your display, but not quite. as far as wow's concerned it'll be fullscreen, so it'll still draw fast
02:03.15kd3save that file as 'wow', without an extension
02:03.44kd3make sure it's executable (right click -> properties -> ...)
02:04.01kd3then double-click it. it should start wow in one of wine's virtual desktops
02:04.43kd3a very similar script to that is what I use to start up wow/the ptr/etc... if I don't want to go all the way full-screen, which I don't most of the time (using a dual-head display)
02:05.29fbxxklok so when I downloaded it, it was patsey.null or what ever
02:05.36kd3that's fine. rename it
02:05.37fbxxkldo I just rename and remove the .null part
02:06.24fbxxklshould I relocate it anywhere or should it just run off my desktop
02:06.43kd3wherever you like
02:06.59fbxxklCause I double click it gives me the "Do you want to run this file" prompt and I select run and it appears nothing happens
02:07.17kd3hm... ok. how are you starting wow now?
02:07.28fbxxklwow.exe file in the wine folder
02:07.28kd3a link in your programs list?
02:07.52kd3ah. is wow.exe where I guessed it would be in the script?
02:08.23fbxxklcd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcraft/
02:08.28fbxxkldo I need to fill in before the ~
02:08.35fbxxkllike my home/fbxxkl/
02:08.37fbxxklso on?
02:08.43kd3no. the ~ translates to your home folder
02:08.55kd3you can if you want, though
02:08.57fbxxklwell then you were correct in the folder
02:09.39fbxxkledited the file no change
02:10.10kd3kk. try opening a terminal (gnome menu -> system (or accessories) -> terminal) and running the command from there. it'll tell us why it's not working properly
02:10.27fbxxklthe entire bash script?
02:10.36kd3nah. we'll just tell bash to run the script.
02:10.55kd3like that, when you're in the directory where you have the script
02:11.20fbxxklfbxxkl@projectklbase:~/Desktop$ ./WoW
02:11.20fbxxklbash: ./WoW: /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
02:11.46kd3did you save it with that capitalization? or as 'wow'?
02:12.12fbxxklthe desktop file you sent me is wow everything else would be default
02:12.33fbxxkli think I will change it
02:12.37fbxxklas there might be an error I am seeign
02:12.39kd3whoa... ok. that ^M shouldn't be there. what program did you use to edit the file?
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02:13.25fbxxklbut let me try one thing
02:14.19fbxxkli edited it with notepad the first time
02:14.26fbxxklthats where the character came in
02:14.28kd3ah, that's why
02:14.33fbxxklfixed it with Gedit
02:14.41fbxxklnow i get a blue screen popup and then closes itself
02:15.08kd3ok. wine's starting the vdesktop, then ending instantly. what console output are you getting?
02:15.28fbxxklnone terminal runs it then closes it with no output inside terminal
02:16.15kd3ok, that's really odd... try this: insert the line "wine --version" (without quotes) after the "cd" line
02:17.23kd3it should output the wine version before trying to fire up wow
02:17.53fbxxklthats what it spit out
02:17.55fbxxkland only that
02:18.26kd3and that's all that prints? try replacing "Launcher.exe" with "WoW.exe" (or however it's capitalized on your system, the patcher keeps changing it)
02:19.12kd3that's really odd... wine should output something if wow doesn't start up
02:20.39fbxxklnow I got some output
02:21.00fbxxkland the buttons work
02:22.16Eraclitokd3 you're good with places where do you think is it? terokkar?
02:22.31kd3that's terokkar
02:23.02kd3the color palette is off, but that's the only place on outland where creeks fall off the abyss like that
02:23.32Eraclitothe trees are weird too
02:26.09fbxxklThanks for your help kd3
02:26.13fbxxkleverything is working groovy atm
02:26.59Eraclito <- i didn't see this before
02:27.40kd3fbxxkl, no problem. glad it's working for ya
02:28.15kd3Eraclito, ya. they've put some new images up that I haven't seen either. trying to get as much up on the wiki as I can
02:28.19fbxxklgotta get my fix you know :P
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02:53.34fbxxklanyone know a good program to replace empathy?
02:53.40fbxxklit wont let me connect to MSN for some reason
02:54.10fbxxklim really directing that at KD3 cause I know he uses linux
02:54.44kd3pidgin was the default before they switched to empathy. but look in your add/remove programs tool for 'msn'. there are others
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03:03.41fbxxklYa I am using empathy
03:03.46fbxxkli mean
03:04.04kd3there's also amsn
03:04.08kd3other than that, I dunno
03:04.25fbxxklI like the multi ones cause I use aim for some poeple Msn for others and google chat so forth
03:16.52fbxxklnight Thanks for your help KD3 that was big time
03:17.13kd3no prob. g'night
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11:38.34harlok. cool. i guess.
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23:32.06joeyaaThe two people on Judge Judy met while playing WoW :)
23:33.03g0urraon what
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23:34.02joeyaajudge judy
23:35.35g0urrawhat's that
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23:44.15Amarandegoddamnit, will you drop already you stupid schematic
23:45.10pcjyou're a stupid schematic
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