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01:07.03pcjslaps [Nallywhaker]
01:08.49Rhiichews on pcj
01:09.34pcj* Rhii chews on pcj
01:09.59pcjoh ok
01:15.18g0urrachews on Rhii
01:15.45RhiiMy skin smells like green tea. :3
01:15.48RhiiAnd why ew? D:
01:16.02RhiiI am not ewwie.
01:17.34g0urrashields Rhii's eyes
01:18.06Wardis that a real movie?
01:18.15RhiiYou're like an arcane protector g0urra!
01:18.23Rhii"Protect the innocent!"
01:18.25g0urraRhii :3
01:18.25pcjof course it's a real movie!
01:18.38Wardok I gotta see that
01:27.34pcjdamn those cocaine users
01:29.30pcjis it just me or could be simplified
01:30.24pcjthe rip branch only differs in if you use ferocious bite or rip in the end
01:32.31foxlitAnd so could the savage roar branch
01:32.40foxlitthe < 9 choice could be moved further in
01:33.13foxlitBut I think the point of this thing is to look complicated
01:34.03pcjfoxlit: no that's
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02:14.45pcjslaps ChanServ
02:14.48pcjslaps crucially
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02:17.24pcjcrucially did you do that JS thing yet
02:17.34cruciallybut we will
02:23.44aayeojcrucially and i were in tahoe
02:23.54aayeojso cut him some slack
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02:24.31pcjtahoe is a tourist trap
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02:44.13pcjslaps Dotted766
02:45.31pcjwho is apt
02:45.53pcjoh infobot
02:47.25pcj~seen TechnoBrat
02:47.26infoboti haven't seen 'technobrat', pcj
02:50.42MasterOfDisguise~seen tecnobrat
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02:51.24pcjah i'm a dork
02:51.33MasterOfDisguisehehe, you're welcome :P
02:55.37MasterOfDisguiseI didn't even know he was voiced in the first place
02:56.03pcjyeah, well
02:56.15pcj~seen bleeter
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02:56.46MasterOfDisguiseLearn something new every day I suppose.
02:57.41MasterOfDisguiseOh, I can see why
02:57.53MasterOfDisguisegoes back to whatever it was he was doing
02:59.02MasterOfDisguiseOh, that brings back memories.
03:00.06MasterOfDisguiseBe back later!
03:03.04pcjslaps [Nallywhaker]
03:03.46[Nallywhaker]hugs pcj
03:03.58pcjhugs [Nallywhaker]
03:04.24[Nallywhaker]Eating toasts always leads me to tasting my own blood
03:04.37[Nallywhaker]fortunately, my blood is delicious
03:05.18pcjeat toast much?
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13:02.27Rhii|SleepsAMGHave a great day #wowwiki, see you in 8 hours! :D
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13:34.52pcjno harl
13:35.39harlno me?
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15:13.30NoeveMorning all. I know this isn't a tech support channel, but was wondering if anyone's had trouble logging in since they switched to Battle.Net accounts ? I haven't played in a while but want to get back into it now, and can't log in anywhere. Says I need to convert to a BattleNet account, but when I try that, it says my account is already attached to one...
15:16.21nmsyou need to find out which acct it's attached to then
15:16.36nmsif you haven't attached it the WoW acct might have been stolen
15:16.53NoeveAny way to find out which account it's attached to ?
15:17.10NoeveI'm not sure that's the case though, as sometimes I'm told it needs to be attached / converted, implying it isn't.
15:17.19NoeveSounds more like a problem with the account.
15:17.37nmssimplest way is probably to use the webmail form to contact Blizzard Acct & Billing
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15:17.51NoeveYeah, I've done that, not sure how long they'll take to answer though.
15:18.24nmsusually within a couple of days
15:19.30NoeveOK, thanks. I'll wait then :P
15:19.37NoeveWant to level a rogue...
15:24.24nmsi have one of those
15:24.36nmslvl 61 or something, haven't really played it yet
15:29.03NoeveI have a 70 priest, mainly PvP. Haven't played since then.
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17:13.41Noevenms, I called them and they got it back to me immediately. It had been hacked... Only three days ago.
17:20.12nmsNoeve: same thing happened to me in september after i hadn't played for over two years
17:20.30nmsgot the acct back, all epics were gone but GMs sent them to me by ingame mail
17:20.39NoeveYeah, they said they'd do the same.
17:20.48NoevePretty impressed by how easy it was, actually.
17:21.10nmsbonus that the hackers had managed to collect a whole lot of gold on toons on my acct, so i got a couple of k free gold
17:21.37NoeveI have five free days :)
17:28.05nmsbtw, while on the subject of hackers; don't use VentriloMIX
17:29.02nmsi have two irl friends who had to reinstall Windows because they had installed VentriloMIX and realized it had installed keyloggers as well
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20:06.52Dragoon_JettHow do I properly mark a page as out of date
20:06.59Dragoon_JettOr needs revision, whatever it is
20:20.32foxlit{{ood}} might do it
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22:39.22many23:38 [freenode] -!- many #wowwiki Cannot change nickname while banned on channel
22:39.26manyhow sick is that
22:47.30charitwomany: perhaps you should keep all your nicks grouped to your main account then
22:48.41manythe only reason why i did even bother to register the nick is so noone else can register it
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23:13.19pcjcharitwo: do you know if you can ban a range of IPs
23:15.27Dragoon_Jettpcj do you even play WoW
23:15.42Dragoon_JettOh ok
23:16.16Dragoon_JettI won't look at it or else I will be tempted to point out everything I disagree with.
23:16.19[NaL]Is playing WoW a requirement to be on this channel?
23:16.37Dragoon_JettBut it is WOWwiki
23:17.08Dragoon_JettBut I am still pissed
23:17.15Dragoon_JettAs a Warrior I should be
23:17.23charitwopcj: yes
23:17.51Dragoon_JettI am so close to rerolling Paladin
23:18.10pcjcharitwo: how, do you just type 123.234.*.*?
23:19.00[NaL]pcj: nice
23:19.04[NaL]dual-specced prot
23:19.08[NaL]that's awesome
23:19.36Dragoon_JettGod damn it I looked too
23:19.38Dragoon_JettOh paladin
23:20.14[NaL]is the self-proclaimed paladin fanatic on Wowhead
23:20.34Dragoon_JettWere paladins mad when warriors should throw a weapon REALLY REALLY hard and destroy your bubble?
23:20.54pcjmeh not as mad as when they just nerfed sacred duty
23:21.03pcjit's like "pfft, you didn't need that 4% stamina"
23:21.11Dragoon_JettThey buffed vitality..
23:21.21pcjyeah the buffed warriors and nerfed paladins
23:21.28Dragoon_JettArdent Defender anyone
23:21.36pcjqq more
23:21.40Dragoon_JettI WILL
23:21.43Dragoon_JettI am right now
23:22.05pcjit doesn't proc unless your group sucks anyway
23:22.08pcjso who cares
23:22.17[NaL]they also buffed dks
23:22.27[NaL]warriors got 3% stam and dks got 2%
23:23.06Dragoon_JettBlizzard said Paladins had too much and the other tanks had too little
23:23.13Dragoon_JettIf you didn't read that blue post
23:23.16[NaL]I did
23:23.52[NaL]blizzard should just make Sacred Duty increase base hp to the same level as warriors and have Combat Expertise increase stamina same as warriors
23:23.55[NaL]problem solved
23:24.52Dragoon_JettBut but, what about Death Knights and druids
23:25.26[NaL]they're "supposed" to have higher hp and armour to compensate for the lack of shield, but I have no idea what the hell blizzard is thinking with them
23:26.00Dragoon_JettNo, druids are supposed to have higher mitigation same with DKs
23:26.08Dragoon_JettDruids relied on dodge, which was nerfed
23:26.10Dragoon_Jettin icc
23:26.16Dragoon_JettAnd DKs I assume parry
23:26.49[NaL]the original concept was higher EH as well
23:26.57[NaL]which got screwed up in WotLK
23:27.51Dragoon_JettWhen I dinged 80 I had more health than I saw level 70 warriors in BT tank gear did in BC
23:28.07Dragoon_JettThey inflated everything
23:29.10[NaL]When I dinged 70 I had more health than level 60 warriors in BWL gear?
23:29.36[NaL]presumably naxx as well, but I've never seen them
23:30.14Dragoon_JettI see what you mean
23:30.26Dragoon_JettBut the numbers were way more inflated
23:30.28Dragoon_JettI feel
23:32.57charitwopcj on IRC or wiki
23:48.07[NaL]pcj: that's awesome
23:48.22pcjyeah i got 2 of them
23:48.59g0urra2tb omnom
23:49.23[NaL]g0urra's going for 1pb
23:49.50g0urranah I'm going for 1pmb
23:50.02g0urrapcj momma's byte
23:50.04g0urraand that's huge
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23:52.49[NaL]WB g0urra

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