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18:08.47Fiskerdid you mess about with the game downloaders on
18:09.18Adysif they're the same format than wow's, then yeha
18:09.34FiskerWe need to find SC2 :P
18:09.45FiskerBut i think it was something about that those downloaders were generated on the spot
18:09.51Fiskerfor classic games anyway
18:10.08Adysnot sure what you mean sorry
18:10.43FiskerThat the downloaders are created unique to your account
18:10.48Fiskeryou know anti-piracy and all that shit
18:10.58Adysthen no idea sorry
18:11.09nmsisn't it just a very narrow minded BitTorrent client?
18:11.12Fisker4)Вам будет предложено сохранить файл с именем Downloader_StarCraft_2_Beta.exe.
18:11.18Fiskeryeah nms
18:11.29Adysit should be
18:11.39Adysif I had to guess, and knowing blizzard
18:11.44FiskerBut apparently, as i understood it, when they added classic games they specifically tailored the downloader for your user
18:11.47AdysI'd say it's a bittorrent client with a custom user agent string
18:11.50Fiskerpresumably for anti-piracy
18:12.44nmswhen are IP publishers going to learn that sort of anti-piracy measures are useless?
18:13.39FiskerWell to be fair it's probably also just to save bandwitdh
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20:52.38Sandwichman2448It has been a while...
20:54.05KirochiDue to many friendly requests and general enthusiasm about my presence, I have decided to come back in there
20:55.07KirochiDid you actually miss me, or was it my brilliant analytic skills regarding the world of Warcraft that everybody here seems to lack that you were desperate to watch live again?
20:55.10KirochiJust kidding
20:55.37KirochiIt feels good seeing your idle nicks again
20:56.11Sandwichman2448makes his nick dance to show it is not idle.
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20:57.09Kirochifeeds the nick
20:57.21Kirochipets the nick
20:57.31KirochiOh, that's a good boy
21:00.15KirochiBibi-, you didn't answer me a while back on #machinima
21:00.28OseBibi-: take a quick look at the comments section on
21:00.32Osebefore I delete it
21:00.44Kirochiabout my going to Blizzard's and popping my head in the dev offices
21:01.15Bibi-what the fuck.
21:01.39Bibi-that's clever.
21:01.51Bibi-will take a look in an hour when I'm done drowning myself in painkiller
21:01.54KirochiJe ne plaisante pas Bibi-
21:01.55Oseit seems like someone is creating spam profiles on mmo-champion and then spamming links elsewhere
21:02.09OseBibi-: save the links please, i'm about to delete
21:02.29Sandwichman2448Yeah, I see that. Oh wait, that is Bibi.
21:04.48Bibi-Ose : yeah yeah done
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21:26.42g0urrahey Kiroliver
21:27.24KirochiHey g0urrakidney
21:28.15g0urraFisker where's my SC2 beta
21:38.33Fiskerwhere's my sc2 beta?
21:39.30g0urrawhere's my sc2 beta?
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21:58.05KirochiOh, I should be going npw
21:58.58Sandwichman2448Curse you DarkTichondrias. This man I never knew mocks me still.
22:03.59g0urrahow long does blueposts on mmo-c bluetracker stay up
22:05.59g0urraI've had so far 2 404
22:06.04Bibi-fuck ...
22:06.05Bibi-I know why
22:06.14Fisker1my betaaaaaaaaaaaa
22:06.16Bibi-how old is that supposed to be?
22:06.39g0urrafirst is april 2009
22:06.43g0urrasecond june 2009
22:06.49Bibi-I'll have it fixed
22:06.56g0urraaw shucks
22:07.09g0urraand I wanted mmo-c bluetracker links gone ;<
22:07.25Bibi-why do you hate me so much
22:07.39g0urrano I just wanted them gone because it seemed unreliable
22:08.05Bibi-yeah no
22:08.21Bibi-we migrated the blue tracker to new servers a while back
22:08.25Bibi-and I guess we didn't export the SQL DB
22:08.34Bibi-but the old one is still running
22:08.48Bibi-so I'll just yell at my sysadmins and make them merge both DB, or something like that
22:08.54Bibi-it's not a big deal
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22:33.18Dottedtekkub ping
22:38.17Dottedah nvm
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22:52.28Sandwichman2448So, who cares about the Gilneas diagrams?
22:56.39Sandwichman2448says something lame.
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23:24.11Sandwichman2448Xavius and his "fan art"...
23:51.42g0urraI should att "WoWWiki is not an image hosting site" to WW:NOT
23:52.59Sandwichman2448Go for it. It already isn't.
23:53.29Sandwichman2448Fandy got so mad at that page... heh... it was not a big deal.

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