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03:03.28pcjkd3 are you there
03:03.50pcjcharitwo i have a bot project for you
03:04.03pcjanyone want to bot a lot
03:04.48kd3what's up?
03:05.03pcjcan you make sure all the {{Infobox ability}} are wrapped in <onlyinclude>
03:05.03Dottedpcj meant:
03:05.39pcjit will cut down on load times once i implement {{ability}}
03:05.39Dottedpcj meant:
03:05.45pcjand make crucially less likely to kill me
03:06.04kd3sec, swapping vid cards
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03:09.51kd3ya, I can probably put something together. just need to think of a regex that won't break the wiki
03:13.10pcjjust make sure there isn't already an onlyinclude
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04:51.45kd3gah regexing to find templates is pain'
05:21.59kd3changes underway
05:40.49kd3'^\}\}$' isn't matching what it's supposed to
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06:25.16kd3Waiting for 398 pages to be put. Estimated time remaining: 1:06:20
06:29.43kd3pcj; want me to run through {{infobox talent}} too?
06:29.43Dottedkd3 meant:
07:06.28Dragoon_JettCan someone help me a little
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14:59.49pcj{{Icon|{{#replace:{{lc:{{{icon|Temp}}}}}.png|.png.png|.png}}||3|ext=|float=none;position: absolute; left: -38px; top: -0.25em}}
14:59.49Dottedpcj meant:|{{#replace:{{lc:{{{icon|Temp
14:59.57pcjyou don't want {{icon}}
14:59.58Dottedpcj meant:
15:00.02pcjjust do it yourself
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15:04.12foxlitmoo, pcj?
15:04.32foxlitWhy all the {{icon|size=}} love? :)
15:04.33Dottedfoxlit meant:|size=
15:05.25pcjbecause 1) defined parameters are better than numbered parameters
15:05.50pcjand 2) removed the |stack= HTML output from {{icon}} for the templates that weren't using it
15:05.50Dottedpcj meant:
15:06.10pcjsince {{{2}}} was defined before {{{3}}}...
15:06.10Dottedpcj meant:{2,{3
15:06.33pcjalso stuff like assured me it was a good idea
15:09.05pcjreally since tooltip and the like are the biggest consumer of icon we should just make a separate streamlined template so it doesn't have to use so many stupid parameters
15:11.37foxlitin-line it where interesting, perhaps.
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18:12.44TrelWhen I hit level 76, are the 67-75 dungeons gonna disappear from dungeon finder?
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20:56.50Sandwichman2448Are all unused images marked for speedy deletion by default?
20:59.28Osehow would that work?
21:00.41Sandwichman2448Any image that is not used gets deleted.
21:01.33Sandwichman2448Not really marked. Just free game.
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21:38.58FiskerSandwichman2448 my arch nemesis
21:43.14Sandwichman2448g0urra will be sad.
21:43.36Sandwichman2448You have been replaced.
21:44.26Sandwichman2448slaps Fisker around with a large trout.
21:44.30g0urrawhy so tooltip pcj
21:44.43Sandwichman2448I can do this.
21:44.53pcjdon't interrupt the creative process
21:45.08g0urraFisker, interrupt the creative process
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21:56.56Fiskerhey Ose
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22:09.43Sandwichman2448Does that even do anything?
22:13.26AlramMurlocs extract a greenish mucus from the colored head fin of threshadons for use by chieftains as a powerful aphrodisiac
22:13.29Sandwichman2448I am goint to turn "Arthas, My Son" into a redirect.
22:13.50Sandwichman2448I was talking about the Image: to File: thing.
22:26.02pcjit's alive
22:27.29foxlitImage: -> File: transition sucks, btw.
22:27.45foxlitImage: is meningful, File: is not.
22:28.42Sandwichman2448So it was not just poinless, it was counterproductive?
22:28.54Sandwichman2448Tell A'noob that.
22:29.08Sandwichman2448That guy dotes on the oddest rules...
22:31.07Sandwichman2448So, foxlit, do I have to tell him?
22:31.11pcjfoxlit: i think the reasoning on wikipedia is they actually have non-image files being uploaded
22:31.21Sandwichman2448We have a few.
22:31.42foxlitpcj: Think they aren't actually distinct namespaces.
22:31.54pcjthey aren't
22:32.09pcjbefore the change OGG files were in the "Image" namespace
22:32.25pcjnow they're in the more accurate "file" namespace
22:32.59foxlitWhich is fine. I'm just opposed to changing [[Image:blah.jpg]] to [[File:blah.jpg]] when embedding images in articles.
22:32.59Dottedfoxlit meant:,
22:33.06foxlitThe former strikes me as more descriptive.
22:33.13foxlitSandwichman2448: if you want. I'm not really too bothered.
22:34.17Sandwichman2448I will need more support then that to get him to change.
22:34.43pcjtechnically the correct method is [[File:...]] now
22:34.43Dottedpcj meant:
22:34.57pcjwhether or not Image is completely deprecated in the future...idk
22:35.19pcjnot much point to doing it now though
22:35.58Sandwichman2448If anyone cares to correct A'noob, do so. I do not care what he does.
22:36.12pcjthen why did you bring it up
22:36.45Sandwichman2448Well, I do, but he is too hard to fix, and unlike some, he helps.
22:38.09Sandwichman2448I cared a bit when I brought it up.
22:40.38Sandwichman2448What is with the dragons?
22:40.59Sandwichman2448predicts a "fixed", but still wants to know.
22:41.50Sandwichman2448One was marked for sd, but they were are all unused. What were they for?
22:42.00Sandwichman2448So, I marked the rest.
22:45.03pcjthey're abandoned
22:46.42pcjtypical fandy edit
22:48.04Sandwichman2448Yeah. I'm "happy".
22:48.43Sandwichman2448I learned an important admin lesson a while ago (Rolandius): Not to care. For long anyway.
22:50.52pcjyou weren't admin at that time...
22:51.20g0urraI love how there's Elite creature and Rare mob
22:52.10Sandwichman2448Curse you and your correct history!
22:52.28Sandwichman2448gets his rants in order.
22:53.15Sandwichman2448Someone can care and not be an admin, right?
22:53.49Sandwichman2448Umm... Replace the word 'admin' with 'wiki' in my lesson statement.
22:58.07Sandwichman2448I can make sense...
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23:18.54_lizzard_hi all
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