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03:30.22pcjmmm my new mouse works on my glass desk
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04:30.37charitwopcj one of those red shiny ones?
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06:23.02pcjits the performance mouse mx
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19:25.55Eraclito <-
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19:30.55Alramalpha didnt start
19:31.06Alrameven though said it would be
19:31.18Alrambut seeing are retards and believe anything posted on twitter etc
19:31.21Alramthey just went with it
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23:18.00imperfect-Anyone around?
23:19.33charitwopcj is
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23:27.06madohowdy folks!
23:27.30madodoes anyone have a newer table than this one? ->
23:27.59imperfect-Just getting frustrated
23:28.03imperfect-running out of EoT gear
23:28.12imperfect-and I can't get into ICC shit
23:28.16imperfect-it's pissing me off
23:29.58g0urramado: I don't think so
23:30.27madohello g0urra :) ...
23:30.46madoi just meant ... there has to be a newer one out there ... that e.g. covers blood elves too
23:31.06g0urrayou mean the class x race chart?
23:31.16madoyeah ...
23:31.19madoi thought about playing WoW ...
23:31.40madobut i heard there were more classes out there than the chart of this page says
23:32.09madothank you g0urra
23:32.15madoi'll check it out ...
23:32.19madoand bookmark it ...
23:32.41madoi hope to be able to play WoW in a few months then :)
23:33.36madog0urra: ?
23:33.45madoam i just tired or do i have other problems? :)
23:33.51madoi can't read the chart correctly ...
23:34.05madofirst row ...
23:34.19madoDPS column
23:34.33madowhich class has "2+1" ?
23:34.41g0urralook under at "Ratings"
23:35.25g0urrait means that the class in the row is 2 at a 0-4 scale, and can go up to 3 with talents
23:37.42madoer ... i think i'm tired ... i still don't get it
23:38.35madomaybe you can help me with an example? ...
23:38.53madohow do i find out how good e.g. a nightelf is with all those things?
23:39.08NechcknThe class has a rating, from zero to four  worst to best so a class meant to be a tank witll have a 4 under the tank column.
23:40.03g0urramado the chart doesn't show that though
23:40.40madoi see ... ok ... and i thought i was just to tired to see it g0urra :)
23:40.53madothanks both of you Nechckn and g0urra
23:41.47madoand is there a chart or something out there that shows me e.g. that a nightelf is a good druid but a e.g. human is a lousy one?
23:42.15Arrowmasterhumans cant be druids
23:42.26madoArrowmaster: ... it was just an example ... :)
23:42.45madoi just don't want to make a big mistake in the game so that it's too difficult :)
23:43.00Arrowmasterrace is nothing more than personal preference
23:43.04NechcknUnless you see a "Yes" under the Human Column, they cannot be that class.  But, basically, racial traits are only slight bonuses and really do not come into play.
23:43.56NechcknA Night Elf is just as good as a Tauren for being a Druid, for instance.
23:43.57Arrowmasterfor example my personal preference is that orc is the better horde race for most classes that can be orcs
23:44.03madoso there is noo "choose e.g. nightelf" if you want to be druid ... because they are good at being a druid?
23:44.08Arrowmasterbut thats only a personal preference
23:44.20madoi see Arrowmaster
23:44.23NechcknIf you like Druids, there are only 1 choice per faction.
23:44.38NechcknNElf for Alliance and Tauren for Horde.
23:44.39madoi don't know what i will like :) Nechckn
23:45.04madoi think i'll have to come online here again after being able to play it ...
23:45.15madothen i can ask you some questions that can help me a little :)
23:45.18NechcknSo.. the best way to use that chart is to read the descriptions that each of the class names links to.
23:45.30NechcknDecide on Class first.
23:45.36NechcknThen move to Race after.
23:45.52madook ... *nods slightly*
23:46.19madobut how do i know if it is a mistake to choose a specific race for a class?
23:46.58NechcknIt's not.
23:47.05NechcknThey have the game balanced that way.
23:47.31NechcknIf you pick a Mage, no one will be like "OMG, why are you a human" for instance.
23:47.39imperfect-Any idea's at atll?
23:47.48madook --- i see Nechckn
23:48.44madoit's just ... i don't have much experience with such games ...
23:48.49madobut from what i heard ...
23:49.16madoit was / is important which race you're playing
23:49.23NechcknThat's fine.   But, seriously, they take great pains to ensure that each class is viable on the races where they are playable.
23:49.34NechcknIn some games it is, yes.  Not in WoW.
23:50.27madoi see ... thank you for that Nechckn
23:50.53Arrowmasterthere are a few minor cases such as if you dont intend to PvP a gnome warrior might not be an 'optimal' choice of a race for a warrior
23:51.26NechcknOnce you start to play, all depending on how you play, you can then figure out if the tiny bonus from some racial trait is worth changing to use.  You can make a whole ranch of characters, so it is not an issue.
23:51.40Arrowmasterbut its nothing that really sets you apart as being worse than another race choice
23:52.29Nechckntrue, true
23:53.11Arrowmasterlike i said personally i like orcs for a horde race because of bloodfury, extra pet damage, and they have a minor melee bonus with axes
23:54.07madowell ... i don't know yet really what i plan to do in the game ...
23:54.24NechcknWhat most folks come up with is that you play the class you enjoy.  After you decide on that, you pick Horde or Alliance and then your actual Race pick is very limited.
23:54.43madouhuu ...
23:55.13madopersonally i thought about being someone who helps others ... with e.g. healing ... or ranged attacks
23:55.38Arrowmasterbut its only minor bonuses and nothing that would for example make one race choice always better than another, you wont see all of one race constantly higher on damage output than another race of the same class
23:56.05Arrowmastermado: shaman maybe
23:57.15NechcknYeah, that would be a decent choice.
23:57.23Arrowmastermostly a healing class but has both ranged spell damage and melee
23:57.55Arrowmasterin wow if you pick a class that can heal, expect to be healing when in a group
23:58.07NechcknDruid would be fine, too, for the same reasons.
23:58.51NechcknBoth are good for starters, imho, because you can do a bit of everything and then decide which you like more.
23:58.58NechcknWithin the game and all.
23:59.25madosounds good
23:59.31NechcknWoW has trial accounts, by the way, mado  - so it is easy to "Try before you buy".
23:59.46madoyeah ... but this only works once per IP doesn't it?

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