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02:53.53TrelFor a Ret spec'd pally, what's the major attributes I should look for in gear?
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03:17.02AtarisHey folks.
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03:24.18kd3may have to wind up building a htpc
03:24.20kd3damned driver bugs
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10:19.22pcjoculus just becomes more and more of a joke
10:24.04Fiskeryeah pcj
10:24.08Fiskeratleast fix the real issues
10:24.31Fisker"yay i can get 2 more emblems and random rare gems"
10:24.33FiskerHOW USEFUL
10:25.18FiskerI have like a buttload of heirloom items laying around just because i want to play some other classes
10:25.27Fiskeri could convert them to gems but meh
10:28.42winkwhy so, pcj?
10:28.49winkwhat's wrong with ocu?
10:29.00Fiskeryour mother wink
10:29.01pcjoculus doesn't bother me
10:29.09pcjbut blizzard keeps accomodating the qq'ers
10:29.23Gnarfozwink: probably? :P
10:30.27winkthat's just wrong
10:30.49winkI don't know any persons who've ever bailed out of oculus
10:30.54winkit's just a normal instance
10:31.01winkwhy all the fuzz?
10:31.22Gnarfozbecause it's not a normal instance, it's the evil instance with vehicle mechanics
10:31.31Gnarfozwhich some people dislike for no reason
10:31.41Gnarfoz("I just don't like it" doesn't count)
10:39.09FiskerI do any random i get including oculus
10:39.09winkah well, I don't like Flame Leviathan either
10:39.13FiskerVehicles aren't the issue
10:39.16winkbut ffs, it's 5min of your life
10:39.19winkI hate FL+4
10:39.31winkbecause it is "weird vehicle stuff and not the class I chose"
10:39.38winkbut Oculus.. come on
10:39.53winkeven xxx void is ridiculously easy
10:40.15wink3 red, 2 green is even easier than rgaaa
10:40.50Fiskeraaaaa is probably the easiest by now
10:45.47Gnarfozaaaaa is lol
10:45.56Gnarfozonly thing you need is coordination
10:45.59Gnarfozpew pew
10:46.10Fiskereasy as shit
10:46.11winkyeah ok
10:46.16winkI'm speaking pre-nerf
10:46.21Gnarfozwink: I hate that explanation :<
10:46.28winknever did "X void" since nerf
10:46.32winkwhat explanation?
10:46.37Gnarfozwink: vehicles have like, 3 abilities at most, it's easy as hell
10:46.46winkah yea
10:46.48Gnarfozhow does that relevant to "not the class I chose"
10:47.03Gnarfozit's not like you're suddenly forced to play a priest
10:47.20Fiskersome people just don't want to learn it
10:48.05Gnarfozalso, SELECT name, value, username FROM v$statname a JOIN v$sesstat using(statistic#) JOIN v$session using(sid) WHERE username = 'HR' AND name LIKE '%sort%';
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12:50.26winkGnarfoz: first and foremost annoying is that I can't strafe
12:50.36winkI move only by strafing, so FL vehicles suck
12:50.45winkMalygos drakes was ok.
12:54.22Gnarfozmouse turn: problem solved? :<
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13:25.09pcjbut if you use your mouse to turn how do you click your abilities?
13:27.44foxlitYou get one of those fancy 17-button mice.
13:30.00pcjbah, all of those i can find have OpenOffice on them
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18:33.53BruciferGreetings all
18:34.44Bruciferis there anyone here?
18:35.14Bruciferlol alrighty
18:35.26nmscan i help you in any way?
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18:36.22Bruciferwell I'm extremely new to wow but not mmporpgs and was hoping to get a tiny bit of help
18:37.04BruciferI'm having some issue understanding the interface or specifically how to remove stuff from my hotbar
18:37.28Bruciferor basically just adjust where there are on my hotbar
18:38.14nmsclick a button and hold, move to where you want it, release button
18:39.00BruciferWhat about if I want to remove it from the hotbar all together... I accidently dropped my staff on my hotbar and now I don't even have that staff anymore and it's still there
18:39.26nmsclick and hold, move away from actionbar, release
18:39.42Brucifercool... but the key is to hold the click I take it?
18:40.18Brucifernever occured to me to hold it... I was just trying left and right clicks to no avail lol
18:40.25nmsas long as you hold the click until you have moved the cursor away from the button the spell or item will follow the cursor
18:40.48Bruciferok cool so it's just like any other drag and drop interface... coolness
18:41.04Bruciferoh one other question... where do I get bags?
18:41.29nmsyou buy, craft or loot them
18:41.53Bruciferokies I'm only level 8 I guess I'll come across a vendor sooner or later
18:42.14Bruciferthanks again
18:42.34nmsone of the first low level quests awards a 4slot bag
18:42.54nmslike lvl2-3
18:42.55BruciferI'll have to locate that
18:43.24Bruciferhmmm I haven't seen it yet... I'll look harder
18:43.34nmsand you should seriously do your absolute best to do ALL quests
18:43.54Bruciferyes I've been looking for the !'s
18:44.27nmswhich race/class are you rolling?
18:44.40BruciferNight Elf Druid...
18:44.58BruciferI like the versatility of it
18:45.33nmsi suggest you play to like lvl25-30 somewhere and then roll something else, just to get a feel for the differences between races and classes
18:46.19Bruciferyeah, my second consideration is Human or Dwarven PLD
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18:47.08nmsi have played a rogue to lvl35, a mage to lvl29, a hunter to lvl73 and ended up with a death knight
18:47.47BruciferLeaning towards Dwarf since you could never play a Dwarf as a Pally back in the old D&D days
18:48.15Bruciferwow, yeah I hear DK's are pretty badass
18:49.13Brucifernice servers are back up
18:50.45Bruciferhey one last questions while I'm thinking of it... is there a button you can push to Auto-run?
18:50.48nmsyou're on US?
18:51.03nmsnum lock and mouse button 5 are autorun
18:51.12nmsmb5 is usually thumb
18:51.18winkI bound it to "r" in 2006
18:51.21winkand never changed that
18:51.30Bruciferokies cool
18:52.12Bruciferhow do you turn it off now I'm stuck in auto run
18:52.20nmssame again
18:52.38nmsor just normal fwd/back movement
18:52.54nmsmb1+mb2 or w
18:53.22Brucifercool thanks again.. gonna see if I can find this bag quest
18:53.57Bruciferhmmm not letting me drag off the bar
18:54.06nmsi can't even remember how hard it was to learn everything when i first started
18:54.26winkthere's an option to "sticky" this
18:54.31winksomewhere under interface
18:54.34wink-> action bars
18:54.42wink-> "lock" or something
18:55.13Bruciferyou mean on wiki or the game interface?
18:55.20winkgame interface
18:55.32winkEscape -> options
18:56.07Brucifergot it wink... you rock
18:56.18nmsi don't?
18:56.22BruciferI'm a former FFXI player
18:56.28Bruciferyou do too nms lol
18:56.59Bruciferyou both rock... thanks so much for the help... cute jpg
18:59.19winkdon't be afraid to ask :) just don't expect instant replies most of the tim
18:59.47Brucifernah that's cool. I understand others are playing too and probably not always looking at chat logs
19:00.12nmsactually, i always do while playing since they're on different monitors
19:00.20winksame, actually
19:00.24winkbut too many channels :)
19:00.33winkand this one is very low-traffic
19:00.35winkI blame g0urra
19:00.42winkbecause he quit
19:00.49Bruciferoh, well I'm on dual monitors as well
19:00.50winkoh u!
19:00.58nmsBrucifer: as long as there's "nms" in a line i'll usually respond withing a couple of minutes unless i'm asleep
19:01.20g0urrawho are you nms
19:01.21winktries to think of a word with nms in it
19:01.24g0urraand why did you ping me
19:01.39winkbut apart from. "one omnomnom, many omnomnoms" I can't find one
19:01.48g0urraI meant wink
19:01.49winkand I mispelt it
19:01.56winkbecause I blamed you :)
19:02.01nmswho am i?
19:02.15g0urrano I meant wink
19:02.21winkpf, shoo
19:02.27g0urraI SHOO AT nms
19:02.39g0urrameh I might as well shoo you both
19:02.41winkyou should really prefix your mutterin
19:02.42nmswhy do you shoo?
19:02.57Dottedwink meant:
19:03.08Dottedwink meant:
19:03.35winkoh, I should really update that page
19:03.39g0urrak I my telepath ability is out of function at the moment, that's why I couldn't read your mind
19:03.53winkmhm, when I mouseover my name
19:03.59winkI find it revealed
19:05.17Bruciferstarting cities are pretty dead huh?
19:05.26Bruciferer starting towns
19:05.53winkit's all in the faction capitals
19:06.00winkand of those, one is typically busiest
19:06.21winkfor Horde it's Orgrimmar and for Alliance it's a bit mixed between Ironforge and Stormwind, but more Ironforge
19:06.28Bruciferokies gotcha... well I'm gonna try to get myself 2 levels so I can become a bear
19:06.33nmsIronforge and Stormwind for Alliance, Undercity and Orgrimmar for Horde, Dalaran and Shattrath for both
19:06.51winkUC? It's deader than dead on the servers I play on
19:07.21nmsguess it varies from server to server
19:07.31nmsi'm on EU though, if that makes any difference
19:08.01nmsOG is by far biggest, but there are always people in UC as well
19:08.07g0urrawink: maybe because nobody is alive there
19:08.09g0urraho ho ho
19:08.28Bruciferwell if anyone is on Silverhand I'm under the name Brucifer if you want to look me up
19:08.35nmsSilvermoon is coolest though; built to be a new major trade hub when TBC was released, and it's like a grave in there
19:09.17winknms: Aggramar, Nozdormu, Rexxar and a few other in EU
19:09.36winknms: that can't be - the layout is just silly
19:09.38winkSM is useless
19:09.45winkI loathe every time I go to train my pally
19:09.51winkand that's with epic riding skill already
19:09.57nmswink: Ravencrest, Sunstrider, Shattered Hand and a few others :)
19:10.15winkyay, 10 servers each and zero matches? :D
19:10.41nmsthere should be an achievement for that
19:11.04wink10 more points on the road to whacky victory
19:14.35Bruciferis there anyway to drag the map to a second monitor?
19:16.41nmsnot unless your WoW is on both monitors
19:17.08winkand I wouldn't advise that
19:17.11winkit gets ugly
19:17.19BruciferSo you can't drag wow items outside of the WOW window huh?
19:17.20winkbetter stick to one screen
19:17.36winkare there games where you can do that? :)
19:17.58Bruciferwith addons yeah
19:18.11BruciferFFXI you can do it with a 3rd party prog
19:18.16winkI see
19:18.39BruciferI left FFXI because you can't do anything w/o the perfect party setup though
19:19.10nmsi usually use on my second computer when i need maps
19:19.34Bruciferbut it's not onscreen map though is it?
19:19.47BruciferI mean it's not showing you on the map
19:19.48winkwoww, never seen this, Nechckn
19:21.18nmsthe pre-TBC maps are best, with flight paths and dungeons properly mapped
19:21.42winkplays on EU and ignores als deDE stuff
19:55.37Bruciferhey I'm in Darnassus and I'm looking for a vendor that sells skinning knives... any suggestions?
19:59.44nmsask a guard for directions to trade tools vendor or trade supplies vendor
20:08.10Bruciferok thanks
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