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00:25.14charitwohey pcj
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01:12.49kd3I'm here
01:12.51kd3work sucks
01:12.56kd3and he isn't
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03:24.57charitwocrucially kd3
03:45.20charitwo<crucially>kd3: ?
03:45.43charitwo<kd3>I'm here <kd3>work sucks<kd3>and he isn't<kd3>sigh
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03:49.24kd3I ponged him on #wikia, still waiting for a response
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04:22.27pcjnow thats some kinky sex
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05:59.27cruciallykd3: !
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11:54.55infobothmm... ugt is Universal Greeting Time. Created in #mipslinux, it is a rule that states that whenever somebody enters an IRC channel it is always morning, and it is always late when the person leaves. The local time of any other people in the channel, including the greeter, is irrelevant.
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12:46.06infobotUniversal Fisker Time, it's whatever time he says, anyone else will be shot on sight, even if it's the same time as Fisker's time.
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13:44.39pcj~forget uft
13:44.40infoboti forgot uft, pcj
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17:24.48infoboti heard g0urra is gOurra
17:29.53g0urra'sup charitwo
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19:46.41Sandwichman2448is back now.
19:56.37pcjoh good
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20:36.56Osewhat's a viable mage specc nowadays?
20:37.04Osefor heroics mostly that is
20:37.21AmarandeOse: EJ not giving you any good info?
20:37.43Oseis Elitist Lazy
20:39.01Oseis frost by heart, but specced arcane some time ago for better DPS
20:39.14Oseand then I stopped doing heroics and stuff
20:41.54foxlitWhy not spend some talent points at random and see what works?
20:44.53Oseepic lazy
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21:13.08tallmttI am wondering of a Wow/Linux question - anyone know if I can run Wow in fluxbox - I currently use gnome as my DE
21:15.17pcjask kd3
21:17.50Oseor try #linux or ##linux
21:18.01Ose(whichever it is)
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21:18.58tallmttsure, just seeing if anyone here knew - thanksw
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22:19.51pcjnice guy
22:28.14EraclitoI currently use gnome as my DE <- i read this as a gnome race bank character used for disenchanting
22:28.29Eraclitodo i play too much?
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22:34.28foxlitwhat's the intended interpretation?
22:35.13pcjdesktop environment
22:39.27*** join/#wowwiki mascondante (
22:42.47foxlitHm, that poses an interesting connundrum.
22:42.55foxlitAre there more people playing wow than using GNOME?
22:45.52Eraclitois too lazy to try anything who request more brain than next > next > next > next > reboot
22:46.18Sandwichman2448I made [[WoWWiki:Welcoming]]. Does everyone agree with it? Yes? Ok.
22:46.18DottedSandwichman2448 meant:
22:49.28OseSandwichman2448: doesn't [[User:Wikia]] handle the welcoming?
22:49.29DottedOse meant:
22:51.07Sandwichman2448I think it was g0urra who disliked a bit how that bot works.
22:51.29Sandwichman2448Anyway, I'm just transcribing the obvious.
22:51.31g0urrareacts at his name being highlighted
22:53.18g0urraoh right
22:54.45g0urrahey why didn't you put yourself there SWM
22:55.26Sandwichman2448Umm... I did not know it did anything, and you never asked.
22:55.48Sandwichman2448Doing it.
22:57.40Sandwichman2448Done. i removed fandyllic.
23:06.16*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Fisker] by ChanServ
23:06.22Fiskeroh no
23:27.01Sandwichman2448Does anyone still want some kind of Award or Barnstar system, beyond Wwclub and the Golden Kobold and the Cookie?
23:29.04pcji don't think we need wwclub
23:30.16Sandwichman2448Then there is whatever this is:
23:31.37Sandwichman2448I want [[Template:Award]] to have some kind of fate.
23:31.37DottedSandwichman2448 meant:
23:32.12Sandwichman2448If Wwclub goes, will we have some kind of system, or just not care?
23:36.56pcjbarnstar-type system would be the best
23:37.03pcj{{award}} is awful though
23:37.04Dottedpcj meant:
23:38.00Sandwichman2448Someone needs to make one then... Will we need an award policy?
23:38.41Sandwichman2448What can and can not be made? I guess they can be deleted like any other page.
23:42.16foxlitJust, um, delete the template.
23:42.29foxlitIt's horrendous and unused.
23:43.25foxlitAnd I wouldn't want to artificially introduce any sort of pat-self-on-back-for-being-awesome system.
23:43.30foxlitEspecially not through policy.
23:44.23Sandwichman2448What if the 'barnstars' are only insults, or if you can not give them to yourself?
23:44.29*** join/#wowwiki Ose (n=ose@wikia/Ose)
23:44.43foxlitRegardless, it's simply not needed.
23:44.49Sandwichman2448Vote to give/remove them?
23:45.13foxlitIf someone wants to put a star on someone else's user page, they can create the appropriate templates (worst case: in their own user space).
23:45.23Sandwichman2448"Regardless" is my overused word. You can't have it.
23:45.39foxlitRegardless, I'm using it.
23:45.48foxlitWithout regard.
23:45.48Sandwichman2448Ugh. Templates in user space. I hate that.
23:45.50foxlitFor anything.
23:46.32foxlitPerfectly appropriate for many things.
23:46.48foxlits/y t/y personal t/
23:48.33Sandwichman2448I hate it sometimes.
23:49.12Sandwichman2448just saw that he uses some in another user's user space.
23:59.21*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus_ (

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