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00:06.16pcjadys: vs. ?
00:17.32Adyspcj: armory prolly right
00:17.50Adyshavent done a live push yet
00:18.11pcjanyway to get to look more like
00:18.12Adysonly one ive done is an armory push
00:19.02Adysbut you cant really use this for tooltip, its raw db values
00:19.34pcji see
00:19.46Adysotherwise you have
00:19.57Adysits valid xml, so you can use the class names
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00:20.12pcjyeah but it's not JSON
00:20.17pcji would still have to parse it
00:20.18Adysthe other one is.
00:21.15pcjdo you have a list of possible values for that JSON
00:21.41Adyspcj: "possible values"?
00:21.44Adysyou mean keys?
00:22.53pcjthat helps, thanks
00:23.42Adysdont be surprised if dmgmaxX, dmgminX, dmgtypeX get a better name at some point in the future
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02:14.10pcjstupid bird keeps flying away from my bunny
02:14.39Amarandepcj: any idea if the essence of enmity quest is doable at all now?
02:14.54Amarandethe totem says 'no valid targets' even when the target is valid
02:15.24pcjlevel 39?
02:15.29pcjfrom mudsprocket?
02:15.36pcji remember that quest
02:15.47pcjit was doable when i did it
02:16.00Amarandeany idea what got bugged up?
02:16.07Amarandeapparently a fair number of folks are reporting a problem
02:16.17Amarande(and yes, that Q.)
02:17.19pcjidk what got bugged up but it is apparently uncompleteable now
02:17.31pcjit was patch 3.3 that broke it
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03:44.11Amarandepcj: figured out something about that bug BTW
03:44.17Amarandeapparently, if you log off and back on after accepting the quest
03:44.18Amarandeit starts working
03:44.21Amarandeno idea why that's required
03:44.24Amarandeeither that or they hotfixed it :S
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04:14.55sacarascDoes anyone know why I'd have a month free WoW when I cancelled my account 2 months ago?
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04:17.44sacarascblames pcj for him somehow hacking sacarasc's account and adding time.
04:19.05pcjso you mean i can't give you a scroll of resurrection?
04:19.14sacarascI'm in the EU, anyway.
04:19.35sacarascAnd apparently, it's a scroll of resurrection reward... Though I had no active scrolls...
04:20.57sacarascThe music on the downloader/installer is repetitive and has no way of turning off.
04:21.24Eraclitomove the cursor down... more... right... okay, clic
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04:23.22sacarasc doesn't look like any disable button to me.
04:24.08pcjyou do realize a jpg would've worked fine for that
04:24.53sacarascI could have probably put more compression on the png, but it was only 1MB.
04:25.20pcj1mb file to show that
04:25.44sacarascThat's why we have big Internuts, so we can download big files and not care.
04:26.44pcjso why didn't you use the streaming installer?
04:26.52sacarascI am.
04:27.03pcjso you can't play yet?
04:27.16pcjweird, i thought that was the whole idea
04:27.43sacarascIt's installing loads of waves at the moment.
04:28.12pcjthat's so exciting
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04:38.40Gryphonono i esceared of teh rawr! i need a huggle.
04:38.53Ichithats awesome
04:39.11pcjhuggles Gryphon
04:39.16Gryphonhuggles pcj
04:39.20Guest34235someone already has that damnit
04:39.28Ryuhakunow what
04:39.33Gryphonono i esceared of teh rawr! i need a huggle.
04:40.16Ryuhakuanyone wanna help me get some wow setup?
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04:54.31pcjwhat do you mean
04:56.47Ryuhakui'm trying to figure out how to get set up with the free server i wanna play on
04:56.55kd3we don't do pservers here
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05:03.44sacarascwaves bye to everyone.
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05:16.29Amarandeyay, nice shoulders from random dungeon
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06:04.22Lunatic_AsylumCan you download the client to play the game?
06:04.26Lunatic_AsylumOr you have to buy it?
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06:49.48Arrowmasteryou can buy it online and download the client from blizzard
06:50.10Lunatic_AsylumSo, the client is not available for free?
06:50.25Lunatic_AsylumI sent a question regarding the payment to the Blizzard support email address.
06:50.36Lunatic_AsylumBut the question with the client remains open.
06:51.11Lunatic_AsylumFirst, I have to decide which version I need - the US or the EU one.
06:51.24Lunatic_AsylumWhich depends on the payment availability in the US.
06:51.50AmarandeLunatic_Asylum: basically, it works like this
06:51.56Amarandethe *client download* itself isn't charged for
06:52.09Amarandehowever, in order to activate your account from trial to full account status, there is a fee.
06:52.13Amarandethis fee only allows you access to Classic.
06:52.37Amarande(one-time fee). then there's another one-time fee for access to BC content, and a third for WotLK content.
06:52.42Lunatic_AsylumI couldn't find the link to WoW downloads on the official servers.
06:52.46Amarandethe monthly remains the same, however many expansions you buy.
06:52.56Amarandeit's from your account page once you activate it, I believe
06:53.04Lunatic_AsylumI've read that only North American residents can pay via Paypal for the US server subscription.
06:53.33Amarandenote, however, that the fees for activating each tier of content are generally pretty much the same as buying the client retail on discs
06:53.52Lunatic_AsylumAh, all right. Where can I find more information on that?
06:53.58Lunatic_AsylumWith the exact prices and download links?
06:54.18Lunatic_AsylumEveryone will have to activate his Cataclysm expansion soon.
06:54.23Lunatic_AsylumThat's another payment.
06:54.45Lunatic_AsylumI earn around $300 a month, I need to work on my money-spending well.
06:55.26Amarandeit's $20 for the initial account activation (classic) and $40 to add BC
06:55.37Lunatic_Asylumand WoTLK?
06:55.37AmarandeI'm not sure what WotLK's activation fee is right now, since I bought that in a store
06:55.46Lunatic_AsylumAh, OK. We don't have those in the stores.
06:55.47Amarandebut I'd imagine it's probably $40 or so
06:55.54Lunatic_AsylumWe have only localized versions.
06:55.59Lunatic_AsylumWhich I'd rather not play at all.
06:56.10AmarandeThe full client download you get from your account page supports any or all expansions
06:56.14Lunatic_AsylumThank you!
06:56.34Amarandehowever, of course, you have to have paid for the right content tier
06:56.56Lunatic_AsylumI'll try to connect to the US servers; but payment availability is highly dubious.
06:57.03Lunatic_Asylumbut *the
06:57.06Amarandeotherwise, e.g., if you only paid the initial activation fee, you won't be able to level past 60 or create a DK, Draenei, or BE, or go to Outland or Northrend or anything like that
06:57.14Lunatic_AsylumGot it.
06:57.25Lunatic_AsylumI read they are raising the cap up to 85 in the next expansion.
06:57.49Lunatic_AsylumAnd add two more races: goblins and wolves(?).
06:57.56Lunatic_AsylumThank you.
06:58.05AmarandeYou know those elite bastards in Silverpine that always loved to gank you at low levels?
06:58.10AmarandeThose are worgen, I think
06:58.20Amarandewell actually those are souped up worgen
06:58.22Lunatic_AsylumSure. Sons of Agual
06:58.32Amarandethe more typical ones are like in that village in the southwestern part of Silverpine, where they change form at night
06:58.42Lunatic_AsylumPyrewood village dwellers.
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06:59.02AmarandeAnd their starting area will be ... yeah, they're finally going to let you go through that gate in the southwestern corner of Silverpine :D
06:59.20Lunatic_AsylumGuarded by several men, I remember that door.
06:59.32Lunatic_AsylumYou get a ring in one of the quests around that door.
06:59.34Amarandegonna be eenteresting for low level Horde to have Alliance competition in one of their low level leveling areas ...
06:59.42Amarandeprobably see a lot of undead go to Ghostlands due to competition in Silverpine ...
06:59.54AmarandeMan Ghostlands is going to be overrun
06:59.56Amarandelet's see
07:00.04Lunatic_AsylumIf they are playing a player versus environment, can they engage in a battle without consent from both sides?
07:00.10Amarandeundead will go there because Silverpine will have to compete with Alliance, which probably won't be any better
07:00.14Amarandeno, not on a PvE server
07:00.16Lunatic_AsylumHow many users log on on a single server?
07:00.25Amarandebut there will still be limited resources which both Alliance and Horde will have to compete for
07:00.30AmarandeNot sure what the limit is
07:00.36Lunatic_AsylumDo you have queues there?
07:00.48AmarandeSome servers. The one I use is only a medium population one.
07:01.00Lunatic_AsylumI wonder how much is "medium"..
07:01.08Lunatic_AsylumAround 1500, perchance..
07:01.10Amarandeanyway, Undead will possibly find there suddenly not enough mobs to go around if Alliance is questing Silverpine as well ...
07:01.13Amarandeso they'll go to Ghostlands
07:01.22Amarandeand it remains to be seen whether the Barrens will be tolerable on some servers anymore
07:01.38Amarandebecause in Cata, Camp Taurajo is going away, and the Southern Barrens will be given an Alliance outpost
07:01.39Lunatic_AsylumThey'll fix it with 1GB-patches.
07:01.51Amarandewhich means if Alliance want to be douchebags and attack Crossroads all the time, they can do it a lot more easily than now
07:02.03Lunatic_AsylumAre you the Horde player?
07:02.08Amarandewhich in turn means on those servers orcs and trolls will end up forced to, you guessed it, go to ghostlands. heh
07:02.11AmarandeYeah, I play Horde.
07:02.16Lunatic_AsylumI laid my eye on Forsaken Warlocks.
07:02.23Lunatic_AsylumThe jawless ones.
07:02.33Lunatic_AsylumNothing else catches my attention.
07:02.38Amarandeyou know what I've never understood about WoW
07:02.46Lunatic_AsylumNot yet, what is it?
07:02.47Amarandejust what is it about it that brings out so many people's inner douchebag? heh
07:03.03Lunatic_AsylumDon't take the game seriously if you don't pay much for it.
07:04.04ArrowmasterLunatic_Asylum: what country do you live in? you can use an english client in every region except russia i think
07:04.15Lunatic_AsylumI am in Siberia, Russia.
07:04.34Lunatic_AsylumAnd I am wont to using any client but the localized one.
07:05.13Lunatic_AsylumSince I am not well-versed in Russian.
07:05.28Arrowmasteris russia considered part of the EU wow grouping?
07:05.32Lunatic_AsylumNor do I desire to see those blasted cyrillic letters.
07:05.48Lunatic_AsylumYou can choose between the EU-EN and EU-RU servers, methinks.
07:05.56Lunatic_AsylumBut I wish to play on the US servers.
07:06.01Lunatic_AsylumCheaper, better language.
07:06.08Lunatic_AsylumFriendlier people.
07:06.12Arrowmasterthere english EU servers too
07:06.19Lunatic_AsylumYes, but they are expensive.
07:06.26Lunatic_Asylum12.99 EUR
07:06.28Lunatic_Asylumper month
07:06.30AmarandeFeralas or Tanaris first, at 41 ...
07:06.35Lunatic_Asylumas opposed to 14 USD
07:06.51Arrowmaster14.99 USD
07:06.55Lunatic_AsylumYes, that.
07:07.15Lunatic_Asylum12.99 Euros = 19.144662 U.S. dollars
07:07.29Lunatic_AsylumAs google suggests.
07:07.52Lunatic_AsylumThat's 1/15th of my monthly earnings!
07:08.58Arrowmasterkeep in mind time zone differences though
07:09.34Arrowmasteralthough you could probably play on the aussie servers which use US accounts
07:09.44Arrowmasternot probably, you can
07:10.26Lunatic_AsylumOf course. I am in the PST+15 time zone.
07:11.12Lunatic_AsylumBut World of Warcraft has 61% of all the MMORPG users.
07:11.32Arrowmasterthose numbers are a lie
07:11.46Lunatic_AsylumWhat else do they play?
07:11.50Lunatic_AsylumLineage 2? Allods Online?
07:12.05Arrowmasterover 50% of WoW players are on the China/Taiwan/Korea realms
07:12.33Lunatic_AsylumI would never wish to deal with those.
07:12.55Lunatic_AsylumThey are linguistically impaired people who live in the game and have no life outside of it.
07:13.04Arrowmasterthe numbers are also inflated because at least one of those doesnt pay monthly or have to purchase monthly time cards but just pays be the actual time spent playing i think
07:13.27Lunatic_AsylumThat's the payment plan in China.
07:13.29Arrowmasterso i dont think they have any 'canceled subscriptions' to remove from the count
07:13.32Lunatic_AsylumThey pay hourly fees.
07:13.44Lunatic_AsylumSince they don't have computers at home.
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09:31.39Dotted[Lunatic_Asylum]: They are linguistically impaired people who live in the game and have no life outside of it. <- [citation needed]
09:36.37Lunatic_Asylumquote: [Me wash pant]
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17:11.39PolarinaIf I got a frozen account (TBC activated) that I last played last year. When I purchase WotLK online for its normal price, will some play time be included?
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17:29.25kd3no. the only free playtime was with the initial wow box. you'll have to buy a game card if you want play time
17:31.39Polarinakd3: So I need to buy both game time and WotLK? Sounds fair enough. :)
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17:39.59WarCrafterHi people
17:40.22WarCrafterI have not yet played world of war craft
17:40.34WarCrafterbut I was wondering if its possible to catch the story line without playing the game
17:40.47WarCrafterI played warcraft 3 and intrested to know the rest of the story
17:40.52WarCrafterarthus, lich king etc
17:41.06WarCrafteris there such video?
17:41.09kd3a lot of it is on the wiki
17:41.26kd3[[Lich King]] and so forth
17:41.27Dottedkd3 meant:
17:41.36WarCraftercame across that
17:41.40kd3though we have not seen the final encounter with the lich king in the raid yet
17:41.41WarCrafterbut in the actuall game
17:41.55WarCrafterdid you see anything relating to the story
17:42.01WarCrafterie told be NPC
17:42.05WarCrafteror in cutscenes
17:42.16kd3sure. most of northrend leveling content deals with the lich king in one forrm or another
17:42.34WarCrafterdont get me wrong I think the story is great
17:42.40WarCrafterbut the way blizzard is doing it
17:42.44WarCrafterie MMO
17:42.49WarCrafteris not very appealing to me
17:42.59kd3that's just something you'll either have to deal with one way or another
17:43.03kd3wow != eq
17:43.11WarCrafterI would prefered normal warcraft strategy
17:43.31WarCrafterbut I guess its a matter of personal taste
17:43.51WarCrafterone question I always have about story depth of MMO
17:44.01*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
17:44.07kd3huge. there's a lot of background story there for those who look for it
17:44.08WarCrafterwouldnt it be deeper if it was stand alone RPG game?
17:45.03kd3meh, dunno
17:45.26WarCrafterI like exploring story and all
17:45.38WarCrafterbut I think its too much time
17:45.56kd3so play wow by yourself. you don't have to group with anyone. you can get to 80 and experience most of the story all by your lonesome
17:46.19WarCrafterhow long does it take to explore the story
17:46.25WarCrafternot leveling up, and fighting this and that
17:46.49WarCrafterok sorry for the stupid question
17:46.50kd3you'll have to level if you want to experience most of it. level 1 characters can't really get too far in northrend
17:46.54WarCrafterlet me ask something simpler
17:47.08WarCrafterhow does the game play
17:47.20WarCrafterwhat is the closest game that plays like it
17:47.35kd3hell, that's a good question
17:48.32kd3ff12's got a bunch of mmo-like attributes to it, I guess?
17:49.28WarCrafterI have not played mmo before
17:49.52WarCrafterso its like having warcraft, with one character
17:49.54WarCrafterno buildings
17:49.58WarCrafterand spells and items
17:50.11kd3it's a role-playing game, but with lots of people in the same world
17:51.21WarCrafterif its a normal game, why does people talk alot about addiction
17:51.26WarCrafterand not being able to stop playing it
17:51.31WarCrafteris it that good that it sucks you in
17:51.44WarCrafteror more of the feeling that you need to do this
17:51.50WarCrafterand spend hours trying to achieve it
17:51.56kd3because like anything else, the mass-media looks for anything to shift personal responsibility away from oneself
17:55.44WarCrafterok thanks for the info
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