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00:05.24Wardhover over it and press shift
00:05.27Wardit's built into the game
00:05.41iviv66aah, didn't know that! Thanks!
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01:28.04Sandwichman2448BobNamataki is a master of lore and raiding. He said so.
01:37.33Sandwichman2448Do users on WoWWiki have a right to vote for the keeping or deletion of a page for whatever reason that want?
01:38.23Sandwichman2448I am not sure it is a "right".
01:38.32Sandwichman2448Just allowed.
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01:53.16Sandwichman2448shudders. Who gave noobs the keys to deletion votes?
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01:55.16Sandwichman2448I gave up on 'Sunken Kalimdor'. It was fan fiction, only retroactively supported by vague concept maps. If Blizzard wants to group those places at a later date, they can.
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11:40.25Amberrock"Yeah but can you imagine working realy hard to earn an epic, then 2 patches later, you see everyone can easily get one. It goes against lore, I've seen epics on level 20s"
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15:18.51AneurysmI needs help with a macro :o
15:25.51pcjhi aneurysm
15:26.05pcjwhat help do you need
15:30.52Aneurysmokay im a ret paladin
15:30.56Aneurysmand im trying to make a macro that
15:31.14AneurysmCasts flash of light on me, without me having to target myself
15:31.25Aneurysmi know i can press the one other button to heal myself but
15:31.35Aneurysmi wanna make a macro
15:33.02pcj/cast [target=player] Flash of Light
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15:35.32Aneurysmokay thanks, that wont interfere with my current target will it
15:35.46pcjit won't change your target
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21:27.24Fiskerslaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
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21:52.28Sandwichman2448does not want an edit conflict.
21:52.57Sandwichman2448TeeSon5: Patroller rights? I'm thinkg no... but why?
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21:54.48Sandwichman2448 <-- Anyone have any thoughts on my calls?
21:58.10Sandwichman2448is thinking of stealing opinions on TeeSon5 from the IRC logs.
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22:07.57pcjSandwichman2448: i just left it open for now
22:09.10Sandwichman2448About Bob: Yeah.
22:13.31Fiskeri'm your biggest fan Sandwichman2448
22:14.42Sandwichman2448Thank you Fisker.
22:29.11Sandwichman2448'Necro-posting' is bad if it is months old, and if what the discussion was about was resolved.
22:30.15pcjwe need a forum policy
22:30.23Sandwichman2448has a mouse that wants to click just above where the cursor is... Sorry.
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22:44.18Sandwichman2448Coobra has the right idea.
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23:03.49Sandwichman2448I'd run for admin but something tells me I wouldn't get in. -BobNamataki
23:04.23Sandwichman2448 <--No touchy.
23:04.50AmberrockI'd support you, Sand
23:05.03Amberrockmy vote wouldn't count for much, I'm afraid
23:05.07Amberrocknot being an admin myself
23:08.49AmberrockLol, I thought that was a topic about the Day of the Dead at first
23:09.07Alramonyxia pets
23:09.08Sandwichman2448What? I am an admin!
23:09.22Sandwichman2448Onyxia today?
23:09.33Sandwichman2448logs on.
23:09.40Amberrocklol Sand, you just became admin?
23:09.59Sandwichman2448Me and Howbizr.
23:10.14Sandwichman2448Not quite 'just'.
23:10.27Sandwichman2448I was quoting BobNamataki.
23:10.47AmberrockI see
23:11.12AmberrockBob will get there, probably
23:11.23Amberrockbut he is still too inexperienced and says too much stupid shit as of now
23:11.36Amberrockmaybe in a year or so if he's still active
23:12.25Sandwichman2448He is hostle and only cares about bugging random people if the RP.
23:13.10Sandwichman2448The Onyxia pets come on Monday.
23:15.09Alramthey come now
23:15.11Alramall of em
23:15.16Alrameveryone has one
23:15.25Alramif you dont have one within the hour you are officially late
23:15.27Alramwhich is horrible!
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23:16.59AmberrockSand, I agree
23:17.20Amberrockwb, btw
23:17.33Amberrockbut he'll probably learn at some point
23:17.58Amberrockmaybe I have too much faith in people, but ignorance is a disease that's usually cured if the person suffering from it is not too dumb
23:18.03Amberrockhe doesn't seem too dumb
23:18.42Sandwichman2448We shall see.
23:20.03Sandwichman2448! <--Here is when I got Adminship.
23:20.28Sandwichman2448About Bob:
23:21.19Amberrockmy fucking god
23:21.31Amberrockalright, I might as well retract what I just said
23:22.23Amberrockbeat you to it
23:23.12Amberrockif you want to do something, then delete the entire talkpage
23:23.21Amberrocktechnically, this isn't shit that should be discussed on talkpages
23:26.46Sandwichman2448TherasTaneel will slap an sd tag on it at some point, as he does will most over and done with discussions, regardless of [[WoWWiki:Talk_page_guidelines#Archiving_old_talk_page_content]].
23:26.47DottedSandwichman2448 meant:
23:27.10Sandwichman2448I might delete it now...
23:27.40Amberrockyou could also move it to an analysis page
23:27.56Amberrockwhich is what I have done with irrelevant talk page content in the past
23:28.33Sandwichman2448TherasTaneel is zealous about it.
23:28.40Sandwichman2448Not a bad thing...
23:28.57Amberrockzealotry is irl a bad thing
23:29.06Amberrockon wikis, you need zealots to keep the wiki clean and tidy
23:29.18Sandwichman2448He just does it to things that were relevant way back when.
23:29.42Amberrockdelete his own talk page ;)
23:29.47Amberrockthat'll teach him :p
23:30.03Sandwichman2448I will never sink to that level.
23:32.43Amberrockhe shows he doesn't have much knowledge on lore
23:32.48Sandwichman2448The Onyxia whelps come on the 23rd, right?
23:32.50Amberrock"Before Teldrassil was inhabited by Elves and others, the Trolls were here. "
23:33.02Amberrockhell if I knew
23:33.39Sandwichman2448 <-- He is a master of lore and raiding. He said so.
23:34.36Amberrockwell Teldrassil is a fucking tree planted by the night elves
23:34.56Amberrocknobody was there before them
23:35.02Amberrockperhaps on the island on which it was planted
23:35.31Amberrockbut not on Teldrassil the world tree
23:35.41Sandwichman2448Kalidar was retconned into being called Teldrassil from the start.
23:37.14Sandwichman2448So the EU townhall has me believe.
23:37.38Amberrockthat is a grey area
23:38.06Amberrockwe don't know on which Teldrassil was planted
23:38.09Amberrockbut we know it's a tree
23:38.32Amberrockwhich the night elves planted
23:38.39Amberrockthere were no trolls there
23:38.54AmberrockAnd I mean, if there were, what happened to them?
23:38.58Amberrockthe night elves just butchered them?
23:39.46*** join/#wowwiki Jamash (
23:39.57Sandwichman2448We will have to wait and find out how this awesome story ends.
23:40.16AmberrockRacial leader(s)Shammyn the Horrible
23:40.20Amberrocksounds like a badass
23:40.42Amberrocksurely, he must be Garrosh Hellscream's equal in badassness
23:40.46Sandwichman2448Is he a shaman?
23:41.10Amberrockthey were a troll tribe aligned with the Burning Legion
23:41.18Sandwichman2448They can be shamans.
23:41.25Amberrocktheir racial mount was the fel stalker
23:41.31Sandwichman2448...And druids.
23:41.42Sandwichman2448Average height: Un-measured
23:42.03Amberrocktoo lazy to copy over from the [[Troll]] page, huh?
23:42.03DottedAmberrock meant:
23:42.16AmberrockI can't wait for this epic saga to unfold
23:42.25Amberrockthis has to be the new LOTR
23:42.26Sandwichman2448Their name: Udamni, the damned
23:42.37Sandwichman2448As in U-damn-i, the damned
23:42.53AmberrockI love, simple and effective
23:43.23Sandwichman2448Uthori must be a cool place.
23:43.33AmberrockUthori, damn
23:43.47Amberrockthat really sounds like a name trolls would give to their capital city
23:44.20Sandwichman2448Too baddass for a Zul.
23:44.39Amberrocklook at their banner
23:44.45Amberrockit's so... different
23:45.13Sandwichman2448Should we tell Bob?
23:46.07Amberrockwas thinking about that myself
23:46.48Amberrockbut it's probably a bit too meanspirited if we critize every line he's written on there
23:47.45Amberrockoh mean
23:47.50Amberrockhe's quite the philosopher as well
23:47.52Amberrock"Several of the best admins are withdrawing, vandals are increasing and editing is getting slower. If wowwiki falls then I'll withdraw into wow itself and never be seen again."
23:48.13Amberrockwith years of editing experience, he must know all about it.
23:50.15Sandwichman2448He may be a sockpuppet.
23:50.27Sandwichman2448Or a new name for an old user.
23:50.41Amberrockthe sockpuppet theory is interesting
23:50.56Sandwichman2448has no way to tell.
23:51.09Amberrockonly bureaucrats have
23:51.18Amberrockit makes sense though
23:51.40Amberrockit would explain his troublesome behaviour. I mean, that's just the way he is and would have gotten him banned once before
23:52.32Fiskerbutts Sandwichman2448
23:53.23Sandwichman2448I can recall no user with his pattern of editing.
23:53.34Sandwichman2448Polls are new, so that does not count.
23:54.57AmberrockI have never looked too much into users who didn't spend time reverting my edits
23:57.54Amberrockhe edits his userpage just as aften as the main space

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