IRC log for #wowwiki on 20091107

00:14.18pcjcharitwo: what is the admin special page to delete avatars
00:15.33charitwoSpecial:RemoveUserAvatar - but it won't matter because it's limited to staff/helper
00:16.25pcjso people can upload images to the wiki we can't delete
00:21.11pcjTHATS AWESOME
00:21.48charitwothey removed it from sysops because people would make new wikis and mass delete avatars for fun
00:22.43pcjthats right it isn't dependent on wiki
00:23.07pcjmaybe an option to disable the avatar on that wiki?
00:24.07charitwothat's been discussed, they've also discussed admins being able to "flag" an avatar for deletion by helpers / staff
00:28.36pcjok cool
00:28.55pcjand i suppose banning a user doesn't block them from uploading an avatar to appear on that wiki
00:29.07foxlitA bandaid could be to only allow you to remove an avatar if the user contributed to the wiki you're a sysop of.
00:33.48pcjseems like too much logic for wikia
00:34.49charitwopcj: that wouldn't do much good as they could simply jump to another wiki and re-upload it
00:35.29pcjand why check if a user has contributed? just let admins block avatars on their own wiki
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01:03.35Sandwichman2448It is weird that there is more then one.
01:11.53pcjnot really
01:11.56pcjrp noobs are noob
01:19.20Sandwichman2448Kirkburn left for greater Wikia matters, Fandyllic quit, Kaydeethree might be busy raiding and PTRing... Do we have any bureaucrats?
01:20.14g0urraSandwichman2448: no
01:20.40Marlawho needs bureaucrats
01:20.48Marlademocrats is all we need
01:20.51g0urraMarla: Borderlands wiki does
01:21.00Marlaborderlands is for baddies
01:21.06Marla...that play awesome games :(
01:21.59Sandwichman2448Beaurocracy is bad, but bureaucrats are needed for user rights.
01:22.18g0urrabearcuriosity is bad too
01:22.44Sandwichman2448Wondering about bears?
01:23.51g0urraor bears wondering
01:27.10Sandwichman2448...Is there a pont to fixing this problem?
01:27.48g0urrafixing beauauururucrats?
01:28.00g0urra(I know, awesome spelling)
01:30.19Sandwichman2448Yeah. Fixing them and my typing skills.
01:31.10g0urrawell the thing is that some bearorcat would have to promote someone to that rank
01:31.11g0urraor staff
01:31.28g0urrauh wat
01:31.57Sandwichman2448The page itself? Check the link.
01:32.12g0urrayeah so? it's not even an organization
01:32.20g0urrathe original was "Zalazane Rebels"
01:32.27g0urrathen Rolandius came along etc
01:39.23Sandwichman2448Who should be promoted to bureaucrat? Bears or no bears?
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01:41.25Sandwichman2448Gourra or Pcj? Nobody because the rank is not needed?
01:42.18g0urraI could
01:43.03pcjoh i can
01:43.29Sandwichman2448But can I spell it?
01:43.53pcjseem to be doing fine
01:45.07Sandwichman2448I'd vote for either of you. If anyone looks at the RFA page anymore...
01:45.36Sandwichman2448There is a vote going on now for Shandris.
01:45.53pcjthat's a sham
01:46.41pcjshandris's application
01:46.51pcjhe will never be admin
01:46.58Sandwichman2448Kill it.
01:48.34g0urrawith fire
01:49.10Sandwichman2448Still just the one archive...
01:49.40pcjwell it is just 6 requests
01:51.09pcjthe funny thing is shandris got the same amount of opposes i did
01:52.28Sandwichman2448How many times can I say my bad? I thought I got my reconcile on with you. I was just bandwagoning with Zeal. I was new.
01:52.46pcjlol i was just pointing it out, no hard feelings
01:53.19pcji still don't understand zeal
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01:54.04pcj<@pcj> lol i was just pointing it out, no hard feelings
01:54.04pcj<@pcj> i still don't understand zeal
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01:55.17Sandwichman2448Well, he seems to ahve quit.
01:56.48Sandwichman2448And then there is that.
01:57.48Sandwichman2448It seems he made some general edits in early October.
01:58.12pcjif by some general edits you mean one edit in the Talk namespace
02:05.30Sandwichman2448Disclaimer of the week.
02:06.02pcjwtf is type lag
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02:14.32Sandwichman2448Lag caused by editing a large page?
02:14.45Sandwichman2448Making typing slow?
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03:08.21CooobraThink I'm going to take a break from TeeSon5
03:08.28Cooobrawalks away slowly
03:12.17Cooobrahes yours now pcj
03:12.43kd3ah hell. another one?
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03:14.04Cooobraprobably cause I did this and he thinks its the same thing
03:14.33pcjwhat is {{elinks-item|7406}} curser  cooobra
03:14.38Dottedpcj meant:|7406
03:14.46pcjno i didn't dotted
03:16.54Cooobra"have a good weekend my friend" .. I think he's trying to get rid of you
03:19.22Cooobrawell, least hes starting to use good names for images and not TheWeapon, TheWand, HumanMale...
03:21.16CooobraWhats peoples obsession with putting images to the left, thats one of my petpeeves
03:23.45Cooobrawatches a tumbleweed roll by
03:25.52Cooobraheh ... -- "I also spend a lot of time in the Stub Category and the ScreenShot request pages" 4-5 pages a lot of time you know
03:26.53CooobraGod you're so mean Cooobra
03:26.58CooobraNah, i'm just bored
03:28.45CooobraHow come Benitoperezgaldos isn't a watchdog yet
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14:31.06pcjman the AB description in the battlegrounds tab is so outdated
14:35.43foxlitMeh. Temporal anomalies exist everywhere.
14:35.49foxlitIt's level-appropriate :)
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16:04.55Nastradoomushey all
16:05.00Nastradoomusanyone alive in here?
16:14.47Nastradoomushurf durf im not a newfag of IRC. I just am rerolling and have some questions about wrath...
16:16.06NastradoomusFor PVE what is generally best DPS class im thinking of rollin an ele shammy but i remember around the time i quit they werent really "the best"
16:17.36pcjany class i tell you now would probably be FOTM and subject to change
16:17.48pcjso there's not much point to picking one class based on the "best"
16:17.59Nastradoomuswell there is highest dps %
16:18.01pcjjust go with the type of class that is closest to the playstyle you like
16:18.05pcjhighest DPS for now
16:18.10Nastradoomuswell i had 69 rogue
16:18.12Nastradoomusit was a great time
16:18.15pcjit would still be subject to the developers' whims
16:18.35Nastradoomusbut...i was nowhere near putting out as much dps as i'd have liked to
16:19.02NastradoomusIm just trying to pick a class that is needed for raids generally in end game
16:19.07Nastradoomusas I like pve not pvp
16:19.26pcjneeded for raids and you want to play a dps?
16:19.30pcjyeah gl with that one
16:19.39Nastradoomusi dont like being the tank or healer. =p
16:19.44Nastradoomusand DPS is needed =P
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16:32.00pcjyeah keep telling yourself that
16:34.13Nastradoomuslol well elemental shammy seems lke my most fitting choice
16:35.13pcjok gl
16:35.22Nastradoomuspcj what do you mean
16:35.38pcjgood luck
16:35.54Nastradoomussorry i ment main as in your main char.
16:36.43pcjprot paladin
16:37.10MadnessTo think when I first rolled a shaman I wanted to tank/OT too.
16:37.15MadnessNo wonder I quit the game.
16:37.27Nastradoomusi want to be high dps =P
16:37.30Nastradoomusmaybe heal a bit
16:37.34Nastradoomusbut i never made a hybrid class
16:37.36MadnessDamn shamatrix.
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18:13.13Wardactually when I first started to play the game
18:13.19Wardshamans could tank alright
18:13.21Wardup to level 40
18:13.47Wardwith an enhancement spec they were pretty imba, they could tank stuff and keep themselves healed up
18:14.55Gunrunif you look at the beta shaman spec and hell even initial release
18:15.00Gunrunthey have block tallents and shit
18:21.57pcjthats because shamans were balanced against paladins originally
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20:29.09Nastradoomusso many people and a dead chat
20:29.13NastradoomusIRC never changes =P
20:29.21AmberrockIRC at its very core, man
20:29.48Nastradoomuseveryone playing wow probably
20:29.49Amberrockjust a bunch of nerds who are showing off their geekiness by having an idle computer signed it to IRC
20:29.51Nastradoomuswith IRC open
20:29.59Nastradoomushaha totally
20:30.14Amberrockplaying wow, or otherwise enjoying their lives :P
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