IRC log for #wowwiki on 20091104

00:01.43Sandwichman2448Lately? He is on SoL, spouting the same.
00:01.53*** join/#wowwiki Bry-Dog (
00:02.57Sandwichman2448In order for Bob to change, you have to explain what he did wrong, but he scares me a bit (see my talk page), and I do not know if it will help.
00:04.06Amberrock"When ever I ask someone for advice, they don't answer and take my ideas and job."
00:04.35Amberrockhe doesn't cope with criticism very well
00:05.21Amberrockmight just wanna vandalize his user page and see how much he freaks out
00:05.29Amberrockbut I'm too decent for that :p
00:05.40Sandwichman2448No no no no no. Do not sink to that.
00:06.08AmberrockI think I'm gonna entertain a grab-the-popcorn-and-watch-hilarity-ensue stance on this one
00:06.09Sandwichman2448Vandalizing a vandal's page is still vandalism.
00:06.14AmberrockI know :p
00:06.45Amberrockbut for the sake of.. schadenfreude
00:06.52Sandwichman2448Mr. X8 asked to do that a few times. Remember him?
00:07.24AmberrockI have been on wowwiki for years, but I've never really bothered to meet its people
00:07.34Amberrockexcept perhaps Adys
00:07.41Amberrockwho happened to play on the same realm as me
00:07.47Sandwichman2448Hm, there are plus sides to that.
00:08.44CooobraMr. X8 was very disappointed that no one would log on to his server and tell his guild he said bye
00:08.44Amberrockpeople like Bob haven't infected me with their lunacy ;)
00:08.56Sandwichman2448I feel bad bout what happened to Adys.
00:09.07Amberrockfill me in
00:09.50Cooobrashh, hes standing right over there
00:10.00Cooobrabut i agree
00:10.04Sandwichman2448Oh. He is on.
00:14.15Sandwichman2448Change of subjects. Any thoughts about Scrolls of Lore?
00:16.30Cooobrawhats it do.. add +24 to Lore stats
00:18.10Sandwichman2448Well, after mocking us for so long, Lon-ami puts their ranking system on the wiki.
00:18.57AmberrockI might well be a jackass and put all of those boxes on my userpage
00:18.57Cooobrayea.. surprised that was deleted for being offtopic
00:20.24Sandwichman2448Can we mock them? <:(
00:21.10Sandwichman2448I somewhat want to mend fences, but there will be clashing if I try.
00:22.18Amberrockoh man fuck
00:22.43Amberrockthat shit looks so staggeringly amateur
00:23.03Adys"Stitched together from different WoW Model Viewer screenshots"
00:23.08Sandwichman2448He has done worse.
00:26.31*** join/#wowwiki Aeyan (
00:27.57Sandwichman2448Seriously, what will the repercussions be if I try and parody Scrolls of Lore? I was thinking or writing a fake admin announcement that pretends to say that we will conform to what it seems they want from us, and make WoWWiki like they run their site.
00:29.32AmberrockI'm not from the repercussions department
00:29.37Amberrockyou have my blessing
00:29.51Amberrockbut then again, I'm not an admin
00:29.57Amberrockthe only thing I can do is... roll back your edits
00:30.04Amberrockwith my 1337 watchdog tools
00:30.55Sandwichman2448Kirkburn has not made any new patrollers as of late, and I can not.
00:31.34Cooobrahmm... what is Scrolls of Lore anyway
00:32.07Cooobrabeside seeing that template... i've never heard of them before
00:32.48Sandwichman2448 <-- Rivals of WoWWiki that hate us for a few things. Mainly their views on canon.
00:33.02Amberrockthey hate a wiki on world of warcraft
00:33.17Amberrockit's so fascinating to see what source people use to boost their egos
00:33.21Sandwichman2448Lon-ami is a member, or course.
00:35.17Sandwichman2448 <-- This post is really old (and long dead), but it gives you the jist.
00:36.05Sandwichman2448I keep tabs on them because in their mocking, they point out our errors.
00:36.13Amberrock"to my horror, that they still consider Hakkar the Soulflayer a Faceless in a member of the Old Gods minions. "
00:36.22Amberrockoh man
00:36.26Amberrockit's a wiki
00:36.30Sandwichman2448wonders if he should join the enemy.
00:36.35Amberrockthere are bound to be pages that suffer from a lack of updating
00:36.47Amberrockif you don't like it, fix it
00:36.52Amberrockthat's the whole fucking point
00:36.56AmberrockWW:BB and stuff
00:36.56Sandwichman2448That Hakkar thing has not been disproven.
00:37.15Amberrockthat asshat doesn't understand the concept of a wiki
00:37.36Amberrockjust because a page states one thing, doesn't mean that all contributors agree with it
00:37.42Amberrockespecially not on wikis
00:38.07Amberrockwhich are notorious for huge discussion over whether to change one line
00:41.09Sandwichman2448 <-- This one is about WoWWiki.
00:41.43pcjwhere is bibi
00:42.13Amberrockthat's a discussion that could just have easily have taken place on a talkpage
00:42.37Sandwichman2448Look who started it. To parody, or not to parody...
00:43.28Amberrockoh man
00:43.38Amberrockthe ignoranc
00:43.51Amberrocktowards the whole motherfucking concept of a wiki
00:43.59Amberrockit is... hilarious, actually
00:44.36Arrowmasterheh and rolandius is there complaining about wowwiki
00:45.48AmberrockBob is writing an idea for an expansion
00:46.00AmberrockSimilar to jewelcrafting. Carving allows you to create items similar to totems. They are very weak and provide weaker buffs than totems. This is a crafting profession. "
00:46.20Amberrockthat's just plain funny
00:46.56Amberrockapparently he wants to call it "Battle for Azeroth"
00:47.07Amberrockbut the invasion will take place in Nagrand
01:00.11Amberrockbedtime now
01:00.19Amberrockcollege in the morning
01:03.39Cooobraso... they're just a forum for discussing the lore?
01:04.09pcjand for touching themselves
01:06.14pcjso coobra you don't have any enemies?
01:06.39Cooobrai think one might be rolandius
01:06.58Cooobraor at least he may see me as one
01:07.01pcji think he's made an enemy of all the admins
01:07.12Cooobraexcept fandy
01:07.26Cooobrahe protected him the entire time
01:16.56Cooobrawell that was rude... dog walked up to me burped then walked away
01:17.44Sandwichman2448My dog eats garbage in the house.
01:18.15Cooobraso.. roland is ok with naming it Ironbound proto-drake, but not plated
01:18.21Sandwichman2448And then spits it out.
01:18.42Sandwichman2448His ban came up in that thread.
01:18.54Cooobraoo, I have to continue reading then
01:25.22Cooobralove how he keeps bringing up the number of edits he did... when less than half were actually good
01:26.01Cooobrawell... maybe good is too strong a term
01:26.44Sandwichman2448He did some good, it is just overshadowed. I tried to be neutralish.
01:27.31Cooobramost times it took 4-5 edits that he could have done in 1
01:27.42Cooobrahe stacked his numbers
01:28.58Sandwichman2448True. However, Kirkburn once told me if I too the effort to edit one letter at a time, it would count toward the WWClubs.
01:29.15Sandwichman2448Hopefully more users will replace me and challenge that unstable system so those lazy people finally do something.
01:29.27Sandwichman2448That was a quote from rolandius.
01:29.37Sandwichman2448From the thread.
01:33.50Sandwichman2448So, that is Scrolls of lore.
01:35.00Sandwichman2448 <-- They sometimes edit...
01:38.41Cooobraso... the whole point of that template is to track the amount of posts they make in a forum..?
01:39.05Sandwichman2448yes, their forum.
01:39.12CooobraI say delete it for being off-topic
01:39.39Cooobrai lost {{User Cowbell}} and it had at least a link to a warcraft quest =P
01:40.17Sandwichman2448Sad. At least tell Lon-ami after. It will avoid some crazy.
01:40.41Cooobrahe did put a lot of work into it today...
01:40.53Cooobraoh well, I wanted to delete it since it was made
01:41.37Cooobralets Sandwichman2448 have the honors of deleting
01:41.45Sandwichman2448Coobra, I'm going to make that joke announcement. I hope it gets taken the right way. Forum, or user subpage...?
01:41.50Sandwichman2448I see.
01:42.05Sandwichman2448Fine. I'm not one to shy away from things.
01:42.29Cooobrawell that, and technically I'm supposed to be helping clear CC right now
01:42.31Sandwichman2448I started Roland's mentorship review.
01:43.09Sandwichman2448 <-- This one is about the template.
01:43.29Sandwichman2448I made the box about being a member... :(
01:47.00Sandwichman2448debates about how to break it to Lon-ami.
01:52.59Cooobrayou could say "You have been measured, and found wanting! "
01:53.38*** join/#wowwiki johndice2012 (
01:54.00Sandwichman2448Seems a bit harsh.
01:54.27*** join/#wowwiki johndice2012 (
01:54.28Cooobrawell don't say that
01:54.35Cooobrai was just killing the twins
01:55.47*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
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01:55.53Cooobratell him it was decided that that template was too off topic to stay
01:56.12*** join/#wowwiki crucially (
01:56.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+v crucially] by ChanServ
01:57.27Cooobraespecially for a site that apparently hates everything about wowwiki
02:01.12*** join/#wowwiki XSlicer (
02:04.43Sandwichman2448I fear the backlash...
02:06.34Sandwichman2448What's done is done...
02:06.41Cooobrawell, deleting it would probably hurt our so called relationship with them too... so I don't care if it stays or not
02:06.55Cooobraoh... nvm
02:07.03Sandwichman2448Warthok and Lon-ami.
02:07.04*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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02:10.22Sandwichman2448Well, Warthok and Lon-ami are members of SoL. They may get mad...
02:10.49Cooobrawell, I say go ahead and restore it for now... then maybe talk about it with them
02:11.23Sandwichman2448With who?
02:11.51Cooobrathem tehm
02:11.59Cooobrathose them
02:12.04Cooobrathem their
02:12.11Cooobrawarthok and lon-ami
02:12.32Cooobraor just Lon
02:12.40Cooobramaybe he'll understand
02:13.37Cooobrawhat say you pcj?
02:13.48Sandwichman2448Lon-ami then? What do I say when i restore it?
02:14.12Cooobrachanged mind, will discuss first
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02:17.26*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
02:19.19Sandwichman2448Ah well.
02:19.58Cooobragreen eggs and ham
02:20.16Cooobraoh, wrong chat box
02:20.39Cooobraum.. ignore that
02:26.24pcjhey bibi is aura mastery moving to the prot tree for paladins
02:26.34pcjor is blizz being retarded
02:26.40BibiI DONT KNOW
02:33.36Sandwichman2448We will see how the SoL thing works out.
02:35.04Cooobrayou worded it nicely... he should understand
02:40.22Sandwichman2448Ok. We shall see.
02:40.39*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
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03:01.28Cooobrablizz loves to act retarded... gives a false sense of security
03:02.52Cooobranerfing ret pallys i heard
03:08.55pcjpug dogs are so ugly
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03:30.49Cooobrapoor pug dogs
03:31.14Cooobragood place to hide keys
03:37.04*** join/#wowwiki LucidFox (n=lucidfox@
03:39.58Cooobrahow long as the Scrolls of Lore had the "coming soon" on the page
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05:23.45pcjgood news everyone
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05:42.11charitwopcj: your girlfriend is pregnant ?
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05:54.12Cooobrapcj: LOL
05:54.44Cooobrapoor myspace
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13:28.05pcjterrible news everyone
13:28.19johndice2012you just LOST  bunch of money by switching to Gaico?
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13:36.50pcjso why does the macabre marionnette still work
13:37.19pcjyes but the bread of the dead still works too
13:43.29Fiskerterrible terrible news pcj
14:02.42g0urragreat news everyone
14:02.46g0urraespecially Fisker
14:24.02Fiskerno g0urra
14:24.10g0urrayes Fisker
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14:41.37Fiskerno g0urra
14:41.43g0urrayes Fisker
14:41.52g0urrawhy so wow Fisker
14:45.26Fiskerno g0urra
14:46.14g0urrayes Fisker
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14:51.58Fiskerno g0urra
14:52.24g0urrayes Fisker
14:54.42Fiskerno g0urra
14:54.57*** kick/#wowwiki [Fisker!n=g0u@wowwiki/g0urra] by g0urra (yes Fisker)
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14:56.00Fiskerno g0urra
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15:36.44Krapsso mr bloomberg, how does it feel to win by a 5% margin, even when you spent a record amount of your own money on your campaign?
15:39.45*** join/#wowwiki stolenlegacy (
15:46.16g0urraKraps: wat
15:49.17*** join/#wowwiki Vilkku (
15:50.10Krapsg0urra: nyc's mayoral election
15:50.22g0urrawho cares
16:01.33theMadnessHe's the mayor of new york.
16:01.51*** join/#wowwiki mystadio (
16:01.53theMadnessHe's still in a very powerful position, doesn't matter how little margin he has.
16:03.19Krapsit had to have shaken him though, everyone was expecting a blowout
16:08.55foxlitThings are complicated.
16:09.17foxlitIf the candidate you'd vote for is said to be sure to win, do you bother going to cast your vote?
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16:28.57Krapsdoes taping a headphone wire at the spot where the wire meets the jack help it not get pulled out?
16:30.48foxlitTape is generally mediocre at holding things together.
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19:21.25Delendatesting testing
19:25.33*** join/#wowwiki Delenda (
19:31.03Kraps"Willie Jefferson of the Houston Chronicle, after seeing initial promotional material for the game, considered that several of the infected "appear to be African-Americans" implying a racist approach to the game"...
19:34.40winksKraps: which game?
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20:35.08Sandwichman2448Ooh, nice edit count Shandris.
20:50.03g0urrayou were saying?
20:51.50Sandwichman2448Bob is trying to team up with Shandris to get an admin to deal with A'noob for rolling back edits of them both months ago. I was wondering waht people made if it.
20:53.36Sandwichman2448And the edit count was two thousand, two hundred, and forty eight... <:(
20:55.11Sandwichman2448Wait, four hundred.
20:55.30Sandwichman2448I killed my own joke.
20:57.27*** join/#wowwiki ScratchMonkey (
20:58.39Krapsany of you played batman?
21:07.44Sandwichman2448I think is it wrong to place a fake announcement in the forums, but everyone would see through my joke at first glance if it is in my namespace. Satire is rude anyway.
21:34.30*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2449 (
21:34.52*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2449 (
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21:35.33Sandwichman2448 <-- This is odd.
21:35.43Sandwichman2448Move to a user subpage?
21:40.33Kraps *cue crazy laughter*
21:48.55Sandwichman2448I bought the BlizzCon stream, but forgot to upgrade to a account. No Grunty for me.
21:49.51Sandwichman2448Pets have no effect on gameplay, and it is for charity...
21:50.53Krapsthis is true, but it will cause an uproar anyway
21:51.48Sandwichman2448That is a lot of posts.
21:51.58g0urraI quit WoW, so eh
21:53.01Sandwichman2448I lack the time.
21:54.58Krapsive semi quit till 3.3
21:58.35Sandwichman2448 <-- Ah, yes Wikia, thank you from these image you gave to every wiki. I am sure we will use them a lot. Bleh.
21:58.51Sandwichman2448for these*
22:00.13g0urrawhat's up with the new version..
22:01.15Sandwichman2448Coobra made it.
22:04.19g0urraI don't see the point either in making nopics for mechanicals.. aren't nopics usually used for when a character doesn't have an image?
22:05.01Sandwichman2448Robots can be characters.
22:05.06g0urraname one
22:05.39winksthe one quest guy in Torchlight
22:05.41winksoh, wrong game
22:05.45g0urra<g0urra> [...] character doesn't have an image
22:05.54g0urraXT has an image
22:06.05g0urranot really hard to get it either
22:06.13Sandwichman2448Umm... There was a robot in one of the mangas.
22:06.30Sandwichman2448The one about the gnome and the troll.
22:06.34Sandwichman2448I think.
22:06.51g0urrawhat manga
22:07.26Sandwichman2448How to Win Friends
22:07.40Sandwichman2448It was standing there.
22:08.24g0urradid it have a name?
22:08.31g0urraa significant part?
22:08.56Sandwichman2448It was standing there. I think.
22:09.01Sandwichman2448You win.
22:09.09g0urraI know.
22:09.40winksthere's also the super-seller
22:09.45winkswhich is a decent NPC
22:09.53Sandwichman2448You can get a screenshot of that.
22:10.14winksall in wow is screenshottable
22:10.26winksoh, I recently bought the new? WoW RPG book
22:10.31winksI was very much let down
22:10.32Sandwichman2448You can get a shot of the one I was talking about, not that it needs one.
22:10.37Sandwichman2448Which book?
22:10.39winksbasically it all sounded so cool on wowwiki
22:10.45winksthe basic rulebook
22:10.49winksand it's total crap
22:10.55winksnearly the worst system I ever saw
22:11.05Sandwichman2448Try Lands of Mystery.
22:11.16winksthat a sourcebook or another system? :)
22:11.37g0urra"delicious lore, I must have it" -Baggins
22:12.19Sandwichman2448Less 'RPG', more 'it is used as a Warcraft encyclopedia even though it is not'.
22:12.29winksI'm burnt now
22:12.32winks40 bucks not well spent
22:12.39winksI hardly ever regret buying RPG stuff
22:12.46winksbasically.. first time I ever did
22:12.51winksand I have half a closet full :)
22:13.22winksjust no :P
22:13.34Sandwichman2448Yeah, i should have linked that in a more private chat.
22:13.48winksjust no, I'm not tempted
22:13.50g0urraSandwichman2448: link a torrent and you're fine
22:13.55g0urraI have them all
22:13.58g0urrai handy pdfs
22:14.04winksthe name of the site is ace
22:14.14winksbecause I always read it as file-stube
22:14.28winksbecause there was this saug-stube
22:14.33winks(leeching room)
22:14.40winksdamn germans
22:14.46g0urrayo utube!
22:15.12Sandwichman2448Where there's smoke, they pinch back.
22:15.17g0urrayeah damn germans
22:16.42Sandwichman2448I make no sense.
22:27.57*** join/#wowwiki Sesshu| (
22:28.56*** join/#wowwiki _sikk (
22:35.26*** join/#wowwiki gOurra (n=g0u@wowwiki/g0urra)
22:35.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+o gOurra] by ChanServ
23:08.18Krapsthe "slippery slope" theme is very popular right now
23:10.35Sandwichman2448Saying if we do not do something, something bad will happen?
23:12.40Krapssince blizz is selling pets now, they will OBVIOUSLY sell gear/gold etc in the future
23:13.17Osehopes not
23:13.19Sandwichman2448I hate Evony. It steals things.
23:13.54Oseknows nothing of Evony beyond their ridiculous ads
23:14.34KrapsOse: i hope not either, but until that happens i'll still be playing
23:14.38Sandwichman2448"Click me and waste time and money! This ad has boobs, so the game must be filled with them!"
23:15.20Oseneeds to reconsider his subscription
23:16.21Osei'm going to do the thanksgiving thing on my main, but after that, there's not really much for me to do, seeing as I don't raid, haven't done a heroic in ages, and cba to level and alt properly
23:16.53Osei've mostly concentrated on the event achievements, and gotten my purple drake
23:17.19Krapswhat about cata?
23:17.35Osewell i'll obviously be back for that
23:18.08OseI also want to get into the beta somehow
23:18.41Osewotlk beta ended up being ridiculously easy to get into, but it was late in the run
23:18.47Sandwichman2448Beta beat beta!
23:19.06Sandwichman2448The second one was a 'beta'.
23:19.31Sandwichman2448wants his fingers to work.
23:21.00Oseperhaps I could write some ridiculous little addon and get an "addon developer" key
23:21.25Oseor else I could haxx kirkburn and steal the ones intended for wowwiki admins
23:21.57Sandwichman2448Kd3 and Kirkburn.
23:24.35OseI need to haxx both?
23:25.44*** join/#wowwiki fric (
23:25.45*** join/#wowwiki theMadness ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
23:25.45*** join/#wowwiki Olison_ (
23:25.50Osethe annoying thing is, had wowwiki not been in such a good condition, I would have continued editing and tried out for admin long ago
23:26.04Osebut perfect wikis are boring
23:26.22Osewhich is why I don't contribute to wikipedia either

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