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01:23.21KoperWho is maintaining this?
01:23.49Koperkd3 !
01:24.48Cooobrasomething wrong?
01:26.02pcjwhat koper
01:26.07pcjwhat is it boy
01:27.50CooobraI guess everything is working as intended then...
01:28.05charitwohey pcj
01:28.13KoperNo, nothing wrong
01:28.21KoperI just wanna know how to obtain the maps from the client files
01:28.31KoperI found them in Worldmaps\*, but they are broken up in many "small boxes"
01:28.46charitwothen why didn't you ask that to begin with ?
01:28.46KoperI was wondering how to glue them back together
01:28.46charitworather than ask "who was maintaining" it
01:28.50KoperBecause ideally
01:28.56KoperThe person who is maintaining it knows how to
01:30.06charitwobest to ask direct and specific questions
01:31.17KoperWell it's something very technical i'm pretty sure almost no one knows the answer, that's why I directly asked for the maintainer
01:32.40Cooobraask on kd3's talk page, I'm sure he'll get to you with an answer when he is available
01:35.54Koperyeah well I pm'd him here, I prefer IRC :)
01:38.16jimbomi got my Razer Mamba just now!!
01:38.21jimbomlooks real good
01:39.10jimbomgod, the box it comes in alone must be a large part of the total cost
01:40.13CooobraI ping kd3 here all the time... responses are rare lately =(
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01:59.56charitwoperhaps he's recovering from Blizzcon
02:06.11KoperI went there too
02:06.31Cooobraenjoy yourself?
02:06.45KoperI met so many people :O
02:07.01Cooobradid you design your own newb
02:08.12KoperMy own what?
02:09.37Cooobranewb... those little model action figure things, you got a black one in a goodie bad, they also had blank ones for sale, so that you could design your own
02:10.32Koperoh, no i didn't
02:10.38KoperAnd I plan to sell mine on ebay :D
02:11.06Cooobraas i'm sure many will lol
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02:21.03Kirkburn_How could you!?
02:21.08Kirkburn_They're awesome :P
02:21.51Kirkburn_(I suppose that's pretty much a reason to sell it :)
02:22.28Kirkburn_I would feel guiltly about selling any of my BlizzCon spoils, and I've been avoiding eBay for as long as possible
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02:25.06Cooobraif you feel guilty about selling it... could just send it to me for free =)
02:26.05KirkburnDoug (lead content guy at Wikia) has already opened his, and I'm sorry: I've already been taken in. It has a detachable gun!
02:26.33KirkburnI bought a murloc plushie too, it's so cute
02:26.39KoperBlizzCon spoils = A lot of stupid ads
02:26.41KoperAn ugly robot
02:26.45KoperAn ugly in-game pet
02:26.47KoperNo beta key
02:26.58CooobraOMG don't hate the murloc
02:26.59KirkburnYeah, somewhat disappointed about the lack of beta key
02:28.13KirkburnThey realy misjudged that announcement too :P Who on earth thought announcing that there'd be 1000 keys randomly assigned to BlizzCon visitors .... and then adding that the DirecTV people are in the running too
02:28.44Kirkburn... would be a good idea. That sentence got away from me.
02:29.14KirkburnThe bag was somewhat worse than previous years
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02:29.24KirkburnI was really hoping for a WWI-alike bag again
02:30.16CooobraI blame MMO-champion
02:31.56Koper1000 beta keys? lol
02:32.01KoperThat's nothing
02:32.10Koper99% of people log in the first day and never again
02:32.28KoperIn wotlk when they gave out around 60-70k the servers were always empty
02:58.50KeolahAnyone know what the trolls and worgens' druid forms might look like yet?
02:59.06KeolahJust like the tauren and night elves, something different?
03:01.22KoperSomething different
03:04.02Cooobrathey said all their forms will be unique, including travel and water forms
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04:20.55Cooobraum.... <onlyinclude> invalid tag extension name
04:39.36charitwohey kd3
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04:42.11charitwosaying hi
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04:42.29jimbomgot my  razer mamba
04:42.36jimbomworks great
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05:43.48charitwowatches Cooobra spam
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05:47.00Jerubheh, the page linked to in the topic has a <font> tag that doesn't work just under the heading
05:48.35Cooobrayou know you love my spam
05:54.28CooobraNOOOooooooOOOoOOooOOoooo... upload directory is missing
05:57.38Cooobraoh wowwiki, why do you play with my emotions
05:59.45Jerubthis is funny
05:59.50Jerubis broken.
05:59.54Jerubbut only if you're logged out.
05:59.59Jerubit works fine if you're logged in.
06:16.51Cooobragood way to make someone make an account then lol
06:18.27Jerubwell, by 'works' i mean, "there's a rendering error when not logged in"
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06:40.23charitwohey g0urra
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17:26.12mxsyou know what WoW needs on the bloody login screen ? A display of current PDT time.
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17:27.48foxlitOr move to europe. Time zones are trivial here.
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17:34.14winkillerwhy trivial?
17:34.33winkillerok, in the west it starts with UTC
17:34.40winkillerbut Gibraltar might have UTC-1
17:35.00winkillerand it goes up to UTC+2 in the UAE
17:35.05winkilleror South Africa
17:35.16winkillerpoor people who have to raid like that :P
17:35.38winkillerthen again I'll never get how all the Englishmen manage to be ready for invites at 18:45
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19:05.34kunwon124 hour time ftw
19:07.59charitwo!job queue
19:08.47infobotThe job queue length is currently OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND
19:09.31infoboti heard g0urra is gOurra
19:09.44charitwotwo different people
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19:20.13kd3wtfs at another random blue post
19:20.31kd3valnoth is implying that vezax is tyr
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21:39.32g0urraBibi what a nice source on the season 6 beginning
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