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02:56.36charitwopcj who is pcj_2
02:57.09charitwoi've seen pcj_2 in here
02:57.16charitwo~seen pcj_2
02:57.18infobotpcj_2 <n=pcjjenks@wowwiki/Pcj> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 37d 2h 23m 19s ago, saying: 'we can delete the edits'.
02:57.25pcjmy alt
02:57.33charitwodiff comp?
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17:23.31wmealingjust wondering, how does wowwiki generate its spell information ?
17:23.58wmealing <-- here for example
17:24.18wmealingis that really user edited, or is there some script that generates it ?
17:25.49wmealingif there was a  source, id rather pull from the source than re-write wowwiki's html into my app/simulation
17:43.10kd3it's hand-generated
17:43.22kd3the sources would be any of the database sites (like wowhead)
17:43.34kd3whether or not it's easier to pull from our html or theirs is up to you
17:44.16wmealingi see what you mean
17:45.03wmealingwas kind of hoping it would be possible to parse the MPQ file
17:45.09wmealingor at least thats what i figured  someone was doing
17:45.24wmealingthanks for your answer
17:46.21kd3it's possible to parse it. but wowhead (or the other db sites) aren't likely to open up their scripts any time soon
17:47.05wmealingtake away/give away the crown jewels
17:48.05wmealingi can only ask
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18:12.50wmealingfyi, no love from the wowhead guys, no surprise there though
18:13.04wmealingand to think i run the client.
18:13.38wmealingwowdb from curse looks like it has the same functionality, but i can't see how to access it either
18:14.31wmealingparsing html isnt my idea of a good time
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18:34.40Alramwowhead has xml parsing
18:34.43Alrammmo-champion has json parsing
18:35.39wmealingi need lists, not just individual items
18:36.22Alrammmo-champ has that too
18:37.43Alram shammy restoration spells
18:37.47Alramjust add /json
18:37.53Alramadys made it awesome like that.
18:39.03wmealingfor example
18:39.22wmealingdoes it work for you ?
18:39.32Alram :P
18:39.47wmealingoh, you dirty dog
18:39.49wmealingthankyou !
18:39.57Alramthank bibi + adys
18:40.20Alrambut seriously you can pretty much search anything
18:40.29Alramor go anywhere within
18:40.31Alramand add /json
18:42.20wmealingthankyou Bibi
18:42.23wmealingadys, wherever you are
18:43.01wmealingsee, now i can concentrate on the project, rather than html soup.
18:43.10Alramjust do a /msg Adys Thanks for /json parsing on sigrie!
18:43.50Alramitll make his day getting that from a random person
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18:44.12Adysfine fine
18:44.54wmealingAdys , just turned the scope of my side project right down.
18:44.58wmealingbig thumbs up
18:45.07Adyswhat kind of project?
18:45.18AlramI told him about /json
18:45.23Alrama whole new world opened
18:45.54wmealingAdys: i'm attempting to write a simulator for my druid.  I'm sure its been done before.. but this is a relatively small scope.
18:46.16wmealingnow that i have consistent factual data, its now possible
18:46.41wmealingstarted writing a scraper for wowwiki and began to lose it.
18:47.57foxlitScraping the wiki would be... odd.
18:48.13foxlitConsidering it is mostly scraped from other sources itself.
18:48.21wmealingand some of the other sites, put little tricks in just to mess with me.
18:48.33Alramthats why sigrie owns
18:48.39Alrammost of it just "works"
18:48.59foxlit[Although I presume it wouldn't actually be that bad if you were looking at it from a template level]
18:50.32wmealingi'm working on attempting to find optimal healing over time, depending on damage given by boss
18:50.33Adysis there a DOM method that acts as getElementsByTagName but only for the direct children of the root tag?
18:50.50Alram's mind is blown
18:51.29Adyseg i got something like <root><foo/><bar><foo/></bar></root>
18:51.37AdysI only want the first <foo/>
18:53.07foxlitpsst, xpath.
18:54.00kd3check if parentNode() is root, I guess?
18:54.30Adysill go with that i guess, was hoping for something more direct
18:54.33kd3otherwise I'd have to traverse the childNodes of root and finde whatever I'm looking for
18:54.33wmealingcan't you ask for children and just ask for [0] ? I dont write  javascript.. but thats something i'd do.
18:54.37kd3that's all I can think of
18:54.49wmealingif its always first.
18:55.01wmealingpossibly a bad idea though)
18:55.11Adysits in python wmealing but either way I may want multiple <foo> tags that arent nested
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19:30.54foxlitthey broke the calendar slightly :/
19:31.13foxlitIt no longer displays *all* raid lockouts; but rather only some subset.
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19:51.35gullahquick question, I just hit 80, what PVP set should I be trying for?
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22:18.50LykourgosAnyone know what's happening w/ the instances not working?
22:19.25SpareIm guessing thats an issue of your realm?
22:20.09SpareIve only seen those problems end up in a realm restart
22:20.20Sparewhats the exact problem?
22:20.45Spareare you stuck inside one? does it say the instance server is full or something similar?
22:21.42LykourgosI can't get into any instances
22:21.45Lykourgosfor hours now
22:22.12Lykourgosit keeps saying that Additional instances cannot be launched
22:22.19Lykourgosas if to say the instances are full
22:22.37LykourgosI've had to wait and try for 30 minutes before, but it's been like this all day for me
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