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02:14.58XSlicerserver down?
02:15.34XSlicernvm guess it was temporary
02:21.51kd3the ops team knows. they're working on a fix
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05:57.21livingdeathI just bought Wow battle chest today and have been struggling all day to get to play friend has loaded it on his computer and it works fine
05:58.16livingdeathi can't connect to the server
05:58.33livingdeathive tried unplugging my cable modem and plugging it back in after 60 seconds
05:58.41livingdeathive tried disabling all firewalls and still no avail
05:58.49livingdeathmy friend installed it on his computer and it works fine
05:59.11livingdeathwhen i plug my computer directly into the modem it will not assign an ip address no matter what computer I use
05:59.19livingdeathi called tech support
05:59.23livingdeathit wont update the patch
05:59.26livingdeathi need the patch
05:59.30livingdeathcan anyone please help
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06:26.39TrelQuestion I'm a prot pally and I just dual specced, which would be the best other to go with holy or ret?
06:28.17Nechcknwell, do you want to heal or dps
06:28.33NechcknI'd think that healing would likely get you a few more runs, if that is what you are after
06:29.15livingdeathCould someone please help me?
06:30.08Nechcknlivingdeath  um... with the patches, sure
06:31.28Nechcknlivingdeath  see for alternate locations
06:32.11NechcknThose sites are all about the most trusted you can find, so no real worry of virus/trojan action- you should still have antivirus active on your local machine, but that is about it.
06:32.36livingdeathwhat im saying is
06:32.47livingdeathi let my buddy install it and it worked fine
06:32.52livingdeathit automatically updated his version
06:33.00livingdeathand he was able to logo on create a character
06:33.14livingdeathi talked with blizzard tech support and he mentioned nothing about a updated patch
06:33.23livingdeathi need a patch that with update from the default
06:33.43Nechcknyou need quite a few if you are going from what is in the box
06:33.52Trelhmmm, I'm still unsure >.<
06:34.14livingdeathSomeone please help...I've been dying to play this sgame and I finally get it and now this :(
06:34.15NechcknTrel  it's a tough decision, really.  Are you in a guild?
06:34.32livingdeathNo one cares though.
06:34.39livingdeathI just
06:34.46livingdeathjust sayin' thought someone could help
06:34.48Nechcknlivingdeath  you need to patch the installation
06:34.56livingdeathhow could i patch it from the default
06:35.38NechcknOkay... so, did you install all of the disks on your local machine?
06:35.45livingdeathHow do I know which patch to get
06:35.52livingdeaththere was just one disc
06:35.59livingdeathitw as the battle chest
06:36.04livingdeathcame with burning crusade
06:36.09livingdeathworked on every machine but mine
06:36.11NechcknOkay... then the dvd, I suppose.. which is fine.
06:36.13livingdeathi disabled all the firewlals
06:36.20NechcknDo you have a Blizzard account?
06:36.22livingdeathi disabled everything like the blizzard tech support guy said
06:36.44NechcknAre you on ms windows?
06:36.57livingdeathwindows vista home  64 bit
06:37.15Nechcknokay.. 1 moment
06:37.19livingdeathi just cant understand
06:37.23livingdeathalright thanks
06:37.46TrelYeah, but just for the social aspect.
06:37.47livingdeathit seems like it's the version
06:38.14livingdeathim wondering what I could do could someone please help?
06:38.19livingdeathdeep in my heart
06:38.24livingdeathits h
06:38.28livingdeathi want to play
06:38.36Trellivingdeath I came in too late, what problem are you having?
06:39.09Nechckndid you run the tool
06:39.51NechcknIf not, do that now.  the repair utility, that is
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06:40.20Nechcknselect the option to automatically detect and repair
06:40.30livingdeathWhen I try to launch WoW I get the error message "Cannot connect to the news server. Please check the network and try again later." And I also can't connect to the server.
06:40.58livingdeathI talked with soemoeone from blizzard and they couldn't resolve the issue
06:41.10livingdeathit seems to me the ver. is out of date
06:41.15livingdeathit works fine on my friends comp
06:41.35livingdeathany help is appreciated
06:41.41Nechcknthe repair utility will check about all of that sort of thing
06:41.57livingdeathyea yea
06:42.01livingdeathill check it out
06:42.02Nechcknespecially if it's an initial install, something could have gone amiss
06:42.17livingdeathnah cause i installed it several times
06:42.25livingdeathand it takes like an hour to install
06:42.33livingdeatheach time
06:42.46livingdeathits battle chest
06:43.39livingdeathoh god
06:44.02NechcknThe repair utility will check all the files needed to run the game, if you have a decently-new machine, it should take about 20 minutes at the most.
06:44.31TrelWhat if any security software do you have installed?
06:45.04livingdeaththanks man you've helped me mroe than anyone
06:45.26livingdeathi had avira antivir but the dude from blizzard tech support demanded uninstall it because of the firewalls
06:45.36livingdeathand also told me to disable to
06:45.43livingdeathall the programs runnig
06:46.10livingdeathok it says "Cannot connect to the server to download repair information. Please try again later."
06:47.01livingdeathOH MAN
06:47.09livingdeathcould somoen eplease help for god sakeS
06:47.56livingdeathI CANT GET THE REPAIR UTILITY
06:48.24TrelI'm looking, calm down.
06:48.32livingdeathThank You.
06:48.34Nechcknokay, so it would seem that you have some sort of firewall blocking access, if even that won't connect
06:48.50TrelYou said avira, was it the free one?
06:49.04livingdeathThat's what I had thought but windows says there is no firewall running and i've disabled all the programs and tried to run it but still no avail
06:49.15livingdeathNo, it was the premium version.
06:49.25Nechcknand what of your router?
06:49.30TrelOk, so it DID have a firewall included.
06:49.40livingdeathI uninstalled it
06:49.49livingdeathok so I bypassed the router
06:50.00livingdeathwent directly to the the modem and wasnt able to connect
06:50.13livingdeaththe dude from blizzard said it should automatically assign me an ip address
06:50.17livingdeathand to contact comcast
06:50.41livingdeathit doesnt make sense though
06:50.55NechcknWell, you can have firewalls in each location
06:51.02livingdeathi should be ablet o connect wirelessly if two other computers have using the same software
06:51.06Nechcknon your machine, on a router, and withint the cable router
06:51.14livingdeathno, all the firewalls are disabled though
06:51.32TrelOk, this is a major longshot, do you know where to change your DNS servers in Windows?
06:51.47livingdeathin the command prompt?
06:51.55livingdeathI tried to flusht eh dns earlier
06:52.00livingdeathit said something about elevated
06:52.05livingdeathand the ip
06:52.24livingdeathwhat do you mean change the DNS servers?
06:52.25Trelno, I mean change the actual settings it's where you can set a static IP (not sure where it is in Vista)
06:52.44livingdeathI don't know.
06:52.53Trellemme google hold on
06:53.16Trel <--- follow that guide
06:53.19livingdeathI don't see why that would matter if my friend connect using the same IP address through my wireless cable
06:53.24livingdeathand it worked
06:53.30Trelbut where you actually put in the numbers use
06:53.35Trel4.2.2.1 and
06:53.53Trelfor preferred and alternate
06:53.54Nechcknit depends, are you using DHCP for it?  and you both are running the same OS?
06:54.25NechcknTrel seems to be onto the best route- setting it manually, so that you can connect.
06:54.44livingdeathok but if it worked for my firend
06:54.51livingdeathon the same ip address im using
06:54.56livingdeaththen why would the dns
06:55.03Trelhe may have had different DNS servers manually selected
06:55.20Nechcknor vice versa
06:56.55livingdeathYou may hbe onto something.
06:58.15NechcknI must be off; best of luck with it, livingdeath
06:59.12livingdeathfor the ip
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07:01.18Trelfor the IP you can leave it on whatever was working for normal internet usage
07:01.26Trelit's just the DNS settings that we're looking at
07:01.38livingdeathtype in for the preferred dns ?
07:03.03Treland for the alternate
07:06.07TrelRandom question, if you have 2 machiens, can you log two chars from same account?
07:08.58Trellivingdeath: any luck with that?
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07:30.48livingdeathOK I TYPED THAT IN
07:30.55livingdeathi typed that in now what?
07:31.13livingdeathOH GOD
07:32.44livingdeathYOU THERE?
07:33.34livingdeathI'm getting the message "Cannot connect to the News Server. please check the network and try again later." I Changed the DNS like you said
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07:47.45Fiskerslaps Arrowmaster around a bit with a large trout
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07:49.35TrelSorry, what did you say, I got disconnected
07:50.57livingdeathcould someon help pleas
07:51.07livingdeathok i typed that in
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08:01.20livingdeathgot disconnected
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08:12.02livingdeathsorry got disconnected
08:25.17TrelI'm having problems staying connected
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08:27.17livingdeathcould anyone help
08:28.15Treldid that work?
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08:49.50livingdeathAny other idea?
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09:00.31cruciallypcj: finally found it
09:01.24livingdeathsomeone plesae help
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17:54.40Spareif there's an & in the urls on the patch mirrors page, and a user isnt logged in, it turns into &amp;
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17:59.39Sparefoxlit: (while being logged out)
17:59.50Sparefor example click on US at my mirror (the infinite network)
18:00.06Spareit will show an add and you get redirected
18:00.33Sparethen the &f= in the url turns into &amp;f=
18:01.10foxlitso wikia fails
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18:13.11kd3it's been reported upstream. hopefully it'll get fixed soon
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19:00.45pcjcrucially it's blanking again
19:00.54cruciallyon it
19:00.57cruciallyservername please
19:01.10pcjvarnish3 atm
19:02.02pcjof course the blank page says r9-8-23
19:02.20pcjbut says varnish3
19:05.22cruciallyworking on
19:06.29cruciallyis it gone?
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19:09.06pcjso far
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20:05.35pcjslaps Fisker
20:06.05Fiskerslaps ChanServ around a bit with a large trout
20:06.08Fiskerslaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
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20:24.53pcjslaps Vilkku
20:25.15Vilkkucounterslaps pcj
20:25.39pcjsilly nordic people and your silly internet connectivity
20:26.48VilkkuI don't know why mirc was acting up
20:26.55Vilkkudidn't disc me in wow
20:45.55kd3grrs at varnish
20:46.04Kasothis is awesome ^
20:46.09kd3crucially, ^
20:46.32cruciallyonly r9 right?
20:47.21Fiskernice Kaso
20:47.45Kasothat whole channel is full of comedy gold
20:51.44sacarascKaso: That was wrong. Cheeta was a chimp, not a tiger!
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20:55.02sacarascBurn her to the ground.
20:55.10kd3make sure the tree dies instantly
20:55.22pcjthanks kd3 that seems to help
20:55.27pcjoh wait
20:56.04Kasothe flame leth video is cool too
20:56.21Kasoexplains the fight perfectly
20:59.29kd3is confused at {{coords}}
20:59.30Dottedkd3 meant:
20:59.53kd3section's not working named or unnamed (as {{{4|}}})
20:59.54Dottedkd3 meant:{4|
21:01.09pcjyes it's not implemented yet
21:01.53pcjwaiting on resolution of,_speak_now_or_forever_hold_your_peace&t=20090724014927
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21:25.16Arrowmasterdoes that actually support more than just integers
21:26.50TrelHow do you kill Blazerunner in "It's Dangerous To Go Alone" no matter how many times I use that thing, his aura never goes down
21:27.24pcjare you in a group? it's dangerous to go alone
21:28.01TrelI'm well above the level required, but it doesn't matter group or not, unless aura goes down, spells don't work and can't do melee as he knocks you back
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21:28.53g0urrayou have to use Silver Totem of Aquementas
21:29.02g0urraand keep trying if it doesn't go down in the first place
21:29.29Trelit never goes down.
21:29.40TrelI have a friend who said she did it a year ago and it went down and stayed down
21:29.46Trelis it possible blizzard broke it?
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21:46.04OseI bring thee, the doom of teh internets:
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21:51.36TrelOse: thats a good thing. I hope it's even more fun and addicting than wow
21:51.37*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn1 (
21:51.59Osefat chance...
21:52.30TrelWell if it is (and I hope so) we can then hack it and insert subliminal suicide messages.
21:52.35Ose"set around the town of Forks, Washington"
21:57.24pcji suspect there will be razor blade sellers spamming in-game
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22:07.32pcjdo you fix it?
22:08.07cruciallywas testing
22:08.45cruciallybasically, varnish7 connects to varnish1 and varnish3
22:08.51cruciallyfor some reason when I shut down varnish3
22:08.59cruciallyvarnish3 gets marked us unavailable
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22:21.07kd3mmm.... dinner
22:21.48pcjomg where
22:23.07Fiskerslaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
22:26.52Osecooks the trout
22:26.56Osethere, dinner
22:27.30Osedoes not mention he prepared the fish "lutefisk" style
22:31.41pcjyou would lye about it
22:53.15TrelAnyone have any clue when 3.2 is intended to go live, I mean they already pushed the patch
22:59.47sacarascThey have?
22:59.59sacarascThey've pushed most of it, not all...
23:00.05sacarascAnd I'd guess next week.
23:00.31sacarascAnd 3.2.1 the week after.
23:00.38Gnarfoznot this week, that much is certain
23:23.25*** join/#wowwiki Bold (
23:24.13cruciallyyes blank page
23:37.05cruciallypcj_2: the failure in HA systems have been fixed

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