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02:01.08Hurricane567i have a quick question about something on the PTR, anyone got a sec to answer it?
02:02.43Hurricane567do you need to have the crusader title to do "Trial of the Crusader"?
02:04.27sacarascWait, don't leave 40 seconds after asking!
02:04.39sacarascI suppose he did say quick.
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04:11.52pcjkd3 is pilgrim's bounty active on the PTR then
04:12.54kd3iunno. some of my tools found the quests, so I'm getting them up now. if they're not up I'll just delete em rq
04:13.27pcjuh huh
04:14.21kd3I still have yet to log in this build
04:37.12sacarascWhatchu talking 'bout, charitwo?
04:42.13sekritdon't ask me, i didn't write it
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09:54.46infobothmm... g0urra is gOurra
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12:22.05pcjso g0urra
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12:43.35equiraptorSo, Uther, what's your question?
12:49.07equiraptorBTW, Uther asked me for information on finding account trading, if any moderators care.
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13:02.41equiraptorWe had a nice little discussion in pm, where he accused me of all kinds of ridiculous things. IT was fun. :)
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15:46.38Ressyany chance Jrooksjr is in here?
15:47.26Ressyits the guy's username on wowwiki..
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16:08.19Ose "Penguin deaths prompt sniper aid"
16:08.40g0urrastop focusing on Rolandius pcj
16:08.41g0urraor else
16:13.41pcjdid kirkburn say anything else to you about fandy
16:14.02pcj~seen kirkburn
16:14.04infobotkirkburn <n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 8d 2h 48m 57s ago, saying: 'hullo'.
16:17.28pcjslaps g0urra
16:17.56charitwoshow him whos boss pcj
16:18.58g0urrapcj no
16:19.05g0urraexcept banning him
16:19.16g0urrawell considering
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19:00.04foxlitgrr, {{documentation}}
19:00.05Dottedfoxlit meant:
19:01.12foxlitmakes it hell to edit templates in-place
19:05.33g0urrajust click the Edit button on the top?
19:07.39foxlitOnly by misunderstanding the issue could you consider that solution valid :)
19:07.50foxlitThe actual problem is that the REAL template isn't shown on the template page
19:08.27foxlit<includeonly> et al are a pain. Instead, you get the documentation transclusion page, so the preview shows the old template.
19:08.50foxlitIt's the same issue you get while editing portal pages -- the preview (and the history) show you the OLD version.
19:09.14g0urra..isn't that how it's always been?
19:10.05foxlitNot really.
19:11.44g0urraso you mean that after saving the template, the documentation that is transcluded onto the template article is the same?
19:11.48foxlitThe template itself would probably not be hidden on its own template page, which would be the difference I was looking for.
19:12.34g0urrawell that's quickly fixed by removing <includeonly> on previews
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19:13.19g0urraand the thing I talked about can be fixed by editing the doc page, saving it, then going back to the template article
19:14.27foxlitOr purging, or whining at wikia's idiotic caching policies.
19:14.48foxlitBut that part doesn't concern me. The docs can be as wrong as they want to be for all I care.
19:14.49g0urrathat too
19:16.33g0urraso you want the template page to show the raw template?
19:17.31foxlitwhich wouldn't make sense for all templates
19:37.35pcjtheoretically you could do it with javascript
19:41.26g0urratheoretically I could do your mom with javascript
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19:47.18Tray6Hello - I have a question about saving a pdf/x-3 file.  I did it, but then checked the properties of the pdf doc and it says pdf 1.3.  Is that cause pfdx-3 is based on 1.3 or is it not really saving a pdfx-3 doc? thanks
19:47.57g0urrathis is not a channel about that
19:48.12Tray6Sorry, know where I can find this?
19:49.43Ose#pdf mayhaps?
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19:56.49Tray3Is this the right place re Scribus?
19:58.57g0urraTray3: this channel is about WoWWiki and World of Warcraft in general. if you don't have a question about anything like that then this channel is not for you
20:00.17Tray3I went to channels and clicked on scribus and this window came up.  You willing to direct me to instruction on how to find the right chat channel?
20:02.11Ose#scribus ?
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21:38.11pcjg0urra can you help me with pdf
21:38.40g0urrapcj can you help me with lizard
21:43.06pcjoh bibi you do like to be dramatic
21:44.53pcjthough you do fail at telling what day it is
21:50.57g0urraI thought it was april 1st
21:51.47g0urraOH SHI NEW RACE
21:58.39Fiskerdoes make sense though
21:59.09pcjshut up fisker
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22:21.54pcjpeople who think emerald dream will be the next expansion need to be shot if all the maps there are going to be 40 players max
22:43.04Spareque, 40 players max?
22:51.13pcjspare: bottom of bibi's post
22:53.30sacarascBibi- is gonna get naked, yo.

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