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02:32.55Anub|sHi I have a macro q
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02:41.48Fiskerslaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
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02:43.12FiskerPeople who annoy you:
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02:59.58charitwoyay kd3
03:00.25kd3work sucks
03:00.37kd3especially when it gets in the way of doing stuff on the wiki
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03:02.17pcjdon't mind him
03:02.24pcjfisker's harmless
03:02.34kd3what else is new?
03:03.19Fiskeri secretly love you
03:03.59pcjkeep it secret, keep it safe
03:04.28Fiskeri can't keep it secret anymore
03:07.25charitwono glove, no love
03:08.20Fiskerit's actually your fault pcj
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06:08.13KetrelFor a horde paladin, how the heck do you get blessing of kings?
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06:10.01Fiskershould be trainable at your class trainer now
06:10.10FiskerBut you can't get it at level 10 as you previously could
06:10.27KetrelAh, I see it now, I was still looking in spec trees
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07:38.13mitch0tekkub: hi. are you awake?
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11:58.33cruciallypcj: ?
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14:50.28cruciallypcj: !
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15:10.44pcjwhat crucially
15:12.19cruciallypcj: useskin=awesome
15:12.20cruciallyplease test
15:13.27pcjeww it's all white and stuff
15:14.34cruciallypcj: it just broke
15:14.39pcjuh huh
15:17.00cruciallysorry, something broke
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15:23.04crucially is  white for you?
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15:29.50cruciallyare you getting any 404s?
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15:32.53cruciallyand what happens if you are logged out?
15:32.57pcjfirefox 3.0.11
15:33.22cruciallyI can't reproduce
15:33.45pcjlogged out still on white
15:33.56cruciallyclear your cache completely ?
15:34.04cruciallyand wipe cookies? :D
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15:36.43pcjwhen i clear my user cookies it goes to black
15:36.53pcjlogging back in it is on white
15:37.12cruciallyif you don't mind, could you figure out which of your settings is doing that?
15:37.32pcji'm not playing with my skin settings since if i switch from my current choice i can't switch back
15:37.53cruciallyok, what setting do you have?
15:38.03cruciallyand I can always restore it
15:38.18cruciallyoh, you are not on monaco
15:38.24pcjhell no
15:38.41cruciallyso if you do does it all go white too?
15:38.58pcjyes but if i do it shows the correct skin
15:39.14cruciallyand ?
15:39.22pcjon black
15:39.31cruciallyso then it isn't a bug
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16:31.36Fiskerwe have a traitor
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17:56.42pcj"New Mount: A new Argent Crusade paladin-only charger will be available. "
17:57.00pcj"An Upgraded Squire: As any good squire should, this upgraded squire now has a mount. "
17:58.01pcji am shocked there is no mmo-champion coverage yet
17:58.40foxlithave nothing to mine
17:58.48foxlit"Wait, didn't you kill him?"
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17:59.42KorenI must see this new pally mount >.<
18:01.44pcj"Located on an island north of Icecrown, the former tuskarr village known as Hrothgar's Landing is a mist-shrouded staging point for Sea Vrykul raids upon the ships of the Silver Covenant and the Sunreavers in the waters between the island and Icecrown."
18:01.58pcjthey should just call it Isle of Quel'Doneover
18:02.35foxlitWait, the covenant has ships? What ever for?
18:02.50pcjto combat the deadly "Sea Vrykul"s, obviously
18:08.54foxlitBut northrend only has a few yards of actual coastline
18:09.08foxlitNone of it to the north :/
18:11.38pcjobviously the construction of the coliseum is a cover for the tunnel leading down to an artificially-constructed harbor to serve as a Silver Covenant/Sunreavers staging area
18:12.16foxlitObviously Tirion just wants a sailboat.
18:12.25pcji bet his private yacht has a submarine
18:12.28AlramPure shite changes
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18:27.17pcjway to violate WW:3RR g0urra
18:28.17foxlitPolicy is for other people(tm)
18:38.20charitwowhy so rebel g0urra
18:39.48g0urrawhy so charitwo
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18:48.26g0urradamnit pcj
18:48.29g0urramy talk page
18:48.35pcjits not my fault you're too slow
18:48.36g0urramy reply
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18:48.55pcjwell maybe you won't violate policy in the future
18:49.34g0urrayeah I'll just block him right away
18:49.40g0urragood idea
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19:04.14KeofoxI just saw a player called "Drama the Undying".
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19:33.40pcj"An Upgraded Squire: As any good squire should, this upgraded squire now has a mount and can be called forth every eight hours for three minutes of duty. The upgrade cost is 150 Champion Seals and your squire will also offer one of three services: bank, mail, or vendor access."
19:33.57pcjis it all 3 or do you have to choose one when buying
19:34.08Nechcknservices... mmmhmmm....
19:34.47Nechcknfrom what I've read, they often provided more than just the listed services.
19:35.40NechcknNow... if the lil' bastard would carry an anvil and some form of heat, we'd be talking about a real upgrade.
19:36.03pcjoh they certainly carry some heat if you know what i mean
19:36.29NechcknOh... damn!   hehehe nicely done.
19:36.45NechcknI was thinking of forge but my slow mind could not come up with the term.
19:37.38NechcknIt would be cool, if you elected to send mail, that they'd run away for X amount of time.
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19:37.49Fiskerfuck you
19:37.51NechcknSo they could get to the Post, of course.
19:37.57*** join/#wowwiki Koren (
19:39.10NechcknIf you picked mail, you could drive your mamoth around and havve as many services as many of the quest hubs!
19:41.53pcjexcept you can't give quests
19:42.05NechcknSure you could =)
19:42.11pcjOK, you couldn't give XP
19:42.24NechcknYou there, get me 10 orc loin cloths!
19:42.31Nechckngood point
19:43.16pcjor an inn
19:43.45NechcknI'm sure the "tent" will be coming soon.
19:44.13pcji'm sure some sick people already have a "tent" with their squires
19:44.25Nechcknthen you can hit /pitchtent and logout for the night anywhere.
19:45.58KeofoxYou can! ... you just don't get rested experience for it and have to wait 20 seconds.
19:46.39NechcknWell, that was more the idea, that you would get rested xp.  But, right you are.  =)
19:49.22KeofoxRested experience is kind of a non-issue by the time you're gonna be buying anything from the argent tournament anyway.
19:50.07NechcknUntil the next xpack shows up, then you'll want it.
19:51.26KeofoxMethinks the next expansion is a fair ways away yet ;p
19:51.34NechcknI'm sure
19:52.22KeofoxEspecially as 3.2 is still a bit of a ways away and there'll still be Icecrown Citadel at some point or another.
19:52.42AlramIcecrown Citadel is in 3.3
19:52.49AlramWhich is also the last content patch for WotLK.
19:52.59KeofoxAnd who knows what the date on _that_ will be :P
19:53.24AlramIn exactly 42 years, Keofox.
19:53.26AlramAsk Bibi.
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21:00.53pcj"Also, the Sunreaver Dragonhawk has a new look (new skin) and is not what you see now. "
21:00.58pcjwtf bibi why are you trying to con us
21:02.00Fiskerslaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
21:02.01Fiskerslaps Fisker around a bit with a large trout
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21:15.36pcjg0urra when are you going to answer the person on your talk page
21:15.47g0urraI'm too slow
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21:23.32g0urra"Well, if Blizzard don't do it, then neither should we."
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21:34.28pcjoh come on g0urra
21:36.22sacarascNo, I won't.
21:37.45g0urraMORE DOTS
21:39.16pcjfisker stop laughing
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21:47.28Fiskerslaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
21:47.30sacarascpcj: I think you are too mean to Fisker. Please be mean to someone else who isn't me.
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22:23.45g0urrasumming up The.bandit23: "I'm right and everyone else aren't"
22:26.30pcjhe would use horrid grammar just like that too
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22:28.50KeofoxWhat's a good spec for a mage intending on leveling up with a paladin?
22:29.15Keofoxhasn't actually played a mage over level 20-ish.
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