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05:51.29mxspcj: yes, that is a virus
05:51.41mxspcj: and very, VERY oddly you download it from their OFFICIAL WoW-page
05:51.52mxsso either somebody at FileFront is doing something very, very naughty
05:51.56mxsor they have a major security problem
05:58.55mxslooks like they don't escape <script> on their page
05:59.13mxsone of the comments is loading a script that replaces the download link
05:59.22mxsso really, all of FileFront is potentially compromised
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06:52.23Arrowmastermxs: rofl wow
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13:48.02tetoio_perasecan somebody help me plz
13:48.26WardHwhat with?
13:48.50tetoio_peraseman listen  i had a prob with my credit card and
13:48.59tetoio_perasei tried 3 times to upgrade throught the site
13:49.16tetoio_perasenow i get the stupid message "   you ve got reached the limit
13:49.21tetoio_perasewithin a day
13:49.32tetoio_perasethat means i got to wait 1 stupid day for 1 card number?
13:52.31WardHit's a fraude prevention system
13:52.31tetoio_perasestupid site
13:52.41WardHwell, you messed something up 3 times in a row
13:52.51tetoio_peraseits not my fault
13:52.55tetoio_perasei just add my money at 1 pm
13:52.59tetoio_peraseand i tried at 2
13:53.04tetoio_peraseand the money transfered now
13:54.11WardHyes well, three faulty attempts blocks it for a day
13:54.17sacarascTried talking to Blizzard's billing department?
13:54.36WardHyes, you should call them, they can unblock it and help you fill in the forms correctly
13:56.48tetoio_perasei m just from greece man and i cant talk in english to a call
13:57.02tetoio_perasei just said it to a Gm ingame but he says to send mail
13:57.16tetoio_perase10 million people game and they dont have a Chat Support in the site thats so funny
13:59.35WardHthey have mail and phone support
13:59.42WardHand ingame support for ingame issues
14:00.14tetoio_perasebut a chat support for this things would be fine  i told to the GM  and he said  that they working in that to add a chat or something
14:00.18tetoio_perasethanks guys
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16:59.11Osecan we please just remove thottbot from the elinks templates?
17:00.23cruciallyare those links nofollow ?
17:00.38pcjwhy should they be
17:00.48cruciallyso wowwiki gets a higher search rank? :)
17:02.34Osedoesn't like thottbot
17:03.09pcjso how do you make links nofollow when HTML links don't work
17:03.26cruciallyoh, then I guess the links become nofollow automatically
17:04.03foxlit"crucially: so wowwiki gets a higher search rank? :)" << bizzare.
17:05.45foxlitWhy would nofollow result in a higher search rank?
17:08.04Osebecause the other sides would not benefit from wowwiki clicks?
17:08.25cruciallybecause google pagerank works like that
17:10.38foxlitMeh. Even if it does, which there's no way of knowing, this is a really sucky way of attempting to game it.
17:11.36foxlitThe links are legitimate -- they're there because we believe those sites have relevant content. If we start putting rel="nofollow" on that, rel="nofollow" becomes meaningless.
17:13.37cruciallyfoxlit, there is a way to now
17:13.46cruciallyfoxlit: it is irrelevant, mediawiki makes all links nofollow to avoid spammers
17:14.24pcjputs rel="nofollow" on foxlit
17:15.45foxlitWhich probably means google already has code to deal with mediawiki installations
17:16.58pcjidk, they seem to like wikipedia
17:20.50cruciallyyes, they special case wikipedia
17:22.00KeolahWhat's wrong with thottbot?
17:22.45Osei'm turning my bot on to do a template change and going afk
17:22.56Osesomeone block it if it goes wrong somehow :P
17:25.06foxlitShould we just pre-emptively block it in case something happens?
17:25.20AlramWe should SHUT. DOWN. -EVERYTHING-.
17:26.03foxlitLike , ose
17:27.22foxlitwhich has a long an exciting history. nevermind.
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17:36.24cruciallyhow is wowwiki performance?
17:38.59Osejune 9, 2008?
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17:40.04Oseyou scared me foxlit, I thought my bot was running some old replacement thingy I had forgotten to remove
17:40.44foxlitmeh, that came up in recent changes. blame them!
17:40.56foxlitor perhaps not
17:42.29foxlitpage updates seem to propagate slower.
17:43.41foxlit(pages that get transcluded to few locations no longer update those locations immediately)
17:44.20cruciallyhow long is the delay
17:46.01foxlitNot sure. Something on the order of minutes, perhaps.
17:46.02cruciallyyou have to action=purge or resave the page thats using it to update it
17:46.19foxlitYeah, that works. It's just interesting that it's no longer instant.
17:46.36cruciallyi think it is because you coudl take down the site otherwise
17:47.24pcji can take down the site anyway
17:47.28foxlitUpdating two pages instead of two could prove disastrous! :)
17:47.51Osebtw, has wikia changed the js framework somethings yet?
17:49.17cruciallywe will enable the new versoin of monaco for admins on wednesday
17:50.26cruciallyit should be much faster
17:54.11pcjthat's not saying much
18:06.09KeolahNot long ago when I was in Orgrimmar, there was a black dragon head, Onyxia had been killed recently, but there was also another head up next to hers that looked more reddish... Where the hell did that one come from?
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18:14.02foxlitcrucially: > 10 minutes
18:14.13foxlitIn fact, > 20 by now.
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20:47.24Ose~seen Kirkburn
20:47.26infobotkirkburn <n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 29d 6h 22m 30s ago, saying: 'My god, the Village pump is starting to save in a reasonable amount of time'.
20:47.27Ose~seen Kirkburn|afk
20:47.28infobotkirkburn|afk <n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 28d 23h 36m 35s ago, saying: 'In other words, fix'd'.
20:47.31Ose~seen Kirkburn|sleep
20:47.31infobotkirkburn|sleep <n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 240d 19h 3m 53s ago, saying: '(e.g. hoteliers refusing entrance)'.
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