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01:16.00pcjholy shit
01:16.10pcjany way to turn off new user accounts
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04:32.24charitwopcj: VOTED
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05:58.00neuro_damagesup folks
05:58.06neuro_damageAddybot: hello
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05:58.55neuro_damageheh I thought Addybot, thought you were a bot in the channel
05:59.09neuro_damagenot just randomnly pinging, is there a bot in this channel?
05:59.11AddybotI'm a really advanced bot
05:59.21neuro_damageheh, nice
05:59.24neuro_damagesorry about that
05:59.26Addybottheres infobot and WoW-Bot who are actual bots
05:59.37neuro_damageoh ok, thank you
05:59.51Addybotinfobot, say hi to neuro_damage
05:59.52infobothi to neuro_damage
06:03.02neuro_damageinfobot: hello
06:03.03infobotHowdy Bub
06:03.08neuro_damageinfobot: help
06:03.48neuro_damageinfobot: karma
06:03.48infobotneuro_damage has neutral karma
06:04.12neuro_damagedoes the bot know about WoW related information, does it pull things from thought bot etc...?
06:04.17neuro_damagecause that would be very cool
06:06.29Addybotit's a factoid bot
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12:58.37AlramTurn it off
12:58.53Alramthat too
13:00.08foxlitPerhaps I just wanted to be... defiant? :)
13:02.46AlramYou rebel you
13:02.49AlramOh hi Bibi
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16:06.18charitwowhy so underscore g0urra
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22:47.44Koperhi guys
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22:47.48Koper's going to blizzcon? :D
22:51.37AlramNot me.
22:51.46AlramI'll be watching though for the whole event.
22:51.59Koperok, if you see a pretty face that's me
22:55.13sacarascIt could be me!
22:55.38sacarascI'm not going, but it could be possible.
22:56.26KoperLike, it could be possible if you magically were to be teletrasported there?
22:56.46KoperOr, it could be possible if you managed to buy the tickets on ebay because you've been trying to?
22:56.53Koperie, 0.000000001% possible or 50% possible?
23:00.47Koper(Does anyone wear blue cosmetic contact lenses?)
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23:04.04pcjthats an odd question koper
23:04.18g0urrahe's italian, they're all odd
23:05.14Koperg0urra, I'm not necessarily italian
23:05.47KoperAnd pcj, I was wondering because I wanted to try and wear them, but like.. They have the sheets with every combination of your eye color and the lenses color
23:06.06KoperAnd one, two or three smiley faces based on how well the two colors match... green (my natural eye color) + blue had only one smiley face :/
23:06.30pcjyeah green plus a lot of things goes brown or black
23:06.32KoperSo i'm sad and maybe if I was lucky enough to find someone in here with green eyes and blue lenses I could ask them if they looked good or ask for a picture
23:07.02KoperYeah T_T I wish my eyes were blue.. :/
23:07.15KoperWell at least green is better than brown (and most likely I just offended a lot of people in here)
23:07.37Koperbrown + blue had 3 smiley faces, though
23:07.41pcji really like green eyes
23:07.47g0urraI like red eyes
23:08.11Koperyeah a lot of people have told me that they prefer green over blue
23:08.17KoperI don't for some reason
23:08.35KoperSo pcj / g0urra, are you guys going to blizzcon? :P
23:08.53pcjthey wouldn't give admins a free plane trip :(
23:08.54Koperboo :(
23:09.02g0urrayeah :(
23:09.19KoperWhere are you from/
23:09.22g0urramaybe I'll pay for the directv thing though
23:09.47pcjhe's danish
23:09.47KoperAnd i guess that answers it, he's european
23:09.49KoperWhat about you pcj?
23:10.15Koperbad memories..
23:10.20KoperMy ex is from there -.-
23:10.28KoperYou don't happen to live in tulsa do you?
23:10.39pcjyeah close to it
23:10.45Koperlol maybe you know her
23:11.13pcjperhaps, tulsa is a big place
23:12.05KoperWell, i'm from italy so...
23:12.12pcji'm sorry
23:12.13KoperIt's gonna be a long trip for me
23:12.28KoperI'll probably shoot myself or something on the plane, it's like 18 hours or something ridiculous
23:13.33pcjhey let me know how getting a gun on a plane to the US works out
23:14.31KoperI actually wanted to bring a taser back
23:14.42KoperI hope i won't get caught
23:15.09pcjit's probably ok if you keep it in checked baggage
23:15.23KoperIt probably is there
23:15.30KoperProblem is, here they are illegal for some reason
23:15.36Koper(Hence why I'm not buying it here directly)
23:15.46KoperBut they usually don't check the bags for the people leaving the airport
23:16.03KoperAnd I can probably put it under my shirt or something, they definitely won't check me if they check my bags at all
23:16.36KoperI mean, I'll put it in a checked baggage, then when I arrive I take it out and hide it somewhere on me
23:17.35pcji've never been through customs
23:17.39pcjbut i bet they check for that
23:18.07pcjwell, i should say i've never been through customs where I had something to declare
23:18.23foxlitTaser-dogs: dogs that are trained to find Tasers you're trying to smuggle into the country.
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