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01:13.47mxs"additional instances cannot be launched". For 20 minutes now.
01:14.03mxswho wants to bet it's the imaginary goldfarmers' fault again ? :>
01:15.07KeolahWhat's a recommended spec for a warlock that will be soloing from mid-twenties to 70?
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02:09.09KeolahAny suggestions? I'm afraid I haven't played a lock before past level 20-ish ;p
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02:18.13KorenWhat was the question?
02:18.17KeolahWhat's a recommended spec for a warlock that will be soloing from mid-twenties to 70?
02:18.36KeolahIf I can be arsed to get to 70, I'll be able to team up with my bf's hunter. ;p
02:19.31KorenAffliction, imo
02:19.37KorenMaybe demo
02:19.58KorenBut aff has great survivability
02:20.57KeolahI was thinking affliction. And respec as necessary after 70.
02:22.12KeolahDunno what would work well with a BM hunter. Dest maybe?
02:23.18KeolahI'm leveling up with my bf's new paladin until the mid-twenties, though that's as much to make the class quests easier as anything else. ;p
02:24.11KeolahWe each have ten chars on this server. Pairing them all off appropriately is an exercise that would make math/puzzle freaks glee ;p
02:24.36KorenDest has a lot of downtime when leveling
02:24.55KorenSo maybe if you were leveling with a Mage for free water
02:25.17KorenThat would be good, but otherwise... I wouldn't
02:26.44KeolahWould affliction be as useful with someone putting out as much dps as a hunter?
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02:27.46KorenProbably, I usually pull aggro from my own few
02:27.53KorenVw as aff
02:28.21KorenHunter pets should hold more aggro, imo
02:28.43KorenBut I never played one
02:28.48KeolahHunter pets can hold aggro very well.
02:28.52KeolahEspecially tenacity pets.
02:29.16KeolahMy main is a hunter, I _cannot_ pull aggro off my pet if I'm using a tenacity pet. Cunning or ferocity, not so much, but tenacity? No way.
02:30.38KorenI stopped using my vw and use my felpuppy now
02:30.49KeolahAnd a tenacity pet holds aggro against a cat druid or a rogue if any effort whatsoever is made to let it keep aggro. (Which we usually don't bother with if we're just stabbing 15 vrykul)
02:36.51KeolahYay. Just finished VW quest.
02:38.25KorenOmg tell me your pet's names
02:38.30KorenI must know
02:39.43KeolahThokkrast is my VW. My imp is Dagpad.
02:39.49KorenI only like my puppy's name :/
02:40.01KeolahImps always get such silly names.
02:40.15KorenMy vw is hukkrast, and imp is quztuk
02:40.43KorenMy puppy is droonom
02:46.52g0urramy felguard is Flaroon
02:49.12g0urramy imp is Piploz
02:49.24g0urramy VW is Belphog
02:49.36g0urramy succubus is Cattlia
02:49.51g0urraand my pup is Traadom
02:50.50KorenMy succ is darwena
02:50.50KorenTerrible D:
02:51.23g0urraand now I have to go because I have to walk to the bus station to catch a bus that goes in 55 minutes
02:51.49g0urradespite it right now being 04:51am, and the bus trip will go for almost 2 hours
02:52.21g0urraafk 9 hours
02:55.03KeolahThat sounds fun. ;p
02:55.23KeolahAnd I don't need to ask how pvp is. I get owned by affliction locks constantly. :p
03:06.56Keolahgoes to head off to Wintergrasp to get pwned by affliction locks again...
03:07.09Keolah... and death knights, and pallies...
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03:39.44KeolahAnd another wintergrasp loss! Whee! :p
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09:06.46_SpikeDoes anyone know which icon is that: ?
09:06.57_SpikeI can't find it anywhere...
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09:08.11DuncanPlo all
09:08.26VysogotaEither it's a new one or I'm blind.
09:11.48Fisker-it's new
09:12.34Fisker-"A stacking bonus"
09:12.37Fisker-sounds overpowered
09:13.02Fisker-unless it's an effect that'll only last for 20 seconds
09:13.07Fisker-i.e. you gotta spam like hell
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09:17.14VysogotaI know that the item is new.
09:17.21VysogotaBut I mean the item's icon.
09:17.35VysogotaIs it new as well?
09:22.07Kasoyes probably Vysogota
09:22.51Kasoif you extract UI from a 3.1 install you can prob get the graphic
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09:26.27VysogotaI can't, I'm at work now.
09:26.37VysogotaCould anybody else do it?
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09:52.21DuncanPgotta love running into a huge aggro zoneof ?? npcs because you got bord
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14:40.27KasoApparently scrolls only work if you have classic wow
14:40.36KasoAt least thats what this is telling me
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14:44.04Kaso"# This is not a World of Warcraft Classic account. Only World of Warcraft Classic accounts can be resurrected. "
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14:44.27Kasoso im afraid no free month for you
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15:48.57XSlicerKaso: Ive resurrected BC and WotLK accounts
15:49.21Kasoperhaps the EU one is different
15:49.29XSlicerI am EU
15:49.45Kasothen why didnt it work for us :(
15:49.56XSlicer=/ Dunno
15:50.03XSlicerYou passed the 3 months?
15:50.46Kasowhen i followed the link emailed to me it said
15:50.47Kaso"# This is not a World of Warcraft Classic account. Only World of Warcraft Classic accounts can be resurrected. "
15:50.59XSlicerUnless they changed it recently...
15:51.28XSlicerAnd yeah, I didnt rez a WotLK wow, only BC
15:51.33XSlicerPerhaps WotLK isnt allowed?
15:51.42XSlicerand nvm I did
15:53.48KasoChecking back in my history I've used a Scroll of Resurrection before as
15:53.54Kasobut you're allowed three i think?
15:54.01XSlicerI dont see  scroll of rez int he list anymore
15:54.11Kasoand it was back in January, that was four months ago
15:54.16Kaso128 days > 90 days
15:54.27Kaso ?
15:58.30XSlicerit says
15:58.31XSlicerScroll of Resurrection": Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, Belgium. Players from outside of these countries; players with trial accounts, or with full accounts with five referrals from the "Scroll of Resurrection" currently pending, are ineligible.
15:58.49XSlicerPerhaps outside one of those?
16:42.13KasoNope i fit all those Specifications
16:42.41Kasofrom UK, full account ofc, and 1 current pending scroll, 1 past used scroll
16:47.13KasoI wonder if they've recently changed it to be just BC
16:47.25Kasobecause my account history quite clearly shows i've used one before
16:47.36Kaso21/01/09   N/A  Scroll of Resurrection (10day)  Expired
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18:00.05pcjlol fail
18:02.49Fisker-it always is
18:11.02AlramWoWInsider == Fail
18:11.08Alramalways has been :v
18:29.24pcjwell it used to be failinsider now it is just fail
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19:05.11Kaso|pcj, that first link on quitting page
19:06.01Kaso|"all the various options Blizzard lists for quitting the game, simply not having the time to play it isn't one of them." yet on the picture right next to it, the sixth option is "I dont have enough time to play any more"
19:06.14pcjalso see every comment on the blog kaso
19:06.19pcjalso wonder why i said "fail"
19:06.22Kaso|ah i see
19:06.26Kaso|who reads comments on blogs
19:06.32Kaso|full of retards
19:06.44pcjapparently not wowinsider editors
19:09.29KasoIs there a way to buy WoW online cheaper than directly from blizz?
19:09.56pcjyou mean buy the game itself or the subscription
19:10.02KasoThe game itself
19:10.09Kasoor the cd-key really is all i care about
19:10.19pcjif you already have the software there are places which sell the CD-key cheaper
19:12.10Kasothe ones that turn up on google look pretty shadey, do you know any that are reputable?
19:13.14*** join/#wowwiki Korenl (
19:14.09pcji've used before
19:16.31*** join/#wowwiki bamaboy` (i=bamaboy@
19:16.38Kasohmm, to be fair its not that much cheaper, and i think i'll prob just go with blizzard so i know its above board and safe etc
19:18.04pcjto me if its very much cheaper i tend to get suspicious
19:18.18pcjobviously they aren't making much money on it
19:18.34pcjsince blizzard basically gives away the software
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23:37.36sacarascKaso: Damn, that's a pity.

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