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00:57.36Korenjust so quiet here :P
00:58.14pcjthat's not funny
00:58.31Korensorry :(
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00:58.47pcjits ok
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03:58.11KeolahTsk. Half the low level casters I see anymore have the swirly-green heirloom staff. Used to be slightly harder to identify the alts of dungeon whores on sight ;p
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05:19.58Keolah"Tricks of the Trade: To prevent exploits, this ability can no longer be cast on non-player targets." -- I'm going to be pissed off if that includes hunter pets.
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08:03.43robodinstrangles the admin that forced a registration
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08:07.40uberfuzzy|sleepthe channel is identified only now
08:07.54uberfuzzy|sleepsome other people were complaining about that
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08:21.38uberfuzzy|sleepwaves to sannse
08:29.18gOurrawhat's up with important people in here
08:32.24uberfuzzy|sleepi dont know about her, i came to find out why the channel was flagged as ident only
08:32.29uberfuzzy|sleepsomeone was complaining they couldnt get in
08:49.43sannseimportant? heh
08:50.27sannseI usually pop in here most mornings, just so I can help if there is anything needed... although you'd probably shout for Kirkburn first anyway
08:50.31gOurrayeah as if you're not important.. :p
08:50.36gOurra~seen Kirkburn
08:50.37infobotkirkburn <n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 7d 18h 25m 41s ago, saying: 'My god, the Village pump is starting to save in a reasonable amount of time'.
08:50.48gOurra~seen Kirkburn|away
08:50.49infobotkirkburn|away <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowace, 691d 23h 57m 44s ago, saying: 'Bb 2moro'.
08:51.02gOurra!seen Kirkburn
08:51.19gOurraso yeah the latest time he was here is a week ago
08:51.46sannseheh, well there you go then... I'm at least potentially useful!
08:57.18gOurra"Fisker, L337 CS player owntizzle"
09:12.14robodinwell, he used to spam a cs board
09:12.18robodin.. so there's a surprise
09:39.25gOurraI wonder when Fandy will notice that Rolandius is no longer editing
09:42.09Fisker-When you're no longer sysop
09:42.13Fisker-enjoy it while it lasts
09:43.02gOurraoh u Fisker-
09:44.26Jamashhow can I get my wowwiki user name changed?
09:44.41Fisker-make out with a goat
09:44.52Jamashmakes out with Fisker-'s mother.
09:46.33gOurraJamash: you can't
09:47.00gOurrayou could always try
09:51.59Jamashah, thanks
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15:12.58Fisker-hey pcj
15:12.59Fisker-i hate you
15:24.25KeolahI love getting Wintergrasp marks of honor for fishing.
15:38.55Fisker-no pcj
15:38.56Fisker-just no
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16:56.29pcjthe last part of that article is completely non sequitur
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19:38.26Fisker-so pcj
19:38.30Fisker-desysopped yet?
19:38.55Osewhat has he done to fandy now?
19:40.00Fisker-i heard some stuff about some drama etc.
19:41.41g0urrai herd u Fisker-
19:43.15Fisker-dnf is dead soon :(
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19:46.19g0urraFisker-: dnf?
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19:49.38Fisker-duke nukem forever g0urra
19:56.29Fisker-so how is it not being a sysop anymore?
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20:08.05g0urrayou tell me
20:10.29Fisker-ooooooooooooh snap
20:36.12pcjfisker it wasn't me it was g0urra
20:46.09Osespeaking of g0urra blocks,
20:46.23Osei'm still plotting my revenge
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20:49.29KeolahI feel a tad dirty.
20:49.40KeolahI've never done pvp before, and yet I just had fun in Wintergrasp :p
20:50.20Oseso do I sometimes
20:50.29OseI hate battlegrounds though
20:52.46sacarascI've done WG twice! :O
20:52.46g0urraorly Ose
20:52.51g0urraI could "misclick" again
20:52.59KeolahI even killed somebody! 10 somebodes even!
20:53.19sacarascNice one Keolah.
20:54.53g0urraoh god Keolah you monster
20:56.34KeolahAnd one of them was a tree.
20:57.22g0urraand I thought you were a tree hugger
20:57.40KeolahTree stabber!
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21:13.35AckisWorkyou know it'd be cool to import your armory profile and generate a user page with factions/achievements/etc
21:21.57*** join/#wowwiki failedreality (n=tazdog@
21:24.50sacarascAckisWork: Write it! :D
21:29.30sacarascI'll pay you 10 million tonnes of antimatter if you do it.
21:30.02KorenWherever will you get that much antimatter?
21:30.29AckisWorki can't even write collectinator let alone that :P
21:30.51sacarascKoren: I have an antimatter mine.
21:31.39KorenHmm... how do you weigh antimatter?
21:31.51sacarascBy eye, mostly.
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21:41.19Osewonders what happened to his autorejoining
21:41.27Ose"The problem is that World of Warcraft can't connect to the Firefox internet. So i wanna try to make it connect to Internet explorer...But how do i do that? I have uninstalled Firefox now.. but it is still not working? "
21:41.45Ose- the everlasting wisdom of the WoW forums
21:45.02g0urraOse link
21:46.36KorenAww... EU?
21:54.44Osei'm serioulsy considering loging into this guy's realm and giving him an "internets"-course
22:13.13Osevery serioulsy...
22:13.28pcjalso, do not feed the trolls
22:16.07g0urrayes let's starve Fisker- to death
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