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01:32.51KorenDo you bring us news from the front lines?
01:33.18asmithYes. Wow is now on Linux
01:33.23asmithSpread the word
01:34.32Anthony-SWhat is the good word here?
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03:52.24MrCyanideGood evening everyone.
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04:11.46CooobraRolandius is starting to annoy me with all these images from non-warcraft sources... with them either not being used or placed on talk pages
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06:18.28grimshetaraoh great
06:18.43grimshetarablocked for pointing out errors on Rhonin having a crossbow ?
06:18.58grimshetarathis is pure rubbish for goodness sake
06:19.20grimshetaraRagestorm claims that he is a lore specialist
06:19.36grimshetaraand he insists Rhonin has a crossbow
06:19.42grimshetarahow stupid can that retard be ?
06:20.19Cooobrawhine and bail?
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06:23.12winkillerWho's Rhonin? :P
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07:31.41KetrelQuick question, does anyone know of an addon that'll show locations of NPCs such as trainers and such?
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07:50.03gOurraKetrel: #wowui
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08:25.02KetrelgOurra ok, I'll ask there, thanks
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12:46.08gOurra"Swedish surgeon forgets swabs in sewn up mum"
12:54.05Fisker-your mom is swen up
12:55.03gOurrayour mom is sven up Fisker-
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13:55.40pcjhmm does the internet stream include the murloc pet
14:02.26pcjyes it does
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14:33.00gOurramaybe I'll just pay for the internet stream without actually watching
14:33.02gOurraand get murloc pet
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14:42.36MesAnyone knows an !active! irc channel for WoW-players?
14:52.46winkillerwow, he waited 1:44
14:53.01winkillernot the person to become happy with IRC anyway
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14:59.38chakl|wootdoesnt tuesday totally suck?
15:00.13sacarascIt's not bad.
15:00.26sacarascPreferable to Wednesday for many people.
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15:01.24chakl|wootnot for your average wow addict
15:01.37sacarascOnly ones that play on US servers.
15:01.50sacarascEU maintenance is Wednesdays.
15:02.05chakl|wootdid not know that
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16:15.52topmenhi guys
16:15.57topmenjust dinged 70 !
16:16.13topmenwhich instances should i go to to get some decent gear ?
16:17.44Osetopmen: do you have WotLK?
16:18.05Osegood luck finding groups :/
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18:51.34pcj"Developers speaking at BlizzCon 2007 stated that one of the Old Gods dwells within Azjol-Nerub in Northrend. This old god is (according to newest info) Yogg-Saron. "
18:52.00pcjman he gets around
18:53.09Fisker-Well it's hard to know
18:53.17Fisker-he's pretty much everywhere
18:53.38Fisker-didn't they intend on having a raid instance in AN?
18:53.41Fisker-at some point
18:54.57Fisker-are they dying?
18:55.43pcjthey will be dead as a doornail within 70 years
18:56.22Fisker-so Bibi
18:56.24Fisker-you're fucked
18:56.28Fisker-DUN DUN DUN
18:56.29Fisker-check mate
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19:32.33infobot<Ose> I'll vote for these!
19:36.13OseThe Eurovision Song Lolness has started :O
19:36.27winkillercrap, and I need to leave
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19:38.53foxlit/hate octoshape
19:42.48Oseisn't my vista supposed to blow up or at least BSOD or something when I stop explorer.exe?
19:43.50pcjno, your start menu will disappear but that's it
19:44.11pcjyou will have to ctrl+alt+delete to open task manager to start explorer.exe in a new process
19:44.30Osehow do you think I closed it in the first place?
19:44.51Oseanyway ctrl+shift+esc is faster
19:45.50Ose :P
19:47.21Oseone of the Eurovision hosts is completely identical to Howard from the Big Band Theory
19:50.00foxlitThank heavens for DR, even if they can't figure out how to set the correct aspect ratio on their mp4 stream
19:50.20foxlitNone of this we-want-your-upward-pipe-too nonsense.
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20:39.06KeolahI hate the new pet skill system in some ways... my damned pet keeps turning cower on randomly.
20:39.31KeolahAnd I have no idea why.
20:40.16g0urraKeolah: skill that aren't on the toolbar somehow are autocast
20:40.43g0urrafix it by putting cower on the skill bar and take off autocast
20:41.11KeolahI've noticed. It's a warpstalker, and keeps turning on warp too. But having to do that limits what I can actually _put_ on the action bar... meh.
20:41.24g0urralike what?
20:41.49KeolahLike thunderstomp! ;p But at least she's exalted with Kalu'ak now so I'm not having to turn that off quite as regularly.
20:42.12KeolahAnd... uh... other skills which I didn't get because I never use.
20:42.17g0urraso warp, growl, thunderstomp and cower
20:42.20g0urra4 out of 4
20:42.32KeolahS'what I wound up with.
20:42.50g0urraso.. what's left? :P
20:43.04KeolahIt doesn't have intervene or roar of sacrifice... heh.
20:43.28KeolahAnd despite having taken taunt I've never actually used it..
20:43.45foxlitHey, Ose.
20:44.04OseHey, foxlit.
20:44.22foxlitHow about them girls in front of the army choir?
20:44.47g0urraand lolmime
20:45.12g0urrasweet, scrubs is on
20:45.39Osethat male host is sooooo Howard Wallowitz
20:46.19foxlitPoor France.
20:46.36foxlitParticia Kaas outclasses everyone in that competition, yet they're destined for a horrible, horrible loss.
20:46.50g0urraalways the french
20:53.16kd3grr. +80KB on [[WW:IL]]
20:53.17Dottedkd3 meant:
20:55.30foxlitdoesn't even load
20:55.42kd3try now. was in the middle of hitting commit
20:56.08foxlitIs there really any reason for that page to exist?
20:56.24kd3finding the icons we need?
20:56.27kd3all, oh... 6 of em?
20:58.00foxlitUsing some sort of deltas would probably be better
21:02.25Dottedg0urra meant:
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21:19.36Osewhat an intriguing url
21:24.51pcjhow is that real news
21:25.04pcjoh wait it's sweden
21:26.34g0urraTL;DR swedish guy tricked his whole guild that he actually was a girl
21:26.47g0urraand they got royally pwnd
21:28.23pcjyou can tell that much just by looking at the pictures
21:29.15pcjanyone that falls for a picture of a naked girl playing wow without vent communication deserves to be pwned
21:31.45pcj'"Performing oral sex is not without risks," Dr. Maura L. Gillison told Reuters Health.'
21:32.33g0urraholy shit you can get STD's from oral sex now?
21:32.36g0urrawho would've known
21:33.28pcj"A snake's mouth isn't always clean."
21:34.11g0urra"As soon as he sat down, he suddenly felt a knife-like pain and reacted instinctively by standing up," the China Times said. "When he looked down, he saw the big snake."
21:34.17g0urra"the big snake"
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22:10.07pcjyay reverse racism
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