IRC log for #wowwiki on 20090501

00:04.42kd3yay, download done
00:04.48kd3pokes the updater
00:28.16*** join/#wowwiki crucially_ (
00:33.31Sandwichman2448Nearly done writing page.
00:37.51Sandwichman2448I have been logging his mistakes for citation.
00:39.40Sandwichman2448I had help with that.
00:47.32Sandwichman2448How do I sign all this?
00:49.23*** join/#wowwiki Drumman (
00:53.18pcjsign it as foxlit
00:56.17*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2447 (
00:56.27Sandwichman2447It was a question of where.
00:57.29Sandwichman2447I have an overview of the rules and how they are not working, a review of his last ban, and a list of his current problems.
00:58.32Sandwichman2447Any thoughts?
01:01.39Sandwichman2447I'll submit it and see what happens.
01:02.40Sandwichman2447ta da...
01:03.28Sandwichman2447Well. I think it is ok.
01:04.23*** join/#wowwiki Kraps (
01:06.46CooobraI'm back, what did i miss
01:07.55Sandwichman2447Done. Do you approve?
01:10.14CooobraI approve
01:10.49Sandwichman2447Really? Sweet.
01:10.54Cooobrayou done did a good job at it
01:13.25Cooobramxs: what was that achievement about
01:13.39mxsCooobra: kill 10 guys who have their orphans out
01:14.15Sandwichman2447too bad.
01:14.18kd3I'm so very glad that one got pulled
01:14.27Cooobragood.... i'm sure most would quickly dismiss their orphan before they died, since its instant
01:15.11Sandwichman2447What about new rules? Should I suggest some? A ban seems more likely.
01:15.29straterraDo any of you have a G15 keyboard?
01:15.47kd3better chance of getting a "yes" to that in #wowuidev
01:16.58CooobraLet me read the review and see
01:17.04mxsso 28 gigs of patches uploaded/uploading (14 gigs of raw patches, once as single-file, once as rar-parts).
01:17.06Sandwichman2447What changes to the rules should I put? Any? Fandy wanted some.
01:17.33mxsFor a bloody PTR with ~20mbyte in change
01:18.52CooobraNot sure how changing the rules will help... as they are now, they restrict him pretty much from touching the main space... and he still violates them...
01:19.47Cooobrabut if anything some new rules could be: Don't edit infoboxes... don't touch cited material
01:20.39Sandwichman2447I think they would be fine if he followed them and their intent. Add those if you want.
01:20.50Sandwichman2447Or I will if you want.
01:21.29CooobraI'm still reading everything you wrote, I'll get back to ya =P
01:22.43Sandwichman2447I should label the problems as "recent issues", as I did not include anything pre-Fandy. I should also add a proposal (Like say "Ban or change rules").
01:23.53CooobraCurrent problems of Rolandius to Recent issues... yea thats fine
01:24.08Sandwichman2447Are you editing? I do not want a conflict,
01:27.23Sandwichman2447Well, g'night.
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01:35.15TGn235Any bored pallies about?
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01:36.30CooobraSee this? A new gnomish army knife is being introduced .. The Gnomish Army Knife Mark II, comes with an anvil and forge
01:36.59Cooobraooo and fuzzy handcuffs
01:38.58*** part/#wowwiki TGn235 (
02:05.14sacarascA gnomish army knife with an anvil and a forge would mean I'd only ever have to go into towns when I want to pick up quests.
02:06.32Cooobraunless you wanted to mail stuff, check the AH, go through your bank... etc
02:08.13Cooobraleast until they make the portable mailbox to a short cd
02:10.22sacarascI rarely mail stuff, so the CD on Moll-E is ok.
02:13.26CooobraI'm just glad it got lowered to 8hrs
02:14.32Cooobraengineers should get a speed bonus for riding mech vehicles/mounts though...
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02:24.39chronxHow would i go about creating a button with 3 specific states that display for normal,mouseover, and mousedown events? Everytime I tryto make a button like that the highlight texture alwas covers over the mousedown texture and ruins the effect
02:28.35chronxah, right
02:44.50KeofoxAre there alchemy recipes available over 435 skill? If so, from where?
02:58.05Cooobradoes transmute:Eternal Might count?
03:26.30Keofoxsorry, kd3, I do not trust those lists period.
03:26.40KeofoxEspecially as nobody has bothered to put up the northrend blacksmithing recipes :P
03:27.11*** join/#wowwiki Kraps_ (
03:27.30KeofoxAnd I had already looked there first :P
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03:51.02infoboti heard arl is a poorly named add-on (8% lame), 92% dry-coded developed by Ackis. Will tell you what recipes/beast skills you're missing however, and where to get them.  It will work on Wrath of the Lich King beta servers as well.
03:51.21Ackis~nickometer Ackis Recipe List
03:52.32Ackisinfobot, no, arl is a poorly named add-on (27% lame), developed by Ackis.  It will tell you which recipes you are missing, where to acquire them from (vendor, trainer, quest, discovery, etc) and what skill level they are.
03:52.33infobotokay, Ackis
03:52.37Ackisthank you infobot
03:52.49infobotthanks, Ackis
03:57.09DWSRinfobot, no, arl is Piratespeak for Earl.\
03:57.10infobotokay, DWSR
03:57.14infobotDWSR: thanks
03:58.21infobotextra, extra, read all about it, dwsr is a poopoo head!
03:58.45DWSRinfobot, no, dwsr is most certainly not a poopoo head.
03:58.46infobotokay, DWSR
03:59.19mxsAckis: but ... but ... but ... but it does not list the new glyphs yet !
03:59.26Ackisyes it does
03:59.57mxsthe one on curse does not, then :P
04:00.25mxsthen again, curse kinda sucks
04:00.42DWSRthe one on Curse does.
04:00.45Ackislatest should be posted on curse
04:01.25mxsI am in the curse client right now.
04:01.29mxsIt does not know about RC8.
04:01.37mxsDWSR, plzlrn2notdouchebag
04:01.54DWSRmxs: Mine does.
04:02.57mxslisten punk, I've been able to read 133t5p34k when you were still sucking at your mother's teet !
04:03.05mxsI mean
04:03.05Ackiseh RC7 is the latest my bad
04:03.14AckisRC8 is teh svn version
04:03.24mxsso dwsr is not just wrong, but dead wrong ? :P
04:03.35DWSRmxs: No, my CC grabs SVN revisions.
04:03.42Ackisyou're both wrong!
04:04.56mxsin my universe, I am never wrong
04:05.33Cooobrabut we're not in your universe... we're in mine
04:05.43mxsI beg to differ
04:05.49mxsyou are all just figments of my imagination
04:06.17mxsbe thankful I even let you laugh
04:06.23Cooobrai am
04:09.38Ackis5 pairs of tuxedo pants... no shirt or dress
04:13.28*** join/#wowwiki Eraclito (
04:18.21Ackis6 pants, 3 rabbits... 0 shirts and 0 dresses
04:20.05Cooobra... same underpants from level 1 to 80... and still smelling good
04:21.21Cooobracourse they are brown, though
04:25.21Ackisomg i got a dress! imma so pretty
04:27.30Eraclitofarmed eggs on his alt to have the female elf druid get the bunny ears :>
04:31.10Eraclitowell she was all dressed... almost >.>
04:34.55Eraclitohey someone had a problem with Daily Chores or how it's called?
04:35.23Eraclitoi did some daily after the midnight but before the reset
04:35.27Eraclitoand they weren't counted
04:37.37Cooobraresets can do that
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04:52.16EraclitoAs a Zombie you could use many Un-clickable items throughout the world such as Portcullises in Stratholme <- oh i didn't know it ([[Zombie Infestation]])
04:52.16DottedEraclito meant:
05:03.33KeofoxThere's nothing for Children's Week for Northrend?
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05:10.39Cooobrathe dalaran treats you need
05:27.07infobotrumour has it, gourra is g0urra
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06:15.00Echellonanyone able to connect to the wow servers or website?
06:15.05Echelloni can't do either
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06:48.29KetrelHi, I have two questions on WoW that I hope someone can answer, when you have multiple of an item, how can you separate it should say I want to sell one? Also, as a druid, is there any way to hide the shapeshifting thing that appears above the EXP bar?
06:49.55g0urraKetrel: shift-click an item and specify how you want to divide the stack
06:50.10g0urraand you need the shapeshifting bar to.. well.. shapeshift
06:50.43Ketrelg0urra: thanks for the dividing thing (and the shapeshifting, it's listed under skills, and I assigned it to a number)
06:50.50Ketrelso having it there is redundant
06:51.05g0urrahm. well you can't hide it
06:53.04Ketreldamn, pity
06:53.13Ketrelguess I'll remove it from my numbered bar then
07:27.26Fisker-yo tell me what you want what you really really want
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09:15.08Floois there something about hunter's pet? ... learning new ability or rank
09:22.16g0urrathey learn automatically as they level
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10:46.12foxlitHey g0urra
10:46.16g0urrayo foxlit
10:46.26foxlitWhat are you testing the top offset against?
10:47.18g0urrato make it vertically centered
10:48.09g0urrabetween the lines at the top
10:48.54foxlitMeh. I prefer the baseline to stay stable
10:49.05foxlitBut np, I can just override that
10:51.01g0urratbh by making it vertically centered it makes it look like "hey, this is different than to the other, what's up with it?"
10:52.04foxlit"hey, this looks out of place" is the message I get
10:52.31g0urrawhich was my point
10:53.12foxlitI suspect you translate "out of place" to "ooh, must look at it", while I translate it to "ooh, crap design"
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