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00:26.35straterraI've never played on a PvE server before..I'm Alliance and want to go to the Badlands (Horde territory). If I go there and don't attack anyone, can I be attacked/killed?
00:31.13pcjstraterra: hostile territory flags you for pvp
00:31.21straterraoh :/
00:31.27straterraSo..just going in to the badlands flags me?
00:31.28pcjif it's contested it's ok
00:31.35pcjbadlands is contested
00:31.42straterraOoh..I thought it was horde
00:31.56pcjit only has a horde settlement
00:31.58pcjbut it is contested
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01:35.09Keolahon a pve server, you only get flagged if you actually go into the opposing side's main cities.
01:35.23KeolahOr attack flagged mobs/players, obviously.
01:35.49KeolahYou can cheerfully run around Durotar as an alliance player if you like as long as you don't get too near Org; p
01:38.18pcjnot according to keolah
01:38.49KeolahI PLAY on a pve server.
01:38.59KeolahAnd I _ran around_ Durotar as a dwarf paladin and never got flagged! :P
01:39.42KeolahI put bunny ears on an orc female while standing on top of the inn in Razor Hill and didn't get flagged! :P
01:42.36KeolahSo simply put... that page is wrong :P
01:42.56KeolahOr it's talking about pvp servers.
01:43.36pcjNormal realm
01:44.34KeolahBut I have _never_ gotten flagged from going around the newbie zones... only for actually going into the opposing faction's cities.
01:44.41pcjhmm ok
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02:37.25kd3holy hell at the constant new user creations
02:37.32kd3wonders if it's that insane on some of the other wikia
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02:44.59KeolahDoes mixology help with potion injectors?
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05:10.18TecnoBratgo forth, and unleash on your trade channel
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06:31.02gOurraUser creation log?
06:33.21gOurrarunic power
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07:21.01gOurraslaps Dotoff
07:21.16gOurrawut just 12 job queue
07:27.53charitwoputs gOurra in the queue
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13:51.55Kirkburnpcj, happy birthday :)
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14:04.11g0urrahappy birthday pcj
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14:10.02KirkburnBtw, for the screenshots contest, don't worry about deleting non-qualifying images - cause we might want to re-use them on wowwiki
14:10.16Kirkburn(Obviously keep them out of the qualifying categories though)
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14:25.43topmenhi all
14:26.19g0urrahello topmen
14:26.46topmenjust a quick question ,have a lvl 60 paladin , what class should i roll next ?
14:26.52topmenthinking bout a caster
14:27.11g0urraelemental shaman
14:28.22topmenhad one of those , didnt like it too much
14:28.22topmencant decide between lock / mage / priest
14:30.13topmenreason ?
14:30.26g0urrabecause it's better
14:32.15KirkburnSo, i just checked out the image links - they work for external links, and they work for interwiki
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14:36.19topmenbtw nice job on the site quys :)
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14:43.02Fisker-your mom is a screenshot contest
14:45.09Kirkburntopmen, thanks :)
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15:03.02Kirkburnsays happy birthday to pcj_2, too
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15:25.19topmeni decided to roll a mage alt
15:25.39KirkburnYou poor man ;)
15:26.22topmeny ? :D
15:32.03sacarascKirkburn needs to have a pet or thick armour or he dies too much.
15:33.26sacarascHunter, wasn't it?
15:39.51Kirkburnoriginally warlock, but I played it like a hunter :P
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19:43.26kd3mxs, ping. 0.1.2 ptr's up
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20:28.02mxsplonk, looking
20:35.49*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2449 (
20:39.26kd3afaik it's not on the mirrors. I've been hitting them at random and coming up with nothing
20:39.57mxsbut starting the old ptr does not give me a patch either
20:39.57kd3watches azureus chug along at 50K/s
20:39.59mxsreinstalling ptr atm
20:40.05kd3use your login
20:40.32mxswow, that sucks
20:40.43kd3it's all kinds of broken
20:40.49mxsand you know what sucks even more ?
20:40.58kd3want me to mail you the torrent?
20:41.00mxsa 991mb patch for something that is about what, 20 mbyte worth of changes ?
20:41.03mxsno, I got it
20:41.07mxsbut I don't hgave the EU one
20:41.16kd3can't help there, I'm a USAian
20:41.53kd3and yah. I've been bitching at dresorull about that on the forums
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20:44.38mxsit's not like they're wasting our bandwidth.
20:44.39mxsOh wait.
20:44.41mxsThey are.
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20:45.53Sandwichman2448I would like to talk about Rolandius.
20:46.14Sandwichman2448It is getting back to the stage where people are really getting fed up with him.
20:46.55Sandwichman2448I propose that in the stead of a ban, which went so awry last time, we use bureaucracy to our advantage and enact the safeguards in his mentoring agreement.
20:47.05Sandwichman2448I am speaking of the Review.
20:47.18Sandwichman2448If a suitable case can be made with enough support, citation, and "rule-following" happens, it could be a way out.
20:47.50kd3poke fandy's talk page? rolandius is apparently his responsibility right now
20:48.03Sandwichman2448Would he listen?
20:48.34kd3if you've got a good case
20:49.51mxssame fandy who bans other admins ?
20:50.00*** join/#wowwiki Alttis (
20:50.00mxsover the same issue ? :)
20:50.06Sandwichman2448Just demotes i think.
20:50.09kd3which is why I'm not dealing with it
20:50.25Alttishi, everybody!
20:50.31Fisker-yeah mxs
20:50.35Fisker-use the login!
20:51.02mxsFisker-: did so, did not help me on the EU one :)
20:51.07mxsso if you have the EU downloader, give it here
20:51.15Sandwichman2448So how would I start the poke?
20:51.50Sandwichman2448"I think we should review Rolandius and the mentoring rules."
20:52.17foxlit", because ..."
20:52.36Sandwichman2448I do not want to come off as rude or forceful in this powder keg, but I want to shake the 'timid' label.
20:52.54Sandwichman2448Because... Then I make my case?
20:52.57Fisker-i don't mxs
20:54.33Sandwichman2448Now I have been working on a review, but I had not thought of a way to say why one is needed... It just is as far as i can see.
20:57.02Sandwichman2448"...some users feel [such and such]" sounds like weasel words.
20:57.28Sandwichman2448I could cite that...
20:57.32Sandwichman2448A vote?
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21:00.34Sandwichman2448I could say how I feel, but where is the support in that? "Fandyllic, [such and such] is wrong. Thank you for your time."
21:04.35mxsSo nobody from the EU here with a PTR installer ? :)
21:06.08Sandwichman2448I'll try to talk to him.
21:11.30AlttisWhere is good to lvl 30 - 40 (tauren shaman)
21:11.38kd3dustwallow marsh?
21:11.44Alttiskk, thanks :D
21:12.43Alttishmm, Ench is for levelling and elemental is for pvp? right?
21:13.40*** part/#wowwiki Alttis (
21:30.40kd3works for me. you didn't come off aggressive to my eyes
21:31.09Sandwichman2448We wil see.
21:39.20*** join/#wowwiki bleeter (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
21:40.32Keolahdustwallow's best to start at 35-ish, really.
21:41.55Keolahat 30... arathi, stranglethorn, desolace
21:42.30Keolahsome of the later Hillsbrad stuff.
21:48.18g0urraor use TourGuide.
21:48.28*** join/#wowwiki Wizardling (
21:50.29Fisker-still no luck mxs ?
21:54.42mxsFisker-: oh, I had luck a while ago
21:54.47mxsbut the torrent is not well-seeded ;)
22:03.40*** join/#wowwiki charitwo (n=charitwo@wikia/Charitwo)
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22:04.38Sandwichman2448It is going well so far.
22:05.30mxsFisker-: the torrents are up on the ptr mirror page
22:05.41mxswill still be a while before I have em on wb/rs
22:07.49kd3if only my connection wasn't so shitty
22:08.00kd3has been downloading at 150KB/s for a while and still has 2 hours to go
22:08.09mxskd3: the us mirror is up, if you get faster speeds from there :PÖ
22:08.15kd3I'm at my cap
22:08.18mxsah ok :>
22:08.28kd3I'd go faster but I'd have to get out and push
22:08.33kd3curses dsl out in the boonies
22:08.38Fisker-eu link doesn't work
22:09.07pcjat least you have dsl kd3
22:09.10pcji use satellite
22:09.37pcjmegabit downstream tho
22:14.06winkillermhm, I could take this VDSL package when moving :P
22:24.34foxlitapplies hate to wikia notices
22:24.55kd3tabs open a few random pages
22:25.12kd3oh, gah
22:25.47Sandwichman2448The "welcomes"?
22:26.04kd3no. check your talk page
22:26.08kd3it may only be a sysop thing
22:31.06mxsFisker-: they are now. And that is the 3.0.1 installer anyway, you should still have that :P
22:43.40*** join/#wowwiki Grocery (n=da-bag@wikia/GroceryBag)
22:46.41pcjthe tubes are becoming clogged
22:47.23pcjwrong link
22:47.24pcji meant
23:00.26mxsthe 'net will be exactly as fast as I'm willing to pay.
23:00.37*** join/#wowwiki Chiafriend12 (
23:01.01winkillerI thought you meant the muggers now
23:01.04mxsI think they are setting up non-neutral traffic-delivery with moronic statements like that
23:01.44mxs(and if they were REALLY, TRULY concerned about traffic ... they'd use something that the 'net has had for 20 years or so.
23:01.48mxsYepp, that's right, multicasting.
23:01.51mxsor, you know, caches.
23:02.07winkillereheh, multicast
23:02.38mxsmultipass !
23:02.44mxsLeeloo Dalass multipass
23:03.00mxserr where was I
23:04.18DottedThe job queue length is currently 105
23:04.22winkillerA huge colorful and qute chaotic CSS sprite on a site of a Polish TV-channel (thank you, António Manuel Cardoso!).
23:04.26winkillerwhere's the error?
23:04.31kd3that's... it?
23:05.38*** join/#wowwiki Cooobra (n=Cooobra@
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23:06.45Fisker-i lol'd btw
23:07.05Fisker-one of my guildies took a gold bag on the children's week quest
23:07.23mxscweek did not start yet did it ?
23:07.40Fisker-1 hour ago
23:07.50mxsnot in the US, did it ?
23:07.56Cooobranot in the US
23:08.14Fisker-of course not
23:08.18Fisker-it's not 00:01 in the US is it?
23:08.30mxsstarts at 00:01 ?
23:08.40mxsok :)
23:08.50mxsanother couple of achievements to get then
23:08.58Cooobrano spoilers now fisker =P
23:09.10mxsand at least some variation to the bloody argent tournament daileis
23:09.16Fisker-nothing new
23:09.26mxs(really Blizzard ? ANOTHER set of dailies that make you fly around northrend for no apparent reason ?)
23:09.34Cooobragot tired of doing those... 5 badges a day... /sigh
23:09.40Fisker-i like them
23:09.45mxsand you only need ... 975 ? :P
23:09.59Fisker-I don't want to lose the valiant dailies though
23:10.30mxsI could maybe like them if there was no collection quest like that. You already fly half across the world for the fishing daily, the explorer's league, the frostborn (and possibly the ones in the basin, kalu'ak, etc.)
23:10.58kd3meh. I stopped bothering with explorers'/frostborn pretty quickly. what's the point?
23:10.59mxsany daily that requires you to spend 3-10 times the time flying than it does completing is just doubleplusunfun, especially if it's daily
23:11.21mxskd3: hi kd3. Meet OCD. OCD, kd3.
23:11.52kd3meh. I have CDO. it's like OCD but the letters are in the right order
23:11.58CooobraSince fighting a faction gives you that 1hr debuff, making it only possible to fight 10 every hour... it should have been earn a champion badge by defeating a champion... 10 an hr sounds fair
23:11.59Fisker-why so care Sandwichman2448 ?
23:12.13*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@wowwiki/Pcj)
23:12.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+o pcj] by ChanServ
23:12.17kd3except for the part that you can IB and clear the debuff
23:12.18kd3or die
23:12.42Cooobraoh... well i never die, so i didn't kno that lol
23:12.53mxshow can you die on those ?
23:13.02mxsI rarely finish a fight with more than 5k lost
23:13.02kd3you can't. I'm saying 'kill yourself'
23:13.05Sandwichman2448Why so Fisker-?
23:13.22Fisker-here's an idea
23:13.25Fisker-You got a cancer
23:13.27Fisker-Remove it
23:13.28mxshell, it's usually faster to accept the next fight before the combat flag drops
23:13.29Fisker-problem solved
23:13.33mxsso I don'T get to heal :>
23:14.25Cooobrawe've been trying to remove the cancer for a while now... but its grown too deep into the brain
23:14.38Sandwichman2448Well, more than just me cares, but I am just the one who felt like doing it. At no insult to anyone.
23:15.20CooobraI'm probably a bad choice to start it... I'm too involved, much like baggins
23:16.10g0urrait's funny that while fandy is his mentor, he doesn't seem interested in starting anything
23:16.10Sandwichman2448I do not know if I need a "sponsor", or if Fandyllic approved it already.
23:16.51CooobraI don't think fandy wanted that job...
23:16.58Cooobrait was pushed on him
23:17.03g0urratough shit
23:17.53Chiafriend12Tough shit must hurt to come out.
23:17.59Chiafriend12(sorry, I couldn't resist XD)
23:18.09Sandwichman2448Well, should I do it or an admin do it?
23:18.14Cooobraunder the rules, it does say, unless someone else wants the job..... I wouldn't take it, but maybe you would gourra, I'm sure you'll put tough leash on him lo
23:18.15mxsChiafriend12: that's why you train for it.
23:18.19mxserr I mean ... uh ..
23:18.37Sandwichman2448Not a mentor, the review.
23:18.54Sandwichman2448Unless the review leads to me being a mentor.
23:19.03Sandwichman2448I tried that. It did not work.
23:19.04g0urraI just want him banned, and so does a few other admins here, and other people too
23:19.39Cooobrait would make things a lot simplier.... I haven't been able to create my stuff, cause i'm too busy watching him
23:19.40pcjwho, fandyllic?
23:19.43pcjyeah let's ban him
23:19.44Sandwichman2448Then that is what they should say on the review.
23:20.50Sandwichman2448Who is going to start it? Me? Fandyllic?
23:21.53Sandwichman2448This "sponsor" thing was vague. I said yes to it, then I thought 'Wait... What?'.
23:22.27Cooobrawouldn't really know how to start it.... this is an usual case
23:23.37Sandwichman2448The 'how' I have been working on. The 'who' may be a problem.
23:25.13Cooobrawell... I say just start it, then make a line that reads ''This formal review is recognized by Coobra'' and then I'll sign it later
23:27.00Sandwichman2448You want that on your head?
23:28.11Cooobrafrankly I tried to work with Rol.... but its like working with an 8 year old.... the constant bickering, the "Forgetfulness" etc etc... too much a pain to deal with anymore
23:28.42Sandwichman2448My guess was 10.
23:30.16CooobraPlus... i'm tired of him walking behind me on most of my edits with grammar/spelling fixes in the comment box... and all he does is like add a space or remove "The"
23:32.26CooobraHe's also very paranoid... constantly thinking everyone is out to get him... I don't know why he feel that way
23:33.21Sandwichman2448Isn't that what we are doing now? It is not personal, but still.
23:33.41Cooobrayea... but he doesn't know that... =)
23:34.39CooobraAll I know is... hes basically pissed off 2 admins to the point where they don't come back anymore
23:34.51Osesky and?
23:36.17*** join/#wowwiki tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
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23:36.47Osethese PvP orphan objectives will take me a while :(
23:37.03Oseso many people wanting to do the same thing
23:37.22Sandwichman2448Uh oh. Saved too soon.
23:37.29Cooobraexposing children to violate pvp... thats just wrong
23:38.54KeolahI'm sad that I'll never be able to get a lot of the holiday achievements.
23:39.12KeolahI liked Noblegarden.. I could actually _do_ all of that. ;p
23:39.51Osei'm well on my way to getting my mount
23:40.20KeolahI don't do battlegrounds, and I don't do groups of over 2 people ;p
23:40.37Osehallows end, winter veil, lunar festival, love is in the air and noblegarden done, need two more achievements for childrens week
23:41.33Keolah(Okay, I could handle the going into a battleground and making food one, but actually _doing_ anything in there? Hell no.)
23:42.48KeolahThe only times I've actually done a full group was for, for instance, Zuluhed the Whacked so that I could do the Netherwing dailies... and it took two separate groups to manage the damned thing, and both of them were mostly morons.
23:43.07Osemost people are mostly morons
23:43.16KeolahOne came in flagged (it was during last year's midsummer fire festival, he'd been dousing fires) and a flagged group of hordies decided to attack.
23:43.35KeolahWho had been SITTING IN FRONT OF US, and he was too dumb to notice and wait a moment to land :P
23:46.29mxsCooobra: they removed my favourite achievement of all time, too
23:46.37mxs"Once an Orphan ..."
23:53.31Sandwichman2448Hey Cooobra, should I write each problem in its separate section?
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23:54.34Chiafriend12breaks the silence.
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