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00:00.54charitwowhats up
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03:07.54kd3damn it, missed him
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11:16.26gOurrastupid "top users"
11:16.33gOurrastill says Baggins has more edits than me
11:17.54amroit's not exactly a huge difference
11:18.14gOurraIT IS
11:18.33gOurra16 EDITS
11:19.55gOurrahuge difference
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11:47.54winkillermhm, I need a few to break 1500
11:47.59winkillerisn't that awesome as well?
11:48.27Ward5x5how many in game achievement points do you have?
11:48.33Ward5x5cause that's something to really brag about
11:48.42winkillerlet me look
11:48.56Ward5x5that was sarcasm btw
11:49.09winkiller5380 and 3620 and 1835
11:49.17winkilleron the main toons
11:49.29mxsWard5x5: no, it was not. They really count.
11:49.39mxsWith 7190 I would have all the girls in the world.
11:49.53straterrathen you woke up..
11:51.38mxswell no, I'm insane
11:51.45mxsthe game says so
11:58.15gOurrawinkiller, are the servers up?
11:58.30winkillerno clue
11:58.40gOurraanyone else here from europe?
11:59.29gOurraWard5x5, can you log on to wow?
12:00.10Ward5x5I dunno, I'm at work
12:00.43gOurraof course I'm looking for someone who can actually log on to wow, or I wouldn't ask
12:21.16pcji can log on to wow
12:24.00gOurraI already have someone checking the vendors for me
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13:30.54Fisker-mxs have you datamined Starcraft 2 yet?
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14:20.34mxsFisker-: why on earth would I even attempt to ? :>
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14:41.05wowguidesnowdoes that "@" before pcj's nick means it's a bot?
14:42.00wowguidesnowanyone here at all? :\
14:42.45Oseis here
14:42.53Oseand pcj is an op
14:43.29wowguidesnowI'm trying to reach him... is he ever online? says on Wiki I can reach him here?
14:46.39Oseyou can reach him here if he's here, which it seems he isn't right now
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14:54.15amrowowguidesnow: he's not a bot, just an rss feed
14:55.10wowguidesnowThanks armo
14:55.31wowguidesnowhe contacted me in private chat so all is well :)
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17:46.33KeolahI say, "I wish they would let you fly while dead. What kind of a ghost keeps their feet on the ground?" My bf replies, "A dwarven one?"
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18:03.38DottedThe job queue length is currently 2440
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18:37.39g0urrawhat template did you edit this time pcj
18:38.24g0urrawinkiller, 2/5 furious ornamented :P
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19:10.36winkillerg0urra: ? pvp? no clue what you're tslkin about
19:11.01winkilleri'm a bit ou of date on everxthing, I only login to raid since 2 weeks
19:11.52g0urrawinkiller, furious is the season 6 arena sets
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19:23.10Fisker-i loved you g0urra
19:23.22Fisker-we could've been together :(
19:29.37winkiller2 lonely paladins, bubblehearthingin the moonlight
19:29.41winkillersooo romantic
19:45.35winkillerpcj my XML-pelvic-thrusting friend, any clue if the armory still has data about skill values, especially secondary professions?
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20:56.02pcjstatistics seem to have disappeared
21:00.52pcjwill tell you stuff like "Grand Master Fisherman"
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21:00.59pcjbut not exact skill level
21:01.47TwidgetHi, I am new to writing mods and have a quick question if that is ok
21:03.24pcjyou could guess and see if they're 450 from that i guess
21:03.30winkillerI know
21:03.36winkillerthanks anyway
21:03.45pcjidk why they removed it
21:03.48pcji blame g0urra
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21:03.57pcj~seen |Pixel|
21:04.00infobot|pixel| <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowhead, 78d 21h 17m 28s ago, saying: 'I'd bet anything that the maximum HP is 4294967296'.
21:04.01winkillerthink you can code an enhanced guessing. if it's 3 => all fine, on 2 and 1 => look at achievements
21:04.20winkillerand on 0: print 'lazy bastard';
21:04.35pcjon 4: "wtf hax"
21:04.52winkillerit's so funny
21:05.03winkillerI thought my armory tools were totally broken after 3.1
21:05.13pcjwhy did they change it
21:05.19pcjthe world may never know
21:05.19winkillerwhen in fact the armory was just so slow that none of my test requests came through
21:05.41winkillerI'm only missing secondary profs now, everything else seems to work (ok, had to adjust 4 loc for dual spec)
21:20.42DottedThe job queue length is currently 10366
21:27.48winkillerthey also removed the number of bosses killed it seems
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21:28.21winkillerthis used to have numbers for every boss
21:28.31winkiller dead :(
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21:45.52Osestupid champions run out of the ring and think I surrendered
21:47.12straterraI used to have an addon that told me the experience I'd gain from killing a mob in the mob info..but can't seem to find it any more
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22:07.04Relic619anyone know how to boost fps proformance? i have all the gfx settings turned WAY down
22:13.22straterraget a better video card
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23:53.18GroceryRemember me?
23:53.59foxlitI can only see the response to that question ending in hilarity.
23:54.10g0urraNo, I don't remember you
23:54.25GroceryYou used to hang out there
23:57.06foxlit{{documentation}}: because shooting yourself in the foot has never been this easy
23:57.07Dottedfoxlit meant:
23:58.50g0urrawhat's the matter foxlit
23:59.03foxlit(a) Skinning his horrible
23:59.16foxlit(b) <noinclude><div style="display: none;"></noinclude> is work of madmen.
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