IRC log for #wowwiki on 20090414

00:18.33pcjugh the wowinterface updater is annoying
00:19.55DWSRanyone want a cpan style interface updater?
00:20.59DWSRpcj: Ever used Perl + cpan?
00:21.12DWSREver used Linux?
00:21.28pcji have
00:21.29DWSRah, then nevermind. *sigh*
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01:00.50Bagginsww gg, he broke over 30 pages... this is going to be really annoying to fix...
01:01.21Bagginswwahh well, I'll leaved it up to coobra
01:03.18BagginswwWhoever let him make those changes in the first place should be drug out into the street and shot, have their head ripped off, and take a crap in their neck (duke nukem style)...
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01:04.02BagginswwFisker I give you permission ;)
01:04.09Bagginswwif you find out who it was.
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01:20.27DottedmIRCStats for #wowwiki updated! Check out the stats at
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01:35.09pcjwhat was the benefit of ?
01:37.38sacarascHe likes removing subpages.
01:42.42BagginswwComplain to Fandyllic or deal with it
01:42.45Bagginswwwhat the hell
01:43.37BagginswwHasn't he done enough damage?
01:44.33BagginswwI'm am so tired of him playing everyone against each other...
01:45.30mxsso yeah, patch today
01:45.37Bagginswwpcj could you split the rpg class template into two templates?
01:45.45kd3wasn't expecting that
01:45.50pcjwhere's my mirror mxs
01:45.51kd3figured it'd be next week
01:46.01pcjwhich template is that baggins
01:46.06mxsmirror is coming
01:46.09Bagginswwone specifically for DND RPG, and the other specifically for wow RPG
01:46.14mxsit will be a while till I get it done
01:46.15Bagginswwbetter denoting they are seperate games
01:47.00Bagginswwtemplate:rpg class
01:47.15pcj{{RPG Class}}
01:47.16Dottedpcj meant:
01:48.12Bagginswwit merges things a bit too much
01:48.45Bagginsww we split things in related articles
01:52.46pcjso each row would be a separate template?
01:55.50Bagginswwwell it should be prestige class, core classes specific to warcraft rpg, and prestige clase and core classe, variant class specific to the world of warcraft rpg
01:56.27Bagginswwthe fact that original rpg can be converted into the world of warcraft rpg shouldn't be considered in the template
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02:13.00pcjthat wasn't really clear
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02:26.13mxsdammit, their torrent is "nonstandard" order this time
02:26.31mxsthe updater is either named something {x..z}something.exe, or is not added to the torrent in order
02:26.44mxsso it COULD be named BNUpdate.exe, or it could be Blizzard Updater.exe
02:26.53Bagginswwpcj sorry.
02:27.29BagginswwI meant that classes from Warcraft RPG should be seperated first under the game.
02:27.36BagginswwWarcraft RPg
02:27.42Bagginswwand World of Warcraft RPG
02:28.12Bagginswwthen those categories hsould be split by core class and prestige class
02:28.56Bagginswwthus only prestige classes specifically to Warcraft RPG would show up under the Warcraft RPG category
02:29.05Bagginswwby category I mean the template title
02:32.03pcjok you're confusing me again
02:32.11pcjmaybe you'd better just muddle through yourself lol
02:32.39Bagginswwok look at the prestige class article, and the core class article
02:32.46Bagginswweach one is seperated by game
02:33.33BagginswwWarcraft RPG and World of Warcraft RPG see?
02:34.01Bagginswwok so if we have a Warcraft RPG class template, and a World of Warcraft RPG template
02:34.21Bagginswwthen should only cover the classes related to that particular game
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02:35.16Bagginswwcurrently classe types from both games are merged together.
02:35.47pcjget ragestorm or someone else to change it
02:35.56pcjit's too...RPG-technical for me
02:36.21Bagginswwahh well. Probably too technical for ragestorm too
02:36.27BagginswwI'll figure it out later
02:36.44Bagginswwmy problem is that I always seem to bungle up template designing :p
02:57.16KeofoxI'm going to log off before I manage to do anything else remotely productive.
02:57.33KeofoxI actually made an account and fixed an article because it was annoying me so much :P
02:57.52Keofox*twitch twitch*
02:58.07KeofoxGoodnight :P
03:20.40pcjdoesn't work
03:32.10mxsI know
03:32.19mxsthe torrent is named just so !
03:32.34mxsproblem is that I do not know the filename of the updater executable
03:32.42mxsand it is harder to generate the torrent now
03:33.01kd3did you just ship BNUpdate randomly then?
03:33.03mxssince they added the updater to the end of the pieces. This means that it is no longer ordered by unix filename ordering conventions
03:33.14mxsoh, I have the correct CONTENT of the file
03:33.21mxsjust possibly not the correct NAME ;)
03:33.37mxsit might be the correct name, but I can't create a torrent for it easily
03:33.47mxsand if I could, I cannot be sure it would already be accepted :>
03:37.03mxsnow to post 1260 minor glyphs on the AH :>
03:38.31pcjso blizzard signed the updater 4 days ago
03:38.38pcjthey're holding back on us
03:51.50kd3poke. need ideas for [[Portal:WotLK/Dev]]
03:51.51Dottedkd3 meant:
03:54.36Bibiredirect to mmo-champ.
04:03.10pcjwe could always link to wowinsider and get our information third-hand
04:27.05pcj"Added a new recipe for the Titansteel Spellblade, an epic one-handed caster dagger, available from trainers."
04:27.05pcj"Added a new recipe for the Titansteel Spellblade."
04:27.08pcjgotta be thorough
04:32.41pcj"A new Equipment Manager feature has been added. This feature can be turned on from the Interface Options, and will enable managing up to ten separate sets of equipped items."
04:57.04Krapspcj: Equipment Manager is not in there right?
04:59.21KrapsZOMG PATCH
04:59.30Krapsyeah i knew
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05:05.33Krapsis there something going on between rohnin and jaina?
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15:46.43Oseso 3.1 is US today and EU tomorrow?
15:58.38KeolahAnd the first thing I'm going to do is raise my cooking and fishing caps because I couldn't be arsed to do the quests! :P
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16:13.05mxsbah, the official downloaders named it Blizzard Downloader.exe ... oh well
16:13.35mxserr Updater
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16:18.38KeolahI think I'm bored.
16:18.59Bry-Dogcome back when your sure
16:19.21KeolahThat would imply leaving.
16:19.36Bry-Dogno just speak up when your sure
16:20.08Bry-Dogwith luck you will do something entertaining which will break my boredom
16:20.30KeolahNo, I'm pretty sure that I'm bored. I'm going "WoW is down, I think I'll fix item categories" :P
16:20.48*** join/#wowwiki Rolfpwnd (
16:21.27KeolahAnd for crap's sake, with the mess everything from Wrath of the Lich King is, you'd think it hadn't been out for months yet.
16:21.30Bry-Dogim sorting socks
16:21.50KeolahNot that that's saying much... some stuff from Burning Crusade is still a mess too :P
16:23.33Bry-Dogim not that regular a player to notice
16:24.07KeolahMy main is a jewelcrafter. You better believe I noticed the jewelcrafting articles were a mess ;)
16:25.10KeolahGah, what the hell am I doing, actually talking about wowwiki in #wowwiki??
16:26.07Keolahjumps off a cliff... and casts levitate on the way down.
16:26.41Bry-Dogthats like trying to cut your wrists with an electric razor
16:26.44DWSRglitches DT and beats Keolah to the bottom.
16:26.45Bry-Dogjust plain ineffective
16:27.14DWSRDoTs Keolah up and SB nukes him before he hits the ground.
16:28.00Keolah<-- she
16:28.52Keolahcasts Power Word: Shield blissfully.
16:31.16DWSRKeolah: Sorry, but past experience dictates that everyone on the internet is male, unless they clarify.
16:31.27KeolahI was clarifying, not complaining. :)
16:31.29DWSR's Warrior friend casts Shattering Throw.
16:31.37DWSRI'm still apologizing. :)
16:32.49KeolahAnd bah, why am I casting priest spells? My priest is only level 44. :P My rogue's about to hit 80 today.
16:33.48KeolahOkay, is there actually some substantial difference between veins and deposits? ;p
16:34.26DWSRthe spelling?
16:35.19KeolahPersonally, I can never _remember_ whether a particular kind of ore is mined from a "vein" or a "deposit" :P
16:35.38DWSRDoes it matter?
16:36.12KeolahNot particularly, but they have separate pages and treat them as if they're different things, even so far as saying "deposits are harder to mine than veins", etc.
16:36.35KeolahThat kind of hurts my head. :P
16:37.06DWSRIf you're farming mats, you're just looking for everything.
16:37.32amroI think that just refers to "Copper Vein", "Cobalt Deposit"
16:37.53amroin that sense deposits are harder to mine
16:38.28KeolahHowever, thorium comes in veins apparently.
16:39.30KeolahWhich are, of course, harder to mine than mithril and iron _deposits_.
16:39.54amroI wouldn't think too much about it
16:40.01amroafter all, rivendare is in naxxramas now
16:40.16KeolahHemet Nesingwary is in two places. That hurts my head too. ;p
16:40.29KeolahNo, his son is in Stranglethorn.
16:40.45KeolahUnless there's someplace other than Nagrand and Sholazar he's hiding out ;p
16:41.06DWSRah, I didn't realize it was his son in Stranglethorn.
16:41.14KeolahYeah, they changed it to Hemet Nesingwary Jr.
16:41.30KeolahI was dreading the thought of them changing the one in Nagrand to a daughter :P
16:42.14DWSRIs it the same model as HN?
16:42.36KeolahI haven't really looked too closely, but I think they might have just changed the name only ;p
16:42.46DWSRlol, prolly./
16:50.32*** join/#wowwiki LotharStewie (n=fifield@
16:51.44LotharStewieAnyone here?  I'm new to WoWWiki and am nervous about editing. :)
16:52.08DWSRLotharStewie: Don't ask to ask, just ask. :)
16:52.50KeolahHi. ;p
16:52.55LotharStewieFair enough.  The new patch today is changing the mats for some old school alchemy recipes.  Is there a standard process for updating the pages?
16:53.19KeolahYeah, it's approximately "6 months after it's changed, somebody gets annoyed by it being wrong enough to fix it" :P
16:53.51LotharStewieExcellent.  Any problems with updating the pages before the servers are live to verify the patch notes?
16:53.58KeolahI just updated some of the prices for jewelcrafting designs, and those were changed _months_ ago.
16:54.00DWSRLotharStewie: Nope.
16:54.19DWSRLotharStewie: Since they can be verified by patch notes and by PTR data.
16:57.01LotharStewiek, I think I'll go make a couple changes then...
16:57.26KeolahI've never editted before myself, but I"m just going on the common sense objection that if information is verifiably factually correct, the only thing anyone could honestly complain about is the formatting. ;p
16:58.16DWSRKeolah: Presentation, NPOV, source citation.
16:58.23DWSRKeolah: I could go on?
16:58.28KeolahStanding at the vendor looking at the prices? :P
16:58.48DWSR[Citation Needed]
16:58.57KeolahFuck yourself back to Wikipedia? :)
16:59.55DWSRKeolah: [[NPOV]]
16:59.56DottedDWSR meant:
17:01.32KeolahWood comes from trees. [Citation Needed] :P
17:01.40KeolahI hate Wikipedia.
17:01.58KeolahAnd it has nothing to do with the fact that every article I ever did any substantial work on was deleted for being "non-notable" :P
17:02.49LotharStewiek, anyone want to verify I don't totally suck at editing:
17:04.39*** join/#wowwiki Aeyan (
17:05.25KeolahYou don't totally suck at editting.
17:05.44LotharStewieYay for me.
17:06.43KeolahIs the wiki slow or does my computer or connection suck?
17:06.56DWSRAll 3?
17:07.19KeolahHey, I just got this computer last year :P
17:08.25DWSRIt was old as soon as you turned it on the first time.
17:09.26KeolahNow, this is sucking at editting:
17:13.40*** join/#wowwiki liamispro (
17:18.52LotharStewieWhat is the difference between an "itembox" and a "reagentbox"?  Stonescale Oil uses a "reagentbox" construct while Shadow Oil uses the "itembox".  Which is more appropriate?
17:19.25LotharStewie(and I'm referring to the source materials sections for these potions)
17:21.24*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
17:21.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
17:22.02KeolahI have no clue.
17:23.09*** join/#wowwiki crucially (n=sky@
17:26.20KeolahSo why is there a category for uncut gems, but empty?
17:26.47Keolahscratches her head.
17:28.57foxlitBecause item categorization is a mess.
17:29.18KeolahYes, yes it is.
17:29.47*** join/#wowwiki Beutju (
17:36.11*** join/#wowwiki goat (
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18:12.00*** join/#wowwiki tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/GitHub/Tekkub)
18:12.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o tekkub] by ChanServ
18:12.45KeolahI think my browser hates me.
18:15.41KeolahIt is a piece of software. It should not be capable of emotion.
18:15.59KeolahBut for some reason it likes to make text boxes disappear randomly.
18:17.47mxsthe official Blizzard-linked patch mirror for 3.1.0
18:17.53KeolahGLaDOS is taking over my computer!
18:17.55mxson FileFront
18:17.58mxsit is using BNUpdate.exe
18:18.07mxs(i.e. my mistake in naming ! :->)
18:18.16*** join/#wowwiki frewsxcv (n=4b12c837@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:18.57frewsxcvis there a gneeral wow channel for irc?
18:19.44DWSRfrewsxcv: #WoWUIDev is pretty general.
18:20.43*** join/#wowwiki frewsxcv (
18:22.52mxsyupp, the official blizz mirror is using the file I made :>
18:22.57mxsthis is fun !
18:32.48Osewhat kind of file?
18:33.19OseI mean, what does it do?
18:34.35foxlitit steals your keys!
18:37.50mxsriiiiight :P
18:37.59mxsno, I named the update BNUpdate.exe as it was in recent patches
18:38.07mxsthe current patch uses the name Blizzard Updater.exe though
18:38.16mxsthe contents are 100% identical and it works without a hitch
18:38.26*** join/#wowwiki mpmc (
18:38.43mpmcAnyone here on the EU servers?
18:40.53mpmcAre you having issues logging in?
18:41.36DWSRmpmc: Got a Battle.Net account?
18:42.13DWSRthat's your problem.
18:42.29DWSRThere's problems with the auth servers atm regarding B.Net merged accounts.
18:42.42mpmcOh right
18:43.11mpmcWell thats annoying.
18:43.26mpmcMy brothers must be a account too.
18:43.38DWSRyeah, at least right now I'm waiting for the servers to come back up anyway.
18:43.44DWSRGo US Tuesday patch day! :(
18:43.48DWSRExtended maintenance ftl.
18:44.47mpmcI'm in the UK, ON the EU side, The weird thing is.. I was logged in Farming Frostweave.. Got kicked off while killing 6 mobs.. Logged back in about 5 mins later I get kicked.
18:45.37mpmcLogged in again.. & got kicked again.. Tried once more couldn't log into my main server or any other server with chars on it.
18:46.52KeolahI'd rather have extended maintainance than logging on to everything borked.
18:47.38mpmcMe too.. Buts Its like 9 hours or so away for the EU servers.
18:47.44DWSRKeolah: I'd rather not have extended maintenance, and just have regular maintenance. :P
18:48.25KeolahGenerally I would assume they don't randomly extend maintainance just because they're feeling evil, but because there's some problem they need to fix :P
18:48.50mpmcIts becoming a bit too regular for my liking.
18:48.52mxsI, on the other hand, think that Ghostcrawler is getting sick pleasure of making all the forum trolls wait a little longer
18:49.19KeolahAnd this _is_ a pretty big patch :p\
18:49.20mpmcI can't even access the EU forum.
18:53.04mpmcI'm bored lol
18:54.49KeolahSo do something.
18:56.08*** join/#wowwiki WardH (
18:57.01*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
18:57.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
18:57.55mpmcIt just gets better...
18:59.27frewsxcvis it up yet?
18:59.32frewsxcvthe servers
19:00.06Keolah"We will provide another update at approximately 1:00 PM PDT on when the servers might be up again, maybe, possibly..."
19:00.36mxs"what, you were expecting to raid today ? *bwahahahahahahaaaa*"
19:01.19mpmcEU auth & servers online.
19:01.47Keolah"Maybe you should go play Neopets for a while."
19:02.43mpmcAt last I can continue to gather frostweave.. woo.
19:07.49*** join/#wowwiki Ilcorvo (
19:08.37Ilcorvohas anyone been able to log on yet?
19:09.01Osewhy shouldn't I?
19:09.04KeolahStill doing maintainance.
19:09.10Gnarfoznot yet doing maintenance
19:09.32*** join/#wowwiki hawkiize (
19:09.34Gnarfozanyway, why do people even ask if someone else managed to log in yet? the only thing that's interesting is if YOU can log in, right? :P
19:09.46Ilcorvonot if you wanna go raiding :D
19:10.04Gnarfozyou being able to log in -> realm up
19:10.40Ilcorvoso does anyone in here play on hellscream?
19:13.47KeolahI play on Shandris.
19:14.49Gnarfozand you're obviously bored :D
19:14.59Ilcorvothat obvious, huh?
19:15.22Ilcorvoi re-downloaded IRC to pass time today.
19:18.00KeolahTHat's not bored. I'm editing jewelcrafting articles. :p
19:18.08KeolahNow that's bored :P
19:18.15Ilcorvoat least that's semi productive though
19:18.35KeolahMy main is a jewelcrafter, so seeing the mess that was the jewelcrafting articles made me twitch.
19:18.48Ilcorvoahh, that makes sense.
19:19.19IlcorvoI'm a warrior, so i don't worry about other stuff. when I party, all I'm told to do is smack stuff with my sword till it dies, then stop smacking it.
19:19.27KeolahA jewelcrafter/skinner, of all things. Used to be a miner, I switched to skinning for the crit bonus :P
19:20.10IlcorvoI've got Herbalism/Alchemy, but i didn't work on it when i was lower levels, so i'm very unmotivated to level it :/
19:20.15KeolahShe's a rogue. She stabs stuff till it quits moving. In the butt.
19:20.25Ilcorvorogues do it from behind :D
19:20.53KeolahOf course, I also have a paladin to level up, a hunter, a shaman, a druid, a priest...
19:21.10KeolahThe only class I don't like is warlocks. ;p
19:21.22IlcorvoI try to keep it simple, but it doesn't work. I end up making characters to call dibs on the name :/
19:21.43KeolahI somehow managed to get the name Thorn on my realm.
19:21.48Ilcorvovery nice
19:21.54KeolahKeolah is rarely taken. ;p
19:22.10Ilcorvothe names I end up taking are outside the box, so i never really have any issues
19:22.17KeolahI also had Vanessa for a while, but then deleted her and when I went to remake her the name had been taken, so she's Vanesta now ;p
19:22.26KeolahMy rogue, however, is Ariake.
19:22.36IlcorvoObuflescent, Evangeline, Ilcorvo, Clamscat, Clamhat, Skittleclits
19:23.08Ilcorvonames are always the hardest part
19:23.10KeolahScregor and Suzcecoz, my paladin and priest, also have names I'd be surprised to see taken :p especially the latter.. it was a namegen. From a namegen I wrote 15 years ago, when I sucked at writing namegens.
19:23.25KeolahMy DK is Kalli. I was surprised to get that one too.
19:23.29Ilcorvovery nice. gotta love it when that happens
19:23.48Ilcorvoit's impossible to get the name Krow. I had to use special characters for that
19:23.57KeolahI refuse to resort to that.
19:24.06Ilcorvoi wanted the name :P
19:24.18IlcorvoI was able to get an undead named Heathledger too :D
19:24.27KeolahI've got a couple chars whose names should be Zillah and Jenna, but wound up being Zylla and Jenjor.
19:24.44KeolahJenjor really should be Jen'jor... she's a troll! :P
19:25.10IlcorvoI've never been a big fan of trolls :/
19:25.20KeolahI like trolls. Especially female trolls. Rawr.
19:25.30IlcorvoI'm a fan of the elves myself
19:25.51Ilcorvomy warrior main is a Night elf, same with my DK. my hunter is a Blood elf
19:25.52KeolahMale elves look just like female elves.
19:26.32KeolahI'm rather fond of the tauren, myself, though.
19:26.54Ilcorvomy Druid and Alt DK on a different server are Taurens
19:27.02Ilcorvothose are Clamhat and Clamscat XD
19:27.40KeolahBut my highest level character at the moment is a human... my bf is always going "Damned humans" whenever I get to exalted long before him. ;p
19:27.53Ilcorvolol, damn humans :p
19:28.09*** join/#wowwiki triath (
19:28.25Ilcorvoi don't think i have a human character. I just don't like the way they look
19:28.47Ilcorvomy highest level is my DK. i just hit 60
19:28.57KeolahThe females aren't so bad. The males are a bit overly Schwarzenegger.
19:28.59IlcorvoI only got the game a couple months ago, so i was pretty excited about that
19:29.24KeolahYou wouldn't expect a human male priest wearing a dress to be quite that buff.
19:29.49KeolahRight. "This is a robe, not a dress."
19:30.07Ilcorvoalot of them are rather ripped O.o
19:30.26Ilcorvoalthough i'm not sure about the draenei's... never actually looked.
19:30.41KeolahThe males are the size of tanks, while the females are tiny and svelte.
19:30.51KeolahIt's kind of disturbing, really ;p
19:30.57Ilcorvoyeah, i was talking about physique-wise
19:31.04Ilcorvoas in are they in shape :P
19:32.18Ilcorvoanother thing i don't understand. how can people have 4 or 5 of the same race? it would seem that it would get repetitive, no?
19:32.29*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
19:32.53*** join/#wowwiki dubb (n=dubb@unaffiliated/dubb)
19:33.12KeolahThere's only so many races.
19:33.22KeolahI have 25 or so characters. ;p
19:33.24*** join/#wowwiki Mysticell (
19:33.41KeolahHell, I used to have 5 _hunters_ on one server. I deleted most of them, though. ;p
19:33.41Ilcorvoyeah, but it's like when I log onto my friends account, he has 5 female draenei shamans
19:33.48KeolahI can see that. ;)
19:33.51KeolahFemale draenei = rawr!
19:34.01Ilcorvo. /palm
19:34.22Ilcorvolooks at Keolah and covers his face with his palm.
19:34.32KeolahI only have one gnome and one undead, though.
19:34.41KeolahProbably at least 5 blood elves ;P
19:34.56IlcorvoSkittleclits is my only gnome. gnomes piss me off :D
19:35.07Osethat's why i'm one
19:35.18Ose(because it annoys people)
19:35.26KeolahYes. I made a female pink-haired gnome mage.
19:35.31Ilcorvoyeah, but i made it as an inside joke :P
19:35.41dubbThey're little pedophiles
19:35.42KeolahJust to be as obnoxious as possible.
19:36.04Ilcorvome and two other friends made gnomes that we all quest together as, so it's just funny to run around Ironforge as Skittleclits, Skittletits, and Skittlenips
19:36.18Ilcorvowe're trying to make a guild called <The Tits of Evil> :D
19:36.43KeolahObviously, you're refering to birds and not anything else.
19:37.10Ilcorvonope, mine references the little mousey thing in the center of the keyboard on a laptop
19:37.47KeolahI mean, a titmouse is a kind of bird. Seriously.
19:37.52Ilcorvooh, right
19:37.54Ilcorvoof course.
19:38.09Ilcorvo<.< all our names are totally non-sexual. >.>
19:38.10Keolah^^ Proof!
19:38.32Ilcorvoi remember that bird now :P
19:39.48Ilcorvobursts into dance
19:40.24Ilcorvodamn i miss trade chat :P
19:40.39dubbthe background released with the 3.1 trailer is awesome
19:40.47Ilcorvothe background?
19:41.28Ilcorvolike a desktop wallpaper?
19:41.59Ilcorvoi don't have a wallpaper. where does it save?
19:42.10Ilcorvoit's probably not in the patch, huh? >.<
19:42.45dubbthere, but it isn't loading for me
19:43.23*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
19:43.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
19:44.05Ilcorvoi sees it
19:44.48KeolahMrrr. I have two priests I can't decide what to spec them as. ;p
19:45.06Ilcorvowhat are your options? i don't have any priests, so i dunno
19:45.30KeolahHoly or disc, really. They're both going to be paired up with prot warriors. ;p
19:45.58Ilcorvowell you have two priests, two options, and they're each being paired with a prot warrior...
19:46.10KeolahExcept the troll is already the same level as the warrior in question, while the draenei is 10 or so levels lower and will need to solo a bit.
19:46.39Ilcorvoi'd go with holy for the draenei then i guess, and disc for the other
19:46.53IlcorvoI'm totally guessing right now, so i don't know what is better :P
19:47.27KeolahDisc tends to be more inclined toward soloing, really, but I'm thinking of just making my bf run me through ZF, Maraudon, etc, to get up the draenei priest a bit. :P
19:48.01Ilcorvowell then switch what i said :P
19:48.27dubbIs it fun leveling a priest after you've already leveled one?
19:48.39KeolahWhy not? I like priests.
19:48.53dubbidk. Just seems repetitive
19:49.09KeolahI'm also got a shammy that I'm meaning to spec into resto.
19:49.42KeolahI have 25 characters... and not one of them is level 80 yet. What's repetitive? :p
19:49.56Keolah(Okay, the rogue is halfway through 79, but still)
19:50.02IlcorvoMy warrior is specced in fury and my DK is unholy
19:50.14Ilcorvoi haven't had to respec yet, so i must be doing something right :D
19:50.34KeolahYou're going to have to now! :P
19:50.42IlcorvoI REFUSE!
19:50.58KeolahI mean, they have a tendancy to unspec everyone when they make major changes to talent trees. ;P
19:51.11Ilcorvooh fuck
19:51.14Ilcorvoyour right >.<
19:51.48Ilcorvoat least it's a free respeccing :P
19:52.10KeolahMaybe I'll take the opportunity to spec my tauren druid into balance like I was meaning to...
19:52.13frewsxcvare the servers up yet?
19:52.16Ilcorvogrr, realms are still down >.<
19:52.27Osenot mine :)
19:52.42Keolah'Course, I was meaning to when she hit level 40 and could actually get moonkin form. ;p
19:52.43Ilcorvoare you on a Euro server or something Ose?
19:52.56Oseindeed I am
19:53.06Ilcorvodamn american servers
19:53.23dubbI just started downloading the patch, looks like it's gonna be a while
19:53.41Ilcorvomine didn't download the first time since i didn't have enough hard drive space
19:53.47Osethat's why we have the background downloader folks
19:54.01Ilcorvoi only needed 3 gigs, and i didn't have the space.
19:54.34dubbmy background downloader doesn't work properly for some reason
19:55.34Ilcorvowell i guess i'll get out of bed now
19:55.48*** join/#wowwiki taban (
19:56.32Ilcorvoi figure it's time to accomplish something today :P
19:59.01KeolahI'm accomplishing something!
19:59.11AeyanMeh to the downloader and background downloader.
19:59.15Ilcorvoyou and your article editing :P
19:59.21AeyanuTorrent + wowwiki patch mirror page, hehe.
19:59.56frewsxcvrtorrent ftw
20:00.02Ilcorvoalright, peace out wowwiki :D
20:00.05Ilcorvois going AFK
20:02.05*** part/#wowwiki mpmc (n=mpmc@unaffiliated/mpmc)
20:02.20frewsxcvwhat does the new message say?
20:03.33frewsxcvwait until 2pm
20:10.28mogul218so is everyone here using some form of linux and do you play wow on linux as well?
20:10.59KeolahWindows XP :P
20:11.50KeolahLinux is great for coding and running a server. Or playing roguelikes.
20:12.09KeolahOr coding and running a roguelike server, I suppose :P
20:13.21mogul218oh....well i have had success running wow on linux...only problem is i can't use my 360 controller with it like i can in windows
20:14.12charitwopcj is offline? NOOOOOO
20:14.51*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (n=g0urra@wowwiki/g0urra)
20:14.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o g0urra] by ChanServ
20:16.05infoboti guess g0urra is gOurra
20:23.11frewsxcvWhere is the best place to bot?
20:24.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!*n=Farwell@*] by g0urra
20:24.25*** kick/#wowwiki [frewsxcv!n=g0urra@wowwiki/g0urra] by g0urra (g0urra)
20:24.38Fisker-XVI. World of Warcraft and Television Service. Beginning on the Effective Date, as part of the monthly Service subscription fee, you shall receive access to both the World of Warcraft online game and a television service (ESL Turtle TV), which is an IP TV service featuring, among other content, Blizzard games, Blizzard products and other Blizzard related content.
20:24.40Fisker-dun dun dun btw
20:26.16g0urradun dun dun
20:27.15foxlitYay, ESL Turtle TV!
20:27.16Fisker-lets dun dun dun a bit moar
20:28.03Osedun dun duns
20:28.22Fisker-helps dun dun dun'ing
20:30.39infobotDUN DUN DUNNN
20:31.06infobotACTION watches fisker- pull the trigger:  Click!
20:31.42infobotACTION watches g0urra pull the trigger:  Click!
20:31.59infobotACTION watches fisker- pull the trigger:  Click!
20:32.34infobotACTION watches ilcorvo pull the trigger:  Click!
20:33.17charitwoit can't kick you if it's not opped, dummies
20:33.47infobotACTION watches ilcorvo pull the trigger:  Click!
20:34.00Ilcorvoi prefer to think i'm just really lucky :D
20:35.00Ilcorvoif it's a six shooter though, the next person is fucked
20:36.13WizardJameswaits at 99% for the path
20:36.20infobotACTION watches fisker- pull the trigger:  Click!
20:36.30Fisker-there's our problem
20:36.34Fisker-someone forgot to put bullets in
20:36.47Ilcorvoyou sure?
20:36.50infobotACTION watches ilcorvo pull the trigger:  Click!
20:36.57Ilcorvowell you might be right :P
20:37.07infobotACTION watches fisker- pull the trigger:  Click!
20:37.20Ilcorvosomeone load the f'in thing!
20:37.31infobotACTION watches wizardjames pull the trigger:  Click!
20:37.39Fisker-~roulette g0urra
20:37.40infobotACTION watches g0urra pull the trigger: BANG!
20:38.00IlcorvoYOU KILLED 'IM!
20:38.06WizardJamesmaybe it has 10 rounds?
20:38.13Fisker-i cheated
20:38.27infobotACTION watches g0urra pull the trigger:  BANG!
20:38.35infobotACTION watches ilcorvo pull the trigger:  Click!
20:38.40Ose~factinfo roulette
20:38.40infobotroulette -- last modified at Wed Jun 15 19:26:15 2005 by TimRiker!~timr@TimRiker.bronze.supporter.pdpc; it has been requested 97 times, last by Ilcorvo, 5s ago; it has been locked by TimRiker.
20:39.03Ilcorvohehehe, you got shot twice
20:40.01infobotACTION watches fisker- pull the trigger:  Click!
20:40.08*** join/#wowwiki [A]Anoi (
20:40.13Ilcorvo~roulette Fisker-
20:40.14infobotACTION watches Fisker- pull the trigger: BANG!
20:40.22Fisker-~roulette Ilcorvo
20:40.23infobotACTION watches Ilcorvo pull the trigger: BANG!
20:40.31infobotACTION watches ilcorvo pull the trigger:  BANG!
20:40.55Ilcorvo~roulette Ose
20:40.56infobotACTION watches Ose pull the trigger: BANG!
20:41.24Ilcorvoman this thing is loaded now :p
20:43.00Ilcorvo~roulette Dotted
20:43.01infobotACTION watches Dotted pull the trigger: BANG!
21:02.41Starlihey, i have a question...i cant add mirrors with my account...who can i write the links? :)
21:02.50Starlisry for my bad englisch...
21:03.48*** join/#wowwiki Lisimba (
21:08.19mxsstarli, I can add em
21:09.49Starlithanks mxs
21:11.15mxsI assume part1 is wow-partial-1.mpq, part 2 is wow-partial-2.mpq and part 3 is the rest ?
21:11.50Starliand @ deDE teil = part in german :)
21:12.36mxsI know. :P is mine :>
21:12.50*** join/#wowwiki ecs (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
21:12.51Starliah okay :D
21:35.00*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
21:35.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
21:40.00*** join/#wowwiki mystadio (
21:45.59*** join/#wowwiki Ackis (n=asdf@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
21:54.36*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
22:01.01*** join/#wowwiki rhosigma (
22:07.23*** part/#wowwiki hawkiize (
22:11.14*** join/#wowwiki harl (
22:31.36*** join/#wowwiki Spare (
22:35.53*** join/#wowwiki bamaboy[Work] (n=bamaboy@
22:40.03*** join/#wowwiki gOurra (n=g0u@wowwiki/g0urra)
22:40.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+o gOurra] by ChanServ
22:52.09infobot (US); (EU) [NB: URL goes to 404 unless there's an active alert]
23:01.11WizardJamesWell..some realms are up..not mine :(
23:08.15*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:14.20mxs┬┤they all just keeled over
23:15.17mxsThis is a fun game though, what level of apologetic boilerplate will we reach on ~wowalert ?
23:16.11mxs"We will be performing extended maintenance" -> 2x "We are continuing to perform maintenance" -> 3x "Thank you for your patience. We are actively testing..." -> ???
23:16.28*** join/#wowwiki atroki (
23:16.49mxsthere must be some elevation of that !
23:16.58*** join/#wowwiki RabidDuck (n=RabidDuc@
23:17.13*** join/#wowwiki Ackis (n=asdf@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
23:18.01*** part/#wowwiki atroki (
23:18.02*** join/#wowwiki st34lth (
23:45.22*** join/#wowwiki mbrock (n=4a4fb80f@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:53.34*** join/#wowwiki gabrielli (
23:53.52*** join/#wowwiki Roanna (n=44629836@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:54.33Roannaping?   Kind of quiet in here...
23:56.17gabrielliprobably dl new patch  ;)
23:56.20RoannaWoW's site is down... no forums available to blab in, I figured everyone would be here ;)
23:56.31gabriellisame here
23:58.36KeolahI was actually reading! :P
23:58.40KeolahBut then I finished my book :P
23:59.25RoannaI see a handful of servers are up, but locked.  They must be testing on them

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