IRC log for #wowwiki on 20090411

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00:08.26balmzhow is everyone
00:11.30balmzwhy is no one talking?
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00:18.40Adysholy shit
00:18.43Adyslayout totally broken?
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00:26.47Sandwichman2449The wiki seems a powder keg as of late.
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00:59.29KeolahI got a penguin.
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01:07.12Sandwichman2449What kind?
01:07.19Sandwichman2449The small pet?
01:13.12KeolahMy rogue just hit exalted with the Kalu'ak, heh.
01:13.40KeolahThey are so eager to be your friends. ;p
01:14.19g0urracongrats Keolah
01:27.35KeolahWoW dailies. A great break from hauling half a dozen bags of junk to the dumpster. ;p
01:28.24KeolahCleaning the apartment! Whee!
01:29.03g0urrayay, 3:30 am
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02:00.30pcjcoding these DE tables is a pain
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02:28.41kd3whee... one single edit... 34k jobqueue
02:28.46kd3<3 {{tooltip}}
02:28.47Dottedkd3 meant:
02:35.06*** join/#wowwiki _sikk (
02:43.14pcj{{DE}}, yell at me now before I do anymore work :P
02:43.14Dottedpcj meant:
02:46.48pcjtoo lazu
02:54.25kd3k, updated. there aren't any exceptions to the question I posed in the edit summary, right?
03:08.00pcjholy cow it works
03:08.30pcjnope its kind of broken lol
03:10.51pcjmmmm more braces
03:11.33pcjit probably hates me
03:12.54pcjmy clipboard does anyway
03:13.17kd3I still have to get good and drunk to parse wiki syntax for complex stuff like tooltip
03:13.20kd3too many goddamn braces
03:13.42pcjoh fuck
03:13.45pcjwrong tooltip
03:13.50pcjgod damn it
03:14.03kd3watches the job queue jump to 150k least it works
03:15.46DottedThe job queue length is currently 69085
03:15.59pcjhey not bad
03:16.03*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
03:16.24kd3only 69? nice. the queue's smarter than I figured it would be
03:22.11kd3hm... one other thing before you push it live... could you fix the qtt offset? hovering over the ilvl has the tooltip immediately underneath the cursor's already live :P but yeah i'll be reviewing the offset
03:23.29kd3is it? I only see it if I preview some random tooltip using /dev
03:23.42pcjthat's because the jobqueue isn't caught up :P
03:23.58kd3viewing the page should show it as it should be now
03:24.02kd3hits purge and tries again
04:06.55Fisker-do you like fishsticks?
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05:05.05DottedThe job queue length is currently 103582
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11:44.31foxlit"The current job queue length is 96,469"
11:59.31sacarasc[06:04:12] <+Dotted> The job queue length is currently 103582
11:59.39sacarascIt's working!
12:14.40foxlitWonder what my timestamp is
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13:37.16Fisker-btw mxs
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14:14.11DottedThe job queue length is currently 93952
16:04.47pcjbibi you got the ulduar drop links reversed in the enchanting reagent changes table for blade ward and blood draining
16:14.27Bibiif I ignore it for enough time, maybe other people will ignore it as well.
16:16.07Bibilet me kill zoey first
16:16.08Bibiand I will fix!
16:18.06BibiI just killed Francis!
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19:34.41pcjmmo-champion is down
19:38.43Fisker-butts Gnarfoz
19:38.52GnarfozI like big ~
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20:26.26DottedBibi mmo forums dead
20:27.53pcjbibi bibi bibi "Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later. "
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21:26.15chimera-tearsO.O hello?
21:26.36g0urrahello chimera-tears
21:29.02chimera-tearsi have a pic id liek to add to an article lacking a good one
21:29.47chimera-tearsbut i dont want to regularly edit the wiki
21:30.21g0urrachimera-tears, you don't need to regularly edit the wiki to register
21:30.33g0urrawhat articles were you thinking of
21:30.49chimera-tearsthe stub for Ash'alah
21:31.17chimera-tearsonly has a d2o campaign book cover
21:31.32chimera-tearswhich alot of ppl debate over
21:31.38g0urrachimera-tears, you're free to register and upload the image
21:31.58g0urrahowever if it's a fan image then it can't be added. we usually don't use fanart in articles
21:33.38chimera-tearsit is a fan image
21:34.31chimera-tearsthough the character aforementioned lacks alot of official illustration
21:35.00chimera-tearsand the fan image is a quality depiction
21:35.23g0urradoesn't matter if it's high quality, well drawn or anything, we still don't use fanart
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21:35.44g0urraOMG ITS A KIRKBURN
21:35.44chimera-tearsthanks for you time
21:36.09g0urranp chimera-tears, happy editing
21:36.35KirkburnI'm only here briefly cause gil noticed wowwiki wasn't loading for logged out users
21:36.48*** join/#wowwiki Goldberg (
21:37.10pcjwe need to make wowwiki not load more often
21:37.15Kirkburntooltips.js was breaking it....
21:37.21Kirkburnlooks at pcj ;)
21:37.25pcjit was g0urra
21:38.02pcji don't know why it would be different for logged out people kirkburn :P
21:39.15pcji messed with the cache earlier for testing purposes but i put it back
21:39.31KirkburnAh, I'll pass that on
21:41.12KirkburnIt's actually oddly quite fun running the AWB bot in the background - always things to be cleaned up :)
21:41.20KirkburnIt's getting pretty advanced now, too
21:41.35KirkburnIt's spotted quite a few pages missing references sections so far
21:41.38pcjhow long until skynet is operational?
21:43.05KirkburnActually, even though you fiddled with Common.js and Tooltips.js ... that wouldn't go live immediately, right? You do it by revision, iirc?
21:52.47pcjit goes live "immediately" (because of how I fiddled with Common.js) though it is still cached on the user side if they've already loaded it
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22:05.46KirkburnIt appears to have been due ot one of our servers not being quite up to date. It has been kicked :)
22:06.17Sky2042kicks Kirkburn.
22:21.20KirkburnI'm off again ... have a great weekend, all!
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22:58.34cruciallysmaxage=0 considered harmful
23:02.22*** join/#wowwiki karenin (n=4b39c794@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
23:11.48pcjsure but otherwise i have to wait for the server-side cache thing to expire before I can test :P
23:12.26pcjalso i blame bibi, his site is down too
23:13.23cruciallypcj: smaxage=5
23:13.29cruciallyanyway, I set the minimum ttl to 0
23:13.31cruciallyto 5
23:13.33cruciallynow :)
23:13.38*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2449 (
23:13.50foxlit5 what, I wonder.
23:14.10pcj5 microseconds obviously
23:14.39pcji believe it's seconds
23:56.43*** join/#wowwiki Zyf_Lappy (
23:59.33Adys[01:58:35] <crucially> smaxage=0 considered harmful
23:59.40AdysI read "sexmassage"
23:59.44Adysthen again.

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