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00:31.10KeolahI can flyyyyyyyy again!
00:42.55pcjnice keolah :)
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01:03.59KeofoxIs there an inn anywhere in Sholazar Basin?
01:05.44MysticellI think there's one at Nesingwary Base Camp
01:08.41pcjthe tent works as an inn
01:10.20KeofoxWhich tent?
01:10.38KeofoxI poked around inside them and didn't get the zzz's anywhere.
01:12.15KeofoxThough I suppose some of them are more of canopies...
01:13.43pcjits where the innkeeper is :)
01:15.54pcjuse your innkeeper tracking keofox
01:19.17KeofoxI'll check it out tomorrow. We already flew down to Fizzcrank's Airstrip and logged out, since we're having connection problems and didn't want to get disconnected in the middle of a nasty fight ;p
01:24.42KeofoxBut... Flying! Whee!
01:24.54KeofoxI missed flying. Damn "keeping us grounded for a while". :p
01:25.02KeofoxI really hope they don't do _that_ in the next expansion. It's annoying.
01:26.25pcjwell otherwise you will fly over all the quests
01:26.56KeofoxLike hell that would happen ;p
01:27.21KeofoxOoooh, an exclamation point! Another one! Another! *zip*
01:30.28KeofoxThere's this compulsion to do every single quest that's even feasable. :P
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01:34.34Zyferusthey are working on allowing flying mounts in Axeroth
01:34.39Zyferuser Azeroth
01:34.39kd3hm... suppose I should add the instance maps to the coords js
01:34.42Zyferusnot just NR
01:34.44kd3zyf; not any time soon they're not
01:35.03Zyferuswell then the project is finished, it;s a BIG project
01:35.11Zyferusthen = when
01:35.23Zyferusbut it is an active project
01:35.29kd3it'll be done [[Soon]]
01:35.30Dottedkd3 meant:
01:48.09MysticellThat would mean redoing every single model, just about
01:48.21Mysticellblocking off the areas they don't want people in by completely new ways
01:48.54MysticellIf they were going to allow flying in say Stormwind, that alone is more work than probably 2-3 actual zones
01:49.57Eraclito[03:34:33] <Zyferus> they are working on allowing flying mounts in Azeroth <- never
01:50.02Eraclitoit will take too much work
01:50.19Eraclitowell, i'd love if they will work on this
01:50.29Eraclitobut i don't think it will ever happens
01:50.53KeofoxPersonally, it was sloppy world-building to begin with that's apparent throughout the original two continents.
01:51.27kd3if by sloppy you mean the hacks they had to do to get stormwind working on crap computers...
01:51.27MysticellIt'd be like a whole new expansion to redo all of the modeling
01:51.28KeofoxSome places just aren't quite right, some are entirely missing, zone boundaries are very poor at times.
01:52.28KeofoxNot just to redo it, but to fill in places that ought to be there that just aren't, and to fix the places that are visible (ie while taking a flight path) but you can't actually get to, etc.
01:52.48KeofoxThey might actually have to put something on the Dun Morogh airstrip! :P
01:54.06KeofoxAnd then there's places like Gilneas, Mount Hyjal, etc, that are just plain not there.
01:57.16ZyferusEraclito, it is a fact, it is an active project
01:57.25Ackis~seen fandylyic
01:57.27infoboti haven't seen 'fandylyic', Ackis
01:58.10sacarascIf they allowed flying in EK/Kalimdor, first place I'd go is the troll dance place.
01:58.39Ackisdid I spell his name wrong?
01:59.10KeofoxIf they allowed flying there, they'd probably make it a major quest hub or something :P
01:59.41KeofoxSince they seem determined to pack as many quests as possible into every place you can conceivably get to.
01:59.48MysticellThey should've at least made it so you could fly in the zones they put in with BC
02:00.24KeofoxNot being able to fly on Sunwell Island is a bit annoying, but I suppose I can sort of see why they did it.
02:00.40Keofox(Though not really.)
02:01.04MysticellYeah, to match with the rest of the continent but more importantly with the other islands is probably because they're all starting zones and they would prfer not to see low level players getting ganked.
02:01.35MysticellHeck, even if I could only fly on my own faction's islands, it'd be better than nothing
02:03.00KeofoxI don't know why they'd be getting ganked on them, you wouldn't even be able to attack them anyway...
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02:04.19MysticellI suppose that is true
02:06.04KeofoxWhat I want to know is why you can't fly there with a flight master, either.
02:06.25Eraclito[03:57:15] <Zyferus> Eraclito, it is a fact, it is an active project <- a blue said it somewhere?
02:06.33KeofoxI mean, they added a flight path in the Ghostlands to connect to the outside world... and didn't let Exodar connect out even to Auberdine or anywhere...
02:07.04KeofoxDespite having mid-flight loading screens to and from sunwell, too.
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02:08.52eriscowhy is paypal not listed as an option when I try to upgrade my account from trial? the faq says that it is for security purposes. does anyone know any different? I am not getting a response from their support email... at least not yet
02:10.36MysticellThey only accept PayPal for subscriptions, not for expansions, upgrades, etc
02:15.43Zyferusi have a source, a friend who works witht he dev teams
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02:17.26MysticellA few issues with your statement: A) Blizzard wouldn't have let your friend tell you.  B) Blizzard would've either announced it publicly or not at all if they were working on it.  C) Your friend is probably just joking, it would be a whole new expansion of work.  If I'm wrong, you can have 100g.
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02:27.51Zyferusmy friend is very careful what he tells me, it;s not a sectret that they are working on it, but the project is so huge, that progress it slow, they are not at the point to be close enuff to announce it.
02:28.54Zyferusit will more than likly be part of one of the future expansion packs
02:29.32Ackismy brother is a GM and he's gonna ban YOU! AHAHAHAHHAH
02:32.42pcjkd3 you know adding maps to that template isn't adding them to the JS right
02:32.57eriscoMysticell, well that is silly
02:33.07kd3just getting the annoying stuff done. I'm still trying to decide how to name em
02:33.08eriscoBlizzard isn't getting my money then
02:33.15eriscoanyways, thanks for the clarification
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02:34.32pcjname em?
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02:34.46kd3e.g, there's 6 naxx maps
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06:16.11Cooobrawasn't rolandius told about doing mass moving
06:17.36Cooobraits like, he gets told something... then a month later starts doing it again, gets told about doing it again... rinse repeat
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07:48.07gOurraget your wowwiki t-shirts !
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11:13.05Adyslol pcj
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11:18.17Teomyrrofl adys
11:21.54gOurralmao Teomyr
11:22.09Adysfuck you gOurra
11:22.16gOurrafuck you Adys
11:25.41Fisker-fuck you gOurra
11:25.46gOurrafuck you Fisker-
11:25.50Fisker-fuck you gOurra
11:25.53gOurrafuck you Fisker-
11:26.16Fisker-fuck you gOurra
11:33.27Gnarfozfuck you Fisker-
11:34.07WardHfeels the love
11:37.38gOurrafuck you Gnarfoz
11:42.52Fisker-fuck you gOurra
11:43.08Adyshello WardH
11:43.08WardHgroup hug@
11:50.49Fisker-hello Adys
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12:29.43pcjpansy gOurra
12:29.44pcjyou caved
12:29.58gOurraI'm not going to try and argue with that kid
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12:36.30foxlitYou know, a revert would've been easier.
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12:43.42foxlitgOurra is too cool to comment. :P
12:45.55foxlitNot too cool to be reverted, though.
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13:14.04stoutpawmornin all
13:17.13gOurrahello stoutpaw
13:17.46gOurraBibi: how could you miss that XS-001 Bot is PTR only
13:21.42gOurrastoutpaw: what?
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13:59.52stoutpawoh hey g0urra :)
14:00.15stoutpawI picked up another pic to edit last night, after editing it I could not upload it
14:00.39stoutpawthe error said it was corrupted or a wrong extension. The extension was .png
14:02.00stoutpawThe pic was "Destroyer_Look_Alike.jpg"
14:02.55foxlitPerhaps it's not actually a PNG?
14:03.34stoutpawhrmm, lemme hexedit it real quick.
14:04.59foxlitOr, well, if you're uploading a PNG to an Image:blah.jpg article, you obviously get a type mismatch that way
14:06.42stoutpawappears to be a PNG
14:06.55stoutpawthats what im doing
14:07.54stoutpawno way around that that I know of
14:08.36stoutpawI am of course very very new to WoWWiki editing etc... so not very educated as to the procesee's
14:10.23foxlitJust upload it to Image:Blah.png
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14:10.43foxlitThen change the articles to use the new image if you want to
14:14.35gOurrafoxlit: I think Destroyer_Look_Alike.png would be more appropriate
14:14.59foxlitgOurra: you will call it Blah.png, and you'll LIKE it.
14:15.14gOurraI'll call you Blah.png
14:15.34foxlitCool, I have an extension!
14:17.02stoutpawWell foxlit I can't edit the wiki page, so i either upload it there or not at all.
14:17.34foxlithm, why not?
14:18.05foxlit(your alternative is to convert that PNG image to a jpeg)
14:18.22stoutpawno edit markers, no edit abilities, only the upload link"
14:19.02stoutpawthis is too much work lol, ill move onto another file that should work the first time. I don't wanna bug you guy's this much.
14:25.59stoutpawIf one of you guy's want's the photo PNG to upload yourselves let me know ill send it or post it somewhere.
14:29.12gOurraedit the image link
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14:34.06stoutpawkk I replaced .jpg with .png
14:36.55stoutpawkk its uploaded
14:37.08stoutpawty gOurra
15:07.53stoutpawa man of not many words lol
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16:02.28stoutpawdoes anyone know if the images on need to be modified with transparent backgrounds?
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16:22.38g0urra~seen Kirkburn
16:22.41infobotkirkburn <n=Kirkburn@wikia/Kirkburn> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 32d 17h 12m 34s ago, saying: 'However, I was with DuTempete which helped, a lot'.
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17:40.03AckisWorkhey Fisker-
17:41.53KeolahHehehehehe. Clearing Shadowfang Keep with a 63 druid is just fun. ;p
17:44.18KeolahGather up all the mobs and spam swipe.
17:46.04Fisker-hey AckisWork
17:46.20AckisWorkhey Fisker-
17:52.49Fisker-hey AckisWork
17:53.16AckisWorkhey Fisker-
17:53.20Fisker-hey AckisWork
17:53.39AckisWorkhey wiki people, is there wiki syntax for table type things?
17:55.16Fisker-hey AckisWork
17:55.52AckisWorkhey Fisker-
17:58.00AckisWorkhey Fisker-
17:58.23Teomyrhey Fisker-
17:58.38Fisker-hey Teomyr
17:58.39Fisker-hey AckisWork
18:03.12Fisker-SC2 or death
18:04.05Fisker-go kill yourself after sending your SC2 key to me
18:05.25Fisker-you chose death
18:05.27Fisker-now act on it
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18:22.27pcj_2hey ackiswork people
18:22.31pcj_2{| |}
18:22.36Dottedpcj_2 meant:
18:22.49Fisker-slaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
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18:34.12Kasothat is hillarious
18:42.06pcjis related to
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20:14.35winkillerUlf the Bloodletter?
20:22.43pcjthe bloodletter.
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21:46.36g0urraookay wtf
21:46.41g0urrawhat a nice advert.
21:47.22g0urraand why the hell would "death knight secrets" be on
21:47.31g0urraretarded ads are retarded
21:50.32pcjwhat ads
21:55.09foxlitBecause $$$$ your $$$.
21:55.12foxlitIn the $$$.
21:55.30winkillerwhat what in the $$$$
21:56.30pcjwho needs 2 days to get 25000g anyway
22:04.18mxson 3.1 release day, 25000g will be easy as hell to make
22:07.57g0urrain soviet russia, gold makes you
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23:31.19ArchBucksup all

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