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01:24.46foxlit ?
01:25.33pcjlooks like the UI monster vomited on his screen
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01:52.42pcjhow is that unnecessary kd3
01:52.46pcjit's a love story!
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02:52.26pcjso why do trolls stay in ruined cities
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14:31.59DottedNew stats available for #wowwiki! Check out the stats at
14:33.05DottedmIRCStats update for #wowwiki complete! Check out the stats at
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15:05.39DottedmIRCStats update for #wowwiki complete! Check out the stats at
15:07.03Dottedand if anyone wanna fix the nicks please let me know ;P
15:09.01AckisWorkwow Adys talks a lot
15:09.12Dottedkirk talks more tho
15:09.26Dottedinfobot doesnt track nick changes
15:09.35Dottedand i cba to fix the nicks manually
15:09.38AdysI dont even talk anymore in here
15:09.44Adysthis is from ages ago
15:09.52AckisWorkyou're talking now
15:10.13sacarascOr is her?
15:10.43AckisWorkzomg Adys is a HER?!?!
15:10.58Adysdamn, you seen through my disguise
15:11.03DottedAdys yeah i use infobot's logs
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15:20.29Dottedlast stats update for today i promise
15:20.43DottedmIRCStats update for #wowwiki complete! Check out the stats at
15:23.09AckisWorkupdates Dotted's stats!
15:26.11Fisker-slaps Dotted around a bit with a large trout
15:26.18Fisker-Ackis  my man
15:26.29AckisWorksup Fisker-
15:26.33AckisWorkget your SC2 beta yet?
15:29.27sacarascAckisWork: Stop teasing Fisker-.
15:29.30Fisker-Hopefully it'll start tomorrow
15:29.37Fisker-and i'll be invited for being so awesome
15:29.39Fisker-like with Wrath
15:29.58sacarascI thought you had to give head to get your invite?
15:35.40winkillernarwhals are awesome
15:35.41winkillernot Fisker-
15:39.41AckisWorkI wonder how much I can sell my SC2 beta key for
15:39.48pcjwowwiki admins get sc2 beta right
15:39.58AckisWorkFisker-: do you know anyone who wants to buy the key?
15:40.44Fisker-But i better not
15:40.50sacarascI'll give you $3 for it, AckisWork.
15:40.55AckisWorki'll sell it to you for $1000 Fisker-
15:41.02Fisker-with WotLK i bought one key, got one from a Blizzard employee then got one from the random lottery
15:41.02AckisWork~lart sacarasc
15:41.02infobotexecutes killall -HUP sacarasc
15:41.19Fisker-So i had 3 keys from day 1
15:41.23Fisker-Gave the 2 other away
15:41.37Fisker-Gonna count on winning the lottery again
15:41.43Fisker-I doubt it was random luck
15:41.57Fisker-Must be some kind of algorithm to determine who's "worthy"
15:41.59AckisWorki ended up with 4 keys
15:42.59winkillerI had 0
15:43.06winkillerand wasn't bothered at all
15:43.11sacarascI had none... Wouldn't have played on it much anyway as I hate levelling.
15:43.17winkilleralthough I would've loved to play on US realms once
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15:47.43Fisker- <-IF you have cookies enabled? :DDDD
15:47.46Fisker-harr harr
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18:18.10mxsFisker-: I actually have my browser ask me for cookies. I might soon switch to default deny.
18:18.36mxs> 98% of cookies here have been useless tracking cookies, and the rest I can whitelist.
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18:24.06sputniksomeone vandalized by putting an advertisement where the "Unobtainable Titles" was
18:24.41sacarascDoesn't look like that to me.
18:25.34Kasohasnt been edited since the 18th
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18:27.54g0urrait's an ad, and we can't get rid of it
18:30.21KellesaI've allowed all ads on that page and I don't see anything out of place :X
18:31.05Fisker-that ad is stupid
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19:29.09foxlitM[WStats:1e1750] Appear to be missing a UEC tag on User:Ose/Sig6 appears about 5 times more often than actual UEC pages.
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20:26.51foxliteditcount usertag
20:26.55foxlitor userbox
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20:57.44cruciallylooks for pcj
20:58.42cruciallysomething on the wowwiki front page disables the parser cache
20:58.52cruciallywhich is why it takes 3-5 seconds to render
20:59.01cruciallyyou wouldn't know anything about that
20:59.13*** join/#wowwiki MikeF (
20:59.28pcjit shouldn't though, it's supposed to be loading behind an AJAX call
20:59.30pcji'll look again
20:59.40cruciallyhang on
20:59.45cruciallywe are still investigating
20:59.47pcjsomeone changed it
21:00.03pcjrss feed is definitely loading on page load
21:00.08pcjand it has been a problem in the past
21:01.30pcjblame kirkburn
21:02.11cruciallythis changed in the last weeks or so
21:02.25cruciallylast weeks
21:02.31cruciallyi think
21:02.43cruciallycould be in a template?
21:05.18pcjdon't think so
21:12.13crucially<choose> ?
21:14.45*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
21:15.33foxlithas been around since forever, iirc.
21:17.33*** join/#wowwiki Ose (n=Ose@wikia/Ose)
21:19.40foxlitwonders who wrote this portal stuff.
21:21.16Osethe js?
21:21.23foxlitThere's js?
21:21.55Osepcj wrote some js stuff for switching between the portals
21:22.08foxlitDoes it work?
21:22.35cruciallypcj: I always blame Ose
21:22.42foxlitMeh, I actually get page reloads by clicking on tabs
21:22.59foxlitWhich seems weird if every portal page transcludes every other portal page.
21:23.00Osecrucially, I blame y00
21:23.16pcjDo you wait for the page to finish loading or just click as soon as you can see the tabs?
21:23.35cruciallyOse: next time wikia is down, I am going to put in a big THIS IS OSES FAULT
21:23.44foxlitDoesn't make a difference.
21:24.06pcjdo you have javascript disabled then
21:24.23crucially1.6% of all users have JS disabled
21:24.58foxlitNo, that's not it. I have *you* disabled :)
21:25.39pcjthen don't whine
21:25.54foxlitEnabling you doesn't seem to help
21:26.25pcjConsidering that global JS doesn't work except in central wikia i can see why
21:27.18foxlitYou mean "can't" -- if global doesn't work, then I'm not disabling you :)
21:27.46pcjok...what browser? and does it throw any error
21:31.45foxlitsafari, nothing useful.
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21:34.51pcjok i'll test safari
21:36.35foxlitHm, I wonder. It works on Portal:Main only
21:36.58foxlitAnd only until visiting another portal page
21:42.20pcji don't know about for macs but safari for windows sucks
21:43.21*** join/#wowwiki Cooobra (n=chatzill@
21:44.06foxlitiirc the complaint was that it doesn't behave like a native windows app.
21:45.34foxlitSomething that generally isn't a problem on a mac.
21:46.18pcjthe main problem is that it's sluggish as hell
21:46.26pcjotherwise, the tabs on top are implemented terribly
21:46.34pcjand the starting animation is gay
21:47.25pcjanyway, i'm looking, thanks for the report
21:47.57foxlitThank me once you can actually replicate it :)
21:48.40pcjoh, i've got it replicating in safari :P
21:48.59pcjI'm just not sure which DOM-friendly portion of the short portals script is not accepted by webkit
21:56.22pcjmmm setAttribute("href", "javascript:;")
21:56.39foxlitsometimes it works.
21:56.43foxlitsometimes it fails.
21:57.38foxlitIt always works after clearing the cache, for example
21:58.47foxlitwrapping portal HTML in span seems odd
22:00.22foxlit(div would seemingly make more sense)
22:00.27pcjOK, should work once the script cache updates
22:01.20pcjdiv causes line breaks
22:02.23foxlitdiv is a block element.
22:03.14mxs9742 mirror is up
22:03.23mxsno patchnote changes in the files
22:03.25pcjabout time
22:03.35mxspcj, go ban some newbies !
22:03.39foxlitthing is, <span> is not supposed to contain block elements inside of it
22:03.40pcjbibi where's my patch changes
22:03.59foxlitwhiel <div> may. Standards compliance be damned, however.
22:04.50*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (
22:04.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi`] by ChanServ
22:05.03foxlit(you can also fix the linebreak issue with styling)
22:05.14pcjyeah, i could make them display inline
22:05.26pcjwhich...would kind of negate the point about containing block elements
22:05.35*** join/#wowwiki [1]Morril (
22:06.59pcjwhich nubs should i ban mxs
22:07.13foxlitI'm not that sure -- makes XHTML valid.
22:07.23foxlitor, in our case, more valid than it was before.
22:07.43pcjobviously wikia is not concerned with XHTML valididty
22:10.17pcjObtain a Chef's Hat.
22:10.20pcjomg they implemented it
22:11.49mxsso you get two titles for one kill ? :>
22:11.55Cooobranow they just need to add the tinfoil hat
22:15.02mxspcj: I read that tidbit; but at least it's in the achievements now :)
22:15.17mxsand I f'n want to see them fill the "Darkmoon Faire" tab of world event achievements
22:15.25mxsthey added that at beginning of ptr, and then nothing
22:16.44mxsDon't tell me the 96 darkmoon cards I collected are for nothing ! :>
22:26.04Adysmxs: it was there during beta too
22:26.17Adyswtf is a chef's hat btw?
22:26.50pcjit's probably cooking token -sink
22:26.59pcjpeople requested a way to spend them
22:27.43Adysso its gonna cost 100 tokens or something?
22:28.13Cooobragoing to add +50 to cooking
22:33.41*** join/#wowwiki Drool (
22:35.06pcjcoobra you should've cited ww:cat not WW:MOS
22:35.10pcjMOS are guidelines not policy
22:41.34CooobraI'll remember that for next time
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