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02:26.47tsukukinseidoes anyone know a bit about addon creation?
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02:31.47sacarasctsukukinsei: #wowuidev or #wowace would be more fruitful channels on this.
02:32.20tsukukinseilol yea i just show that in the welcome thing  i fail
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03:15.50skumbonii am trying to find out why i still get ads on wowwiki when it said creating an account would result in ad free browsing on wowwiki
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03:48.38gRuntHi all just thought I would pop in here for some advice. I currently run WoW on a less than average computer. I am trying to keep my CPU usage down and heard that QH is a fair resource hog in comparison to its counterpart catographer but I've not used either in a long time, can anyone suggest one they like better than the other?
04:01.46kd3play with the /qh options to lower its resource consumption
04:01.55kd3or uh... read the faqs for qh where you downloaded it from
04:02.05gRuntThanks kd3 :)
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16:10.59g0urraoookay for some reason every new user on wowwiki are getting welcome by me...
16:11.14g0urrawell, quite a few
16:24.06cruciallybecause you are awesome
16:25.31Fisker-g0urra bot baww?
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16:38.46g0urrano I'm just surprised that nobody told me
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16:41.01KeolahI'm back. Anyone miss me? :p
16:44.11KeolahAnyone remember me? :D
16:44.58Fisker-g0urra is a "bot"
16:45.07Fisker-it is :P
16:45.15Fisker-That's what i meant when i asked anyways
16:47.21KeolahI just got Wrath of the Lich King. I'm going to kiss my life goodbye again.
16:47.34KeolahOr at least, when it finishes downloading anyway...
16:48.26Fisker-yes you are
16:48.30Fisker-loads his gun
16:50.29KeolahI haven't actually played WoW since last summer. :P
17:03.54g0urraohai Keolah
17:12.48Keolahpokes through wowwiki to catch up on all the stuff she's missed. ;p
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18:39.01Gunrunwhy does it say can't join #wowwiki [registrered only (+r)]. I'm already in here?
18:40.15pcjare you?
18:40.32GunrunAm I what?
18:40.39pcjin here?
18:40.50Gunrunwell because you're talking to me I'd assume I am
18:40.57Gunrunalthough you could be a halucination
18:41.11Gunrunif you are it's pretty weird that I'd give a figment of my imagination ops, but not myself
18:44.27Gunrun could an admin look over this? I removed a couple of referal links to some guides that were already there (as in a user had turned them from legit links to referal link) then he came along and deleted the links entirely
18:45.16Gunrunshould there even be links to paid for guides on there anyway?
18:46.24pcjthere can be one external link
18:46.50pcjfor the particular guide
18:47.16Gunrunso shall I remove the review sites and add actual links to the ones that cameron guy removed?
18:47.35Gunruncos the review sites aren't really review sites, but just referal sites
18:48.14pcji'll look at them, don't take any action
18:48.32GunrunI'm Zorko on that history thing if it isn't clear, incidentally
18:49.04Gunrunthe cameron guy seems soely concerned with those links, that's all he has posted
18:49.41pcji'll block him
18:50.16Gunrunclickbank links are blacklisted on wikipedia I wonder why they work here? I thought the meta list was across all wikis?
18:50.29Gunrunor all wikis running mediawiki
18:50.58pcjok revert any changes he made and that should do
18:51.44foxlitgr, empty wowwiki pages
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19:02.51Gunrunok, made the edit
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19:08.31KeolahSo, okay. Which hunter pets are so common they're disgusting these days? :P
19:09.11KeolahI remember back when I stopped playing, -everyone- had to have a cat. ;p
19:09.24KeolahDevilsaurs? Why am I not surprised. ;p
19:09.34Gunrunthey make other peoples screens shake, I guess they're not that common but they're annoying as hell
19:11.46sacarascSame with core hounds.
19:12.06KeolahLots of Kurkens running around?
19:12.14KeolahBut he's so cute!
19:14.24KeolahI was thinking maybe a gorilla.
19:14.35Gunrunif I had a hunter I'd want a cow
19:14.43KeolahSorry, you can't tame Tauren. ;p
19:15.07KeolahHmm. Or maybe a spore bat. They're cute.
19:15.24Gunrunnetherdrake :D
19:15.39KeolahThat's a mount, not a pet ;p
19:15.46Gunrunit should be a pet
19:16.07KeolahThey're dragonkin, not beasts.
19:16.18KeolahSadly, we can't tame dragons. Such a pity. ;p
19:16.38Keolahhad kind of been hoping 'exotic beasts' would include being able to tame dragonkin.
19:16.51Gunrunwhats an easy epic ground mount to get
19:16.56Gunrunthat isn't my factions mount
19:17.01GunrunI'm humanI should say
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19:17.38Gunrunhow would I go about doing that?
19:18.03KeolahDo night elf quests?
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19:19.01KeolahThe ram shouldn't be too tough to get for a human, either.
19:19.08sacarascGet a mechanostrider!
19:19.16KeolahBah, silly humans can't ride em :P
19:19.19Gunrunyes we can
19:19.23KeolahThey changed it?
19:19.27Gunrunlast patch removed racial restriction
19:19.30Gunrunor maybe the one before that
19:20.12KeolahI haven't logged on since like... last September-ish? :P
19:20.52Gunrunso you could have an orc on a hawkstrider :D
19:21.00Gunrunor a space goat on a mech thing
19:21.07sacarascLike my shaman.
19:21.37KeolahOrcs could already ride hawkstriders... now, Tauren on the other hand.. that mental image is just horribly wrong.
19:21.45Gunrunthats what I meant
19:25.17Gunrunhm if I'm honored with gnomorian its going to take me quite a while to get exalted : /
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19:26.28sacarascOr a shitload of runecloth.
19:26.56Eraclitorunecloth is good. farm strat for the mount and turn ever cloth
19:27.26KeolahMan. My pally still hasn't gotten his pally mount.
19:27.32Gunrunwait strat?
19:27.36*** join/#wowwiki Vilkku (
19:28.03KeolahMy bf got the mechanostrider without doing the cloth crap ;p
19:28.27Eraclitoi was exalted with all the alliance
19:28.36Eraclitoby alterac valley turn-ins
19:29.48sacarascGunrun: If you pvp a lot, there's the pvp mounts.
19:29.55Gunrunso will I be able to solo strathholme at 74?
19:30.13Gunrunprot speced paladin
19:30.24Gunrungonna assume yes
19:30.37Eraclitoi think so
19:31.11Eraclitoa paladin on the deathcharger is cool too
19:31.14pcjjust don't go too fast
19:31.16sacarascI could do it as a squishy shaman at 70, a big, tough prot pally will have no problems.
19:31.20pcjthere are some mana drainers, etc
19:31.42pcjthe necromancers suck
19:32.03sacarascThey were my favourite mobs to kill.
19:32.17Eraclitothe worst ones are the silencing spiders
19:32.17Gunrunoh I'm a paladin and its undead :D
19:32.22sacarascMy prot pally friend had trouble with them too, though.
19:32.37Gunrunso I got fear and AOE and instant cast ranged spells against them
19:32.54GunrunI could get one of those voice boxes?
19:33.06sacarascFear in Strat is bad. You'll pull half the place.
19:33.21sacarascAnd the mana drainers are humanoid, I think.
19:33.40Gunrunoh : /
19:33.47Eraclitojust look for the eye of naxx
19:34.00Eraclitoif he summon the gargoyles near a pull
19:34.08Eraclitoyou can aggro a lot
19:34.27sacarasc <-- them guys.
19:35.27Eraclitooh guys, i'm looking for an addon but i don't know the name
19:35.43Eraclitoit's the one who show health and mana around your character
19:35.49Eraclitolike a clock
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19:36.08pcjthe type of thing you are looking for is a HUD
19:36.13pcjheads-up display
19:36.37GunrunI don't see the point in all these huds I just have gatherer, questhelper, auctioneer and omen
19:36.47Gunrunand I don't feel like I'm lacking anythin
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19:38.40Eraclitoi started healing and now i can't see mana anymore. as a dps it's easy
19:38.54Eraclitoall i have to do is run out of the fire and smash the rotation
19:39.08Eraclitobut healing you need to run out the fire while healing
19:39.26Eraclitooh and i'm talking really bad today
19:41.15Gunrunso I'm reading the article on deathchargers reins
19:41.20Gunrunwhats the "baron timer"
19:41.28GunrunI haven't done stratholme before
19:41.31sacarasc45 minutes to do all of dead side.
19:41.56Gunrunor what happens?
19:42.02Adyszhane: whats your graphic card then?
19:42.06sacarascYou don't get extra loot.
19:43.04zhaneNvidia 8600GT
19:43.20zhaneI've the nvidia's drivers for linux
19:43.46Adyszhane: where did you install them from?
19:44.03zhaneweb installer
19:44.12zhaneah no the drivers ?
19:44.25KeolahGuh... I can't decide! What should I tame for solo/small group play?
19:44.36sacarascA moth.
19:44.43AdysA tall one with blonde hair
19:44.50KeolahNot taking advice from Gunrun now :P
19:44.58Gunrunpenguins are great
19:46.33zhanethe drivers is the nvidia packet for archlinux
19:46.47zhaneI've nvidia-utils, xgl, mesa too
19:47.18Adyszhane: use the official drivers
19:47.40zhaneit is the official drivers
19:48.16Adysdriver packages suck
19:49.26zhanefor archlinux it's the same file
19:50.51*** join/#wowwiki Ose (n=Ose@wikia/Ose)
19:51.17Adyszhane: are you sure of that
19:51.45sacarascIf it's the same, what's the harm in trying it?
19:52.26Oseok, on PTR or not, asking someone [me] for 5k gold for an epic flyer when i'm sitting on my regular flyer, is just dumb
19:52.52zhaneresults of the command : pacman -U : paquet déjà installé (nvidia)
19:53.04zhanepackage already installed
19:53.04KeolahI miss flying... I want to fly again! *poing*
19:53.41KeolahIt's funny, with my pally I spent so much time getting the damned quests done and getting Netherwing rep, and then played for like, two days after I finally got my netherdrake.
19:54.53Adyszhane: its a self-contained installer
19:55.00Adysdont think its meant to be run with pacman
19:55.09Adysthough i dont use archlinux
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20:09.26*** join/#wowwiki Gnarfoz (
20:16.44Osewth gnarfoz? :P
20:17.04Gnarfozfuck freenode
20:17.09Gnarfozthat's ""
20:19.11Osethat pinged teomyr right?
20:19.18Ose(just in case)
20:19.56Teomyrnot really, i'm too lazy to find out how to setup highlights in mIRC :P
20:20.09*** part/#wowwiki cameront21 (
20:21.30winkillermirc sucks :S
20:21.35Teomyrmy quote script hides hostmasks by default
20:21.38winkillerbut hai Teo o/
20:21.39Teomyrso the joke would be lost
20:21.42Teomyrhai winkiller!
20:21.56pcj* Gnarfoz ( has joined #wowwiki
20:21.57pcj<Ose> wth gnarfoz? :P
20:21.57pcj<Ose> ""?
20:21.57pcj<Gnarfoz> fuck freenode
20:21.57pcj<Gnarfoz> that's ""
20:22.00pcjthere you go teomyr
20:22.22winkillerGnarfoz has small boobies. so only a small bra
20:22.27winkillerI don't see the joke :P
20:22.28GnarfozI approve
20:22.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+v winkiller] by ChanServ
20:22.56Gnarfozalso why did I join at that time?>
20:23.10Gnarfozfucking server hoster
20:23.45winkillermeh. pest control + love animals + well read,
20:23.50winkillerI hate travelling ><
20:24.02Ose why can't this be an engineer thing you can use on other people?
20:27.04Teomyrr"(?m)^((?:\[[\d\.:]*?\]\s*)?)(\*\*\* .*?)\s*$"
20:27.19Teomyrgotta love regexes
20:38.24Kasocomplicated regex are litterally like magic i think
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20:39.55TeomyrI wonder why so many people hate them
20:41.06Kasoesp when you need to match special chars
20:41.07Kasobackslashes all over the damn place
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22:43.09Gunrunthe Argent Tournament is supposedly a World Event, does that mean it will only happen once?
22:43.47Osenobody knows
22:51.24pcjits going to be ongoing, like IQD
22:51.54GunrunDon't know what IDQ stands for : /
22:53.01pcjIQD actually
22:53.17OseIsle of Quel'Danas I guess
22:53.34Gunrunoh cool
22:55.02GunrunI wantsk an Argent Hippogryph
22:55.55Gunrunohdamn its going to take 50 days of dailies
22:56.05Osenot more?
22:56.26Gunrunwell or more
22:56.30Gunruncos you can only get 5 a day
22:56.38Osein case you haven't been on ptr yet, it's hard to do them all
22:56.38Gunrunand it costs 250
22:56.43Gunrunoh I see
22:57.06Gunrunhow does mounted combat work?
22:57.18Oseannoyingly hard
22:57.31Osei'm still learning it
22:57.39GunrunI'm certain they'll make it easier
22:57.49Gunruneverything WoTLK has been easy compared to older stuff
22:58.09Gunrunat least compared to oldworld stuff which is when I stopped playing last
22:58.16Osethe best way to do the duel quests (now) is to get one or two people to help you
22:58.25Gunrunon the other team?
22:58.35Gunrunor can you do alliance vs alliance?
22:58.45Oseyou duel NPCs
22:59.04Gunrunoh I see
22:59.29Gunrunso since its mounted does gear not play into it much?
22:59.56Oseit doesn't matter at all
23:00.14Osehence why i'm testing it on my freshly dinged 80
23:00.19Gunrunfantastic. I'm not even level 80 yet :D
23:01.15Osei'm not sure if it's required to be 80 to do the quests
23:01.27GunrunI know I say its easier but I'm enjoying myself leveling this new character more than I did leveling up to 60 before BC even came out
23:01.29Osenevertheless you still have time to ding
23:01.47Gunrunwell if its ongoing it doesn't matter when I hit, as long as its still around when I do
23:06.49Gunrungrrr why do I have to download 3.0.2 then 3.0.3 and whatever why can't I just have a 3.0-3.0.8 patch
23:08.09foxlitThere's no practical reason, they just don't bother producing cumulative patches for revision releases.
23:17.44Keolahdownloads patches, downloads patches, downloads patches.
23:17.51KeolahGood thing I wasn't planning on actually playing today.
23:40.10*** join/#wowwiki ecs (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
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23:54.55KeolahSo when did wowwiki acquire so much spam?
23:58.23KeolahAds in the middle of pages?

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