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01:09.41mxshah, enGB ptr patch is "not authorized"
01:12.23foxlityou're not authorized.
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01:16.29mxsindeed. :P
01:18.53sacarascmxs: Your diff thing is broken, I think.
01:19.06mxskinda sorta
01:19.07mxsnot really
01:19.09sacaraschref="/wow/wotlk/ach/9704#id578" href="/wow/wotlk/ach/9704#id3056" onclick="showAll()"> The Dedicated Few Orbit-uary
01:19.36mxsit's because both the criterium and its name changed
01:20.47mxsbut I am somewhat busy atm, so no time to fix it :)
01:22.10kd3oh wow, immortal part 2 isn't over the course of a single lockout timer
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01:23.10jeffrehey guys where can i get info about making macros for craigslist
01:23.56jeffrei need something really specific
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01:33.02charitwogood job pcj
01:58.21kd3whoo. there's some more datamined data we're going to have to watch out for as soon as the word gets out
01:58.28kd3and it's a doozy
01:59.50mxskd3: say what you REALLY think ! :P
02:02.12mxsyou're cruel for not spreading the word but clearly knowing it ... now I am gonna have to trawl though the patchdata
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02:04.14kd3I figured you would've already
02:04.26kd3that's the first thing I do after generating the interface diffs
02:04.50mxsI'm actually a pretty damn selfish guy and just diff the achievements (since that is what my OCD is about :P)
02:04.57mxsI don't really want to expand my OCD any
02:05.41mxsbecause if I actually and in all honesty started looking at patches more in-depth, I'd likely get angry mails from Blizzard for hosting a complete repository of WoW assets :>
02:06.41kd3which is why I'm not talking about it publicly yet. whether or not the 'no reverse engineering' bit of the EULA is still in force I try to let others break the news
02:07.27mxswell, what is reverse-engineering, REALLY ... :P
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02:52.03mxshey hi, pcj you are needed for cleanup on aisle 6
02:52.11mxsah that bastard left already
02:52.33pcjsaw me coming
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11:21.52_3DStudiohi :)
11:21.56_3DStudioanyone using wow on a mac?
11:22.59_3DStudioI bought it on direct2drive and it wants to patch to 1.12.0 (I assume the first in a long series of patches)... so I finally managed to torrent the 1.12.0 updater app, but the updater app doesn't launch...
11:25.45selckinfastest is patching to 2.0 then tbc then wrath
11:25.50selckini think
11:28.02_3DStudiowell I'm not worried about fast, I'd just like to figure out how to run the updates hehe
11:28.44_3DStudioim looking around in the package and this seems to actually not BE an executable package itself... I think something else actually unpacks it
11:34.26_3DStudioI only see one file in the patch's contents that looks like it might be useful... its called "Standalone.mpq"
11:34.32_3DStudioshould I do something with this?
11:43.23_3DStudion/m i figured out how to d/l the most recent client from blizzard
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12:48.59Adyscharitwo: ?
12:50.33charitwoAdys: there are 294 entries in the speedy delete categories, I am sickened!
12:50.45AdysI dont edit the wiki
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14:21.18pcjbibi needs to spellcheck his latest loot updates
14:21.26pcjGrimhorn Cruher
14:21.35pcjElemental FOcus Stone
14:34.12Fisker-fuck you pcj
14:34.17Fisker-he's perfect
14:34.19Fisker-AND dreamy
14:43.05pcj"Glyph of Shield of Righteousness -- Reduces the mana cost of Shield of Righteousness by 80%."
14:43.22pcjShield of Righteousness is one of the lowest cost prot pally spells...
14:43.46selckinit's just a 'filler' glyph, the obvious choises are there allready
14:44.03selckinjust like they have explicit filler talents they don't expect you to take
14:44.10pcji know
14:44.15pcjbut why waste dev time on that
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14:45.46selckinalot of time and thought went into -80% mana i'm sure
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15:23.48AckisWork~botmail for g0urra can you look at this history for me and let me know what that docs/category:addons was for?
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15:29.36AckisWorkso with CF/wowace supporting wikicreole which seems to have some nice features in it, is there any conversion from that to what wowwiki uses/
15:30.05pcji thought wowace used mediawiki too
15:30.27AckisWorkthey still support it but won't be doing any future development for it
15:30.51AckisWorki'm not sure the reasons why but it seems creole was easier to work with or something
15:33.38pcjyou could probably do a regex or something
16:28.58Fisker-AckisWork you bastard
16:29.29AckisWorkwhat now asshole?
16:29.50Fisker-you eat crap for breakfeast
16:32.18AckisWork that looks ugly, but I don't know a better way of doing it
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17:37.24charitwopcj there are 288~ pages in the speedy delete categories, delete them all
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17:48.05pcjyou need to fix the pages which have links to them then
17:50.09charitwome? the ones i tagged personally were deleted by sky lastnight
17:50.37pcjwell whichever ones you want me to delete then
17:54.04charitwowhy can't you fix the links yourself
17:54.18charitwoor delete them and let Sky's ocd do all the hard work
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17:56.18pcjbecause it's the job of the tagger to do that
17:56.53charitwoyea, well whoever all those taggers are didn't do it
17:57.03charitwoand it's the job of the admin to double check that and do it himself!
17:57.46pcjno its not
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18:03.28charitwostop being lazy pcj
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19:09.00pcjHTTP Status 500
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21:44.35sacarascDoes anyone know if the USB authenticator thing works with Wine?
21:47.17pcjUSB authenticator thing?
21:48.15sacarascThought it was a USB thing. Reading about it now. Feel free to ignore me.
21:48.23pcjAlways do
21:48.31sacarascGood to hear.
21:50.12pcjis anyone else having trouble logging in
21:50.20pcjto the wow website
21:55.41mxssacarasc: I do not believe it is USB, actually
21:56.05mxsat least if it's anything like the other gazillion rsa otpassword tokens out there
21:56.38sacarascI just had it in my head it was a USB thing... Before I actually read what it does.
21:56.59Adysyour diffs are screwy
21:57.21pcjur moms diffs are screwy
21:58.17Adysthey're catering to the easymode immortal
21:58.21Adysand undying
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22:36.20pcjthat'll give you nightmares
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22:49.19sacarascWho is this Jimmy?
22:49.36winkillerMr. Wales probably
22:49.42winkillerby the look of the beard
22:53.49AdysI read that as "Mrs. Wales"
22:54.05winkillerwe know you're fixated on women with beards
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23:38.23mxsAdys: yeah, it is a "bit" screwy. no time to fix atm :)
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