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00:28.40winkillersoothes mxs. There, there...things will be ok.
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00:39.45Ufretin_anyone from Ravencrest here?
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12:52.29Nathanyelgood morning
12:52.50Nathanyelit is morning already over there, right?
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13:00.46Nathanyelaaanyway what I came here for is someone who can edit {{tooltip}} - probably only an admin can help :P
13:00.46DottedNathanyel meant:
13:01.04Nathanyelwell thanks for the linkage Dotted
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14:07.11Nathanyelhey there :)
14:07.27NathanyelI see you changed Earthwarden to state it was "buffed" in 3.0.8
14:08.09NathanyelI wouldn't say "buffed" but rather converted to the new system, the DPS increase was just a result of that change
14:08.42Nathanyelthose and other previous FPS weapon are not actually "better" now ;)
14:09.24Nathanyelwell just warning you, I'm going through a lot of those weapons (hopefully all) right now, I hope you don't wanna edit those, too ;)
14:10.25Nathanyelor should I put a paragraph like yours on all of those pages?
14:12.19Nathanyelanyway, can you update ? Because I can't :P
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14:17.57Nathanyel2Nickname already in use.  Please choose another (/nick {name}). wtf?
14:18.27Nathanyel2I never liked IRC, and it never liked me :P
14:20.24gOurrathat's because after you've disconnected your old nick doesn't quit right away
14:20.48Nathanyel2I figured that, but a while ago it still said that after several minutes...
14:20.54gOurraregistering to nickserv makes you able to 'ghost' it, i.e. kill it
14:21.20Nathanyel2I don't think I'd be here often enough to make that worthwile ;)
14:23.17Nathanyel2well, before I continue, should I put something like on every item page I edit?
14:23.19gOurraisn't Strength converted to AP for druids, though?
14:23.24Nathanyel2it is
14:23.28Nathanyel2oh wait
14:23.39Nathanyel2the stat Strength was converted to AP
14:23.52gOurra.. that's what I meant
14:24.09Nathanyel2to make those weapons attractive to hunters (and in the case of Earthwarden, to Paladins and probably DKs, too)
14:24.16gOurrahmm okay
14:24.53Nathanyel2well that's an item that wasn't aimed at druids before :D rather warriors/paladins
14:25.14pcjbecause paladins were anything but holy back then
14:25.43Nathanyel2(well only warriors then :P)
14:25.43Nathanyel2while they encourage hunters to roll on druid loot, they wouldn't do that for warrior loot :D
14:26.21gOurrathat's a few maces that has +str on it
14:26.24gOurrano AP
14:26.30Nathanyel2yeah but those weapons didn't have FAP on them before ;)
14:26.47Nathanyel2all weapons with FAP got their strength converted
14:26.57Nathanyel2though I consult wowhead anyway
14:27.18Nathanyel2do you think I convert the caster dps to melee dps in my head? :D
14:27.25pcjattack power?
14:28.13Nathanyel2I'm thinking items like
14:28.47Nathanyel2wait, that one has neither AP nor Str ...
14:29.45Nathanyel2those items got their Str converted to AP ;)
14:30.34Nathanyel2I'm using the Google result of "attack power" "Cat, Bear, Dire Bear, and Moonkin"
14:30.34Nathanyel2to find those weapons
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14:36.36Nathanyel2ah there it's gone
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14:38.01Nathanyelah, gOurra is back already - you didn't answer my question:
14:38.01Nathanyel[15:23:16] Nathanyel: well, before I continue, should I put something like on every item page I edit?
14:38.37gOurrayou mean the "[<changes link> Stats changed]." thing?
14:40.16gOurrauhm sure.. you could probably add something like "|fap=<number>" to the tooltip too, in case someone adds the thing to the template
14:41.32Nathanyelit's not gonna interest many people, not even druids, how the weapon looked before, e.g. the Str conversion is actually a buff, since it benefits from to result in more AP
14:42.30Nathanyelplus, when I'm just editing the page, how do I link to that edit in progress? :D (please don't say two edits)
14:43.37gOurratwo edits
14:43.42Nathanyeldang :P
14:44.17Nathanyelwhile I got you talking, can you edit the tooltip template with my suggested changes? see
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14:44.30Nathanyelsup kub
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14:44.53gOurratalk to pcj, he likes to edit it
14:45.04Nathanyel*pokes pcj*
14:50.14NathanyelgOurra: not to sound lazy, but can I just omit the diff link and just have it say "Stats changed"? :P
14:50.28Nathanyelpcj: see a few lines up
14:50.39pcjsorry im too lazy
14:50.47gOurrasorry im too lazy
14:51.01Nathanyelhey I was lazy first :P
14:51.51gOurrawrite then that "Damage changed from A - B to X - Y, DPS from C to D" etc
14:52.10Nathanyelok I'll use the diff link
14:52.18pcj<@gOurra> uhm sure.. you could probably add something like "|fap=<number>" to the tooltip too, in case someone adds the thing to the template
14:52.25gOurraFAP FAP
14:52.45Nathanyelpcj: welcome to two years ago :P
14:53.17gOurrawho fapped two years ago?
14:54.01sacarascI'm pretty sure I did.
14:54.09Nathanyelto stay in that era's lingo, pcj: can haz luk at teh templit whenz u dun fappin?
14:54.40Nathanyel(yes, typing that cost me several hundreds of brain cells. ouch.)
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14:55.34pcjwow, so you're at what, -299 brain cells?
14:56.17Oseno u
14:56.25DottedThe job queue length is currently 59151
14:56.30Nathanyelyeah, I better take 300 out of storage again to be able to do those numbing edits
14:56.31DottedThe job queue length is currently 60313
14:59.20Nathanyelthis proves looking at queues repeatedly only makes them longer
15:00.12Nathanyelbtw thanks pcj
15:00.20pcjcorrelation is not causation
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15:43.57Adysww down?
15:46.55Nathanyelit's rather slow, though
15:47.10gOurranot for me
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15:47.37Nathanyelwell if Adys isn't in the US, too, that might be the cause
15:48.03Adysits back up
15:57.28syberghostDamn furners; clogging up our tubes.
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16:09.07winkiller<lords of the sunwel>
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16:25.44AckisWorkcan a nobody like me rename a page?
16:28.37Fisker-technically you can :P
16:29.21Fisker-move = rename
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16:29.51foxlitpcj should so get that to ping him.
16:31.30zhaozhouGuys, newbie here. What does DC stand for?
16:31.44sacarascDisconnect? Direct Current?
16:31.45pcjdirect current
16:32.22Fisker-depends on the context of course :P
16:32.30Fisker-but those 2 are good suggestions
16:32.34pcjno, it's direct current
16:32.35zhaozhouIn wow. <: wowhead has this forum, "what you don't want to hear from a tank", and one post was "i got DC'ed"
16:32.48pcjyeah he got electrocuted
16:33.27zhaozhouOh... right.
16:33.49sacarascNo, he was disconnected. pcj is made of lies.
16:33.55sacarascHe is the devil, you know.
16:33.59pcjquit being helpful sacarasc
16:34.07zhaozhou: D
16:34.08sacarascHe codes in javascript, which is proof!
16:35.38zhaozhoupcj, I hope you write elinks-support!
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16:40.26zhaozhoupcj, Backwards compatibility and strict, valid coding, would sum it up...
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16:40.55zhaozhouI've just gotten the word "elinks-support" in my mind for some reason
16:41.03pcjthat's not a word
16:44.54AckisWork <-- I'm trying to link the Core Set Drums of War reference to the Drums of War reference on that page, but the link doesn't want to work heh
16:46.19pcjworks for me
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17:05.19AckisWorkhmm no g0urra
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18:18.51Ose" In Scandinavia, from which most members of the top euro guilds are from, you can get roughly $40,000 USD a year for doing nothing, they're called "dole bums" over there. This number does not include the free healthcare and education they also recieve. "
18:19.22Osesomeone show me the way to this welfare offcie please
18:19.48Nathanyelyeah well good luck becoming a citizen of one of the Scandinavian countries :P
18:20.04syberghostGive the US another couple of years.
18:21.36NathanyelI don't think even Obama can raise social payment numbers to the relative level of other "1st world" countries
18:24.05OseNathanyel: i'm from Norway
18:25.21Ose"They are all socialists and therefore work 4 days a week." wahahahahaha
18:28.23Nathanyelah ok :P
18:28.41Nathanyelwell yeah, the payments may be that high, but that also counts for all the prices there :D
18:29.33NathanyelI remember a trip to Norway with the scouts, we paid over 100 DM (or 50 Euro now) for some meat
18:30.02Nathanyelat least triple the price in Germany :P
18:31.01*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
18:31.16Nathanyelthen again, I also remember the fine pieces of ass walking on the streets of Oslo :P
18:48.23Fisker-gogo find a new build mx
18:54.09Osewell Oslo is the worlds most expensive city
18:54.41Nathanyelthat's what I said :P
18:56.27Oselikes his country though
18:56.40Ose + 4.7 million people total = good times
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21:05.03ANORGANICcan i ask something?
21:05.25infobotQuestions in the channel should be specific, informative, complete, concise, and on-topic.  Don't ask if you can ask a question first.  Don't ask if a person is there; just ask what you intended to ask them.  Better questions more frequently yield better answers.  We are all here voluntarily or against our will.
21:05.54syberghostExcept g0urra, who isn't here at all.
21:05.54ANORGANICi play wow from home , i have a file with addons , but i dont know where to put it so i can use the addons in-game
21:06.47sacarascIt goes in your WoW directory, in the Interface/AddOns directory.
21:07.15ANORGANICinterface folder is in file "data" ?
21:07.36OseI think you have to create it if it doesn't exist yet
21:07.39sacarascC:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ is a common one.
21:07.58ANORGANICAxm i think i have it in there ... but it stills dont work :S
21:08.14Osealso you could try out the curse client (google it)
21:08.28Oseit's a program which installs and updates addons for you
21:08.37ANORGANICcurse client?
21:10.08ANORGANICoh ;/ i opened the link but it's very big and i'm lost :S
21:10.48*** join/#wowwiki Beutju (
21:10.52Osefollow sacaracasaracasccascss url
21:10.56ANORGANICso if i donwload this program , i guess i will solve my problem ?
21:12.23sacarascIf your add on is supported by Curse.
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21:55.56kd3raah, wru new ptr client?
22:07.11Oseraahs too
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23:28.22AlitaHi! I have a problem with my WoW instalation :( Can anybody help me?
23:31.17sacarascHow would we know?
23:32.23sacarascWhat is the problem?
23:33.14AlitaOnly my wow.exe v3.0.9 is broken and i dont have the installer here, can you send me the file? :S
23:36.37sacarascUse the Repair.exe.
23:39.01AlitaI did. But dont repair the file :( can you upload wow.exe to rapidshare or something? (sorry my english!)
23:39.20Eraclitoi can't send the file, but i can send the computer via airmail
23:39.28Eraclitocalls the courier
23:39.58sacarascAs you seem to be in .ar, I can't. Being in UK my Wow.exe would be different to yours
23:43.32Alitaooh i have the US version. :( thanks anyway
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23:56.05dcemusernifty news out from Daelo - Updated PTR schedule. officially announces four ulduar bosses.
23:57.09*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (i=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)

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