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00:12.47anotherdudesup all?¿
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00:23.00Sandwichman2449wants to ask a serious question.
00:25.01Sandwichman2449How do you respond to Rolandius without causing drama? Any tips? He asked me a question that seems like a powder keg.
00:27.00Sandwichman2449I can not anwser that, because he did not. He has altered paged based on his understanding, but I can not recall him doing this because of link placement.
00:28.06Sandwichman2449I'll just say that and see where it goes. I want to be tactful, but not timid.
00:28.58Sandwichman2449I try to go for professional...
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00:41.34foxlitSandwichman2449: you could just re-state that you were merely describing what he should not do, rather than what he has done.
00:43.37FullDolphinXThanks. I will try that.
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00:46.09SandwichToo many dcs.
00:48.14Sandwich <- How is that?
00:49.00foxlitMeh, works well enough :)
00:52.49Adyssomeone upload him
00:52.51Adysand fuck firefox
01:02.37anotherdudehave goodnight all
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02:10.15ProjektTHORSo, I cannot seem to make edits without them being flagged by the "spam filter."
02:10.22ProjektTHOREven when said edits do not contain external links.
02:11.47pcj***WARNING: SPAM DETECTED***
02:13.41ProjektTHORhar har
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02:18.52foxlitI'd suggest taking a small break
02:19.20Bagginswwhmm getting spam filter errors
02:19.26foxlit(it makes a moderate amount of sense to, after a number of failures, temporarily block posting entirely)
02:20.34foxlitThen again, who knows :)
02:32.29pcjworks for me
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08:02.56X3_anyone need recaps on the piratebay trials?
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08:51.09Fisker-gOurra my archnemesis
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14:25.38Fisker-RELEASE THE PTR
14:27.51SyrionNLNonono, it's  "Release the hounds!"
14:28.04SyrionNLbefore you pummel him into oblivion
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15:44.20Fisker-so mxs
15:44.25Fisker-they obviously put up 3.1 but hid it
15:56.39mxsFisker-: and obviously you know where
15:56.41mxsright ? RIGHT ?
16:14.34Fisker-yes :(
16:14.44Fisker-They must
16:14.49Fisker-my ptr sense is tingling
16:23.15infobotit has been said that fisker- is a brand of cat food
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17:21.51Fisker-do { $i = 9551; $i; $i +=1; $web.DownloadFile("" +$i + "-PTR-EU-Installer-downloader.exe", "test-" + $i + ".exe") } while ($i -le 10000)
17:21.53Fisker-nothing ;_;
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17:25.24teclo-Hello, how can I learn mining ?
17:25.36g0urrateclo-, ask a guard for a mining trainer
17:26.01selckinFisker-: that seems rather invalid
17:31.35Fisker-selckin it isn't
17:32.56teclo-g0urra: thak you
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17:35.35selckinFisker-: how does it not reset $i every loop?
17:36.24mxsFisker-: no, powershell is, apparently, way too verbose.
17:36.58mxsdoes exactly the same
17:37.01Fisker-good point though selckin
17:37.15Fisker-was just to save some space
17:37.58Fisker-silly me
17:38.03selckinwelcome to shell scripting, 20 years later =)
17:38.18Fisker-i disagree mxs
17:38.35mxsor if you really want to do it with a loop : for a in {9551..10000} ; do wget$a-PTR-EU-Installer-downloader.exe ; done
17:38.48Fisker-that's moar liek it mxs
17:38.55Fisker-don't got wget though
17:39.00Fisker-so this will do
17:39.06pcjis sigil of the unfaltering knight not in game
17:39.06mxsuhm ... why is that "more like it" ?
17:39.23mxsthe only difference between the two is that the first calls wget with 1500 arguments, while the second calls wget 1500 times
17:39.25Fisker-because that's how i've done it :P
17:39.26mxsI prefer the former
17:39.48Fisker-never seen your way before
17:39.58Fisker-not that much of a linux guy though ;_;
17:40.00mxsit's incredibly useful :P
17:40.20Fisker-i wouldn't be surprised if powershell has the same feature
17:41.06mxswget --output-document WoW- http://youknowtheip/WoW-{0..500}
17:41.29Fisker-pretty smart
17:41.37Fisker-i actually made an app for that
17:41.57Fisker-need wget i see
17:42.26mxsI'm neglecting to note a downside though
17:42.43mxsmost systems don't like parameter lists longer than a few hundred kilobytes
17:43.40mxs(you can get around that with xargs, but then --output-document does the wrong thing :>)
17:45.12Fisker-ptr must be released soon though
17:48.19Fisker-and ghostcrawler is posting
17:48.25Fisker-that means it's going to happen!
18:22.56kd3when is gc ever not posting?
18:32.06Fisker-I WANT THE PTR
18:35.32foxlitYou can't always get what you want.
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18:43.37Fisker-I WANT NOT THE PTR
18:46.05Eraclitowants ptr mage patch notes :<
18:51.45Fisker-yeah you better run foxlit
18:52.31foxlitall day, fisker-?
18:53.44mxswe should make Fisker- go to sleep
18:53.52mxsso the ptr gets released 5 minutes after
18:54.00Fisker-doesn't seem to work anymore
18:54.02mxsanybody got some knockout-pills ?
18:54.22Fisker-i got plenty
18:56.06Fisker-what annoys me is that they don't even put up the patch notes
18:56.09Fisker-silly blizzard
19:04.50pcjwell i have plenty of chloroform
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22:22.35Fisker-why won't ptr come out mxs ?
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23:57.39Crystalanyone around to help me with a script?

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