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09:07.41cruciallyany problems, ping me
09:28.22Adyskd3: for the record, major cleanup on the wine article. Moved it to [[Wine]], merged all the Linux stuff into it, gonna add a crossover section if i think about it at some point, and merged all the troubleshooting stuff into [[Wine/Troubleshooting]]
09:28.23DottedAdys meant:,
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09:32.53Fisker-In addition, items and achievements which were gained illegitimately with incorrect ratings will be removed, and the spent arena points refunded. We thank you for your patience while we worked through these issues related to the Arenas.
09:32.59Fisker-You mean and the offenders banned right?
09:33.04Fisker-You know for intended exploitation etc.
09:33.17Fisker-consistency fail is faaaaail
09:34.17LukianAdys, I'd recommend gufw over firestarter
09:34.26Lukianit's included by default with ubuntu distributions now
09:34.48Lukiangui version of ufw
09:34.57Adyshah so they did one in the end
09:35.02Adysanyway i dont use firewalls
09:35.07Lukianme either
09:35.14Lukianbut it's fucking simple to use
09:35.21LukianI don't see an end user f'ing it up :D
09:35.32AdysThis has been in beta for awhile, is there an ETA on when the final first version of google chrome will be out?
09:35.39Adysfrom chromium-discuss
09:35.59Lukian"gmail is still in beta, your guess is as good as mine"
09:36.22Adysgmail is in alpha
09:36.25Adysbut dont tell anyone
09:36.33Lukiando I want to know? :D
09:36.41Adysoh no you dont
09:36.50Adysanyway ill update the rest of the page another time, work to do
09:36.57Adyswork involving my bed and my eyes being closed
09:37.01Lukianapparently all the ads I'm seeing lately think I live in caloundra..
09:37.11Adysthats because YOU DO
09:37.13Lukianenjoy your work!
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10:45.02gOurralove me pcj
10:50.45Fisker-i love you g0
10:50.47Fisker-damn you
10:50.49Fisker-i love you gOurra
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13:00.30kennypoweris any operator / admin of wikipedia on?
13:00.51winkillerwhy would they be here?
13:00.53kennypoweri want to say that is up again, after a 3 day downtime because of a server malfunction
13:01.10gOurrakennypower: we are not affiliated with wikipedia
13:01.13gOurrajoin #wikipedia
13:01.19kennypoweri know
13:01.24kennypoweri mean the patch list
13:01.30kennypowersorry not wikipedia :>
13:01.30winkilleryou mean "wowwiki"
13:01.32kennypoweri miss spelled
13:01.40winkillerand no one edited [[patch_mirrors]
13:01.45winkilleryour site is still on it
13:01.59kennypowersomeone deleted one tree patch
13:02.12kennypowerthe patch 302-to-303
13:02.16kennypowerbut i added it again
13:02.17kennypowerno problem
13:02.44kennypowerand i also added 303 to 308
13:03.02kennypowercurrently i have all the patches in the wow wiki patch list
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13:04.01kennypowerwinkiller my site has all available patches :D
13:04.05kennypoweralmost all
13:04.27winkillervery useful
13:04.41winkillerin case I'm travelling back in time I'll bring some with m
13:05.33Lukianyou can't take anything with you when you time travel
13:05.36Mokzucan i ask a rogue question?
13:05.37Lukianyou should know that by now.
13:05.41kennypowersome players play on private servers
13:05.49kennypowerprivate servers run on 2.4.3
13:05.52Mokzuoh i dont....
13:05.52kennypowerso they are useful
13:06.04winkilleryou mentioned private servers
13:06.08winkillerypu will be prosecuted
13:06.15winkillerMokzu: ?
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13:06.29Mokzui nee
13:06.32Mokzud help
13:06.38winkiller$5 each
13:06.41Lukianyes, yes you do
13:07.00winkillerfirst piece of advice: only hit the <enter> key when you're sentence is typed
13:07.11infobotThis is IRC. Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question and if someone's around, they'll be glad to help.
13:07.38Mokzuok anyone know about rogue talents? i read from wowwiki but i didnt quite understand it... what is good for pvp but still to lvl up? i do raids..
13:08.01LukianMokzu, your sentence makes no sense
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13:08.04gOurrado you have a rogue now?
13:08.08Lukianone doesn't pvp, level and raid at the same time :p
13:08.14Mokzuyes lvl 66
13:08.19gOurrayou don't raid at 66
13:08.24winkillerlevel with any spec you want
13:08.28winkillerthey're all good
13:08.37winkilleryou until start to suck once you hit 89
13:08.42winkilleragain with all specs
13:08.43Mokzuyes i do, zul gurub, onyxias, bt soon
13:09.03gOurrawho the heck raid those
13:09.09winkillerwhy the hell do I type malformed sentences?
13:09.31Mokzuthanks for site!
13:09.46gOurraMokzu: where are you raiding onyxia?
13:09.48winkillersub is more fun to level
13:10.19Mokzui had it... no one likes it in raids and instances
13:10.22Mokzuwhat mean where?
13:10.46winkillerplay with better people
13:10.51Lukianyeah subt dps is awful in instances
13:10.51winkillersub is awesome
13:10.56Lukianbut the utlity is great
13:10.59winkillerwhile levelling up?
13:11.00gOurrawhat server
13:11.03Lukian+whatever letter I missed
13:11.04winkillerwho cares about damage?
13:11.12MokzuBlade's Edge
13:11.20winkilleryou're not behind casters with 300 +spell
13:11.41winkillerwell, ok
13:11.42Lukianwinkiller, I do, because I dislike instances taking forever because I'm outdpsing them as the tank (pre-3.0) :p
13:12.01winkilleryou wouldn't have outdpsed my sub rogue
13:12.18winkillerwhen I was 68 I outdpsed people in kara stuff
13:12.19Lukiansomeone who knows how to play :D
13:12.38winkillerok, I had nice gear and good weapons, but still :P
13:12.50winkillerit's not that sub has to be bad dps
13:12.59winkilleryou're only noticing it in raids
13:13.02winkiller(at 70)
13:13.07winkillermy sub rogue is still 70
13:13.12winkillercombat at 80 atm
13:13.14winkillerand it sucks: P
13:13.21[sync]If it isn't the leet Wowwiki channel
13:13.29[sync]Just for the record, Chinese internet users cannot access Wowwiki
13:13.39*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
13:13.40[sync]Don't know if you guys have had that reported to you in the past..
13:13.47winkillerI think not
13:13.56winkillerbut we had some chinese spam entries in the past
13:14.29winkillerso that seems to only be correct for 99.5% of the chinese internet users
13:14.45winkillerbut it still sucks
13:15.17winkillerthen again, what percentage of them can speak english good enough to make use of the info there?
13:15.45winkilleras most stuff is useless anyway if your game client has a different language
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13:17.33kennypower1you should send a warn ...not just ban
13:17.37kennypower1i didn't know
13:18.07syberghostYou know that ban evasion is grounds for more severe action, right?
13:18.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!*n=kennyx@79.117.64.*] by gOurra
13:18.13*** kick/#wowwiki [kennypower1!n=g0u@wowwiki/g0urra] by gOurra (gOurra)
13:18.29syberghostExcellent; now he knows.  :)
13:18.46gOurranice going by highlighting me
13:18.50syberghostBTW, OMG, you banned Kenny!  You bastard!
13:19.19syberghostWhat'd I miss, anyway?
13:19.23gOurraAt least I have chicken.
13:19.56Mokzuanyone know pickpocket macro for rogues?
13:20.45winkillerAutoloot on
13:20.46winkiller./cast pick pocket
13:21.02winkiller./cast sinister strike
13:21.09winkilleror cheap shot or whatevr
13:21.20Mokzui do cheap
13:21.26Mokzuok thanks again
13:27.29[sync]Eh Win, there are still some chinese users that can read and understand english, although chinese users spam = ip ban.... eh...
13:27.56syberghostIf they speak English, then they should know to move to the US or Canada by now.
13:28.02[sync]I have tried getting on wowwiki at about 4 different ISPs, each one didn't let me.
13:28.14Mokzuone question, do i need to add it to action bar or does it automatically cats it?
13:28.25[sync]I'm starting to think you guys either a. blocked the main ISP address, or the chinese government set a filter (not likely lol)
13:28.48syberghostI think "China blocking access to Wikia" sounds like a pretty likely thing.
13:28.59Mokzuits autoloot macro?
13:29.08Mokzuwhy then to action bar?
13:29.21syberghostSince they routinely block access to sites that contain information they'd like to pretend doesn't exist.
13:29.58syberghostThey've blocked Wikipedia before, why not Wikia?
13:30.04[sync]Wikipedia works fine for me,
13:30.42syberghostWhich part of "before" is giving you problems?
13:31.29pcjdoes China monitor/censor IRC too?
13:31.36pcjwoo go taiwan!
13:33.16syberghostAlso please note that when China decides to block something, they typically don't fire off a press release saying "hey, we're gonna block this today".
13:33.44syberghostIt just mysteriously stops working, until people figure out exactly what's blocked where and begin routing around the damage.
13:33.50gOurraI want to make love to you pcj
13:34.12syberghostIt's true; his desktop wallpaper is a picture of you.
13:34.28syberghostWell, it's Brad Pitt with "pcj" typed on his shirt, but he pretends it's you.
13:34.59gOurrasyberghost: you know what "pitt" means in swedish?
13:35.19syberghost"learn English, motherfucker"?
13:35.26gOurrait's slang for penis
13:35.34pcjur moms slang for penis
13:35.41[sync]Im off..
13:35.46pcjur moms off
13:35.46syberghost[sync]:  <- here's a tool to check sites and see if China is blocking them, but dunno how good it is
13:35.56pcjtoo late
13:35.56KalrothBrad "Pitt" gOurra
13:36.02gOurrawhy don't you love me pcj :(
13:36.03syberghostlol, it's been taken offline due to threats
13:36.15Kalrothpcj is hater
13:36.53syberghost  <- says Wikia is blocked
13:37.20pcjthat's why we need to remain separate
13:37.56gOurrapcj love me
13:38.21pcjhey adys g0urra is horny, please help him
13:39.01gOurrano thanks, I'll be loving someone else anyway
13:39.02syberghostsets ban on gOurra's penis
13:39.18Kalrothpcj: will you be my baby
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14:07.23charginmahlazerda fuck is up with wow today?
14:08.35gOurrait hates you
14:08.47sacarascI can understand why
14:09.20Kalrothwow has gone gOurra on us
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14:15.26Fisker-pcj wowwiki is already blocked as far as i know
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15:46.04syberghostpcj; that's fucking awesome!
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15:59.27Fisker-i'm getting a knife now!
16:10.07Fisker-Better idea:
16:10.15Fisker-They should've made the army knife "enchantable"
16:10.17*** join/#wowwiki ecs (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
16:10.21Fisker-and various tools should be enchants
16:10.28Fisker-and you could enchant your army knife with all your shit
16:12.23sacarascFisker-: Why don't you apply for a job at Blizzard as an ideas "man"
16:13.30Tuqui-tuquiare thos gnome army knives BoP or BoE?
16:13.41Fisker-If i'd apply for a job at Blizzard it would be as an consistency "man"
16:14.12Tuqui-tuquianyone can use them
16:14.13sacarascAnd they're the best way to level the last few points of engineering, so there are loads of them around
16:14.18Tuqui-tuquiexcept for the jumper cables
16:14.29Fisker-For example: Don't ban people for retarded shit like a few extra candy corn
16:14.31Tuqui-tuquischweet, going to get one then
16:14.43Fisker-But do ban people for insane shit like buying gear you're not supposed to have
16:22.01amroFisker-: who got banned over candy corn?
16:22.31sacarascFisker- did
16:28.59Amarandehmm, has shadow become passe for locks again vs. fire?
16:30.58syberghostYour group, your group, your group is on fire
16:31.18AmarandeI'm looking at
16:31.24Amarandeand trying to figure out how warlocks are getting 5k DPS
16:31.34Amarandewhen I'm still struggling to reach 2k DPS
16:31.59Amarandeof course, that's patchwerk, who is generally kind enough to stand there and let people dps him
16:32.12amroAmarande: could simply be your spellpower
16:32.15Amarandewhereas my dps experiences come from heroic bosses half of whom keep requiring me to move.
16:32.16amroand spi
16:32.33Amarandethat's my gear
16:32.35amroalso remember that in raids you get more buffs and more debuffs on the target
16:32.43amroso you do a lot more dps
16:32.49Amarandeyeah, I haven't measured my raid dps yet
16:32.52Amarandewhich is going to be a pain
16:33.04Amarandebecause raid groups so often want you to give, you guessed it, a dps measurement before you go in
16:33.29sacarascThe spell power looks low to me... Only 400 above my enhancement shaman
16:33.40Amarandewell, that's also unbuffed
16:33.40amroAmarande: your guild doesn't raid?
16:33.45Amarandesince armory doesn't show buffs anymore
16:33.52Amarandeamro: I'm in a small friends guild, I have to PUG most things
16:33.53amroyeah still a bit low
16:33.57pcjwhy so sub-2560 AP
16:34.06pcjerr -sub
16:34.35AmarandeI'd tell you what it is buffed, but the realms are still down.
16:34.49pcjalso how is the dodge trinket working for you
16:35.05Amarande makes me sad. :(
16:35.34Amarandepcj: mainly for the stamina, and the room to put in more +hit gems
16:35.34*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:35.45Amarandethere's also a distinct lack of especially great trinkets anyway
16:35.47pcjwhy not
16:35.51pcj ?
16:36.16AmarandeI actually had that, and switched over to the yellow one
16:36.34Amarandethink I wanted a yellow socket for the extra +hit
16:36.47syberghostWe don't need to firetruck let the mother fuckers burn; burn Allied fuckers, burn.
16:36.49Amarandealthough apparently I already have surplus hit, at least when raid buffs are taken into account
16:42.08amroAmarande: I suggest organizing raids with your guild, even if you need to pug to pick up the rest of the members
16:42.51charginmahlazerI have a question for anyone with an 80 DK
16:43.52*** part/#wowwiki charginmahlazer (n=chatzill@
16:45.15Tuqui-tuquiwell there goes the question
16:51.02amronow I really want to know what the question was
16:52.36*** join/#wowwiki Olorin (
16:52.48syberghostOnly the Shadow knows.
17:03.01*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (n=Bibi@unaffiliated/bibi)
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17:04.03*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
17:10.32Amarandewtf is with the ads on WoW sites lately
17:10.38Amarandeit's always "reduce stomach fat" heh
17:11.05Amarandeand we're supposed to somehow believe that slimming down a woman makes her look better. LOL
17:11.40Tuqui-tuquiI blocked them in firefox
17:15.45pcjwhat ads
17:16.05Amarandepcj: the one in the northeastern corner of the screen, in particular
17:16.15pcji don't see ads
17:16.17Amarandeit's always the stomach fat ad. heh
17:17.04syberghostAds?  What are these "ads" of which you speak?
17:18.31AmarandeAwww, and why did they remove "It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye" from the C'Thun battle audio?
17:27.05*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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17:39.36BagginswwCAn we get an applaus for redundant book titles?
17:40.33Bagginswwgranted if that really is the title, then article will have to be moved to at least Death Knight (A World of Warcraft Adventure).
17:45.06*** join/#wowwiki mxs (i=mxs@unaffiliated/mxs)
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17:53.50*** join/#wowwiki AckisWork (i=8ee555cd@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
18:00.36*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
18:08.35pcj"All realms are now available for play.  We'll see you in game!
18:08.38pcjEXCEPT MINE
18:09.54SportChickstifles a giggle
18:11.12pcji don't want any of your lip freenode lady
18:11.16pcjand don't try k-lining me
18:11.18pcji'm on to you
18:14.31*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
18:19.54SportChickpcj: hehe, why would I kline you? :)
18:20.07pcjfor being on to you
18:20.16SportChickpcj: hehe
18:20.29SportChickOlorin: wow olorin?  are you the olorin from runetotem? :D
18:24.48*** join/#wowwiki Pazza_ (
18:50.11*** join/#wowwiki Ufretin (
19:03.46Olorinnope thats not me.. not sure what runetotem is lol
19:05.13pcja server
19:07.38syberghostur mom's a runetotem
19:10.45SportChickOlorin: it's a server - there's a guy in my guild on runetotem with your nick
19:26.38*** join/#wowwiki sacarasc (
19:28.27*** join/#wowwiki Nahkiss (
19:32.33winkillerRunetotem, Pennsylvania
19:32.40winkillerthat would be nice
19:32.47winkilleror better Runetotem, Iowa
19:33.11syberghostRunetotem, Rhode Island
19:45.00DottedDarkmoon Faire, Denmark
19:46.54SwizzyWowikki, Wisconsin.
19:50.43SportChickRunetotem, Metotenur
19:52.46Fisker-slaps Dotted around a bit with a large trout
19:53.15Dottedypu'd rather want Jita, Denmark?
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21:44.21infoboti heard infobot is me. I love abuse, feed me!, or an interactive bot that can learn all sorts of information (, or updated sources at, or a robot that doesn't know it should only speak when spoken to, or on fire, or awesome.
21:49.03*** join/#wowwiki AckisWork (i=8ee555cd@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/ARL/Troll/Ackis)
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22:06.37infobotACTION purrs
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22:31.53infobotmethinks fisker- is a brand of cat food
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