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05:45.30QuickScopeAnyone on lightnings blade ?
05:47.23Charitwoask pcj
05:47.48QuickScopeslaps pcj around a bit with a large trout
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06:29.02Charitwohey Adys
06:29.27Fisker-hey Charitwo
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06:29.51Charitwooh crap a dane, now sounds like a good time for sleep
06:30.04Fisker-why so srs?
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06:36.27surface-hi, got a question about a macro on the site
06:36.30surface-a trade macro
06:36.55surface-/script CastSpellByName("Jewelcrafting");SendChatMessage("I'll create items against mats, look out: "..GetTradeSkillListLink(),"CHANNEL",nil,GetChannelName("Trade - City"));CloseTradeSkill();
06:37.23surface-the jewelcrafting cant be opend as a link for users to look at :(
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07:52.42AdysBibi: msn down, now t'arrete de sux, merci.
07:53.24Adyssurface-: 2 things
07:53.35Adyssurface-: #wowuidev may help you more, and
07:53.56Adyswhat do you mean by "cant be opened as a link"?
07:54.07Adyssome trade links are bugged and cant be opened
07:54.33surface-you know how you link a profession ?
07:54.38surface-and it's clickable
07:54.53surface-so you can see all the things that the user have learnd?
07:55.16Adysi meant, when you use your macro
07:55.21Adysis the link colored?
07:55.26Adysor what does it show?
07:55.34surface-nope, it's grey as a normal message
07:56.28Adyssurface-: can you do something like..
07:57.32Adysi think its that, i just woke up
07:58.07Adysand tell me what it prints
07:58.07surface-same stuff :)
07:58.23Adyswhat do you mean?
07:58.29surface-same problem as before
07:58.38Adys"Jewelcrafting" alone, without anything else around it?
07:59.03surface-just "Jewelcrafting"
07:59.58Adysum sec seen something similar before
08:01.25Adyssurface-: what about /script print(string.gsub(GetSpellLink(51311), "\124", "\124\124");CloseTradeSkill();
08:02.02Adys(forget that closetradeskill at the end)
08:02.54surface-dont see anything :o
08:04.18surface-nope, dont see anything anywhere :(
08:04.36surface-it should print it in the chatlog right?
08:04.37AdysO_o /script print(GetSpellLink(51311)) ?
08:05.04surface-oh now
08:05.23surface-/script print(GetSpellLink(51311)) <-- works
08:05.56surface-i get 2 jewelcrafting, a blue and yellow one
08:06.00surface-the blue just tells me
08:06.06Adysblue is first?
08:06.40Adysshould work
08:07.30surface-just one way to find out :)
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09:13.56surface-Adys dont work :D
09:14.16Adyswhat does it say?
09:14.38surface-by the way, forgot to say that i uses prat, so the tradechat is for me (2)
09:14.47KalrothAdys is french, of course he doesn't work.
09:14.52surface-that maybe doesnt matter so:P
09:15.02Adyssurface-: just explain what happens please
09:15.06Adysi cant help if i have to guess
09:15.38surface-/script SendChatMessage("I'll create items against mats, look out: ", GetSpellLink51311()),"CHANNEL",nil,GetChannelName("Trade - City"))
09:16.12surface-nothing happens :)
09:16.33surface-noticed the error
09:16.37surface-and it's fixed :)
09:16.50surface-/script SendChatMessage("I'll create items against mats, look out: ", GetSpellLink51311()),"CHANNEL",nil,GetChannelName("Trade - City"))
09:17.14Adysits GetSpellLink(51311)
09:18.03Kalrothlook out? ..
09:18.20surface-thats not my org message :)
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14:22.41pb_ee1pcj: olol, flying mount
14:23.18pb_ee1Car's first expansion: Burning Fuel
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16:15.31Sky2042_afkholy shit
16:15.36Sky2042_afk2.5 million pounds
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16:16.56Tuqui-tuquithat picture
16:17.00Tuqui-tuquidid someone punch her?
16:20.37Fisker-i can do fake bids as well
16:21.50pcjfisker you want privite chat?
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16:40.20Adys[18:15:30] <Sky2042_afk> holy shit
16:40.20Adys[18:15:34] <Sky2042_afk> 2.5 million pounds
16:40.23AdysLIKE YOUR MOM
16:42.44Charitwono u
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16:57.55Osepcj i'm going to steal your mainpage tab code thingy
16:58.02Ose<tabview> is hopeless
17:12.32Charitwog0urra why so srs
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18:52.35Kirkburnuh, hullo
18:52.56KirkburnI only have Blade's Edge Mountains left to do for the Loremaster achievement :/
18:53.06KirkburnGod knows where I'll find a group for that
18:55.33KirkburnWhy-oh-why did they include the Ogri'la quests...
18:55.48KirkburnHow's everyone?
18:55.49sacarascget some friends and made an hour of it
18:55.59AmarandeOwning the living tar out of Stratholme.
18:56.03AmarandeOr the not so living tar, anyway.
18:56.11KirkburnAmarande, ha, that's what I did this weekend too :P
18:56.41Kirkburnsacarasc, crazy talk. I don't know anyone on my server >_<
18:57.37Eraclitosearch players with funny names
18:58.27Eraclitotwo days ago a dude named Futanari completed the nagrand arena chain and got his name yelled
18:58.40KirkburnEraclito, isn't that normally ... er ... most of them?
18:59.23Eraclitoyep but you can choose the most funny :>
18:59.29KirkburnI guess :)
18:59.39EraclitoFutanari may be a good friend. maybe.
19:00.10Eraclitotry stuff in the Who window
19:01.05KirkburnYou know what you don't want to happen when you're just about to start a meeting - for a GM to answer your ticket in person. And then want to watch you start the quest event and check it's working.
19:01.49KirkburnI'd already complained about the event once, so I would've felt really bad if I told him I had to leave at that moment :P
19:02.24KirkburnFortunately it was a damn good event (the big one with Tirion in Icecrown)
19:03.01*** join/#wowwiki bamaboy` (n=alex@
19:04.55pcjthe jedi one?
19:05.28KirkburnTook me a few second...
19:06.00pcji had a GM answer my ticket on the Heigan dance once, he asked me if I had a few moments to talk to him and i told him i was busy dancing
19:07.28KirkburnGood reason, if you ask me
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19:46.30thedarkhaze[10:55] <Kirkburn> Why-oh-why did they include the Ogri'la quests... <-- I didn't need to do the ogri'la group quests to get it
19:46.47*** join/#wowwiki KyleH`` (n=WK@wikia/KyleH)
19:46.50KirkburnI mean the quests leading up to Ogri'la
19:47.17KirkburnI'm at 68/86 (or something like that), with nothing else left
19:47.48thedarkhazeshould be able to 2 man I guess?
19:48.01pcjtheres some stuff you need all 5 to summon stuff
19:48.02thedarkhazemight be able to solo depending on class
19:48.08thedarkhazeoh right that summoning circle :/
19:48.09Kirkburnpcj, ergh
19:48.19KirkburnOh the one right on the edge of BEM/Netherstorm?
19:48.34thedarkhazeiirc yes
19:48.47KirkburnEither way, one day I'll find a group I'm sure
19:49.14foxlitWinter's Veil was the time to do it
19:49.27KirkburnYeah, true
19:49.32foxlitYou could join up with those oh-so-imba death knights wanting to do that achievement :)
19:52.20pcjadys why no frenzied firecracker
19:52.34pcjFrenzied Firecracker
19:52.34pcjShoot off 10 Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds or less.
19:52.51Adysi dont play since a while, what's that?
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20:51.46Osepcj I DARE SUMMON YOU
20:52.04pcjdo you have an appointment
20:53.04Osetake a look at the bottom part of NewsBot
20:53.19Osewhat did I wrongify?
20:53.32Amarandeyay, I have just added a Feat of Strength to my collection
20:53.42AmarandeI was thinking like ... "hmm, maybe the mount will drop ..."
20:53.55Amarandeweird thing is I probably have a bug to thank for it
20:55.02Amarandeguess which FoS I got. :)
20:55.47pcjose, you're not calling the function
20:56.00Oseyeah I figure that
20:56.15Oseseeing how nothing happened at all, not even a bug
20:57.51AmarandeRivendare's mount.
20:58.01Osebig whoop
20:58.08AmarandeI thank a bug because the first time I tried to go through Strat to get the Strat achievement
20:58.15AmarandeI got the Ramstein bug, so I was unable to get to Rivendare and had to reset
20:58.21Amarandeand the SECOND time through the instance, Rivendare had the mount
20:58.39Amarandesince items are generated on spawn, it's extremely unlikely that Rivendare would have had the mount in the first instance
20:59.40pcjyou could've gotten two mounts
20:59.51pcjmaybe you shouldn't thank the bug
21:00.06Amarandepcj: the chance of that happening is what, about 1 in 10,000 to 25,000 or so depending on what the current drop rate is?
21:17.18*** join/#wowwiki bamaboy` (n=alex@
21:26.39mxswell, if it's one in a million, it'll happen nine times out of ten.
21:26.59mxsone in 999432, however, is one time in 999432.
21:27.06mxsIt's just the way things are.
21:32.21AmarandeI wonder how much they're upping the drop rate in 3.0.8
21:33.43Fisker-mxs my friend
22:28.34mxsI feel violated already, Fisker-
22:33.24pcjmmm delicious parry rating
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