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00:13.29Fisker-Bibi` my friend?
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05:12.04Androidfan648anybdoy here. chattig from a g1
05:52.13cruciallyeuropeans here? is now served out of London for european userws
06:20.51Adyscrucially: from greece here
06:21.06Adysalso er
06:21.06cruciallyAdys: ok
06:21.11Adyson ww main page
06:21.30cruciallycan you email please?
06:21.41Adysabout the ad?
06:21.44cruciallyI am not involved in the ads
06:21.56AdysI just give the url of the ad?
06:22.04cruciallythat and a screen shot
06:22.23cruciallyand then for me ... ping  and ping
06:22.28cruciallyand tell me the difference doesnt seem to answe
06:25.05cruciallyso how does feel for you? (if you clear all your caches so you are totally logged out, it should be way faster)
06:26.11Adysits not blazing fast but its not slow either
06:26.23Adysdont think I could tell the difference if i didnt know
06:26.46Adysthough well yeah i guess its quite faster
06:27.15Adysloaded some bigger pages, can see some difference there
06:27.45cruciallylogged in or not?
06:27.49AdysI relogged
06:27.59cruciallysorry, if you clear all your cookies, then it is all cached in London
06:28.28Adysi logged out, cleared cache and cookies, and logged back in
06:28.39cruciallyif you clear all caches, it will be slower for a while
06:28.55cruciallyis retarded
06:29.09Adysdont worry most people in this channel are
06:29.29Adysthough yeah feels faster
06:32.59CharitwoAdys: but pcj said he was smart
06:33.09Adyspcj doesn't know what he's saying
06:43.17Dottedfuck you Adys
06:43.32Charitwour mom
06:44.50Adysbte crucially
06:45.01Adysis it or
06:45.28cruciallyeither works
06:56.29Randomname542anyone know the [target=] macro command to target yourself?
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08:08.57anonymessHey all
08:09.51VeloxisWhat server you all on
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08:52.21cruciallygOurra: how is wowwiki today?
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09:10.51Adysyes gOurra ?
09:17.42gOurraoh u
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15:17.52infoboti guess gourra is g0urra
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15:21.06CharitwogOurra my friend
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15:28.53Fisker-gOurra my friend
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15:38.33OsegOurra my fiend
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15:50.14Fisker-Ose my mortal enemy
15:50.25Fisker-why so mortal enemy?
15:50.29OseFisker- my dane
15:50.32Osewhy so danish?
15:52.03Fisker-not like i have a choice
15:53.21Charitwobecome an eskimo
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15:59.09CharitwogOurra my intermittent connectivity friend
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17:03.45syberghostg0urra: y so connection reset by peer?
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17:27.44Gnarfozhi AckisWork
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18:04.34pcji just saw an ad on facebook
18:04.39pcj"Want to date an elf girl?"
18:05.22pcjwowwiki needs more ads like that
18:05.59winkillerdid you click on the ad?
18:06.04winkillerwhat was it for?
18:07.11syberghostur mom
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18:24.56pcj"Make a free profile at SinglesNet and find beautiful elves today! What are you waiting for, they won't steal your One Ring."
18:25.12AmarandeThey might steal your 2 Ring, though. :)
18:26.06syberghostThey might make a try for your Earthen Ring.
18:27.33Lukiantouches syberghost's earthen ring
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20:51.17pcjcan you say slow news day
20:52.13Tuqui-tuquiwhat are you talking abuot
20:52.39Tuqui-tuquiI just found out you will be able to use relics of uldar as rep item for sons of hodir!
20:52.49Tuqui-tuquithats news to me! and very good news 8D
20:59.12syberghost <- I'm lovin' it
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21:11.20infobot[g0urra] gOurra
21:13.02Fisker-my friend
21:13.46Tuqui-tuqui  <--- this looks nothing like what I play
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22:43.43Tuqui-tuquican I vote perhaps
22:46.03infobotpcj is, like, a cheating bastard
22:47.12pcj do you get there on live
22:53.32Oseyay, I got my first T4 piece!
22:53.45Tuqui-tuquiWelcome to 3 years ago :D
22:57.42Amarandehmm, who was it that gave the helms for each of the BC tiers?
22:58.23winkilleraldor/scryer tier/rise
22:58.26Amarandelooks like I won't be seeing a better upgrade for my Hood of Oblivion till I can get into a group for Kel'Thuzad, except for T4, T5, T6
22:58.29AmarandeI mean, which bosses
22:58.35winkillerprince malchezaar
22:59.08winkillerT5 was Kaelthas
22:59.10winkillerI think
22:59.16Amarandeand T6 was Archimonde
22:59.23Amarandehmm, I should get an SSC or a Hyjal raid together
22:59.30Amarandehow many people do you need for those now at 80?
23:01.08Amarandemutters something about the lack of good helms in WotLK pre-raid :|
23:01.32winkillerstill has t6
23:02.13winkillerbut then I had my stealther's mask for 9-10 months, then t4 for another 9-10
23:02.26winkillerand got t6 only a few weeks before LK launch
23:02.42OseI got my "somethinghelm of the Aldor" from the scryers :P
23:03.26*** part/#wowwiki robotusch (
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23:06.45thedarkhazehyjal you'll need a good number cause of doom imo
23:07.18thedarkhazessc you can skip most of the bosses vashj herself you still need a big amount cause of core passing and the amount of area you need to cover
23:07.35thedarkhazethough I guess it's kinda tough to get overwhelmed when you can kill everything so fast
23:12.59winkillerOse: t4 mage set.. and? :P stupid naming
23:15.15*** join/#wowwiki Lisimba (
23:22.41Ose"m (Undo revision 1733563 by Crytin (talk) Shiromar is the Scarab Lord in lore. Like Wyrnn killed Onyxia and Darion raided Naxx.)"
23:22.44Osesay what?
23:27.20g0urrayou didn't know that Darion went to Naxx to kill his corrupted father?
23:37.25*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (

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